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  • Millennial Media: Android takes 64% gaming ad impression

    It is reported that Google’s Android operating system took 64% of all Millennial Media game ad impressions in Q3 of 2012. However, in comparison to this shining data, Apple’s iOS just yielded 30%, which was less than half of that of Android, which, not only in the field of Millennial Media, occupied most part of the ad market, but across all app categories also yielded 52% impression. C... Read More »

  • Monster Hunter: Update on iOS

    On Feb. 4th, Capcom releases the latest social game update of “Monster Hunter” series “Massive Hunting”, which is more elaborate than predecessor “Dynamic Hunting” on image, and the operation is more concise too. By clicking on the screen and switching the images, players can hunt monsters. Steps of Massive Hunting First, players are required to explore the map, process adve... Read More »

  • Little Minecraft Earned Big Money

    Minecraft, a small game running across modern smartphones, Xbox Live and standard personal computers, earned for its company Mojang AB, a company owns 29 employers, $90 million per year. Wow, that is a wonderful achievement. Mojang, located on a side street in Stockholm, founded in 2010, is created by sole developer of Minecraft, now-33-year-old Markus Persson. Just last year, th... Read More »

  • Ziff Davis Acquired IGN

    Sometimes, the reality is a little similar with game world, and after seven years separation, 1UP would return to its original parent company. Just early in October last year, 2012, IGN, hard to find a buyer, is ready to sell gaming and entertainment sites at a price around $100 million. At present, J2 Global's Ziff Davis publisher entity has completed its purchase of News Corp's IGN E... Read More »

  • Webzen Acquires 100% of Gala-Net and gPotato’s Shares

    It looks like Webzen is prepared to expand business channel and global gaming market in the early start of 2013. Earlier today, Webzen announced that it has fully purchased North America and Europe MMO publisher gPotato as well as its parent company Gala-Net and and its offices in the 2 locations. According to Reuters, the transaction, worth around 17.5 million USD, will take place on F... Read More »

  • EA: SWTOR's F2P Transition is Satisfactory so far

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    There's always hope EA rarely talks about Star Wars: The Old Republic's F2P transition but BioWare said in last November that "the [player] numbers have blown away our expectations". Reported by massively, EA just mentioned the status of SWTOR after turning to F2P in its third quarter earnings call. EA's CFO Blake Jorgensen revealed that the company's non-GAAP net revenue in ... Read More »

  • Hold Your Breath, the PS4 Might be Revealed on Feb.20

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    Just a concept image Looks like it's getting closer and closer! Sony today released a teaser (the commonly no-specific-thing teaser) at the official site, giving us a date: February 20, 2013. I say it's about the new PlayStation console, what do you think? Sony has been silent about the so-called PS4 for a while, despite of the rumors are flying around. The new cons... Read More »

  • iOS games earn 3.5 times more than Android games in Q4,2012

    It is reported that iOS games, in Q4, 2012, earned 3.5 times profit of Android games, even if Android games have a significant increasing in popularity. The top five countries by iOS app revenue were the US, Japan, the UK, Australia and Canada, respectively; they accounted for over 60 per cent of App Store revenues. If you need the details, head over to Games Industry to find out ... Read More »

  • Clash of Clans: How to Create a Successful Game

    With over $1 million profit of one day just from two titles, Supercell definitely becomes the most successful game studio in the world. When asked the experience to design a successful game, Supercell CEO IIkka Paananen told us that there are five keys to create a popular game in the modern times. 1.Bring in both the casual and the hardcore players It is one of the vital things in mod... Read More »

  • Fisku: iOS Customers Spent $1.67 on average in December 2012

    It seems that Christmas Day promotes the download application of Mobile phone as well as the running cost. According to a report of Fiksu, currently, for every loyal mobile user, who utilizes the application at least 3 times per month, the cost increases 21% on a month-on-month basis. Comparing to $1.38 in November 2012, in December, the cost for every iOS customers reached... Read More »

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