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  • Destiny 2 Officially Revealed by Bungie (Update: Destiny 2 Teaser Trailer)

    Update Bungie has released a short teaser. Don't get too excited yet for the video doesn't show anything substantial. You will need to wait until March 30 at 10AM PT / 6PM BST to see the full trailer. Original story Bungie has officially confirmed at Twitter Destiny 2 by releasing an image (but no description). Rumor and leaked information in last week suggested the Desti... Read More »

  • Another Martial Arts MMO Diving Deep into PAY TO WIN

      Sword Of Shadows is Snail Games another mobile version of Age of Wushu/Wulin. This is a martial arts MMORPG very similar to the PC version(s) where you will live as a member of clan. Sword of Shadows has many familiar features including Skill Sets, Cultivation System, PvE & PvP System, Treasure Hunt, Daily & Weekly Quest and many more.  This game brings back... Read More »

  • Black Desert GM Solemnly Sentenced Toxic Player to Write a 501-Word Confession

    To punish trollers, gankers, and other toxic players in online games, you don't have to take the ultimate penalty, the perma ban. Black Desert GM Rhotaaz tried something novel, and he sentenced Kimochi, a guy who kept killing innocent players in the game, to write a 501-word confession on the forum. In an in-game mail that Kimochi received, GM Rhotaaz solemnly announced the "crimes&q... Read More »

  • Summer Lesson's Life Size Figure Could Cost a Nerd Over $26,000 USD

    Wei 0

    Bandai Namco's PSVR exclusive sim Summer Lesson will get English subtitles support in 2017. The game was one of the most popular VR titles in Japan with the realistic simulation of in-game interaction with the heroine Hikari Miyamoto. Japanese nerds can expect to actually bring Miyamoto home in real world, by purchasing a life size 1:1 Miyamoto figure.   The figure is about 160CM tall... Read More »

  • Revelation Online Already Stirred up Pay-to-Win Controversy

    Only a few days after Revelation Online entered the Open Beta, players are already complaining about the P2W tactics. On game's forum, a thread accused the Crusader Treasure Maps of incorporating P2W tactics into the game. In other words, players can buy treasure maps from the in-game store for $5 and obtain the Tier 6 PvP stones, while other players can only get Tier 4 stones. "This ju... Read More »

  • Path of Exile Has the First Level 100 Player in Hardcore Solo Mode

    Path of Exile player SteelmageSSF wrote the history in the game as he's (officially) the first person that managed to reach level 100 in SSF LHC, a hardcore legacy league that only allows solo play. It took him 7 days, 21 hours and 50 minutes to achieve it. If you die in this mode your character will be removed out from this league, so Steelmage only farmed on relatively safe spo... Read More »

  • Nintendo Switch Is Already Hacked - Report

    Nintendo Switch, the seventh major home video console from Nintendo was launched on March 3rd, 2017. Just a few days after the release, a hacker called qwertyoruiop claimed he was able to hack the console by posting an image showing his "completed work". The image shows the Switch screen with qwertyoruiop's name and the word "Done." on it.   The hack was done via... Read More »

  • Quake Champions Is Free-to-Play But Has Some Novel Restrictions

    Bethesda's competitive shooter Quake Champions is confirmed to be free-to-play with purchase options. There are restrictions to free accounts which is quite fresh. Read on to learn how it works. To unlock everything permenently, you have to purchase the Champions Pack, and if you don't want to, you can still play the game with paid players on the same maps but you have to earn in-game c... Read More »

  • Revelation VS Bless Online: Which One is the Best F2P MMO of 2017

    With Revelation Online entering Open Beta and the release of Bless Online being just around the corner, a question that keeps popping is which one is the best F2P title. This article will detail and rate (according to my personal opinion) the differences between the two, although I will say this outright, the real answer will depend mostly on what your idea of a good and fun MMO is. >>&nb... Read More »

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