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  • Bluehole Called Fortnite's Battle Royale Mode a Replica of PUBG

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    Epic Games will release a battle royale mode for Fortnite on September 26 as a free-to-play standalone experience. However, the mode was called a replica to PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds by Bluehole VP and executive producer Chang Han Kim.   In a follow-up statement for PC Gamer, Kim clarified that he didn't mean to blame the battle royale game mode itself but Epic Games who may hav... Read More »

  • Illusion Announced Their First Ever Non-Adult Game VR Kanojo: Summer Vacation

    Wei 0

    Illusion has been a veteran in adult gaming industry for more than a decade but they surprised everyone at TGS 2017 by announcing their first ever non-adult game VR Kanojo: Summer Vacation.   In case you don't know, VR Kanojo is an adult VR game released in early 2017 and it's the company's first attempt in VR adult game. VR Kanojo turns out to be a popular adult game and Illusi... Read More »

  • Pearl Abyss' Revenue in the First Half of 2017 Exceeded That of the Entire 2016

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    Pearl Abyss and their MMORPG Black Desert Online are enjoying the success in the global market. The company's CEO Kyung In Jung announced the revenue in the first half of 2017 hit another record high with 64.8 billion KRW, or $57.3 million USD. That has exceeded the sales of the entire 2016, 62.2 billion KRW or $55 million USD.   Pearl Abyss owed the growth to the strong sales in Taiwan... Read More »

  • Black Desert's Developer Is Currently Working on Four MMO Games

    Aaron 0

    Pearl Abyss has held the IPO press conference in Seoul. At this conference, Kyung In Jung, the CEO of Pearl Abyss, announced strategies for Black Desert's upcoming developments, and the plans for future releases. In this article, we write down some highlights, and you can check out more conference detail here.  Black Desert Online is now being serviced in about 100 countries in ... Read More »

  • Hyper Universe Boobs Censorship Will Apply to Korean Version as Well

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    The South Korean version of Hyper Universe didn't survive the boobs censorship that had been applied to the western version. According to Nexon, the decision to add more cloth to the female characters' costumes is made based on players' feedback in the NA and EU version. The other version around the world will receive the change as well. Related: Hyper Universe Early Access Fir... Read More »

  • Age of Wushu: Will Battle Royale Mode Bring You Back to the Game?

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    The utter success of Playerunknown's Battlegrounds has encouraged some imitators. Age of Wushu is going to introduce a similar mode to its martial arts world. If you complained the game's P2W model before, you can get some total fair battles in this mode which offers everyone same abilities and stats to start off.   The wining condition is simple, become the last man standing or the... Read More »

  • PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Exceeded Dota 2 by 250K in Peak Player Count

    Akami 0

    After reaching the 2nd most played games on Steam last month with 30,000 daily peak player number less than Dota 2, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds now reached over 1 million daily peak player count, exceeding Dota 2 and became the most played games on Steam. The milestone was announced via the game's official Twitter account, with a picture showing the top 10 most played games on ... Read More »

  • NetEase to Publish New Mobile MOBA to Challenge Tencent Games

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    Launched in 2015, Honor of Kings is a multiplayer online battle game similar to League of Legends, but for mobile devices. About 55 million people are playing HoK daily in China, making it the top-grossing mobile game all over the world. As another mobile game giant in China, NetEase also has its mobile hit Onmyoji which climbed on top-grossing boards in some western countries of the world ... Read More »

  • Recommended MMOs and Multiplayer Games to Play for September 2017

    This month we have more MMOs to look at, and even if you played some of them, these new expansions and updates may change your mind. Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire Five years after the vanilla release, Guild Wars 2 is getting its second expansion. Compared to Heart of Thorns where we got a lot of new features and content revamp, this time the devs seem to have focused on getting a ton of new con... Read More »

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