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  • NCsoft Accused Netmarble of Lineage IP Infringement

    NCsoft filed a lawsuit against ITS GAMES, the subsidiary company of Netmarble, for Lineage’s IP theft. According to NCsoft, ITS GAMES used famous items’ name in Lineage for their mobile MMORPG Aden. NCsoft’s Lineage II: Revolution and ITS GAMES’ ADEN are set in the same kingdom - Aden, which could easily make players confused at the first sight. What’... Read More »

  • Overwatch and StarCraft Movies / TV Series Might Be on the Way

    Back in May, the first-person shooter Overwatch was officially released. It offers something new for gamers to play which makes it the latest record-breaking game. In an interview with Newsbeat, Stacey Sher, from Activision Blizzard, talked the possibility of having Movies or TV series for Overwatch and StarCraft. Following the success of Skylanders: Academy on Netflix, it seems that the bigw... Read More »

  • BlizzCon 2016: Diablo 3's Necromancer and Overwatch's Sombra Artwork Leaked

    BlizzCon 2016 will start later this week in Anaheim, California, and all kinds of leaks and rumors come out ahead of the opening ceremony, unsurprisingly. We just have 2 leaks, reportedly from Blizzard's own server: Diablo 3's Necromancer and Overwatch's Sombra. Related: BlizzCon 2016 Goody Bag Hints at Possible Diablo 4 Announcement   According to a Reddit post, the... Read More »

  • EA Also Banned Iran from Using Origin - Report

    As we mentioned yesterday, the PC gamers located in Myanmar (also known as Burma) were unable to access their games or login to their accounts. Being unable to use the EA's Origin client at all, the players from Myanmar were welcomed with an "Access Denied" message, while it was reported that Origin is no longer available in their country. While a EA representative stat... Read More »

  • The Issues Of An Ever Evolving MMO Universe (Part 2/3) - How It Affects Players

    You can read the first part here: The Issues Of An Ever Evolving MMO Universe (Part 1/3) - The History of MMORPGs A MMORPG is usually set in a persistent universe, which means that it evolves even when you're offline. More than that, the MMO offers a world that must evolve over time to simply be coherent as a universe. And to evolve, developers frequently add new content to their game,... Read More »

  • Face-off: MU Legend VS Revelation Online!

    MU Legend and Revelation Online almost came face to face with each other after their publisher announcing that their closed beta test would both start on October 25th. However, this match was cancelled when Revelation Online backed down, moving its CBT on November 3 and giving player’s time to test/play MU Legend instead. Some players think that the reason why R... Read More »

  • EA Bans an Entire Country from Using Origin

    It appears that EA decided to ban an entire country from Origin, and they haven't chosen Vatican. According to a Reddit user, PC gamers located in Myanmar (also known as Burma) from South East Asia, cannot access their games or login to their accounts, being unable to use the EA's Origin client at all. The Myanmar players are "welcomed" with an Access Denied message ... Read More »

  • The Issues Of An Ever Evolving MMO Universe (Part 1/3) - The History of MMORPGs

    While the definition is still up to debate (that's for another article), MMORPGs offer players the ability to evolve through open worlds with thousands (or hundreds?) of other participants, in a universe created from scratch where they more or less have an impact. And like with the real world, the univers of MMOs is evolving with the times, offering subscribers (or not), new content and new ch... Read More »

  • Hello Games Mistakenly Tweeted "No Man's Sky Was a Mistake" - Report

    A recent twitter post from Hello's Games made a surprising statement that directly admitted their own game No Man's Sky was a mistake. Later on Sean Murray, the studio co-founders, said to Polygon that the studio's Twitter account was hacked and made that "brutally honest' tweet. This tweet was deleted immediately while the studio's Twitter account was set to &quo... Read More »

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