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  • The Biggest Changes and Censorship in Western Localization of Blade&Soul

    As some of you may know Blade & Soul has been released in six different localizations, Chinese, Korean, Taiwanese, North America, European and Russian. I have played both Korean with English patch and the western versions of the game and as such I couldn’t help, but notice the huge changes and censorship that the other localizations suffered. And no! I’m not referring only t... Read More »

  • Weapon Skins Blade&Soul – Players’ Complains

    If you are a Founder and have bought the Founder's Pack, then you should have received you unique weapon skin upon launch. If you already used it as soon as you grabbed your first weapon, then….. My sincere condolences! For those who may not know it yet, the weapon skins in Blade&Soul are for ONE TIME ONLY use, meaning that once you apply the skin to one weapon, you cann... Read More »

  • Blade & Soul - Indestructible, Untradeable Outfits? Is That a Problem?

    As you very well know, many of the outfits in Blade & Soul are untradeable and indestructible, but even if they can be destroyed, then there is no way to obtain them again once you delete them. Premium members have the privilege of putting all their outfits in the wardrobe, whereas free users can only store them in their Bank or inventory. Thus a question arise: Should it be possible f... Read More »

  • Recommended MMOs to Play in February 2016

    Blade & Soul swept January's MMO market with over 1 million player number count. The game's Reddit page was one of the most popular game subreddits last month. In February I predict B&S will remain big in the market. On the other hand, Black Desert will start closed beta 2 which is a good thing for February's MMO market.   Blade & Soul Blade & Soul's weste... Read More »

  • Black Desert: NA and EU Could Also Get Dynamic Channels in a Server

    JoeLW 0

    Black Desert's community manager Jouska has posted a poll on the forum asking for players' opinions regarding server configuration for the NA and EU version. There are several options the team is considering: standard servers, each of which has multiple channels, a megaserver for each region, and servers with dynamic channels.   We know what standard servers and megaservers are, but... Read More »

  • What Defines A MMO For You?

    Note: Everything in the following article will be entirely subjective, with me merely stating my opinion on the matter. What do those three letters represent nowadays? How can you call a game a MMO? This prefix, which lets recall means Massively Multiplayer Online, has been used indiscriminately in the recent years, and recent games that are eligible for its employment have not always helped re... Read More »

  • Blade & Soul's Spin Fighting Bot Is Hilariously Annoying

    I talked about Blade & Soul's Arena flying bots last week and today I noticed there were spin bot to farm experience, gold, and so on. Youtube user KeyboardJunky made a video told how they look like. I have to say they look fun if they weren't bots.     Blade & Soul had quite a smooth launch on January 19 and NCsoft had started preparing large scale content updat... Read More »

  • Is Clash Royale a Pay-to-Win Game?

    Aaron 0

    Supercell, the developer behind Clash of Clans, has recently soft-launched a free-to-play competitive multiplayer defence game named Clash Royale, and this game has already taken the mobile market by storm. Inspired by both MOBA and collectible card games, Clash Royale features real-time strategy gameplay and various card build. When it comes to free-to-play collectible cards, there is always ... Read More »

  • Kickstarter and MMOs - 14 Successfully Funded Titles and Where They Stand Now

    If the crowdfunding scene has had the wind in its sails for a while now, the same, unfortunately, can not be said of the MMO market. On a constant freefall during the recent years, the majority of large MMO have been mostly considered as failures by gamers. Whether it is the players being too demanding, or genre itself struggling to evolve, the fact is that people are still finding it hard to ... Read More »

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