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  • Gigantic's Studio Motiga Laying Off More Staff Members

    Things aren't looking great for the multiplatform MOBA Gigantic. Motiga Studio announced that du to the current state of their finances, they would be unable to retain the entirety of their staff, leading to a round of layoffs, their second on since last December when they laid off 16 staff members. While we intend to continue supporting Gigantic game services for as long as we are ab... Read More »

  • Blizzard Celebrates Its 25th Birthday Today

    Blizzard steps into its 25th year on February 8, 2016. Founded on Feb. 8, 1991, Blizzard was originally named Silicon & Synapse. Watch the celebration video below and see some of the most glorious, remarkable, and the best moments of Blizzard Entertainment.     Also take a look at the games (including expansions) Blizzard developed in the past 24 years.   Silicon &... Read More »

  • Prediction: 9500+ Korean Game Companies will Shut Down within One to Two Years

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    The game companies in Korea is a strong faction in the world. In recent year, Korea-based game companies faced crisis in various dimensions. To be brief, the situation made people worried. Can not wait to find a solution to help them out. According to data in 2010, there were still 20,658 game companies in Korea. Shortly in 4 years, 6218 game companies disappeared. If such a situation continues, ... Read More »

  • Game Connection America 2016: Last Chance to Meet 2700+ Senior Decision Makers

    Game Connection America 2016 (San Francisco, 14-16th March) has almost sold out of Exhibitor Packages and Private Rooms and with the Early Bird pricing finishing on the 27th January it is likely that they will be completely sold out in the next week.   This event is run for the sole purpose of facilitating deals between publishers, developers and service providers. Because of this, over... Read More »

  • When Black Desert's Powerful Physics Fails - Video

    Black Desert not just boasts beautiful graphics but also gets advanced physics such as collision detection. Players can climb walls and houses and when the physics fails, horses can also climb walls. Take a look at the fun video below recorded by player.     In another video recorded in the Korean version, you can see the physics of character cloths in the windy day on the mountain.... Read More »

  • Oculus Rift Will Cost You $599, Day One Stock Sold out in 14 Mins

    Finally the Oculus Rift is available for pre-order now with the price set at $599 USD/£499 GBP. The Oculus Rift is bundled with a wireless Xbox One Controller, sensor, Oculus Remote, cables but the Oculus Touch is not included and it will release in Q2 2016. The Oculus Rift itself will not be shipped until late March, which means those who pre-ordered Rift will be able to immerse i... Read More »

  • China's Leading Online Games Company NetEase Tops the IBD 50 Index in 2015

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    Netease, the leading game developer and publisher in China, has gone from strength to strength in 2015. The stock price of the company, listed on NASDAQ, rose by 80% in the past year, and in the latest IBD 50 Index, NetEase was ranked as #1 performer. The index also featured other notable Internet related stocks such as Facebook, which was listed at No. 7.   (Note: the IBD 50 targets compan... Read More »

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