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  • Recommended MMOs to Play in February 2017

    This month we have the chance to try an early access survival MMO, take part in the second closed beta test of a hack-and-slash title or revisit three older MMORPGs that received or will receive an important update Conan Exile Early Access (starts from $29.99) Funcom’s latest survival MMO, Conan Exile, has recently entered the early access phase and it’s available on Stea... Read More »

  • ​Overwatch Has Over 25 Million Players Now

    Blizzard has announced Overwatch has over 25 million players via a tweet from the Overwatch Twitter account. "The world needs heroes, and over 25 MILLION have answered the call! The fight for the future isn't over yet, though... Are you with us?",  says Blizzard Entertainment. Overwatch has seen a lot of popularity since it was released on May 24, 2016. Last time ... Read More »

  • Transformers Online Is Like Overwatch in Transformers' Skin and It Looks Good

    Transformers Online is a licensed multiplayer FPS focuses on team competition. The game is powered by Unreal Engine 4 and will be published by Tencent Games in China. The game officially kicked off cosed beta on January 12 with a big improvement in graphics, user interface, skills and more. Take a look at the Escort the Payload mode gameplay video uploaded by MMOCulture below, and you can see... Read More »

  • Nostalrius Is Not Happy with Elysium's Approach of WoW Legacy Servers

    As we mentioned before, Nostalrius released the source code and transfered the player data to the Elysium team, after they were unable to reach an agreement with Blizzard regarding the legacy servers. Soon after receiving the "WoW legacy" from Nostalrius, Elsyium-Project launched a PvE and PvP Nostalrius emu under its banner on December 18th, 2016. On January 7th, the Ukra... Read More »

  • Overwatch Banned Over 10,000 Korean Accounts for Using "Nuking"

    Blizzard dropped a ban hammer on a large gang of Overwatch players from South Korea. By large gang we mean more than 10,000 players, most of whom were banned for using a cheating tool called "nuking". "Nuking" refers to Korean players who hit the enemy team with a localized DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack, flooding their internet connections with junk data. By doing... Read More »

  • Bless Online Merges Its Servers in Korea Again

    Bless Online Korea will celebrate its first anniversary later this month, and it's planning for another server merge as well. The publisher Pmang merges two original servers (Bandouin and Tania) into one, called Lumen, and will offer compensations players who are affected. The so-call "server integration" for the Korean version was conducted in February and June in 2016, so this... Read More »

  • What Gaming Tech You Need to Be Playing in 2017

    Since a little game called Pong first hit arcades back in 1972, people may well have thought they had witnessed some of the most incredible gaming technology that humankind could create. The idea that ping-pong could essentially be played inside a computer must have blown minds and been talked about across the world. In 2017, however, you’d probably have to pay or force someone to play a gam... Read More »

  • Recommended Free-to-Play PC/Mobile MMOs for January 2017

    ARK Survival Evolved Online (CN) Launch Free-to-play For some of you ARK Surivvial Evolved is already an old survival MMORPG, but there are still players that didn't get to try it. When you go to their steam page, you see a ton of mixed reviews that can be put together like this: Good Reviews: the game is great, a lot of freedom, different biomes, a true survival MMO; Bad Re... Read More »

  • Landmark Will Be Shut Down Next Month - Can Daybreak Rise Again?

    Landmark, the sandbox building game released in June 2016, is going to follow the unfortunate fate of Everqest Next. The developer Daybreak Games announced to shut down the game servers on February 21st, 2017, at 4:00 PM Pacific Time. Daybreak express its gratitude to all players who "pushed the boundaries of what Landmark could do". From now on and until the day the servers are shut d... Read More »

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