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  • WarCraft 4 Speculation Gets Shot Down

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    Yesterday, Li Riqiang, vice president of Netease (the partner of Blizzard in China) teased the 7th Blizzard game is going to be added to Battlenet. On the other hand, Warcraft's Weibo (Chinese Twitter) update confirmed there would be a Warcraft title coming to Battlenet. The internet guessed it would be either Warcraft 4 or Warcraft 3 HD Remake. Today Li Riqiang posted another update, shoo... Read More »

  • Destiny Players Who Don't Buy the Expansion Get Some Old Content Locked Out

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    If you purchase Destiny but not The Taken King expansion, you can play the original game content but you can't play the new stuff included in the expansion — that makes sense. However, Destiny players (who didn't buy The Taken King) reported that some of the content in the original game became unaccessible. "On September 14, anyone with a copy of Destiny could play a vari... Read More »

  • WarCraft 4 Is Coming?!

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    Update - Sept. 23 It's confirmed it's not Warcraft 4 by Netease VP. Therefore, it's very likely it will be Warcraft 3 Remake. Original post - Sept. 22 A new Warcraft title is coming - it's not a formal announcement but definitely official. The Warcraft Weibo (Chinese social network equivalent of Twitter) announces today that "I AM BACK!" Without telling what ex... Read More »

  • ArcheAge 2.0 Gets Terrible Launch; Server Rollbacks & Compensation Details

    ArcheAge western version finally gets 2.0 update Heroes Awaken on September 12. However, it turns out the update comes with lots of issues in the weekend: many players are not able to log in as they get stuck on the opening cinematics, while many others' client crash after the cinematics ends. There is latency and different types of bugs reported on the game's forum as well as social n... Read More »

  • The Deer God is a 3D Pixel Style Puzzle Action Game

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    The Deer God is a 3D pixel style puzzle action game, play a game, the player is a deer, not only need to solve puzzles, also need to survive, because you will be hungry, will also be other beasts even hunters chase. The game is now available on PC, iOS and Android. The background story of the game was a hunter in hunting deer being attacked wolves, after the death of reincarnation becam... Read More »

  • Earth Online Producer Says the Game Is Bigger Than GTA and It's Not a Fraud

    In case you don't know what Earth Online is, the game is a sandbox MMO currently in development in a Chinese studio called Kupai. The game's ambition is to have GTA's vehicle and combat system, a nation system that people can become senators and start a war against other nations, a economy system that applies the rules of real world economy, a marriage system, a construction syste... Read More »

  • Top 6 Korean MMORPGs Never Released in The West

    It has been years ever since the first MMORPG announced. Every year countless MMORPGs comes out. However, not all MMORPGs could meet the public successfully in the end. Many of them aborted in development phase or died from bad publishing. Today, I would love to look back at those transitory MMORPGs. A3 & A4 Known as adult MMORPG, A3 attracted a lot of attention from players. We can not ... Read More »

  • Cabal 2 - Cash Shop Flop?

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    Over the course of the month in Cabal 2, a lot of minor changes were introduced into the game. Mostly Cash Shop rotation updates. However, there was one cash shop update that gained a lot of community outcry from the Cabal 2 Community. Due to a recent cash shop update, Cabal 2 introduced an item known as the "Slot Expansion Box". Little did they know, that the cash shop item was... Read More »

  • Linkrealms: Old-School MMORPG with Open Dungeons & Smart AI

    Ultima Online is a legend in MMORPG and many developers are still inspired by it today. Linkrealms is the latest one created by Mythyn Interactive and it has started closed beta on August 29 (learn what's new in CBT here). The game is a sandbox at its core with the possibility to acquire all skills and freely customize your character's combat role — the game has no class. Another ... Read More »