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  • Chinese World of Warcraft Player Died Fighting to Protect People

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    WoW fanart (via: official website) According to a post at NGA, the largest WoW community in China, a World of Warcraft player named Yang, who is a 32-year-old dentist in real life, stabbed by a criminal and died protecting his patients and a child outside the clinic. It happened in the morning of January 24 in Wuhan, a city in the middle of China. Yang's ingame character    ... Read More »

  • Coffee w/ jD.Durka - "Conversational is my casting style."

    This episode centers around one of the newer additions to the casting corporation of joinDota - Gareth 'Durka' Bateson. 2:00 - Durka's origin story. 4:10 - We discuss his biography and gaming history.   6:20 - Durka got his start in the SEA LAN cafe scene  7:55 - "It was right around TI1" when he became interested in the casting scene. 8:55 -... Read More »

  • Interview with Ar1sE: "If Envy comes at me with a Monster can, I'm ready."

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    Having played for a great number of teams as a stand-in, and recognized particularly well for his Magnus, Turtoi 'ArisE' Ionut is not necessarily famous in terms of Dota popularity, but he is definitely known. Never having been on a team for long, he nevertheless continues to pop up in pro games all over the place, and occasionally serves as a source of Reddit drama ignition. In this... Read More »

  • Interview with PR.j4: "It's not really that hard with big teams."

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    The man himself. Source: Power Rangers. Having kept their giant slayer legacy alive through years of competitive play, Power Rangers have most recently attended StarLadder Season XI as one of the backup teams, and nearly qualified for the Dota 2 Asian Championshops, now aiming to take the spot through the wildcards. The captain of the recently reinvigorated squad, Alexei 'j4' Lipa... Read More »

  • Interview with Empire.Resolut1on: "On our team, we all help each other out."

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    Resolut1on wielding the StarLadder trophy. Source: Resolut1on's VK Fresh off their victory at StarLadder Star Series Season XI, Team Empire had their star mid laner Roman 'Resolut1on' Fominok take some time to answer us a few questions. The interview was originally conducted in Russian on January 21st, 2015. This is a translation. Hello, Roman! I suppose there is not much p... Read More »

  • Interview with Corey (ex-Zephyr) - Coffee w/ Toffees

    Interview with Corey (ex-Zephyr) - “That environment caused me to have such a lack of motivation.” – on a new Coffee w/ Toffees 1:56 – Introduction 2:00 — NEWS 2:30 – jD hires a new full time caster 4:00 – The C9 controversy 5:40 – Dota 2 Canada Cup announced 6:20 — Interview 7:00 – Corey’s past, what got him ... Read More »

  • CDEC/iG Unable to Attend SLXI - v1lat Announces SL Moving to Europe

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    Following an extremely unfortunate year for Chinese teams trying to reach Western tournaments,  iG and  CDEC find themselves in a familiar situation. With one team definitely unable to attend and the other fighting for its tournament life against the Ukrainean embassy instead of other qualified teams, StarLadder Star Series Season XI takes yet another production hit. Culminating th... Read More »