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  • Mobile Game Giant gumi Enters the VR Arena in Europe with EUVR Partnership

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    Today gumi Inc. announced a partnership with EUVR (a not-for-profit that was started in 2015) to expand its European VR presence and strategic initiatives among local developers. Active in over 19 countries across Europe, EUVR provides the VR development community and enthusiasts with regular meet ups and resources to further the growth of the VR ecosystem. Through this new partnership, gumi will ... Read More »

  • Nintendo Switch, Games Line-Up and Release Date/Price Revealed

    The Nintendo conference on the Nintendo Switch, as we had figured, was the opportunity to gather more precise information about the machine, starting with the price and release date.   And it is now official, the worldwide release of the Nintendo Switch is set for March 3, 2017. It will cost 29,980 yen, or $299.99, and while no European prize has been released, although we can estimate a ... Read More »

  • Report: CCP Games Is Looking for a Buyer

    CCP Games, the Icelandic game developer and publisher, best known for producing EVE Online, may have a sale tag attached. Bloomberg reports that CCP is "exploring strategic options including a sale of the business after receiving interest from potential bidder". EVE Online, the most important game developed by the Icelandic studio, was able to create a niche in the MMO space in it... Read More »

  • Hero Entertainment Talks Virtuix Omni Price, Strategy, and Games

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    Hero Entertainment acquired in July 2016, and now their VR division HeroVR is currently working on several VR projects including Crisis Action VR, a Counter Strike style FPS played on Virtuix Omni's VR gaming platform. We just sat down with Wang Kun, the development director of the company's Shanghai office for more details of Crisis Action VR and Virtuix Omni's gaming platform. Wang ... Read More »

  • South Korea Passed a Law Against Game Cheats

    Getting banned for cheating in games is not the worst thing that can happen to you if you are living in South Korea. According to PvPlive, the South Korean governmentt has passed an amendment to a law on promoting and protecting the gaming industry. This amendment stipulates that, manufacturing and distributing cheating programs, including aimbots and hacks, for online games, are considered... Read More »

  • Black Desert Online Is Coming to South America Market

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    Black Desert is a popular MMORPG in 2016 but the game is not available for players all around the world. We've heard a lot of people complained they can't play the game, and the local publishers are aware of that. The game has just been confirmed to come to South America.   US publisher RedFox Games has signed contract with PearlAbyss for the publishing right of Black Desert in So... Read More »

  • Blizzard Thinks VR Is Not Mature Enough Now, But Will Keep Looking at It

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    Last week at BlizzCon 2016, Blizzard didn't have anything about VR to show the world and apparently they believed it's still a little bit early to put a lot of effort into this realm. Gio Hunt, EVP of Corporate Operations of Blizzard, told TrustedReviews in a BlizzCon interview that they still needed to "see that technology mature a little bit more".   There is no one VR... Read More »

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