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  • NSFW - 7 Virtual Reality Adult Games to Look Forward to in 2017

    With the introduction of virtual reality in our daily lives a whole new world of opportunities has opened for many tech and video game companies. With the former competing in the creation of new, better optimized VR gear and the latter for the production of more interactive video games. And honestly the progress in their respective field has been astounding, considering that it has been only two... Read More »

  • Top 10 Best MMORPGs of 2016

    Overall it was a bit of a slow year for the MMORPG genre. As usual, World of Warcraft dominated the news, but 2016 was also the year that newer games celebrated their first anniversary and some even launched. While it may have been other online games that dominated the gaming scene we can’t forget to take a look back at the year for the MMORPG genre. What were the best MMORPGs of 2016? Read ... Read More »

  • Black Desert Player Proposed Marriage with Kakao Games' Help

    A Black Desert player decided to make one of the most important steps in his life and he asked Kakao Games for help — that's how a winter love story began. Kakao Games said on the BDO twitter that one player had a special request. "Will you marry me" was the special request and if you are wondering what was her answer, well it was a big YES. One of the Kakao Games GMs filme... Read More »

  • ​Tracer Is The First Queer Character in Overwatch

    Blizzard has released the latest Overwatch comic Reflections on the official site. In Reflections, the holidays have arrived at Overwatch, and everybody is heading home to spend time with the ones closest to them. Meanwhile, a massive snowstorm has turned King's Row into a winter wonderland, catching Tracer in the middle of an important mission, while at Watchpoint: Gibraltar, ... Read More »

  • NSFW: Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Cosplay Calendar for the Year to Come

    In case you haven't bought a calendar for next year, perhaps you could consider the official Witcher 3: Wild Hunt calender from Maul Cosplay. It's a series of cosplay photos, co-created by CD Projekt RED and Maul Cosplay (aka Ben). If you are intersted, you can purchase it for $29. But a warning to you: some of the photos are NSFW.  The calendar... Read More »

  • [Update] Rumor: Aeria Games Might No Longer Publish Bless in NA and EU

    Update: Aeria Games has confirmed that they are still publishing Bless Online in NA/EU. Read it here. Original story: Bless Online is one of the most wanted MMORPG games that has released in South Korea and launched Open Beta in Russia. A mobile game based on Bless IP is also indevelopment. However, western players might face an indefinite wait for the NA/EU release. Bless Online was ... Read More »

  • The 5 Biggest Changes Waiting For You In ArcheAge Revelation

    The 3.0 update of ArcheAge, named ArcheAge Revelation, is almost upon us. A lot of you are probably already planning to move from legacy servers to the fresh ones, but what’s waiting for you there? Here are 5 of the most important changes this 3.0 update will be introducing. New Races   Impossible for you to have missed this one if you’ve been keeping up with the ArcheAge... Read More »

  • Black Desert Taiwan Server Opens to All Countries Where the Game's Not Available

    Wei 0

    Black Desert will be starting closed beta in Taiwan on December 15 and the game has confirmed to be buy-to-play in that region. Today the developer Pearl Abyss announces that the Taiwanese version is opened to all countries where the game is not available. However, they don't have the plan to add English language support to TW version, which means useless to many players who can't read Chi... Read More »

  • The Good, the Bad, and the Bungie: Destiny 2 News and Leaks

    Over the past couple months we have been getting little bits and pieces about the next Destiny game. However November was a big month for Destiny news. What kind of news you may ask? Well the kind that will make you either get angry or happy, or you may not care I don’t know. Either way, this has been gaining a lot of traction over the past couple weeks so if you’re a fan of Destiny an... Read More »

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