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  • The Target /w SyndereN: A detailed interview with DotaCinema's pride

    The third installment of 2P's own podcast show, The Target, sponsored by Hitbox.tv and Vulcun aired live yesterday with none other than Troels 'SyndereN' Neilsen, former pro-gamer who represented known brands such as Mousesports and mTw. Post retirement, SyndereN was recruited as a broadcaster for DotaCinema, and together with Shannon 'SUNSfan' Scotten spearheaded DotaC... Read More »

  • Na´Vi invited to MarsTV Dota 2 League #2

    MarsTV Dota 2 League #2 issues yet another international invite. After C9 and Team Secret, Na´Vi will be the ones joining this $240,000+ tournament.   A team like Na´Vi will be a great addition to an already strong tournament. This will be NaVi´s first return to Asia after DAC three months ago. There they took 9th to 12th place, and hopefully this run will be much bett... Read More »

  • Seasun And Gamescom Jointly Held The Press Conference, Relics of Gods Debut

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    May 19th, Chinese popular developer Seasun Entertainment and Gamescom jointly organized a press conference at Beijing, China. In the conference, Katharina C. Hamma, the chief operating officer of Gamescom, talk about their current situation and future plan. And Seasun Entertainment formally present their hardcore title Relics of Gods, which has been developed for more than 3 years. Gam... Read More »

  • The Summit Day 4: Secret to the Grand Finals

    The Summit 3 is close to an end as today's marathon takes away LGD Gaming's chances of becoming the new winner of Beyond the Summit's third LAN tournament. Tomorrow's Grand Finals also take a different shape than last season's, as Cloud 9 was unable to make it past the Group stage, and Team Secret takes down ViCi Gaming to become the first qualified team. However, the ... Read More »

  • ESL One Frankfurt 2015 talent line-up unveiled

    The talent list for ESL One Frankfurt 2015 has been unveiled. Besides eight of the world's best Dota 2 teams vying to compete at the $250,000 event, we'll also be able to witness known personnels in Dota 2 catering to the audience in terms of hosting and casting. Casting line-up:   Making sure of keeping the live audience as well as stream audience entertained and on feet, ... Read More »

  • The Summit Day 3: Evil Geniuses, LGD Gaming to the playoffs

    Day 3 of The Summit 3 has come to and end, and with it the chances of four teams to become the winners of Beyond The Summit's third LAN tournament. The lucky ones were Evil Geniuses and LGD Gaming, who had to face and eliminate two teams each to make their way into the playoffs. Now, they'll have to face Group leaders ViCi Gaming and Team Secret to see who goes into the semifinals, a... Read More »

  • F2P vs. P2P vs. B2P

      F2P Nothing in life is free. Although the term "free-to-play" suggests something else, it is still obvious that the developer needs to earn some money. Games that are marketed, therefore have a hook or more commonly: You can not use any items that play all the classes or enter all areas. This lack of content is purchased through micro transactions. Basically, that's not... Read More »

  • The Summit 3 day 1 recap

    Group A of The Summit 3 has been concluded. Vici Gaming, Cloud 9, Evil Genuises and Rave looked to take either first or second position in the group and go directly into the Winners Bracket playoffs. First match of the day was VG facing Rave, a team which shoud´ve gotten direct invite to TI5 according to the community. It was an easy 2:0 victory for VG as they dominated from the start, gi... Read More »