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  • Clash Royale: Finally, A LumberJack Deck Worth Playing

    Hey all, it’s Plum775 here to share my Lumberjack with you. I got a Lumberjack from a gold chest before the update. And before and after I have been playing around with him looking for a good deck. I think I finally found one I like and it works pretty well in my opinion.   This is a hog cycle variant, but the play style is a little different.   My Deck Replacement Poison... Read More »

  • Clash Royale: Best Giant + Witch Deck for Beginners! Easy 1400+ Trophies!

    Here is a Clash Royale Deck that pushed me up from Arena 3 to Arena 5. It is somewhat an expensive deck, average elixir cost of 4.0, but is a great counter for most decks and is very useful also in the aspect of attack. My Deck   Card Breakdown Barbarians: Barbarians are extremely useful to take down Hog Riders, Princes, Mini PEKKAs, PEKKAs, Giants and Musketeers. They can be a... Read More »

  • Clash Royale: Hog + Freeze Deck and Strategy For Arena 4-5

    The famous Hog + freeze strategy has given a lot of success to a lot of people. This strategy is extremely effective in its nature and is apt for Arena 4 which will help you push through the next arena.   Battle Deck:     Use and role of each card: 1. Spear Goblins:  The Spear Goblins are in this deck to Take out air troops&... Read More »

  • Clash Royale: Best Hog Deck to Hit Arena 7! No Legendary, No Epic!

    Hey guys, today I basically want to go over how to prevent your rages or your rage fails. Yesterday I was going through very bad, I just kept losing, I just kept getting angry. But then I realize something that I used to do all the time… I just switched my deck. And finally the deck works for me. My Deck Replacement Goblins - Skeletons/Fire Spirits   Pushing Combos Mini P... Read More »

  • Clash Royale: Chaaaarge! Double Prince Deck & Guide for Arena 8-9

    Hi guys, Bakalol here to share my double prince deck and guide. My current trophy high is 3501. My cards are barely tournament level and as I haven't seen anyone around my trophy range with comparably low level cards I took it as an incentive to create a guide for my deck.    The Deck     The Cards   Zap - You will mostly use this card to support you... Read More »

  • Clash Royale: Best Golem + Princess Deck for Arena 7-9

    Hey guys, today we are going to bring back golem decks to you guys. Right now in Clash Royale, the most efficient attacking available is based around a quick and cheap deck that you can cycle through. And the main thing is all those decks that are very tough to beat up Golem deck.   My Deck   Battle Strategy Our main objective during the first few minutes is to put down as many El... Read More »

  • Clash Royale: Sparky 101 Comprehensive Guide

    Hello everyone, today we have MWolverine63 here to share his comprehensive Sparky guide with us.   Sparky 101: A Comprehensive Guide Background: I got the Sparky at about 2600 trophies a few weeks ago, and I used a Sparky deck to climb into Legendary Arena. My high is 3100 trophies, and I’m currently at 3042. I used a RG/Sparky deck to get up here, and I’m currently ex... Read More »

  • Clash Royale: Easy Trifecta Deck That Got Me 16 Straight 3 Crowns! No Legendary!

    Hey guys, I think most of you must have played or met Trifecta deck. It is the best deck that can help f2p players climb to higher arena. Chief Pat used this deck on his second account and climbed to Arena 7 with a level 7 account. He also used this deck on his main account and got 16 straight 3 crowns! The most important thing of playing a deck is to master its advantage and disadvantage. So neve... Read More »

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