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  • Dota 2 Techies Guide: "Okay, let's blow something up!"

    Goblin Techies is historically one of the fan favorite heroes from Warcraft Dota. Though he is still currently an unreleased hero in the current patch of Dota 2, thanks to the recent Compendium hidden stretch goal at $6,400,000, the long-awaited Techies will be the next hero to be released in Dota 2 sometime after The International 4. In the Allstar match at TI4, EG.Arteezy selected Sniper, wh... Read More »

  • Upcoming Films Based On Video Games 2014-2016

    Warcraft Movie One of the most anticipated movie of all time is Blizzard’s Warcraft universe film that was officially announced by Legendary Pictures and Universal in October 2013. Warcraft movie is directed by Duncan Jones and written by Charles Leavitt (Blood Diamond, K-PAX) and Jones (Moon, Source Code).  Legendary described it as “an epic adventure of a world-colli... Read More »

  • Reflections: Women's Reception in E-Sports

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    Author's Note:             I know 2P.com is a free-form site where anyone's articles can be put up for the whole world to see. It's one of those places where Hearthstone news is being updated constantly, giving the community an easy, efficient way to get to know the latest tournament results, the most popular decks, tips on how to play the game, and even ... Read More »

  • Relight War is a Chinese online shooter takes you to the China-US war

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    Relight War has been in development for a while and recently a trailer of the game appeared on the internet and caught our interest. The game has a military version which is used as training simulation game, and a normal version which is available for gamers.   At its core, Relight War is a patriotic game with two parts: Korean War and future warfare. Whichever mode you choose, you ... Read More »

  • TI4 Main Event: The Final Number Crunch

    Image via user KORone on Reddit So The International is over halfway done, and we’ve said goodbye to eight teams already. Some huge upsets have occurred, some because of excellent play, some not so much. In general a lot of top quality Dota has been on show. It’s also been great to see matches between teams that have never played before; the somewhat isolated SEA region getting ... Read More »

  • Cloud Imperium developer: consoles couldn't possibly handle Star Citizen

    Cloud Imperium's CryEngine 3 MMO Star Citizen is doing pretty well in crowdfunding recently. They just announced the campaign has reached $48 million and still counting. The game is targeting at PC platform and apparently it has no plan to release on consoles as recently the studio's President of Development Eric "Wingman" Peterson said consoles couldn't possibly handle a gam... Read More »

  • TI4 Group Stage: Radiant vs. Dire

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    Stage Two of TI4's Playoffs has just come to a close, with the exception of a few tiebreaker matches which are currently ongoing. From the 120 games played, 62 were won by Radiant and 58 were won by Dire. It is thus especially interesting to see that the three highest placing teams in this stage all achieved substantially better results on Dire than on Radiant.  The obvious que... Read More »

  • Some Groupstage Day #1 Predictions

    So in just a few hours the first day of the group-stage action in TI4. This is the time where the real contenders for the TI title are forced to reveal themselves, and where we already begin to see the hopes and dreams of some teams wither as they get slammed.  In a tweet last night during the Wildcard matches, Statsman Bruno had this to say:   Now, I think the implication is q... Read More »

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