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  • 5 Old Titles Worthy of an HD Remaster

    Recently I`ve participated in a Reddit discussion about the possibility for HD remaster of the first Guild Wars game. Now people want different things from HD remasters, some want just updated graphics, some don’t mind graphics, but want new content for the game and then there are people that want everything redone in a new engine, but with a same feel and story. To be honest, it is really... Read More »

  • Erotic VR Game Let's Play With Nanai English Version Launches

    VRJCC, the Japanese indie developer, has worked with California-based distributor ImagineVR Inc. to release the English version of adult VR game Let's Play With Nanai worldwide. To download the English version, you need to go to ImagineVR's website and purchase the game. $30 is not a small number but if you like adult anime game, the price shouldn't be a problem.   Let's P... Read More »

  • 4 Reasons Why You Should Consider Getting a PlayStation VR

    Virtual reality devices are here to stay it seems. With all three major VR headsets launched this year and with great reviews for every one of them, it looks like VR is not a gimmick after all. And this is what I hoped for. Motion technology always felt to me like a gimmick, but with virtual reality integration, it just feels right. The games are finally played in a completely different, yet mea... Read More »

  • Tree of Savior to Introduce in RNG Boxes for Premium Costumes

    Finally RNG boxes are going to come to Tree of Savior international server, as the developer and publisher imcGames announced a new cash shop item called Goddess' Blessed Cube. Each cube will give you a random cosmetic item from a collection of premium costumes and hair accessories. "The collection of items obtainable from the Blessed Cube will vary periodically, changing for example when... Read More »

  • What Do You Think About a Guild Wars HD Remaster?

    Guild Wars is a competitive online role-playing game developed by ArenaNet and published by NCsoft. Released back in 2005, it marked a deviation from the traditional MMORPG norms, thanks to its great focus on PvP. Guild Wars is one of the few MMORPGs which received a sequel (Guild Wars 2) that was able to offer to its fans a more actual gameplay experience. Just like any other game o... Read More »

  • Streamer Played Overwatch's Hanzo with a Bow and Made Several Kills

    Rudeism is a Twitch streamer known for playing Overwatch using some of his own custom controllers. He had play D.VA with Flight Sticks, play Winston with banana, and he just played Hanzo with a bow controller he built by himself.   You can see in his stream how he built the bow and how it was like playing Hanzo with the cute bow. While Overwatch players always say "the world needs... Read More »

  • Are Revelation Online Founder Packs PAY TO WIN?

    Just an hour ago Revelation Online Founder packs are updated with more info about what each pack's contents and benefits are. Although some items are your typical fashion stuff and EXP boost, most are questionable and some may suggest Pay to Win. So the question is, are Revelation Online Founder Packs pay to win? Revelation Online Founder packs comes in 3 forms and&nbs... Read More »

  • Naval Content: ArcheAge vs. Black Desert - Crew, Man Battle Stations!

    With games getting bigger and bigger, people want new and interesting things to look forward to. Many allow you to venture out across deserts, wander through forests, and sometimes even make you soar in the skies, but what about the sea? It is vast, filled with many creatures and wonders, and it is usually cast aside. However, there are games that do allow you to take a ship or boat and just sail,... Read More »

  • Report - NCsoft Boycotts G-STAR 2016

    G-STAR 2016 will be held between November 17-20 in Busan, South Korea and it's supposed to be the largest one in the history. However, NCsoft, one of the biggest game companies in South Korea and a leading MMO developer, will likely be absent. Goha report said NCsoft was boycotting G-STAR 2016 for not being allowed to host a Blade & Soul tournament on the show floor.   N... Read More »

  • 5 MMORPGs Chinese Players Dream to Play

    A few days ago we talked about some of the major titles that we had to wait a lot in order to get a western version, and after checking this reddit post where things turned into a small war (besides the article format), it seems like the Asian players have the same issues regarding different MMOs that came too late or never saw the light of day. Today we are going to take a look at those game... Read More »

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