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  • Comparing Gigantic and Overwatch: Hero VS Hero, Team VS Team

    Back in early December a game called Gigantic became part of the preview program on Xbox. It’s a team based shooter with a variety of heroes to become.  I’ve been playing it nonstop until I started compare with another team based shooter, Overwatch. There are major differences between the games that set them apart from each other so today we’re gonna compare the two games an... Read More »

  • Conan Exiles Blocks Asian, Russian and South American IP

    If you are currently playing Conan Exiles, Funcom's sandbox MORPG that currently in Early Access, and you are living in Asia, Russia or South American countries, there's bad news for you. Funcom has decided to block IP from these regions. Community Manager Jens Erik explained on a Steam forum post that there were 3 reasons: We have decided to East/West region lock the official se... Read More »

  • [Exclusive] Ship of Heroes: Could This Be the Next City of Heroes?

    I just had the opportunity to sit down with Casey McGeever, CEO of Heroic Games, and Matthew Wilson, lead developer, for an extended Q&A about the upcoming superheroic MMO, Ship of Heroes. They gave me a live tour of the first level of the game, Apotheosis City, and our discussion spanned a gamut of topics, ranging from raids to crafting, day jobs and the importance of community. I'... Read More »

  • Capcom Trademarks Deep Down Again; Are They Going to Deliver This Time?

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    It's been about 4 years since Capcom announced Deep Down as a PS4 exclusive online action RPG, and there's almost no solid progression in the past few years. Yesterday the company trademarks Deep Down in US again, according to Neogaf. But don't get excited yet, because this doesn't mean anything other than the game is not cancelled. The first Deep Down trademark expired in e... Read More »

  • The Playboy Style Overwatch Magazine Has Been Shut Down

    Overwatch has 25 million players worldwide and usually a title with this level of popularity can faciliate a lot of fanmade content. In Overwatch's case, somebody created a Playboy style Overwatch magazine dubbed "Playwatch" that features soft porn images. It was almost like a real business if you take a look at the images below, and what really worried Blizzard was the fact that t... Read More »

  • This Is How It Looks Like to Play a VR Adult Game with Eye Tracking VR Headset

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    Japanese VR headset maker FOVE's eye tracking VR headset FOVE 0 has announced to support Custom Maid 3D 2, a VR adult simulation game developed by Kiss. Players will be able to use their eyes to interact with the virtual girls and see how the girls react to you. You can see how it works in the video below.   【VR】カスタムメイド3D2 VRβ パッチ Ver 1.31/1.29 を公開し視線検出可能なVR-HMD「FOVE 0」に暫定対応しました。... Read More »

  • Koei Tecmo Is Making Dynasty Warriors VR for Their Own VR Sense Arcade

    Koei Tecmo has just announced a "next-gen" VR arcade VR Sense, which offers not only virtual reality gaming experience but also allows you to get the feeling of touch, smell, and heat/cold, etc. VR Sense is a PlayStation VR machine at its core but it will support 3A IPs such as Dynasty Warriors in VR.   Dynasty Warriors in VR is still in development and what we know is very li... Read More »

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