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  • Which Game will Remind You When You See These Pics?

    How well does this line up with your MMO playing experience? I'm interesting with your reations behind monitors. LOL Tanks DPS Healers When they just wont stay out of the AOE Being a healer and not healing those who stand in the AoE When being yelled at When two players starts to argue about tactics  Getting killed by your own teammate The on... Read More »

  • Team Tinker Undergoes Severe Reforms

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    Preface: Post-fact, we were told that the players are unable to secure the new WoBo name due to sponsor obligations. They will now stay under the title of Team Tinker. The other changes are in effect. Team Tinker hasn't had the best couple of months, as they failed to achieve much of a result, even with their invasive roster changes. Nothing went their way, and no change seemed to f... Read More »

  • ​Funn1k Leaves Na’vi – Time for CIS Re-shuffle?

    Today it was announced by the Na’Vi organization that Gleb ‘Funn1k’ Lipatnikov would be leaving the team after two years of service. Funn1k was regarded as one of the most stable and accomplished offlane players in the world, despite relatively poor performance from the team over the past year. However, in recent months his play appeared to decline, with mistakes coming to a ... Read More »

  • New Bloom Day 4 - Year Beast Brawl Event

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    Finishing the run of New Bloom updates is the info on the upcoming in-game event, the Year Beat Brawl. This time around, it seems to take from both types of events we have had before - as well as changing the gameplay, it is found within normal games under certain conditions. While nobody has to have an Arcana or to pick certain heroes, this time around, games found during a very specific... Read More »

  • New Bloom 2015 Day 3 - 6.83c and Test Client Release

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    Coming out surprisingly soon, Day 3 of the update does the usual - it offers us a look into the actual details of New Bloom, as well as opens access to the new content on Test Client. While cosmetics are mostly unavailable in there, it is possible to test the new hero, Winter Wyvern, out.   Winter Wyvern is, indeed, the star of the update. Being another of the more recent heroes, she ... Read More »

  • Black^ Kick Rumors Find Closure?

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    Photo by ESL Over the past few months, a strangely repeated rumor was that the uniquely German carry of ViCi Gaming, Dominik 'Black^' Reitmeier, was to be removed from the team for a variety of reasons. Having originated on sGamers, the rumor continued to persist even as Black^ promised that he would play well enough that noone would even think of kicking him, indicating that the id... Read More »

  • New Bloom 2015 Day 2 - Winter Wyvern and Crystal Maiden Comic

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    Following on the tradition established by Nemesis Assassin last year, this installment of New Bloom features a lore comic to introduce us to the new hero, as well as the new Arcana. With the more clear-cut features seemingly coming over the course of the next day or more, this piece introduces us to the truths of life on the North. Which include a carnivorous poet dragon, miles of unforgiving ... Read More »

  • Chinese World of Warcraft Player Died Fighting to Protect People

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    WoW fanart (via: official website) According to a post at NGA, the largest WoW community in China, a World of Warcraft player named Yang, who is a 32-year-old dentist in real life, stabbed by a criminal and died protecting his patients and a child outside the clinic. It happened in the morning of January 24 in Wuhan, a city in the middle of China. Yang's ingame character    ... Read More »

  • Coffee w/ jD.Durka - "Conversational is my casting style."

    This episode centers around one of the newer additions to the casting corporation of joinDota - Gareth 'Durka' Bateson. 2:00 - Durka's origin story. 4:10 - We discuss his biography and gaming history.   6:20 - Durka got his start in the SEA LAN cafe scene  7:55 - "It was right around TI1" when he became interested in the casting scene. 8:55 -... Read More »

  • Interview with Ar1sE: "If Envy comes at me with a Monster can, I'm ready."

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    Having played for a great number of teams as a stand-in, and recognized particularly well for his Magnus, Turtoi 'ArisE' Ionut is not necessarily famous in terms of Dota popularity, but he is definitely known. Never having been on a team for long, he nevertheless continues to pop up in pro games all over the place, and occasionally serves as a source of Reddit drama ignition. In this... Read More »