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  • Wildstar developer Carbine Studios laid off 60 employees

    NCsoft West confirmed to Polygon that Carbine Studios had laid off around 60 employees. Other NCsoft owned studios and companies associated to NCSoft's western operations were also affected except for ArenaNet, the developer of Guild Wars 2.     NCsoft stated that the layoff was part of a restructuring of key operations with NCSoft West. "Moving forward, we will continue to... Read More »

  • DotaPit League Announces Its Second Season + Arcana Giveaway!

    The DotaPit League has announced its second season, bringing together 16 of the best Western teams to clash for a prize pool of over $75,000. The tournament, which will be casted by the HighGround.tv team, will broadcast its first game of the group stage on their Twitch channel in four hours (19:00 CEST), beginning with Virtus.Pro Polar facing off against Sneaky Nyx Assassins. They've also... Read More »

  • Four New Seasons of StarLadder in 2015!

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    On Saturday StarLadder announced a comprehensive schedule for 2015 on their website, indicating that 4 new seasons of SLTV Star Series will take place in 2015, with the final one concluding in January 2016. Similarly, Season 11 will conclude in January 2015 - meaning that technically 5 different seasons will have matches during the course of 2015. Below, you can see the entire schedule for 201... Read More »

  • Final Fantasy XIV Launching in South Korea in 2015

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    Square Enix and Korean publisher Acotz Soft announced today Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn will launch in South Korea in 2015. Final Fantasy will get another dedicated server after the Japanese and Chinese server. Most players play in the international server.   Acotz Soft didn't reveal the business model for FFXIV (KR). Currently every version of FFXIV is using subscription mode... Read More »

  • Destiny Generated Over $500 Million On Day One

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    Bungie's shared-world FPS Destiny is the most successful new video game franchise ever launched. The publisher Activision announced over $500 million income was gained from retail store and first parties worldwide on the first day of release.    Destiny has released on Sony and Microsoft's current-gen and next-gen consoles. PC version is not confirmed at the moment. Before ... Read More »

  • Mineski Infinity to launch 'G1 Gaming Tournament' in Malaysia

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    Image source: mineski.net ‘Mineski Infinity’ is the name of an internet café located in the Philippines with a focus on competitive electronic gaming. As a brand they’re more familiar to many westerners for their Dota 2 teams, notably their main Filipino team and Mineski Korea, parts of whom would go on to become better known as ‘Eye of Tiger’ and subseq... Read More »

  • Zenimax Lay Offs Won't Affect The Elder Scrolls Online

    Zenimax Online Studios, the development team behind The Elder Scrolls Online, experienced a round of layoffs yesterday, but you shouldn’t worry as these moves are always happening after a big MMO launch. For those of you preaching the doomsday, the game is doing quite well at the moment with over 770.000 active accounts. Joystiq managed to talk about it with Pete Hines, VP of PR and m... Read More »

  • Chinese Post-TI4 Reshuffle: IG, VG, LGD, Newbee and HGT Complete Rosters

    August 26th is the official summer transfer deadline day set by ACE. Thus, IG, VG, LGD, Newbee and HGT have announced their final rosters for the upcoming new season, while DK are looking to regroup with new talent and CIS have been acquired by VG to become their second squad. Let’s take a look at the details below. Newbee As the winner of TI4, Newbee haven’t made many ro... Read More »

  • Tera Online Earned $236 Million Over The Past Year

    Korean MMORPG TERA was rapidly gaining popularity after it launched worldwide. In 2013 the game brought in a revenue of $253 million. This is the third place among all subscription-based multiplayer online games. With its small margin ahead of Lineage 1, Tera was not anywhere close to World of Warcraft, the No.1 subscription MMO that generated over a billion dollars in 2013. TERA has tur... Read More »