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  • Diablo 3 May Start Beta Test In China In Late February

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    Diablo 3 has been available worldwide for about 3 years but Chinese players never get their own localized version. In the past 3 years nobody believed the game that contained heavy violence could be possibly released in Mainland China. Things have changed now, and we just learned that the game will start beta test after Chinese New Year, which is in late February.   According to Eric Li... Read More »

  • Human Element Developer Robotoki Studios Shut Down

    In the late spring of 2014 the online action game Human Element was announced by independent studio Robotoki and then signed up by Nexon. However, it turned out that the partnership didn't last long because Nexon adopted free-to-play model for its titles but Robotoki wanted to take a different model. What's worse, before Robotoki can find a new publisher for their post-apo... Read More »

  • Space Sim Elite: Dangerous Has Sold 300,000 Units

    Elite: Dangerous is an online space action simulator rises from Kickstarter. The game just reported 300,000 unit sales and about $21 million revenue by November 30, 2014. The developer reveals the game has added 250,000 new players since release.   According to incgamers, the game was originally priced at $20 but eventually at $60 at launch. The developer shared their 3 expected sce... Read More »

  • Blizzard May Have To Rename Overwatch Due To Trademark Issue

    Blizzard had a dispute with Valve over the Dota trademark in 2012 and they lost. Now they are facing another trademark issue and this time is Overwatch. A neogaf user found that Blizzard’s Overwatch trademarks were suspended by USPTO because this trademark had been registered by Innovis Labs, Inc. before under “goods and services related to game software and similar.” Therefo... Read More »

  • Destiny Won PlayStation Blog's Best PS4 Game of 2014

    The official PlayStation blog has announced the winners of this year's Game of the Year Awards. For Best PS4 Game, Bungie's MMO shooter Destiny got most votes from the community, followed by Dragon Age Inquisition, inFamous Second Son and Far Cry 4.   It's worth mentioning that Destiny is the third most voted game for Best PS3 Game. Winner of this award went to Dark Souls 2.... Read More »

  • Blacklight: Retribution Now Owned by Builder Box as Zombie Studios Shuts Down

    Seattle-based Zombie Studios has confirmed to close down today, and employees who work on Blacklight: Retribution now staff of Builder Box, a new studio founded by Zombie's former director of production, Andy Kipling, and the technical director Russell Nelson.   The shift actually completed on January 1, 2015 but Zombie Studios just confirmed its closure. Players of Blacklight Retri... Read More »

  • China Has 517 Million Gamers; MMO Market Surpassed $9.7 Billion Revenue

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    Chinese Game Industry Conference 2014 revealed some stats of this year's Chinese gaming market. The total player number in China reached 517 million and it marked a 4.6% increase. The entire gaming market had $18.4 billion USD revenue and half of it was from the MMO market ($9.7 Billion).     Client-based MMO is still the biggest genre in China, followed by mobile games and ... Read More »

  • eSports Enthusiasts to hit 145 Million by 2017, West is the Fastest Growing Area

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    This year, Twitch has been acquired by Amazon, gaming is second only to music on YouTube and eSports has been featured in every mainstream newspaper in the world. But just how big is this eSports market? Newzoo says number of “eSports Enthusiasts” worldwide will grow from 89 million this year to 145 million in 2017. Newzoo, who released 2014 Global Games Market Report and eSport... Read More »

  • WildStar To Launch In China Late 2015 Or Early 2016

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    Carbine Studios' MMORPG WildStar will be published by Giant Interactive in China. The company's president Ji Xuefeng told 17173.com in an interview that they planned to release the game in late 2015 or early 2016. NCsoft and Carbine haven't made official announcement regarding the Chinese release.     Some Chinese companies have been looking at WildStar closely since it... Read More »

  • Tencent Games' Moonlight Blade Preparing For Western Debut

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    Moonlight Blade is Tencent Games' 3A martial art MMORPG currently in early beta phase in China. We learned from Tencent Games that the game is in its first stop of the "global roadshow" in South Korea and it will be heading to the west and meet MMO gamers there soon.    For those who don't know Moonlight Blade, the game is one of the most important new project... Read More »