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  • Pearl Abyss' Revenue in the First Half of 2017 Exceeded That of the Entire 2016

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    Pearl Abyss and their MMORPG Black Desert Online are enjoying the success in the global market. The company's CEO Kyung In Jung announced the revenue in the first half of 2017 hit another record high with 64.8 billion KRW, or $57.3 million USD. That has exceeded the sales of the entire 2016, 62.2 billion KRW or $55 million USD.   Pearl Abyss owed the growth to the strong sales in Taiwan... Read More »

  • Black Desert's Developer Is Currently Working on Four MMO Games

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    Pearl Abyss has held the IPO press conference in Seoul. At this conference, Kyung In Jung, the CEO of Pearl Abyss, announced strategies for Black Desert's upcoming developments, and the plans for future releases. In this article, we write down some highlights, and you can check out more conference detail here.  Black Desert Online is now being serviced in about 100 countries in ... Read More »

  • Destiny 2 Developer Bungie Partners with Direct Relief for Houston Aid

    The ongoing massive natural disaster that affects Houston, generated huge empathy among the American people and not only. Bungie, the Washington-based video game developer that stands behind Destiny and Destiny 2 and other titles, wants to help the people affected by hurricane. To accomplish this, they teamed up with the humanitarian organization Direct Relief aiming to provide aid to ... Read More »

  • Diablo 2 is Being Recreated in Dota 2's Custom Games, and It Looks Good

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    There is no doubt that Diablo 2 is a famous long-standing ARPG for all time. Although Blizzard has already halted new updates for the game, there still are some fans working on Diablo-clone games or similar mod in other games. A fellow by the name of Arhowk is recreating Diablo 2 in Dota 2, and he posted a new thread on Reddit and showed off some early-stage development pictures. Due t... Read More »

  • Are David Brevik and Bill Roper Up for Something New?

    Yesterday the co-founder of former Blizzard North David Brevik posted an image on Twitter showed 3 founders of Blizzard North: David Brevik, Max Schaefer, Erich Schaefer, plus Bill Roper, VP of Blizzard North. David particularly tweeted to Bill Roper, who just departed Disney and joined Improbable. Bill replied the tweet "It's on!"   @BillRoper ?? pic.twitter.com/VtHZnzr730 ... Read More »

  • The Rise of New Mobile Sites

    In recent years, e-commerce is one industry that has been rising massively, however not all is as it seems. M-commerce is the true frontier and is becoming increasingly popular, just like mobile is becoming favoured over desktop in general, thus, there has been a huge rise in the number of mobile sites like new casino site Sloty.   In simple terms, m-commerce involves shopping via a mobil... Read More »

  • Bingo: Have You Ever Thought About Playing Video Games Online?

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    Software as the Heart of Gaming The reason because of which the Computer became a traditional household item is the rich variety of applications it offers. The device can be used in every single aspect of the daily routine. No one can deny that the modern world is easier to live in thanks to the computer. However, as useful as the electronic device is for complicated tasks, such as the operating ... Read More »

  • Riot Games Sues Mobile Legends, Another League of Legends Rip-off

    Earlier this year, Riot Games marked a $10 million victory against LeagueSharp, the largest LoL hacking/bot service provider. 4 months after Riot Games has another target, as the developer of the gigantic MOBA League of Legends filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles, California against Shanghai Moontoon Technology, the developer of Mobile Legends for copyright and trademark infringement. ... Read More »

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