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  • Free to Play: Documentary (Reflection)

    Valve’s ‘Free to Play’ documentary features the story of hardship, passion, and sacrifices of the three best players in the E-sports scene, particularly DOTA 2 (Benedict “hyhy” Lim, Danil “Dendi” Ishutin, and Clinton “Fear” Loomis), as they try to be the best team in the world by winning the million dollar prize pool at Valve's first annual DOTA 2 Tournament. Not many are aware of ... Read More »

  • Project Morpheus' First Bite on Oculus Rift is Demoing EVE: Valkyrie at GDC

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    CCP's space action shooter EVE: Valkyrie was Oculus Rift's exclusive launch title but it seemed like the game will also run on Sony's new VR headset Project Morpheus. After revealed the new head-mounted gear at GDC 2014, Sony tweeted that Project Morpheus' playable demos include EVE: Valkyrie. I can't wait to see how the experience is different between these two devices. ... Read More »

  • EE: "My Understanding of Drow Ranger was Based on Some Ideas From RTZ and AUI."

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    Hi EternaLEnVy! Thank you for agreeing to do this interview. Recently your team has had some mixed results. Although overall I'd say you're on pretty good form, it does seem like a new rivalry has begun to build itself up between C9 and EG. Thus, it was no doubt disappointing to lose against them in the grand finals of the Monster Energy Invitational. While I obviously wouldn't exp... Read More »

  • FFXIV Chinese Version May Have More Voice Acting than International Version

    Shanda Games, the publisher of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn's Chinese version, held a release conference on Feb 25, 2014, and announced that FFXIV: ARR will start it's first Beta test in China in mid April. This has become the hottest news in China's online game industry recently. Today we got a dope that Shanda Games will try giving Chinese voice acting to all the NPCs in ga... Read More »

  • The Elder Scrolls Online: Second Look

    Complete Beta Weekend 10 Live Gameplay Playlist Here I admit it I had fun this weekend with Elder Scrolls. Now before you go running off and saying fan boy let me explain. I'll start with what I liked the most. It's actually the quest and story. And how much of it exists for you to do. All of it just about voice acted. Even the little hole in the wall npc you found by accident in a cave... Read More »

  • The Elder Scrolls Online Graphics Comparison: Ultra vs. Medium vs. Minimum

    >> Join 2P ESO 'Writer Challenge' Event and Win 12-month subscription fees Zenimax hosted a large-scale beta test last weekend for The Elder Scrolls Online, inviting millions of players to try their upcoming MMORPG. Many elements that make Skyrim a great RPG are brought into the Elder Scrolls MMO but graphics isn't one of them. The Elder Scrolls Online is designed to accommodate... Read More »

  • Rumors All About Shanda Games, FFXIV's Chinese Publisher to Be Sold

    According to a flurry of reports from China today, 1 of the nation's biggest online games publisher and developer, is rumoured to be sold for around USD 525 million. That is of course Shanda Games, 1 of the subsidiaries under the Shanda umbrella.  To be more precise, Shanda Games is part of the USD 500 million package, which includes other subsidiaries such as Ku6 (a purchased... Read More »

  • [Update] The Things Happened After Flappy Bird Removal

    [Update 4] Play Flappy Bird in Smartwatch Developed by Pebble Technology, Pebble is a Smarwatch which is supported to iPhone and Android Phone. If you have this device, you can download the Flappy Bird clone game Tiny Bird in iOS App Pebble Smartwatch. The gameplay is same. But the graphics is humbler than Flappy Bird. [Update 3] Dong Nguyen was threatened by fanatical... Read More »

  • Jakiro: A Dragon Slain

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    Despite suggestions that a new patch might be coming soon, I've become more and more interested in analyzing the current metagame in competitive Dota 2. To to be clear, I'm a big fan of this version precisely because it's been difficult to establish too many trends in terms of what the patch is all about. Sure, we are generally seeing more activity in the early game than befor... Read More »

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