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  • [Update] Do You Expect the Live-Action Attack on Titan? It Will be True!

    Since adapted into the game which called Attack on Titan: Roar to Freedom, the popular anime Attack on Titan will be turned into a movie. Actually, the rumor has been round for a long time. Nowadays, it will finally come true. The publisher said they will first public the live-action Attack on Titan film PV on “金曜ロードSHOW!” ( a Japan variety show). The PV will las... Read More »

  • [BLOG] My Journey in China [Part 2]

    Hello! This article will be about the second part of my journey in China, The team! 1. The Arrival & Games before the patch 2. The Team 3. Games after the patch 4. China First, I will introduce every player individually and then I'll talk about the team as a whole. Brax: Brax is really fun to be with, he is really quiet, but is cheerful when it is needed. He does not com... Read More »

  • Blizzard Joint NetEase Sued Wolong Legend For Unfair Competition

    ShangHai First Intermediate People's Court revealed they have accepted two cases about the Hearthstone developer Blizzard Entertainment, Ltd and Shanghai NetEase, Inc sued Shanghai Unico Company for copyright infringement and unfair competition. Extremly similar Logo According to the two plaintiffs' indictment, Blizzard finished Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft game develop... Read More »

  • Whether Unsung Story Can Successfully be Launched on PSV, Even Nintendo 3DS?

    Today, I saw a piece of news that Heyworks set up a financial activity on Kickstarter for their new SLG Pocket Troops. It reminds me of another Kickstarter project game Unsung Story. The game was created by Former Square Enix and Level-5 game designer Yasumi Matsuno who has developed many famous games, like Final Fantasy XII, Ogre Battle, Vagrant Story, Crimson, etc. The game, called Unsung... Read More »

  • [BLOG] My Journey in China [Part 1]

    Hey everyone, this is my second article for 2P.com and I will be writing about my journey through China. It will most likely be split in four parts because it's too much to write into a single one. Also I'd like to apologize because I didn't really take pictures of where I have been and what I have been doing so you'll have to go through reading all of it without pictures :( sorry sorr... Read More »

  • What's Your Favorite Christmas Gift by Far?

    Do you still remember the time when you were yelling for a console or your favorite game as X-mas gift? Do you still remember the happiness when you actually get them in that Christmas morning? Or maybe you've already grown up and just bought something for your Child in this Christmas morning? In reddit.com, lots of gamers are showing off their favorite X-mas gifts: Christm... Read More »

  • What Elements Featured in Final Fantasy Series Can be Found in FFXIV: ARR

    The "Lightning Strikes Twice in Eorzea" event has ended, I actually had fun, and this reminded me of what Naoki Yoshida, the director of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn(FFXIV: ARR) said, "If our players would like to see that, we can try to add special features from the other games in Final Fantasy series." Now it looks like Yoshi-P is fulfilling his promise, and in addition to ... Read More »

  • The Power of Wealth, Extremely Expensive House Purchased in FFXIV

    Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn's new 2.1 patch just added the new housing system, as we reported in this thread, the price of Free Company houses can be extremly high, in certain servers, a player may need to run dungeon 65,000 times to earn the Gils for a large sized house. A lot of players are still discussing on the official forums, stating their loathing of the ridiculous pricing desicio... Read More »

  • Will You Run A Dungeon 62,500 Times to Buy A House in FFXIV?

    Square Enix published the patch notes of the 2.1 version of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn recently. The highly anticipated housing system is included in this patch, but sadly, players are complaining that the price of these houses are ridiculously high. The most expensive house in this game was 625,000,000 Gils (the currency of FFXIV), and the cheapest one cost around 5,00... Read More »

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