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  • How Far is the Virtual Reality?

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    Virtual Reality, at present, becomes the most popular word among the game players, developers and directors. What, on earth, the Virtual Reality is? And why it can attract so many profession persons of different careers, ages and attitudes talking about it? Most importantly, what it can bring to the game development, does it lead to a fresh future for the conventional game, which, in the... Read More »

  • The (Small) MMO Innovations We Saw in 2012

    It's hideously difficult to have big innovations in MMO nowadays and in other words, we don't see in the recent years a MMO that can really change the industry like UO and EQ did many years ago. However, the MMO genre still grows (but very slowly) and developers keep bringing small innovations to their games. Below is a wrap-up of those new features we learned in 2012. BTW, we want... Read More »

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