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  • Looks Like an Overwatch Clone Is Being Made in China

    No surprise someone in China has been starting to rip off Overwatch and make their own shooter. The clone is titled Legend of Titan (“泰坦传奇” in Chinese) and it seems it remains in concept for now. What you can see now is concept and character designs stolen from Overwatch.   So according to the images below, they plan to make it a FPS + MOBA game for multiple platforms, and they&... Read More »

  • Recommended Games to Play in May 2016

    Summer has come to some regions in the northern hemisphere and that means the annual E3 is drawing near. E3 is never supposed to be the stage for MMOs but it always gives some surprises to MMO fans. Last year, we saw ION (though it’s been forsaken for a year), we had Destiny, The Division, and others. This year, Ubisoft is preparing something very new — a multiplayer-centric new IP whi... Read More »

  • NCsoft Q1 2016 Financial Result Shows WildStar Is Nearly Dead

    Wildstar is never a profitable title for NCsoft, not at all. In 2015 the revenue came from Wildstar just made up 0.6% of NCsoft's total revenue. It went worse in Q1 2016, as the game's revenue dropped to the lowest point since 2015. While Lineage and Blade & Soul hit $67 million and $46 million in sales, Wildstar got merely $1.1 million in Q1 2016. Obviously, Wildstar is not doing ... Read More »

  • E3 2016: Ubisoft Is Making a 3A New IP Which Is "Multiplayer-Centric"

    JoeLW 0

    Ubisoft is cooking up another surprise for fans and will present it to the public around E3 2016. According to Gamespot, the new game will be a new IP and it's a 3A title that will be multiplayer-centric. However, Ubisoft also stresses that the game will have strong solo side as well. "It is multiplayer-centric, so clearly, it is following the path of For Honor, Ghost Recon, and Rainbo... Read More »

  • 10 Good Things and 4 Bad Things About Warcraft Film (Based on Early Screening)

    Aaron 0

    The highly-anticipated Warcraft movie is only around one month away, but some lucky people were invited to attend the early screening last night in LA. After watching, they shared some thoughts on the internet, telling us the good things and the bad things in their opinion. Let’s take a look. Please note that there are some minor spoilers in this article. You can check out the origina... Read More »

  • Western Players May Be Able to Try Dragon Quest X in the Chinese Server

    Square Enix's MMORPG Dragon Quest X is still not coming to the western market, and in fact, it's not available in any market outside Japan now. However, those who really want to play this game expect the Chinese version, which is easier to access for western players. Chinese media reports that Shanda Games, the publisher of Final Fantasy XIV, is going to publish Dragon Quest X in China. &... Read More »

  • Overwatch: Stats Show Defenders Have Higher Win Rate Than Attackers

    JoeLW 0

    Overwatch's open beta will end very soon and the game's director Jeff Kaplan has revealed some stats regarding the win rate of attackers and defenders on the assault maps (Point Capture mode). The stats show defenders have slightly higher win rate than attackers on the 3 maps.   Temple of Anubis: Attackers win 48.9% / Defenders win 51.1% Hanamura: Attackers win 48.8% / Defenders wi... Read More »

  • The World's Biggest Porn Site Got a Crazy Surge on the Search for Overwatch

    Users of Pornhub, the biggest adult video sharing site, are recently interested in searching Overwatch on that site. The website noticed recently that searches for Overwatch related content on their site had an tremendously increased. On May 5 particularly, the search increased 817%.   Specifically, most people searched "overwatch tracer". Tracer is one of the major protagonis... Read More »

  • Ex-Blizzard, Valve, Riot Developers Are Working on an MMO You Can Beat

    JoeLW 0

    You may not hear of Empyrean Interactive until today, but you want to remember this studio now. It's founded by ex-developers from Blizzard, Valve, Trion, Sony, Red5, Riot Games, and Turbine, etc., and it's focusing doing one thing — make a new genre in online games. "After years of developing and playing Massively Multiplayer Online games we've found that the genre has lost... Read More »

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