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  • Report: The Korean MMO Developers Are Facing a Crisis

    The South Korean game developers were once the "leaders" of the MMO genre. The Korean game industry was until recently a dominant player on the Asian market and they were the ones who introduced the free-to-play monetization models with online games on PC. Nexon and NCsoft are just two important game developers who changed the way players from around the world are enjoying th... Read More »

  • Zenimax Lawsuit Against Oculus Accuses John Carmack Of Theft

    Zenimax, the American game developer, has filed an amended complaint against Oculus in a lawsuit that started in May 2014. The initial lawsuit alleges that the the technology used to create the VR device was stolen from Zenimax. Now, the amended complaint points towards the id Software co-founder and Oculus' current chief technology officer John Carmack. "Instead of complying ... Read More »

  • Black Desert Developer Named New CEO; Aiming at Expanding Mobile Business

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    Black Desert developer Pearl Abyss has appointed Kyoungin Jung the new CEO of the company. Report said that Kyoungin Jung worked at 4:33, Kakao Games, Factorial Games before, all of which were major game companies in Korea.   Kyoungin Jung Jung revealed that Black Desert's success in global market allowed them to bring the game to the Greater China region. He mentioned the company ... Read More »

  • Max Schaefer Has Left Runic Games; His New Studio May Make a New MMOARPG

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    Without official statement or notice, Max Schaefer has actually left Runic Games. Reported by MMORPG.com, he has founded a new studio called Echtra Inc., with 2 other veterans: Tyler Thompson (ex-Blizzard developers who led Diablo: Lord of Destruction) and David Glenn (ex-Blizzard Art Director for Diablo 1 and 2).   MMORPG.com talked to the team at Echtra Inc. and learned something new.... Read More »

  • MMO Chart Week #30: Could LawBreakers Become the Next Overwatch?

    Blizzard's Overwatch is still very strong, and being the fastest selling game of all time, the game should be able to keep the top place on our chart for a while. Although Hearthstone has just announced a new adventure mode, the game has had a steady player base and it's unlikely that the game will see a big difference in the coming weeks. The game goes for Dota 2 and League of Legends. ... Read More »

  • Smilegate Reveals Its Strategy and Vision on Expanding CrossFire IP

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    Smilegate held the CROSSFIRE Vision Summit at the Kerry Hotel Pudong Shanghai on July 27. Just prior to the opening ceremony of ChinaJoy2016, Smilegate announces the brand values and development vision of CROSSFIRE, shares Smilegate’s development story in China’s market and discloses its medium and long-term development plans as well as the IP-related strategic plans for CROSSFIRE... Read More »

  • PlayStation VR Is a Bit More Expensive in China Than in the West

    After Playstation 4 officially came to China, Sony paid more attention to the Chinese game market. At today's PlayStation China Conference at ChinaJoy 2016, Sony announced Playstation VR's price and release date in China. The basic Playstation VR set including Playstation VR + Camera bundle will be sold at RMB 3299 (around $494) while the Playstation VR + Camera + Move bundle will ... Read More »

  • Pokémon GO - What GO'es Up Must Come Down

    The shares of Nintendo Co., which was confirmed to have a stake of 13 percent in Pokémon GO, sank yesterday by 17 percent, as a result of the statement that the financial impact from Pokémon GO will be limited. Although Nintendo is usually on the first place regarding Pokémon games, this time The Pokémon Company as well as Ninantic, Inc will profit from Pokém... Read More »

  • NPD: Overwatch Is the Most Profitable Game in US in June 2016

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    Market research and analysis expert NPD Group has revealed new data for the American game industry of June 2016. The report's highlight includes: A over 20% decline in video game related products (hardware, software, and accessories) compared with June 2015 Overwatch tops video game revenue in the US PS4 is the top-selling console Overwatch, which released in May, showed an aggr... Read More »

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