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  • CTY joins EHOME, DK in troubled waters

    In an unfortunate turn of events, China's up and coming star Chen 'CTY' Tianyu has left Team DK in order to join the ranks of Zhang 'laNm' Zhicheng and Ban 'rOtk' Fai at EHOME.cn. The promising player's departure leaves DK in troubled waters as Xue 'DreamyU' Zhuorui and Peng 'Super' Su have also taken their leave from the team. With DK's f... Read More »

  • Rave secure visas for The Summit 3

    In a fortunate turn of events, Filipino pride Team Rave have finally secured US Visas for The Summit 3 due to take place from May 13-17, 2015 at BeyondTheSummit Studios at Los Angeles, California. This news comes as a relief for the team after being involved in all sorts of VISA issues, especially, with the Bureau of Immigration and Phillipine Overseas Employment Administration. The te... Read More »

  • Warlords of Draenor 6.2: Tier 18 Gears of All Classes With All Races

    Today, Blizzard revealed a lot of new content of Warlords of Draenor patch 6.2, included new raid Hellfire Citader, new garrison features, etc. It seems that new round of farming is coming soon. Of course, the most important thing of Patch 6.2 should be new tier 18 gears. Currently Blizzard hasn't revealed how to get new tier sets. But you can take a sneak peek at their models here right n... Read More »

  • Pro players assemble to create FACEIT Dota 2 Pro League ft. €10,000

    In a bid to revamp the Inhouse League system in Europe, various professional Dota 2 players have collectively come together to establish FACEIT Dota 2 Pro League. It is a inhouse league similar to North American Elite League (NEL) or IXDL that will serve the purpose of creating a fun filled atmosphere for European and CIS players. The league headed by Jonathan 'Loda' Berg and Gleb &... Read More »

  • 4 Friends + Chrillee signed by Lemondogs

    Swedish organization, Lemondogs, has ventured into the realms of Dota 2 by acquiring the services of up and coming team 4 Friends + Chrillee. Fondly remembered for housing one of the best Counter Strike 1.6 teams back in the days consisting of Marcus 'Delpan' Larsson and company, Lemondogs found it apt to pick up a Dota 2 team to represent them. Team owner, Daniel 'pani' Aic... Read More »

  • YaphetS joins Immortal Magneto Gaming

    DotA veteran, Bu 'YaphetS' Yanjun, renowned for his legendary Shadow FIend plays, has made a return to the competitive scene after a long hiatus of nearly two years. The legendary player who made a name for himself with Nirvana.cn in the golden war3 DotA days has joined Immortal Magneto Gaming. Up and coming Chinese team, Immortal Magneto Gaming has recently announced the acquisitio... Read More »

  • Alliance defeat Na'Vi to qualify for ESL One Frankfurt 2015

    Alliance of the year 2013 The first European team to qualify for this year's ESL One Frankfurt has been determined as the revamped The International 2013 champions, Alliance, have rightfully earned themselves a spot in the coveted event scheduled to take place between June 20 to June 21, 2015. After numerous roster changes, Loda and company are finally inching closer to hit their str... Read More »

  • You can Preorder the 1:1 Starcraft 2 Protoss Arkship for $1M at Blizzard Store

    Blizzard is bringing Starcraft to real life, with the 1:1 scale Protoss arkship Spear of Adun. The ship is fully customizable and you can choose to add Celestial Array GPS (Abathur Voice Pack not included), Anti-Lock Air Brakes, Rear-Seat DVD & MP3 Player, Center Console with Solar Core Power Outlet, Probability Drive, A-Move Steering Panel, and Cloaking Technology to your ship. The last but a... Read More »

  • The Summit 3 giveaway #3

    The third wave of giveaways for The Summit 3 is upon us. This time around we will be giving out 4 in-game tickets as opposed to 1 in the first wave. All you need to do is follow few simple steps mentioned below: Like BeyondTheSummit on Facebook Like 2p on Facebook Comment why you deserve The Summit 3 ticket, and Keep commenting on posts published by 2p Five lucky winners will be c... Read More »

  • Team Redemption slapped with permanent ban in Valve tournaments

    Valve has handed out a permanent ban to Team Redemption from participating in any official Valve supported tournaments including The International, in wake of the match fixing scandal caused by them that shook the entire Dota 2 community, especially SEA. According to the team’s Facebook post, it is revealed that the team will not be allowed to participate in any future events hosted b... Read More »