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  • Wage Gap Still Exists Between Genders in Game Industry

    Well, before entering into this topic, I have some words to say that disparity always exists in the society. Game industry traditionally as a male dominated field is an ecosystem which could not totally reverse over night and determined by one aspect of the system. Therefore, today, we talk about the salary difference between male and female in the game industry, not matter what the conseque... Read More »

  • DLCs Rising

    When Natalia Holda, a 21-year-old student at Florida International University, first heard about Downloadable Content being released for one of her favorite games, Final Fantasy XIII, she was thrilled. "I was handed more weapons and upgraded my character the way I wanted, with more adventure and missions." Downloadable Content, more commonly known as DLCs have become all the ra... Read More »

  • Education Reflection: Chinese Mother, Son, Video Game

    Chinese is famous for its strictness in children’s education, and until now, the Chinese government still bans the PS4, Xbox 360 and has a strict censorship on game and other entertainment, such as films, audio and books. Recently, on an education forum, a mother posted an article to vindicate the online game referring the experience from her son. In the article, she explained the benef... Read More »

  • SEGA Watch: Console Transition, Mobile Boom, and Sonic

    As a multinational video game software developer and an arcade software and hardware development company headquartered in Japan, Sega now is gradually shifted from home video game software development to consoles developed by various third-party manufacturers. In this transition moment from tradition to modern, from low performance to high performance, from little games to large MMO games, a... Read More »

  • GDC: A Mind Control Game, Fiction or Reality?

    It is the last day of Game Development Conference. On the conference, journalist from 2p.com surprisingly finds out a company named Neurosky to demonstrate its innovative technology product which is beyond the imagination of normal people: Mind Wave – a mind control equipment. When you wear this goggle like equipment, this device will collect brain waves, calculate the tester’s thinking and ... Read More »

  • MMO Dying?

    About the origin of MMO, the sayings are various. Someone agree Meridian 59, released in 1994, which, although is not popular among the players because it is not a sophisticated product, still ranks the first MMO in game history. However, in Wikipedia, the origin of MMO is Mazewar which introduced the first graphic virtual world, providing a first-person perspective view of a maze in wh... Read More »

  • Thinking About Feminism in Game?

    Dacio 0

    Since the beginning of this universe, all things have been divided into two, we got positive and negative electron, rooster and hen, sky and territory, man and woman, Adam and Eve and so forth. Since the appearance of the human society, for thousands of years, we has taken it as granted that woman is physically or mentally weaker than man, especially in logic, math and deduction. Woman,... Read More »

  • The Next Generation Porn on Oculus Rift

    Actually, this report comes a little late, because early on the nascent idea of creating 3D immersive porn - Sinful Robot - for Oculus Rift bringing up, it has already been crawling around the whole internet. Just as we all know, porn is a big business. According to statistical, in 2006, U.S. porn sites generated $2.84 billion in revenue (mostly men—72% were then listed as porn vi... Read More »

  • Internet is not a Net for Privacy Violator?

    With the surging of internet from 1970, the world become more and more convenient than it was before. Nowadays, even without walking out of home, people can order food from Pizza Hut, buy clothes from Amazon, watch movies from the webpage… But gradually, when the life becomes easier, so are the fraudulence and privacy threaten. Companies, in order to master the behavior and patter... Read More »

  • Always-On DRM is a bit Off

    I can proudly say that I have been an avid supporter of the games industry for over ten years (I don't tend to count the years that my parents footed the bill for my gaming addiction). I have owned and/or played every major console released since the early days of the NES and I've loved every minute of it. You see, I've never been a very outgoing person. I don't enjoy going to bar... Read More »

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