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  • 6 MMOs That Have Been Off The Radar For Too Long

    JoeLW 0

    Recently, Trion Worlds' End of Nations, a game that has almost been forgotten by us resurfaced and rebooted as tactical MOBA. I didn't remember the last time I read news about this game and I headed to its Twitter page and found that they literally didn't write a tweet between November 2, 2012 and July 11, 2013. That reminded me of numbers of MMOs like End of Nations, which have been of... Read More »

  • WoW Subscriber Number Goes Down to 7.7 Million

    On Activision Blizzard's second quarter financial reports, they announced that they would repurchase their shares from its parent companny Vivendi, and become an independent game company. Along with the payback, they also reported that the number of World of Warcraft monthly subscribers has dropped to 7.7 million. So we wonder, can WoW revive from Activision Blizzard's payback? ... Read More »

  • Ghostcrawler: World Of Warcraft Will Return To Azeroth

    Today we are lucky to have the opportunity to interview Greg Street, also known as Ghostcrawler, the Chief System Designer of World of Warcraft. He confirmed to us that the story of WoW will come back to Azeroth. MOP is a side part of the main story; the main story will come back to Azeroth Actually Mists of Pandaria is relatively an independent story. Except the colli... Read More »

  • League of Legends The Less Popular Heroes

    Abban 0

    As a newbie of League of Legend, I found there are some heroes really hard to handle. If you didn’t play well, you lost the game. After all it is hard to define which the best or worst hero is. It is up to how the players performed. But since now I have nothing else to do, let me count those less popular heroes. And please keep an open eye for this list. You are welcome to disagree with me.... Read More »

  • F2P: Evil or Not?

    Question: League of Legends, Marvel Heroes, and Eden Eternal, what do they have in common? Bingo! They are all free-to-play (F2P) games! When the F2P model appeared, the controversy about it has never stopped. Lately, game developer David Paris, who lists himself as the builder of the world's first subscription-based internet MOG (Valhalla) in his bio, posted a blog in Gamasutra, which focus... Read More »

  • Foreign Companies May Be Able To Sell Consoles In China Soon

    Wei 0

    Reported by South China Morning Post, the Chinese government is going to lift the 13 years' console ban in Mainland China and allow console manufacturers like Microsoft and Sony to sell their products in new free-trade zone in Shanghai. However, an approval for specific products from the authority is still needed, even after these foreign companies register in the new free-trade zone. ... Read More »

  • Is Ubisoft's New Shooter The Division an MMO?

    Wei 0

    Ubisoft's next-gen title The Division shined at the 3-day E3 2013, just like Watch Dogs in 2012. After the announcement and a gameplay footage presentation at Ubi's conference, the world becomes more curious of the structure of the game, and one of the questions is, is it like an MMO? The E3 gameplay demo tells us that you are a member of the Directive 51, which means you can play... Read More »

  • Microsoft on $500 Xbox One: We're Over-Delivering the Value

    JoeLW 0

    Microsoft's next-gen console Xbox One will launch this November for $500. At E3 early this month, Sony's $400 PS4 overwhelmed Xbox One but Microsoft said it's not over yet. Don Mattrick, Microsoft's chief of interactive entertainment, defended the new console's price: "We're over-delivering value against other choices I think consumers can get." "Any modern product these days you ... Read More »

  • DCUO Producer Sees PS4 a "Great Platform for MMOs"

    JoeLW 0

    Larry Liberty, Executive Producer of DC Universe Online, is very positive on Sony's new PlayStation console, namely PS4. In an interview to NowGamer, he says "it will be a great platform for MMOs." DCUO is a 2011 superhero MMO title available for PC and PS3, and it just released new DLC called Origin Crisis last month. "We've learned how to work with Sony Computer Entertainment. T... Read More »

  • Microsoft: Next-gen Console Sales Could Reach 1Billion Units

    Microsoft has revealed its next Xbox, namely Xbox One, and whether you will buy it, Microsoft is ambitious and they are aiming to take over your living room. In a talk with The Official Xbox Magazine, senior vice president of Interactive Entertainment Business Yusuf Mehdi predicted that Xbox One, together with other next-gen consoles, could "go from 400 million to potentially upwards of... Read More »

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