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  • The Russia Exclusive and Licensed Halo Online Is Officially Cancelled

    Back in March 2015 we reported a Halo MMO was being developed by Saber Interactive and Innova Systems. The game was licensed by 343 Industry and it started closed beta in Russia last March. However, things didn't go well for the game, and I don't know too many inside stories but I know the game was just confirmed to shut down and cease the development.   Report said that Saber Int... Read More »

  • Overwatch's Sombra Mystery is Fueled With More Clues

    The Overwatch community has been put to work by Blizzard with a set of clues that appear to lead to Sombra. This detective play which included teases, clues and codes is ongoing since a while and it will probably lead to revealing the game's 23rd hero, Sombra. Recently, players have uncovered more clues like a countdown timer, a video of Reaper and skull imagery, all suggesting t... Read More »

  • Report: Pokemon Go Lost 12 Million Players in August

    Pokemon Go shook the gaming world in last month with the novel augmented reality gaming experience. Everyone, and every website talked about this game and even Hillary Clinton made use of it in one of her campaign events. Things go up fast and they also go down fast. In August we no longer talked about this game everyday, and we heard that many players had quit.   Image credit: thenext... Read More »

  • Bungie Shot Down Destiny Free-to-Play Rumor; Free Trial Is Possible Though

    In response to the Destiny community's discussion of the free-to-play transition rumor, Bungie has made an official announcement, stating that the game may offer a free trial in some digital console marketplaces, but it won't go free-to-play like many players speculate. You can read the full announcement below.   The original Destiny adventure may appear to be free on some digit... Read More »

  • Pokemon Rework: A New Chinese Pokemon Go Clone, Looks Not Bad!

    Hey guys, do you remember a month ago we reported a cloned mobile game called City Spirit Go topped China’s app chart because Pokemon Go is not available in China? It seems that Chinese are obsessed with Pokemon so they developed another knockoff named Pokemon Rework. The core of playing Pokemon games lies in capturing, breeding and fighting. This game satisfies all the needs. You can chec... Read More »

  • 5 Recommended New MMOs / Online Games You Can Play for Free in August

    Are you looking for some new MMOs and online games to play recently? Here are 5 titles you can play for free this month, and they cover MMORPG, card, strategy, FPS genres. Check them out.   ArcheAge Begins (mobile) PC open world MMORPG ArcheAge is getting a mobile version that will be launching worldwide in August. Currently the publisher Gamevil hasn't had a fixed date for Begin... Read More »

  • WoW's Iconic Character Is Killed and Gul'dan Actor Daniel Wu Took the Blame

    Wei 0

    If you don't follow World of Warcraft these days, the flagship MMORPG of Blizzard's has just released a pre-expansion update that kicks off the Demon invasion events. During the campaign, the game's iconic hero Varian Wrynn, the king of human and leader of Alliance, is killed by Gul'dan, the evil Warlock in the game. You can watch how Varian dies here, or simply check out the image... Read More »

  • Riot Games Sues the Creators of League of Legends Hacks

      League of Legends was not avoided by the cheating softwares. Last week, Riot Games filed a lawsuit against LeagueSharp at a court in California. This cheating software for League of Legends is able to automate the gameplay, locate enemies and boost accuracy, allowing players to experience it at an unusual rate. The lawsuit alleges that LeagueSharp's software disadvantages ... Read More »

  • Evolve Free to Play: Player Number Skyrocketed by 7307% in a Month

    Aaron 0

    Last month, Turtle Rock Studios announced that Evolve dropped Buy to Play business model and going to Free-to-Play. On the first day of free to play, Evolve’s player base blew up, expanding by a huge 13,630% (368,000 players) - where prior to the free-to-play madness Evolve had 2703 players.  After a month, Evolve Free to Play still keeps strong momentum. The game’s tot... Read More »

  • Black Desert Publisher Warns Players of Chargebacks Consequences

    All the Pay2Win changes made by Kakao Games in Black Desert have generated all kind of feedback from the BDO community. Starting from thousands of replies on the official forum and even in-game protests, the BDO community expresed their opinion regarding this p2w changes. Claiming refunds was another way in which the BDO players were trying to "punish" Kakao Games for the p2w... Read More »

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