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  • Game Connection: Marketing and Development Awards 2015 Nominations Revealed

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    Game Connection announces the nominations for both the Development and the Marketing Awards that are being held at Game Connection Europe 2015 (28-30 October, Porte de Versailles, Paris). The respective juries have finished their deliberations and have announced their nominations. Prize winners from both awards will be able to capitalise on the large media presence at Game Connection Europe ... Read More »

  • These 3 MMORPGs of NHN's Are Dead in South Korea

    The impact of mobile MMOs has brought client MMOs into a difficult time in South Korea. NHN is one of the largest MMO companies in Korea but now they have to shut down one MMO each month starting August 2015.    ASTA - closed on August 23 Devilian - closed on September 21 (now looking for a new publisher and game data is not wiped) Echo of Soul - will close on October 22   &... Read More »

  • League of Legends Is the First Big-3 MOBA to Get Dedicated Japan Server

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    Riot Games has announced in the weekend that League of Legends will set up dedicated server in Japan. They plan to commence a test in October and November to see how the server goes. If things are going well, LoL will be the first in the big-3 MOBA (LoL, Dota 2, Heroes of the Storm) that gets dedicated server and localized version in Japan.   Report says Japanese players can apply for t... Read More »

  • MMO Chart Week #37: Blade & Soul Is Making Its Way Up

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    Good news in the past week was Blade & Soul finally announced a beta date. Something else that was worth mentioning should be the release of Destiny's first expansion The Taken King. Without surprise, MOBA is still growing, compared with traditional MMORPG's slight decline - WoW finds out it's difficult for it to remain at top 4, while FFXIV and GW2 still have a steady player base ... Read More »

  • Sony Announces PlayStation 4 Gets 12% Price Cut in Japan

    PlayStation 4 will be about 12% cheaper in Japan starting October 1st, as Sony announces at TGS 2015. The new price for the 500GB version is 34,980 yen, which is roughly $293, dropped from 39,980 yen ($335). There is no word on whether PS4 in other regions will also have a price cut at the moment.   Sony also reveals new colors for PS4 console plate and Dualshock 4 controller at TGS. Ch... Read More »

  • MMO Chart Week #35: Free-to-Play FTW!?

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    The most important thing happened in MMO market recently was two major subscription MMORPGs were turning to free-to-play. WildStar announced to relaunch as WildStar: Reloaded on September 29 and Guild Wars 2 made the base game free to play for everyone. Apparently these two games got increasing attention in the past week. Is F2P really the way to go for most MMOs? See previous MMO Charts here ... Read More »

  • MMO Chart Week #33: Wildstar Is Returning to Players' Radar

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    August is a month many MMOs start beta test. Tree of Savior has started the first English beta and it seems the game is doing alright. Gigantic will start closed beta in August as well and it has the potential to grab a steady player base with support from Microsoft and Xbox. Wildstar finally kicks off F2P closed beta and from what we see, many players are looking forward to play it.  &n... Read More »

  • The Secret World Developer Funcom Is Looking to Sell

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    The Secret World developer Funcom is not doing well recently as their newly launched online title Lego Minifigures Online doesn't meet expectation. The Norwegian studio is now looking for possible acquisition.   VG247 reports: It has appointed an investment bank to look in to "strategic options", which include finding "interested parties for discussions surrounding... Read More »

  • MMO Chart Week #31: The International 5 vs. Gamescom 2015

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    Last week the gaming world was in festival. There was The International 5 which represented the highest level of e-sport tournament in US. And on the other side of the world there was gamescom 2015 in Germany. In MMO and MOBA world, World of Warcraft and Dota 2 were the 2 games caught the most attention. The Dota 2 event set a record-breaking $18 million prize pool while World of Warcraft ann... Read More »