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  • Black Desert Online Hackers Got Hacked, Lost Everything in Their Accounts

    According to a post at Black Desert Online subreddit, a hacker reported he and his hacker friends got hacked after using hack tools from a Russian site. Their account got completely cleaned out. Hackers got hacked by other hackers —that's something they wouldn't expect to happen. >> Black Desert's God-Mode Hack and Cooldown Hack Raise the Community Concern &nbs... Read More »

  • Do You Think Alicia Vikander Is Perfect Actress for New Tomb Raider Film?

    You are going to see a new Tomb Raider movie in around 2017 and you are going to have a new Lara Croft starred by Alicia Vikander, the Swedish actress who played main role in The Danish Girl, Ex Machina, The Man from U.N.C.L.E., and the upcoming new Jason Bourne film.   Do you think she's the perfect choice for Lara? For me, I look forward to seeing how she'll reimage Lara on th... Read More »

  • Black Desert's God-Mode Hack and Cooldown Hack Raise the Community Concern

    We talked about bots had invaded Black Desert last month and recently the issue raised much more concern. There were reports on different bots and hacks that made you god-like or free from skill cooldown.   MassivelyOP wrote about a cooldown hack reported by a player, which enabled the hacker to use skills with 0 cooldown. You can watch the video below to see how it looks like. On the o... Read More »

  • [Topic] Former SMITE Cater DMBrandon Shuts Down Suicidal Donor

    Update as of 4/21/16: Fixed an issue where I commented on something in a passive aggressive tone and an error where I said he was being paid to play when he was being paid to cast the game. Also added more information based off another post from DmBrandon that I had missed previously. Apologies.  Sometimes all we want to do is be lazy and enjoy some good and fun with video games, but... Read More »

  • Grind-Heavy MMO Tree of Savior Has the First Level 280 Players Now

    It will take lots of efforts and willpower to level fast in grind-heavy MMORPG. Tree of Savior has 280 levels currently in the international version, and the game just started early access in late March. Stormakov, the veteran ToS player who created the popular leveling guide, has reached max level together with several of his friends in the game. Pretty insane, huh? Stormakov and his frie... Read More »

  • You Can Watch World of Tanks' Match in VR Environment with an Official Headset

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    Wargaming is working with VR headset manufacturer FIBRUM on an official World of Tanks VR headset used to watch the game's matches in VR environment. Wargaming showed the a tech demo at World of Tanks Grand Finals 2016 in Poland and they stressed that this tech was in very early testing phase and hadn't been used in any of their games yet.   But it's promising and exciting, ... Read More »

  • Blizzard CEO: StarCraft's Complex Strategic Plays Hard for AlphaGo to Imitate

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    Blizzard's CEO Mike Morhaime has just commented on the rumored competition between human and AlphaGo over StarCraft. He said "a Starcraft showdown between humans and AI itself will be interesting," while he also admitted that whether the match would happen was to be confirmed.   However, he did share his opinions on the possible showdown. "Starcraft is a fairly strategi... Read More »

  • Clash Royale: Supercell’s New Cash Cow Game

    Supercell, creators of the popular mobile games Clash of Clans and Boom Beach have come out with another popular game for the ios and android platforms. The 5.5 billion dollar company is dominating the mobile market through genius marketing techniques and fun gameplay designs. Clash Royale has topped the App store charts in 44 countries and doesn’t look like the game is slowing down anyt... Read More »

  • Black Desert: New Class Isn't in the Mediah Expansion but It Comes Very Soon

    Black Desert Online released its first expansion today, opening Mediah region along with lots of new quests, bosses, PvP battlefield and new gear, etc. However, long-awaited new class missed the expansion. According to Daum, the NA/EU version may not get new class in the same order of the other versions. But the publisher's representive said it will be implemented "very soon". ... Read More »

  • Oculus Rift Finally Launches; Here Are All MMOs That Support the VR Headset

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    Today is an important day in video game industry because the consumer version of Oculus Rift is officially launched. Along with the launch, dozens of VR games become available and one of the most renowned ones is EVE: Valkyrie. What other MMOs/multiplayer games you can play with Oculus Rift, check the list below.   Native Oculus Rift compatible games Elite Dangerous Gunjack EVE: Valk... Read More »

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