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  • Let’s Talk About Team Ratings

    The Smartest Hero! (Sourced via 'IR' from JoyReactor) So a few months ago, scant (Dota Editor here at 2P) tasked me with coming up with a ranking system for the relaunch of the website, as well as doing general statistics work for other articles here at 2P. The rankings were supposed to be at least slightly close with what people understood to be ‘right’. Fo... Read More »

  • Pillars of Victory: A Dota Primer

    Source: Perfect World [high-res link]   Pillars of Victory A Dota Primer by Cranberry Thunderfunk Over the years, countless veterans of Dota have contributed many guides and introductions to try and explain Dota, in all its complexity and nuance, to newcomers.  Many of them are very helpful, and have eased thousands of new players into the game.  However, they do not... Read More »

  • Kpoptosis: "Stats Are Just a Piece of the Understanding Puzzle"

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    Yesterday I had the privilege of chatting to Kpoptosis about the role of statistical analysis in Dota 2, TI4, and the Summit. Kpoptosis is probably one of the friendliest guys on the internet. You should follow him on Twitter.  Hey Kpoptosis - congratulations on being invited to TI4! Do you know what your exact role will be this year – will it be the same as last year? Kpoptosis... Read More »

  • Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls - Patch 2.1.0 Preview

    The first major content update for Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls is almost here and Blizzard announced that the Public Test server will be available soon. Patch 2.1.0 brings a lot of new features and changes and today we will take a look at: Seasons, Greater Rifts, Leaderboards, Combat Changes, and The Cesspools. Seasons Those who played Diablo 2 should remember the Ladder system so they w... Read More »

  • TI4 Brackets Explained

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    The bracket for 'The Main Event' at The International 4. Image source: dota2.com The format for The International 4 has changed fairly significantly for this year’s event. Below is a breakdown and analysis for those who aren’t keeping track at home. Full brackets can be found here. 1. The Regional Qualifers   This stage has already concluded. Mousesports, LGD Chi... Read More »

  • The International 4 Won't be a Cinderella Story

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    Alliance win The International 3. Image souce: rapturegaming.net   If anything can be said about the fourth incarnation of The International it's that it isn’t going to be a fairy tale story for anyone as it was for Alliance last year. In the period between February 2013 when the team finalised its roster by adding Jerry "EGM" Lundkvist and August where they ... Read More »

  • Some Useful & Interesting Details You May Not Know in Dota2

    A Dota player from China posted a thread at Baidu Tieba called “Details you don’t know in Dota 2, there’s always something that could help you” and splashed hundreds of reposts and comments. Today we will show you guys some of these cool things, and hope you can learn some useful tips from this post. For those familiar with these things before reading, you are definitel... Read More »

  • Chinese Dota 2: What's Left Before TI4?

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    The conclusion of the Summit marks the end of the penultimate international LAN before TI4, leaving only ESL One between now and Seattle. Only Vici Gaming and Invictus Gaming will represent China in Frankfurt, meaning that for Newbee, DK, LGD (and CIS) there will be no further international training before The International. Meanwhile, on the domestic front, 3 events are currently still run... Read More »

  • [E3 2014] H1Z1 Official E3 Trailer, MyEvilWays & New Website

    Sony Online Entertainment released the official E3 Trailer for their upcoming zombie survival MMO, H1Z1. MyEvilWays trailer shows one minute of intense combat featuring a short survival story that ends with a betrayal. H1Z1 is currently being developed for an Early Access Alpha release on Steam. SOE also said that they want to “transform the way our players interact and participate wi... Read More »

  • Strife (SEA) Publisher Asiasoft on Heroes Customization, Esports and More

    Strife, the upcoming second-generation MOBA developed by Heroes of Newerth’s creators S2 Games, has attracted a lot of attention since its debut last year. Following Closed Beta Testing(CBT) in North America for a few months, this game will be transmitted to South Eastern Asia, run by S2 Games' publishing parter, Asiasoft Online, who is preparing for a new round of CBT for ... Read More »

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