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  • David Georgeson Leaves EverQuest Next Developer Team

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    After moving out from Sony, Daybreak Game Company (Ex-SOE) confirmed layoff in the company's San Diego and Austin studios. According to Kotaku, a number of staff including David Georgeson no longer work for the company. David Georgeson, veteran producer of EQ series, has confirmed his departure on twitter. Since the development of EQ Next and Landmark will be led by someone else, it's uncl... Read More »

  • 17173 General Manager Jessica Zhao: Gaming Era of Hardcore Condition

    At 17173 Game Carnival was held at Beijing, over 300 representatives from the gaming industry have attended this carnival, including Tencent, NetEase, ChangYouand Giant, along with famous game producers and veteran gamers. 17173 Media Group General Manager, Miss Jessica Zhao has revealed the concept of "17173 Hard Core White Paper".  Her speech has been translated as follow... Read More »

  • Destiny and Hearthstone Reach 16 Million and 25 Million Registered Players

    In the new earning report, Activision revealed that Destiny has reached 16 million registered players and Blizzard's Hearthstone had surpassed 25 million registered users. These two games had generated over $450 million in GAAP revenue in Q4 2014.   Destiny and Hearthstone were the rising titles Activision has in Q4 and World of Warcraft was in a growth compared to previous period... Read More »

  • Sony Sells Off SOE; Everquest Next Development Will Continue

    A few moments ago, Sony announced that it was selling SOE and all associated IP's to Investment Management Firm Columbus Nova. "This means that effective immediately SOE will operate as an independent game development studio where we will continue to focus on creating exceptional online games for players around the world, and now as a multi-platform gaming company. Yes, that means ... Read More »

  • Diablo 3 May Start Beta Test In China In Late February

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    Diablo 3 has been available worldwide for about 3 years but Chinese players never get their own localized version. In the past 3 years nobody believed the game that contained heavy violence could be possibly released in Mainland China. Things have changed now, and we just learned that the game will start beta test after Chinese New Year, which is in late February.   According to Eric Li... Read More »

  • Human Element Developer Robotoki Studios Shut Down

    In the late spring of 2014 the online action game Human Element was announced by independent studio Robotoki and then signed up by Nexon. However, it turned out that the partnership didn't last long because Nexon adopted free-to-play model for its titles but Robotoki wanted to take a different model. What's worse, before Robotoki can find a new publisher for their post-apo... Read More »

  • Space Sim Elite: Dangerous Has Sold 300,000 Units

    Elite: Dangerous is an online space action simulator rises from Kickstarter. The game just reported 300,000 unit sales and about $21 million revenue by November 30, 2014. The developer reveals the game has added 250,000 new players since release.   According to incgamers, the game was originally priced at $20 but eventually at $60 at launch. The developer shared their 3 expected sce... Read More »