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  • MarsTV DOTA 2 League announced for next winter

    MarsTV has just announced via their Facebook page that the next season of their successful DOTA 2 League will take place from January 27th to 31st next year. The announcement is earlier this year in order to avoid clashes with other LANs like MLG and the X-Games, which was a problem this year. The previous tournament had 10 participating teams, a $337,000 prize pool and was one of the highl... Read More »

  • Vici Gaming secure visas for The International 5

    In a delightful news for the Dota 2 community, Chinese juggernaut, Vici Gaming, has successfully secured US visas for all of their players and have been all cleared to compete at The International 5 without any hassles. This comes as a good news considering how difficult it is for a Chinese netizen to secure a visa to the United States of America ,especially, when one takes into account the p... Read More »

  • Virtus.Pro players get approved visas for TI5

    According to VirtusPro Dota 2 manager, Georgy Faleev, all five members of VP Dota 2 squad have acquired their US Visas.  Getting Visas a month before The International will grant VP precious and peaceful time to prepare for the event. With all the Visa issues that occur before every TI, it is nice to know that some teams don´t have that problem slightly before the event. Hopefully,... Read More »

  • The International 5 joins the 15 million dollars club, all goals unlocked

    The International 2015 has surpassed the $15,000,000 mark and has taken a massive lead in terms of hosting the biggest prize-pool eSports has ever seen. Yes folks, you heard it right! We - the community made all of this possible for the game we dearly love. Since the prize-pool has crossed the final stretch goal of 15 million dollars, compendium owners will also be entitled to receive a speci... Read More »

  • MTG acquires 74% share in Turtle Entertainment

    It has been announced today that MTG(Modern Times Group), an international entertainment group, has bought 74% share in ESL, esports company. MTG purchased 74% share of Turtle Entertainment GmbH for $78 million. According to official statements, the main reason behind MTG´s purchase was the potential of esports community, which has been growing rapidly over the past 10 years. ESL´s ... Read More »

  • TobiWan: "I don't see eSports as a joke; it's a legitimate industry"

    Image credits: ESL     The Target is a podcast which revolves around popular topics in the Dota 2 community and is sponsored by 2P and Hitbox. Professional players and other important figures in the community bring their insight to each episode, talking about the Dota 2 past, present, and future. Today’s episode features Toby “Tobiwan” Dawson, possibly t... Read More »

  • Battle of the Arcanas: Juggernaut vs Zeus vs QoP vs Tiny, who will win?

    The Arcana showdown has come down to its final stage where 4 brave warriors give it their all in an attempt to win the competition. The mighty Greek Olympian, Zeus, is all set to unleash his Thundergod's Wrath whilst Juggernaut, is pleasantly waiting to put his sharp blades to use. On the other hand, Queen of Pain is looking to induce her scream onto others while Tiny is all left to bui... Read More »

  • Here's the MMO Beta and Release List for the Second Half of 2015

    Sometimes you will be asked what you are going to play next. You might ask back what games are coming out next. Below you can find the answer of what games are coming out next, which may help you find the answer of what you are going to play next. Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward  Releases on June 23   The first full expansion of Final Fantasy XIV introduces in new playable r... Read More »