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  • Valve's "Living Room PC" could Compete with Xbox360 and PS3

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    The size of Xi3's Piston will be welcome in any living room (image source: Polygon) Valve finally talks about their Steam Box gaming hardware (or the so-called living room PC) in official way, and they will even show the prototype at their booth in CES 2013. Based on the established Steam system, Valve's Steam Box will run on Linux and serve multiple monitors. We all know that it's ... Read More »

  • An Unprecedented Console-Project Shield (Created by NVIDIA)

    What are the properties and configurations of Project Shield? On January 7th, 2013, in the NVIDIA’s press conference, a cutting edge platform “Project Shield” equipped with currently the fastest mobile process unit “Tegra 4” was presented by NVIDIA’s CEO Jen-Hsun Huang, confidently stating that this hoping Shield would take the position of common game controller/portable console.... Read More »

  • Mad Catz Revealed GameSmart Initiative with Peripherals

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    Last week, Mad Catz revealed its GameSmart, a technology initiative that will enable smart devices to deliver a core gaming experience similar to a gaming console or computer. Yesterday, Mad Catz revealed line of multiplatform gaming peripherals along with GameSmart itself. Many peripherals of the company have been reappropriated for multiplatform use and branded into the GameSmart... Read More »

  • Where the metaphysics Games are?

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    If you are fascinated in Western Culture, you should understand what the metaphysics is. And if you are excellent in playing game, such as War of Warcraft or Star Trek online etc, you should know Blizzard or Black Isle Studios well. So, what is the relationship between these two things? Do you think I just want to get some eye-catching effect? Now, let me bring you to visit the cyber... Read More »

  • Fighting off the Apocalypse, Saving the Universe

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    Just as we all known, basing on the spirit “by gamers, for gamers”, the Black Isle Studios will comeback recently. As a division of the world famous computer and video game developer and publisher Interplay Entertainment, Black Isle Studios start a crowd funding campaign to revive Project V13, former known as Fallout Online Bethesda reserved the rights to the Fallout universe earlier this ... Read More »

  • Virtual Females Disclose More Naked Skin Than Virtual Males

    According to a study conducted by Canadian researchers, female avatars wear less than male avatars in Second Life, an online virtual world developed by Linden Lab where Residents of it can interact with each other through avatars. The researchers collected 404 (192 males and 212 females) body images in randomly selected public spaces of Second Life and found... Read More »

  • How Far is the Virtual Reality?

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    Virtual Reality, at present, becomes the most popular word among the game players, developers and directors. What, on earth, the Virtual Reality is? And why it can attract so many profession persons of different careers, ages and attitudes talking about it? Most importantly, what it can bring to the game development, does it lead to a fresh future for the conventional game, which, in the... Read More »

  • The (Small) MMO Innovations We Saw in 2012

    It's hideously difficult to have big innovations in MMO nowadays and in other words, we don't see in the recent years a MMO that can really change the industry like UO and EQ did many years ago. However, the MMO genre still grows (but very slowly) and developers keep bringing small innovations to their games. Below is a wrap-up of those new features we learned in 2012. BTW, we want... Read More »

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