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  • Team Redemption slapped with permanent ban in Valve tournaments

    Valve has handed out a permanent ban to Team Redemption from participating in any official Valve supported tournaments including The International, in wake of the match fixing scandal caused by them that shook the entire Dota 2 community, especially SEA. According to the team’s Facebook post, it is revealed that the team will not be allowed to participate in any future events hosted b... Read More »

  • EHOME drops EHOME.MY

    In an unfortunate turn of events, EHOME has withdrawn sponsorship for its Malaysian squad in EHOME.MY led by Chai 'Mushi' Yee Fung. This surprise drop in sponsorship comes after almost a month of EHOME.MY's formation. Reason leading to EHOME dropping its Malaysian roster in less than a month of its formation has come as a surprise to all of us, especially, after Mushi and co. had ... Read More »

  • xMusiCa out of Can't Say Wips

    Veteran player Justin 'xMusiCa' Yeun and currently a part of Australian team Can't Say Wips has most likely taken his leave from the team. CSW player, Adam '343-Flyy' Shah recently took to his twitter and posted a goodbye message to xMusiCa.    CSW has suffered another setback after the departure of David 'r1sk' Arnous; after which the team has been unable... Read More »

  • 5 Reasons Why Mabinogi Duel Could Do Great In Western Market

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    Mabinogi Duel is going to start closed beta in NA and EU next week on March 24. I am exciting to see another Mabinogi game is coming to the west (previous one was Vindictus which was released in 2010). This is the first time that a Mabinogi game comes to mobile platform. Although Mabinogi was once one of the most popular MMOs, there is concern of if the game will appeal to mobile users and survive... Read More »

  • Vici Gaming receive the final ESL One Frankfurt invite

    Electronic Sports League (ESL) has handed out the third and final direct invite to their flagship tournament ESL One. The benefactor is none other than the defending champions, Vici Gaming, who will travel to Frankfurt to defend their throne. The Chinese juggernaut, VG, have been dominant in the competitive circuit during the past year with impressive performances at major events. They have a... Read More »

  • The International 5 tickets will go on sale soon

    Valve recently announced in a blog post that tickets for the annual International will go on sale on Friday, March 27. General admission will cost $99 USD for all 6 days of competition from August 3rd to August 8th with VIP options to be announced later. One of the first changes Valve has made to the event format is the decision to allow all 16 invited and qualified teams to participate in t... Read More »

  • Red Bull to host Battle Grounds featuring $75,000

    World's leading energy drink producer, Red Bull, has recently announced its very first LAN event. After the phenomenal success of Dota Pick-Up Game LAN in Seattle, United States that featured pro players across the globe participating in the casual yet fun tournament, Red Bull has decided to foray into hosting an event on a large scale. Announcing a new tournament series, Red Bull will ... Read More »

  • Winners announced for The Summit 3 giveaway #2

    It's time to announce the winners for the second giveaway for The Summit 3. 5 winners have been chosen and will be entitled to an in-game ticket giveaway of The Summit 3. The winners were chosen via random.org. The winners are as follows: KorTopee Reinhart Imanuel Snites kengan primeftw The winners mentioned above must respond in this thread within 48 hours to claim their prize.... Read More »

  • Blade & Soul Is Dying in South Korea?

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    Blade & Soul is not a new game (in fact it's pretty old game because it's announced in 2008) although it's not released in the west. Many have forgotten the game while some have immigrated to Asian servers. I just made some search on the game's status in South Korea and managed to collect some stats which showed the game was declining in South Korea.   The data is fr... Read More »

  • The Summit 3 giveaway

    The second wave of giveaways for The Summit 3 is upon us. This time around we will be giving out 5 in-game tickets as opposed to 1 in the first wave. All you need to do is follow few simple steps mentioned below: Like BeyondTheSummit of Facebook Comment why you deserve The Summit 3 ticket, and Keep commenting on posts published by 2p. Five lucky winners will be chosen on Wednesday a... Read More »