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  • World of Tanks Streamer Died on 22-Hour Livestream Marathon

    Brian Vigneault, the 35-year-old World of Tanks streamer died in a charity livestream marathon in February 2017 and the cause of his death was just confirmed. The famous streamer known as "PoShYbRiD" in WoT community died on fentanyl overdose, and the livestream marathon was certainly to be blamed — take a look at the image below. Vigneault died at a cigare... Read More »

  • Star Citizen Breaks $149,000,000 in Crowd Funding

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    Star Citizen hit $100,000,000 in 2015 and I thought it would stop there. 2 years later Star Citizen's crowd funding reached $149,000,000, and the game is still getting new backers! There are over 1.8 million players that have made their pledge, and it means the game already has about 2 million players.   Star Citizen crowd funding started in 2012 with a $500,000 goal, and with the s... Read More »

  • Pornhub Has Over 500,000 Views on VR Adult Videos Per Day

    The largest adult entertainment website Pornhub has revealed an infographics showing its audiences' behaviors and preferences. There are over 2600 VR videos on Pornhub now and they garner over 500,000 views everyday.   Other interesting yet unsurprising facts are men are 160% more likely to view VR videos compared to women, and 47% of the users who watch VR video... Read More »

  • AFK Is Coming: Making Game of Thrones an MMORPG

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    In the world of fantasy fiction, no other property is as popular as George R.R. Martin's epic series A Song of Ice and Fire. Known to wider audiences as Game of Thrones, the book franchise has not only spawned one of the most commercially and critically successful TV shows of all time, which has just earned 38 Emmy awards across all six seasons, but has also begotten multiple comics, collectib... Read More »

  • The 3 Most Classic Point-and-Click Adventure Games

    Credit: PlayStation Suomi via Twitter Despite being amongst the most popular early CD-based PC games, the point-and-click adventure is one that has largely been monopolised by one company in recent years. It’s not that the California-based Telltale Games is overly aggressive, it’s more the fact that the studio has so expertly redefined what the genre is all about – with nar... Read More »

  • Runescape "Next-Gen" Accidentally Leaked by the Developer

    During a livestream Runescape's Community Manager "Mod Shauny" unintentionally displayed an image featured a logo of "Next-Gen". Shauny immediately turned the screen into darkness and muttered again and again "Oh god, I will lose my job." You can see a flash of the "Next-Gen" logo in the video clip below. His partner who was doing the livestr... Read More »

  • 11-Year-Old Kid Bought a Used GTA 5, Found a Bag of Meth in the Box

    Kayla McAllister's 11-year-old boy bought a used GTA 5 and found a small pack of meth in the game box. Kayla said she was with her son on Sunday, May 7th, in a GameStop store and purchased a copy of used Grand Theft Auto V. When they installed the game at home, her son found the suspicious stuff hidden in the game instructions. The police later confirmed that it was methamphetamine. ... Read More »

  • Lineage Eternal Development Team Got a Big Change

    NCsoft has revealed the Q1 2017 earnings that registers a decline in sales in MMORPGs like Lineage, Aion, Blade & Soul and Guild Wars 2 compared with the same period in 2016. Lineage II is the only game that sees an increase in sales in Q1 2017. On the other hand, NCsoft confirms big change in the development team in Lineage Eternal, that the project will be led by a differ... Read More »

  • The Richest TERA Player in NA Server Has Over $102 Billion Worth of Gold

    TERA is celebrating the fifth anniversary in NA and the publisher En Masse is giving away cool wings to all players and releases the Velik's Fate content update introduces two new, max-level dungeons. The publisher also reveals a 5-year infographic showing some interesting statistics in the NA server. More than 6.6 million accounts have been created although it's unknown that... Read More »

  • Filipino Players Still Love Ragnarok Online!

    Philippine Ragnarok Online first held its Beta phase way back in 2003. I can still remember the early alpha stages where only a few classes are available to play (Novice and Swordsman only, then a few classes are added on each stage). Then comes the Closed Beta, Local hosted Beta's and then the Open Beta. RO-PH started as a Subscription base game where players need to pay to be abl... Read More »

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