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  • Dynasty Warriors Movie Will Start Shooting on July 11

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    In case you don't know, Hong Kong company HMV Digital China Group Ltd. (formerly China 3D Digital Entertainment Ltd.) acquired the license to produce a Dynasty Warriors live action movie last year and it will be directed by Roy Chow Hin Yeung and scripted by Christine To Chi-Long. There's barely any update since then. Yesterday the movie's producer Stephen Siu ... Read More »

  • Reviewing the Past 3 Grand Events of ChinaJoy which is 15 Years in Making

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    As an annual event that currently is most influential in global pan-entertainment field and is an industrial weather vane, ChinaJoy has successfully held 14 galas. Every year in late July, practitioners and professionals of the global game industry and game fans alike gather here in Shanghai to enjoy this lavish feast. This year, the 15th ChinaJoy, which is the themed as “To Share Pan-Entert... Read More »

  • Memory of ChinaJoy’s Fifteen Years: Accompanying You in the Rain, Wind and Sun

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    The span of 15 years is a span that is very important in transformation of people, and so do the ChinaJoy, and so do the Chinese game industry which has undergone tremendous changes in the same 15 years. Accompanying the development of China's pan-entertainment industry, ChinaJoy has grown from the initial adolescence to today's capability, a process that a young people must pass through a... Read More »

  • E3 2017: 3 PlayStation VR Games You Should Keep an Eye on

    E3 is always one of the most interesting times of the year no matter what your interest in the gaming industry. Whether you're simply a player looking to see impressive previews of upcoming games, you're an online share trading fanatic looking at which companies look like they're going to fare well with their next releases, or you're involved with the industry yourself, there is al... Read More »

  • The Evolution of the Online Casino Game

    Online casino gaming software has come a long way since the first days of online slots and online bingo. From branded content to social media connections, to live streaming that encompasses the entire physical casino experience – online casinos are improving and attaining a name for themselves. But those unaware of the features of online casinos may wonder what the appeal is. Well, allow u... Read More »

  • Fallout 5: The Wastelands We'd like to Visit

    Being the champion of your own wasteland isn’t a new idea in gaming; in fact, courtesy of Wasteland 2, Metro 2033, Horizon: Zero Dawn, and The Last of Us, we’ve navigated the abandoned homes of the long departed more times than it’s possible to count, fighting mushroom men and metal dinosaurs, and eating things that would make Bear Grylls sick at the thought. One game continues... Read More »

  • PSVR Sold More Than Oculus and Vive Together in Q1 2017

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    Worldwide shipments of AR and VR headsets continued to soar with a total of 2.3 million units shipped in the first quarter of 2017, according to the International Data Corporation (IDC). With a long list of new products scheduled to ship in the second half of 2017, IDC is forecasting triple-digit growth for the full year. Two-thirds of VR headsets sold were mobile headsets like Samsung’... Read More »

  • Valve Steam Direct Fee Will Be Just $100 Per Game

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    Steam Direct is the new program Valve will be introducing to replace Steam Greenlight and it’s confirmed that the cost is just $100 for each game. Developers just have to pay Valve $100 to get a game on Steam market directly. The game developer can get the $100 back once its game reaches $1k sales, Valve announces. Now there’s no a date when Steam Direct will be officially implemented.... Read More »

  • Black Desert Developer PearlAbyss Is Ready for IPO

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    Following the footstep of Netmarble Games, Kakao Games, and NetGames (developer of HIT), Black Desert developer PearlAbyss is also getting ready for IPO and expected to be listed on the Korean stock market in September 2017.   Report said that PearlAbyss’ Black Desert Online generated $25 million USD revenue and $15 million USD profits in the second half of 2016. BDO continues to... Read More »

  • Exclusive: Xbox China Boss Talks Xbox Scorpio Price and VR / MR

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    On May 23, Microsoft held a global reveal event in Shanghai, China, announcing that the"Project Scorpio" Xbox console would be launched in China later this year simultaneously with other regions in the world.   After the event, we had a chance to sit down with Xie Enwei, head of Xbox China and talked about price and VR&MR support of Project Scorpio.   Xbox has alrea... Read More »

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