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  • MMO Chart Week #33: Wildstar Is Returning to Players' Radar

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    August is a month many MMOs start beta test. Tree of Savior has started the first English beta and it seems the game is doing alright. Gigantic will start closed beta in August as well and it has the potential to grab a steady player base with support from Microsoft and Xbox. Wildstar finally kicks off F2P closed beta and from what we see, many players are looking forward to play it.  &n... Read More »

  • The Secret World Developer Funcom Is Looking to Sell

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    The Secret World developer Funcom is not doing well recently as their newly launched online title Lego Minifigures Online doesn't meet expectation. The Norwegian studio is now looking for possible acquisition.   VG247 reports: It has appointed an investment bank to look in to "strategic options", which include finding "interested parties for discussions surrounding... Read More »

  • MMO Chart Week #31: The International 5 vs. Gamescom 2015

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    Last week the gaming world was in festival. There was The International 5 which represented the highest level of e-sport tournament in US. And on the other side of the world there was gamescom 2015 in Germany. In MMO and MOBA world, World of Warcraft and Dota 2 were the 2 games caught the most attention. The Dota 2 event set a record-breaking $18 million prize pool while World of Warcraft ann... Read More »

  • Gaming Losers Are More Likely to Harass Female Gamers in Game, Study Suggests

    Take a look around you when you play online games and those who try to harass women players through groupchat channels tend to be losers in the game, as researchers from University of New South Wales and Miami University of Ohio suggesting.   The researchers did an experiment in Halo 3 team deathmatch by dividing themselves into 3 groups: a control group where they remained silent throu... Read More »

  • Smite World Championships Is Taking MOBA e-Sports to Console for the First Time

    E-Sports are no longer PC-only. Early next year Hi-Rez Studios and Microsoft will roll out the Smite pro competition Smite World Championships that will include a Smite Xbox One Invitational with a $150,000 prize pool. This is the first time a global MOBA tournament takes place on console.   Compared to the total $1 million prize pool for Smite World Championships, the prize for Smite X... Read More »

  • MMO Charts Week #27: LoL Returns to Top Most Popular MMO

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    If looking at player number, World of Warcraft is definitely not on the top but this chart isn't just based on player number. We examine almost all major platforms that MMOs exist in (Youtube, Facebook, Reddit, Steam, etc.) and have a score or heat that represents the popularity of an MMO in the globe.      The chart aims to present the most popular MMOs/online game... Read More »

  • MMO Charts Week #26: Battlefront Finally Tops the Most Anticipated Chart

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    E3 2015's impact is fading and many games on the anticipated chart going up and down. Battlefront and The Division remain top 2. As for Battlefront, it's the first time it tops the chart. On the other hand, Ark: Survival Evolved continues to be big.    The chart aims to present the most popular MMOs/online games that have been available for everyone (released or in open b... Read More »

  • Xbox Boss Phil Spencer Will Attend ChinaJoy 2015, Talking Xbox in China

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    Phil Spencer has confirmed on his twitter that he will attend ChinaJoy at the end of this month and then Gamescom in August. He said he’ll talk at ChinaJoy about Xbox in China. (Source: A9VG)    Xbox One launched in China last September. Chinese players are or will be able to play Forza 5, Neverwinter, Trials Fusion, NBA 2K15, Just Dance 2015 and so on. Most games are availab... Read More »