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  • Take a Sneak Peek at New Wargaming Minsk Office

    Tut.by had a chance to visit Wargaming Minsk Office and posted some pictures of this new building. This 16-floor specially decorated center locates on the outskirts of Minsk. The distance from the Minsk underground train is not a problem, Minsk is paying for a minibus to constantly drive from the building to the underground station and back. Now World of Tanks is one of the symbols of Belarus,... Read More »

  • World of Warplanes Update 1.4 & E3 2014 Trailer

    Wargaming recently released a new update for World of Warplanes. Version 1.4 is now available and features new tier VI premium aircraft, two new maps, new modules, an improved matchmaker and a client separation system. Each nation received a new Tier VI aircraft ranging from Lightweight Fighters to a sturdier Heavy Fighter available on the U.S. tech tree. Update 1.4 also brings two n... Read More »

  • World of Tanks: Wargaming June Wallpaper M4 Sherman

    World of Tanks Russia released a set of Wargaming June wallpapers featuring an American tier 5 medium tank M4 Sherman at the invasion of Normandy, and this set of wallpapers aren't on EU/NA server now. Choose the optimal resolution images for your screens and then download. Here we go! Wallpaper with Calendar 1024x600 1024x768 1152x864 1280x720 1280x768 1280x800 1280x9... Read More »

  • WWDC 2014: 8 new iOS 8 features that will delight mobile game developers

    This article is translated from Youxiputao.com's article WWDC 2014 iOS 8游戏相关的十个重大更新   To our surprise, no new hardware was talked in WWDC 2014, and instead, we heard about some new features in iOS 8 that could have some impact on the future of mobile game development.   1. Bundles   Steam users will be familiar with sites like Humble Bundle, who regularly provides Steam ga... Read More »

  • Dota 2 Competitive Scene Review: April & May 2014

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    Recent complaints (for example) about an over-saturated competitive scene have highlighted the potential problems this might create for players – forcing big teams to reject invitations to big events (or not even try to qualify for them), and potentially reducing the hype around each major event, given how many there are. What has not been spoken about much is the effects of over-satu... Read More »

  • World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition - Combat Ready Starter Pack Revealed

    Wargaming recently revealed a few details about their upcoming World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition Combat Ready Starter Pack that will offer players exclusive items. The Combat Ready Starter Pack will be available at a discounted price of £15.99 and it contains a war chest’s worth of in-game gold and other goodies. If you decide to buy it you will also get the premium Panzer 38H Ti... Read More »

  • The International 4: Fresh Blood and Familiar Faces

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     Natus Vincere at the first International in Germany. Image source: www.freetoplay.com Dota 2 has grown into a very sizable and popular eSport – even a ‘sport’ in its own right – boasting eight million unique players monthly and tournament prize pools that are disproportionately large. For example if the forthcoming International prize pool was to be matched b... Read More »

  • 17173 Announces V Games Tournament Season 2, Begins on June 2nd

    17173, the owner of 2P.com and G-1 Champions League organizer, have just released another tournament: V Games Tounament in Chinese Dota 2 scene featuring 12 of the best Chinese teams and 97,000 RMB (~$15,500) in prize pool. Just eight months after Vici Gaming’s first triumph in the 17173 V Games Tournament season one, 17173 are pround to announce the second tournament in 2014 will see 1... Read More »

  • World of Tanks: Kharkov Easter Egg – KhTZ-16

    Everything about Kharkov  World of Tanks: 9.1 new map Kharkov Preview World of Tanks 9.1 Supertest News Express One of EU server players tambardo found a easter egg on the World of Tanks 9.1 Kharkov map. When you destroy one of the garages in the A3 sector, inside, you will find a strange vehicle. This is the Chtz armored tractor (bronetraktor), built in Kharkov in some numbers ... Read More »

  • How Should Valve Hand out The International's Staggering 6.5 Million Prize Pool?

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    Key Arena I remember a lot of the interviews at last year’s International. I made an effort to watch as many as I could to try to learn what I could about the event and the players, about what happens behind the scene. I remember that the topic of prize pool distribution came up a lot in the more serious interviews. Sivatheeban ‘1437’ Sivanathapillai’s interview with... Read More »

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