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  • Virtus.Pro Polar Rebranding, Team Image Contest Open

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    Virtus.Pro have been the owners of the most successful duo-team to date in Dota 2, as both their squads were showing admirable results, if only spotting a few hiccups here and there. Soon, however, that will change - Virtus.Pro Polar, the arguably more impressive team as of late, are to spearhead an entirely new operation lead by the same organization. They will lose the Virtus.Pro tag, and ... Read More »

  • Dota 2 Asia Championships: Invite List, Qualifier Leak

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    With few in the West the wiser, Asia has been building an International of their own - Dota 2 Asia Championships appears to promise the same level of production and general size with its tournament. Sponsored by Perfect World and Mars TV, they are as anologous to Valve-supported as it gets. At the same time, it had been suffering greatly in terms of timing and advertisement, as news on it ha... Read More »

  • Last vestige of old Fnatic falls, Simbaa removed from Secret

    n0tail and Fly were the closest of friends and teammates for more than four years. Photo by This Is Game.   The new of Tal 'Simbaa' Aizik, formerly known as Fly, leaving Team Secret is one that has come not only as a surprise, but with the death knell of an era. Many years ago, Simbaa and teammates Johan 'BigDaddy' Sundstein (formerly known as n0tail) along with J... Read More »

  • The Shifting Snows Update: Winter Map Skin, v6.83, Heroes Into CM

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    Frostivus has been cancelled, and major updates were promised to next return in 2015 - until we were exposed to the Shifting Snows of Valve's misleading statements. With a winter skin for the map and the 6.83 balance update, this one, soon to ship out from Test Client, is definitely quite major. Similar to the Spring Cleaning from earlier this year, it has more of a balance content within. I... Read More »

  • Valve sets TI5 dates for July-August, Qualifiers mid-June

    The International will be back in July-August. Photo by Valve. With a laundry list of recent events being announced for June, we were already headed for a period of extreme saturation - but now that Valve have revealed their plans as well, it looks as if DreamHack Summer, ESL One Frankfurt, and, quite possibly, the rumoured MLG event will all suffer to some degree. Where this year the... Read More »

  • The MMO that was once an RPG 3: No Humanity

    “The anti-social is the new social…” Churchill once said “The fascists of the future will be called anti-fascists” and this is somewhat the message of that sentence underneath the picture. Now bear with me; this is not going to be a political propaganda about social Darwinism, fascism or whatever your mind can think of by reading his name and his quote; this i... Read More »

  • ESL One Returns to Frankfurt in June 2015

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    Following a greatly successful 2014 run, ESL One returns to Frankfurt and its Commerzbank Arena for June 20th-21st. Aiming to bear the same qualities the former event did, ESL One Frankfurt 2015 promises a Secret Shop, an expansive analyst panel, spots a video trailer, and a slew of changes based on feedback from the previous year. They are as follows: Stadium Layout Compared to last year... Read More »

  • Solo Leaves Team Empire

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    Photo by VP The CIS scene is indeed ever changing - so much so that Team Empire promised us changes a decent while ago. It is time that the promise came to fruition - one of the team's recent additions, Alexei 'Solo' Berezin, is once again to look for greener pastures, following the team's mildly unimpressive post-TI4 run. While the original assumption for the change wa... Read More »

  • Rumor: EHOME To Return?

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    Image by Wykhrm The dream of infinite glory may have taken a large hit in the Eastern scene, now that TI4 brought about the dissolution of Team DK, often cited as the biggest dream team of all. That was until now - when former DK coach and scene veteran Tang '71' Wen Yi showed up with intriguing news regarding the creation of a new dream team, which he would coach. The current ro... Read More »

  • The Summit 2 Day 5 Finals: The Curse Perseveres

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    Miscellaneous Highlights The Summit 2 moved in for a close, and the pro players felt the need to each leave a mark at the casting coach. Perhaps, the only ones not to join the English broadcast were the Chinese VG players. A hefty load of various casters you would not normally see was also aided in the nomination of the tournament's MVP - Freddy 'SmaSH' Sina won with a whopping ... Read More »