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  • Better or Worse, if Hangame separated from NHN?

    Early in December 2012, a rumor was leaked from headquarter of NHN that Hangame is ready to separate from company. The reason why NHN want to abandon Hangame is, under the current organization, it is quite difficult to catch up with evanescent information of mobile industry, if one company has a variety of businesses to manage. It is not an easy decision to make. In order to balanc... Read More »

  • An Nvidia Tweaker Brings Us an Unparallel Experience on Game

    As a game player, it is a brothering problem to update the hardware once several months. Sometime, even if you spend thousands of dollars on hardware, because of the default setting, the compatible issue or what the hell the problem is, it still could not work well. How can you deal with this painstaking problem? Well, Nvidia currently is developing software GeForce Experience to ... Read More »

  • Classic Game available on Wii U in Spring by Nintendo

    It is reported that Nintendo try their best to develop novel technique aiming at bringing downloadable classic games to the Wii U, paving a path for Wii U to open the market of classic game. Just yesterday, president Satoru Iwata of Nintendo suggested that they are going to update the system this spring to achieve fresh features. After this update, at the day Wii U Virtual Console launc... Read More »

  • PC and Web Games Virtual Items Buying Available on Amazon

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    We learned from Gamasutra that computer and online games in-game purchases are now available on Amazon.com. In-app purchasing for Mac, PC and web-based games is a new service Amazon introduced for game developers. The company announced Tuesday that it has expanded its existing In-App Purchasing program for Android apps to now include Mac, Windows and web games. In ad... Read More »

  • Another Business of Obama – Soothing the Anger of Fans

    Recently, just after issuing an order to Center for Disease Control for researching the violence in Games, Obama now has another business to do, taking care of the feeling of gamers, pushing the Game designer to develop a game that fit the taste of fans. Now a new petition on WhiteHouse.gov requires President Barack Obama to address the most important issue of all: Removing new Devil Ma... Read More »

  • Analysis from Apsalar: Engagement Promises In-App Purchases

    In this competitive time, how to design a lucrative game that can be popular among the fans and how to develop a strategy to attract person to buy their product is a painstaking thing that make the game studio nerve-wracking for a long time. Today, Apsalar told you another story about how to find a novel way to win the final campaign easily in this once thriving but once frustration tur... Read More »

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