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  • 4 Things to Spoil Your Game in the Nearest Future

    Contradiction between gamers' desire to have free of charge fun and developers' ongoing pursuit for more money is a catch-22 for game industry nowadays. When there is a balance on the both sides, it pushes all things forward. But when this delicate balance is ruined, somebody — either gamers or developers — gets pissed. Here is top 4 things which will probably ruin the balance and piss you off ... Read More »

  • If the New Race in World of Warcraft 6.0 Is Arakkoa...

    The release of WoW 5.4 Patch brings the entire Mists of Pandaria expansion to its ending. The topic many players are talking about is what WoW’s next expansion will be. What's the title gonna be, what new races will be added, what new raids and other fresh things we will see? Obviously, Blizzard doesn't want to let us know until they think the time is ripe. Despite little has bee... Read More »

  • Manager of StarCraft and LoL Club Falsify Account Statements

    We all know that eSports is not an easy job, no matter in which country. But someone is making the situation worse. Recently someone called 中国电竞加油 (Cheer up Chinese eSports) posted a blog to accuse the manager of ZOO, Yin Liu, also known as LOVETT, a Starcraft and LoL club in China of falsifying accounting statements. According to the blog, from about one year ago, he started to mak... Read More »

  • The Removal Of Diablo 3's AH Isn't Exactly What Players Want

    Blizzard will remove auction house from Diablo 3 on March 18, 2014 to fit the game's Loot 2.0 system and bring the game back to the concept of "kill monsters to get cool loot". There will be no controversial RMT next March when the AH is closed down but it seems that the removal of auction house don't receive a lot of cheers and it isn't exactly what most players want. Many player... Read More »

  • The Great Chinese Reshuffle - The Winners and Losers

    Following their underachievement at this year's International, the Chinese teams have been busy reshaping their roster, but are now ready to compete in the first season of the World E-sport Professional Classic. All the Chinese powerhouses rebuilt their roster in preparation for this major event in Chinese dota, which is due to start on September 22nd. Who benefited from this summer'... Read More »

  • You Could Lose Your Cash In GTA Online's PvP

    The latest issue of Game Informer magazine has a ton of new information about the world and gameplay of GTA Online. In the open world shared by up to 16 players, you will be able to do almost every activity you can do in the single-player campaign, including hijacking, robbery, car racing, and sports like tennis and golf, etc. One thing you can't find in the single-player mode is PvP, a... Read More »

  • How PAX Became the Biggest and Best Festival for Geeks

    From a small, local gaming festival to the world's largest, multinational festival and pop culture movement, PAX only used 9 years. Recently, Forbes interviewed Lance Fensterman, the PAX's initiator and global vice president of ReedPOP, asking the origins of PAX and where PAX is going in the future. There are some good things that other game exhibitions can learn. ... Read More »

  • Why the Fiasco of Seattle May only be the Beginning...

    Only a few days have passed since the Swedes from Alliance lifted the Aegis of Champions at the Benaroya Hall in Seattle, United States during The International 2013 - Valve’s third annual event. Like each year, this event was full of surprises, some good and others bad, but at the end of the day, what we all remember from it is that - after several years at the top - the dominati... Read More »

  • Why Does F2P Work So Good in LOL?

    12 million daily users, over 32 million monthly active users, which means League of Legends is the most popular free to play games in the world now. A successful game must have some unique features worth to analyze and summarize. Canadian game designer Sheldon Laframboise posted an article in his Gamasutra blog, sharing his observation and suggestion about LOL. Purchase in LOL If ... Read More »

  • For LOL Players: Do You Agree with Mercy Vote?

    Have you ever met a teammate/enemy that has been disconnected or idle for several seconds/minutes, and cause unbalanced battles in League of Legends? For a LOL player, I believe 4v5 games are painful. Recently, players from North America proposed a solution for this painful, unbalanced situation – mercy vote. This mercy vote will only be available to the team with 5 people, a... Read More »

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