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  • TI4 Main Event: The Final Number Crunch

    Image via user KORone on Reddit So The International is over halfway done, and we’ve said goodbye to eight teams already. Some huge upsets have occurred, some because of excellent play, some not so much. In general a lot of top quality Dota has been on show. It’s also been great to see matches between teams that have never played before; the somewhat isolated SEA region getting ... Read More »

  • Cloud Imperium developer: consoles couldn't possibly handle Star Citizen

    Cloud Imperium's CryEngine 3 MMO Star Citizen is doing pretty well in crowdfunding recently. They just announced the campaign has reached $48 million and still counting. The game is targeting at PC platform and apparently it has no plan to release on consoles as recently the studio's President of Development Eric "Wingman" Peterson said consoles couldn't possibly handle a gam... Read More »

  • TI4 Group Stage: Radiant vs. Dire

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    Stage Two of TI4's Playoffs has just come to a close, with the exception of a few tiebreaker matches which are currently ongoing. From the 120 games played, 62 were won by Radiant and 58 were won by Dire. It is thus especially interesting to see that the three highest placing teams in this stage all achieved substantially better results on Dire than on Radiant.  The obvious que... Read More »

  • Some Groupstage Day #1 Predictions

    So in just a few hours the first day of the group-stage action in TI4. This is the time where the real contenders for the TI title are forced to reveal themselves, and where we already begin to see the hopes and dreams of some teams wither as they get slammed.  In a tweet last night during the Wildcard matches, Statsman Bruno had this to say:   Now, I think the implication is q... Read More »

  • Interview With DK Coach 71 pre-TI4

    The TI4 group stage will start today and ImbaTV has interviewed 71, once the coach of the legendary EHOME and now the coach of the legendary DK. The environment is full of noise, so if I mistranslate something, feel free to point it out. ImbaTV: Yesterday we did not see DK training around here -  where has everyone been training? 71: We have come here like 4,5 days ago already and we ar... Read More »

  • ​Diablo III Ultimate Evil Edition - Should we buy it?

    Playing our favorite games on console shouldn’t bring up any questions, but while Diablo III got a lot of regular updates that addressed bugs and balancing issues, as well as new content, the console version was left to live on its own. Furthermore, Blizzard recently admitted that they are still debating about the after launch support for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 Ultimate Evil Edition.... Read More »

  • The International 4 - Schedule of Events

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    Officially Valve has yet to announce the schedule for The International 4 which begins next week on the 8th of July. However they have contacted the holders of VIP passes to the event at Key Arena with an outline via email. The schedule for the tournament looks like the following:   July 8th Playoffs phase 1, 1v1 matches and the Play-In series. Matches begin at 9am   July ... Read More »

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