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  • Sexism in Game Industry

    Speaking of Sexism, it reminds me that Harvard President Lawrence Summers was under heavy criticism for suggesting at an academic conference that women had less innate ability to perform in science and mathematics than men, although it, in the view of outsider, is not really an event of sexism. Sexism was always acting as a political or ideology weapon in the old times, and occasionally... Read More »

  • A Successful Game Belongs to All

    An interview with a 70 years old hardcore fan of WoW Always, those one, who excessively surf Internet, also called internet geek, are teenagers or fashion young men. Rare is the elder hardcore fan of World of Warcraft. Today, I am happy to introduce a 70 years old professional hardcore fan of Video Game, especially with an eight years history of indulging in WoW. Although, h... Read More »

  • Games Are Everywhere Around Us

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    About a month ago, Mike Tinney, the former president of the online game company CCP Games (the maker of EVE Online), announced that he was working with a mobile platform-based activity game—UtiliFit, which is designed to boost players’ daily activity levels and give them a fun and easy approach to cooperate and compete with friends or strangers around the world while achieving the ... Read More »

  • Violence in Games or in Reality

    According to the statistic from CNN, we obtain: 26% of Americans favor a handgun ban, a record low in a 2011 Gallup Poll. 47% of Americans told Gallup in 2011 that they had at least one gun at home. 310 million nonmilitary firearms are in the United States as of 2009. 49% of Americans said that protecting gun-ownership rights was important. 46% thought gun control was more im... Read More »

  • CES 2013 Is the Largest in 45+ Year History

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    The Consumer Electronics Association announced in a press release that the 2013 International CES was the largest in the show's 45+ year history, with 1.92 million net square feet of exhibit space. More than 3,250 exhibitors unveiled some 20,000 new products at the 2013 CES, drawing more than 150,000 attendees, including more than 35,000 from exceeding 170 countries outside the Uni... Read More »

  • An Unlicensed ‘World of Warcraft’ Theme Park

    World Joyland,better known as a World of Warcraft theme park, opened in Changzhou last summer. This amusement park is basically, unofficially inherited from two world famous games – World of Warcraft and Startcraft, both created by Blizzard. It is the first video-game-themed park, the total cost of which is 200 million yuan (about $30 million USD) and includes seven sections, spread ove... Read More »

  • Top 10 Most Anticipated MMO Games for 2013

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    New Year’s Day has always been a good time for making resolutions. People build their blueprints and look into the future. Now New Year’s Day has already passed. Did you make up your resolution list? What about the games, those you plan to play in 2013? Still don’t have a clue? No worries, here is what you may need: a list of the top ten most anticipated MMO games for 2013. ... Read More »

  • Valve's "Living Room PC" could Compete with Xbox360 and PS3

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    The size of Xi3's Piston will be welcome in any living room (image source: Polygon) Valve finally talks about their Steam Box gaming hardware (or the so-called living room PC) in official way, and they will even show the prototype at their booth in CES 2013. Based on the established Steam system, Valve's Steam Box will run on Linux and serve multiple monitors. We all know that it's ... Read More »

  • An Unprecedented Console-Project Shield (Created by NVIDIA)

    What are the properties and configurations of Project Shield? On January 7th, 2013, in the NVIDIA’s press conference, a cutting edge platform “Project Shield” equipped with currently the fastest mobile process unit “Tegra 4” was presented by NVIDIA’s CEO Jen-Hsun Huang, confidently stating that this hoping Shield would take the position of common game controller/portable console.... Read More »

  • Mad Catz Revealed GameSmart Initiative with Peripherals

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    Last week, Mad Catz revealed its GameSmart, a technology initiative that will enable smart devices to deliver a core gaming experience similar to a gaming console or computer. Yesterday, Mad Catz revealed line of multiplatform gaming peripherals along with GameSmart itself. Many peripherals of the company have been reappropriated for multiplatform use and branded into the GameSmart... Read More »

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