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  • Lost Ark Preview – A True MMORPG

    When I first saw Smilegate's announcement for their latest title, I was like err … another hack and slash game with some awesome graphics (you know that every Korean game, no matter how bad it is, it will always earn a ten out of ten for the graphic level). After the recent details presented a G-Star 2014, and from the latest trailers and gameplay videos, I came to realize that L... Read More »

  • Foreseer's Contract: Day 3 - Nemesis Assassin Event, Full Release

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    The final piece of the puzzle is in, as the Foreseer's Contract event is now in full motion - with the release of the mini-event Nemesis Assassin, the update is fully in the game, having been available on the test client the day before. Nemesis Assassin is a new sort of event, not taking up a separate map and queue - it takes place in our very own games, handing out special hero contrac... Read More »

  • Heroes of the Storm Q&A Part 2: E-Sports and Business Model

    In this piece, 2P resumes it's Q&A with Lead Heroes of the Storm Software Engineer Alan Dabiri. In the first part of the Q&A, we covered present and future plans for game mechanics. Click here to read that if you haven't yet. Here we resume the Q&A by changing the topic of discussion to E-Sports and Blizzard's plans to monetize the game. Many of these questions have ... Read More »

  • Heroes of the Storm: Game Mechanics Q&A with Lead Software Engineer Alan Dabiri

    As most readers will know, Heroes of the Storm is Blizzard's new Multplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) title headed for closed beta in Janurary 2014. Along with the new maps, new modes, and a slew of new characters; 2P was given the privilage of sitting down with Lead Software Engineer for Heroes, Alan Dabiri. The list of questions was put together from some of the more common questions we... Read More »

  • Can Elite Dangerous steal Star Citizens Thunder?

    This week we got a chance to delve into Frontier Development's new game, Elite Dangerous.  We're immediately thrust into a universe rich with lore, ever changing trade and market, and pirates galore.  In this article we'll take a quick look into the basics of getting around the worlds.   The first section of tutorials gets us the basics of movement and the coc... Read More »

  • BlizzCon 2014: Who Will be the Next Hero to Join Nexus

    BlizzCon 2014 is making its way around again in just a couple of days, and there are tons of rumors about what Blizzard will surprise us this year. Apart from two exciting Heroes of the Storm tournaments: BlizzCon Brawl and Exhibition Tournament, the members of the Heroes art and design teams will be conducting a "Heroes of the Storm Overview" on the convention's main stage. We have ... Read More »

  • [Boom Beach]Nov 1, 2014 Dr.Terror Warriors 1-20 Video Guide by CC

    Hello! Dr.Terror is coming,so cc is coming too. I will share my video guide like lastweek. I try to use least power and population in the videos,because Iwanna make guide morehelpful for more. If you get any trouble,you could write down your problems in comments.I will reply as soonas possible. sorry,I m late. I was very busy today. My apple ID is yxwz0612@sina.com,game name is cclol^-... Read More »

  • Final Fantasy XIV's Fat Chocobo mount costs about $145 USD in China

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    Apparently for international FFXIV players, the Fat Chocobo is a bonus item for players who own the game's Collector's Edition ($80 for PS4 boxed version, $50 for PC digital version). However in Chinese server, this mount is sold as a standalone luxurious item which will cost players $145 USD worth of money. Without surprise it causes big stir in Chinese FF14 community.   Accord... Read More »

  • Blizzard Is Sure That World Of Warcraft Will Last Another 10 Years

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    Next month World of Warcraft will celebrate its 10 years anniversary. Game Lead Designer Ion Hazzikostas believes the game will keep going and there will be the 20th anniversary. "Yes, without a question. I can't tell you exactly what our 20th anniversary celebration event is going to be–maybe new content which hasn't been created–but I can tell you there's going to be... Read More »