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  • Gamescom 2016: The Revolution We Should Watch Out For.

    What a storm. You may wonder what I mean by that, and well... is just incredible how fast things are going in the game industry. From new developments, VR, MOBA likes, not MOBA likes, RPG but shooters; To the ones we have played or seen since we started diving into this world: MMORPG's, Sandboxes, First-person shooters... the universes we can visit every time we enter a loading screen are... Read More »

  • Comic-Con 2016 Round up: Watch the Awesome New Movie Trailers Here

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    Wonder Woman, Doctor Strange, Justice League, Kong: Skull Island and Suicide Squad, etc. were all throwing you a new trailer. And there were other movies! Now take a look at the most anticipated movies' trailers now.   Wonder Woman I think it's fair to say Wonder Woman in DC movies is like Iron Man in Marvel movies. The Comic-Con 2016 trailer lets everyone feel her mighty power a... Read More »

  • Black Desert's New Value Pack Raises Pay-to-Win Concern

    Kakao Games has added a new $15/month Value Pack to Black Desert last week, allowing players to get some gameplay conveniences and benefits in the game. It's a monthly subscription service similar to Premium Membership in other MMOs, and it grants you bonuses on XP gain, weight limit, bag storage, and tax reduce, etc. The tax reducing part makes the community worried since the game is heavil... Read More »

  • Looks Like Shattered Skies Has Righted What's Wrong in The WarZ

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    Free Reign Entertainment and Arktos Entertainment were the ones behind Romero's Aftermath and The War Z (Infestation: Survivor Stories), both of which got pretty lot of negative receptions from on Steam. The 2 companies' new survival MMO title Shattered Skies just released on July 21 and from the community's reaction, it had make what they did wrong in previous games right this time. ... Read More »

  • This Overwatch Porn Parody May Not Be Able to Get You Excited

    Brazzers, a Canada adult film company, has made several popular porn parodies inspired by famous TV series like Game of Throne and Hollywood movies such as Pirates of the Caribbean. And Overwatch porn film will be the first title the company make based on video game.   Porn actor “Kzizenxxx” posted a picture on twitter (the picture above), featuring he dressing lik... Read More »

  • Overwatch - the Battleground for Another Epic War Between SQEX & SIE

    Overwatch is going to be the battlefield where two game giants colide. Yosuke Matsuda, the Square's Enix CEO and Atsushi Morita, the president of Sony Interarctive Entertaiment Japan Asia, will create their own teams and challenge each other in Overwatch on July 22nd. This will be the second war fought between these two bosses, as they met before in Call of Duty Black Ops. Yosuke... Read More »

  • Someone Is Already Trying to Make Pokemon Go for HoloLens

    With the Pokemon Go fever that has got gamers across the world in its thrall, it was only a matter of time before someone took the game’s AR features and evolved them. And Capitola VR has created a concept video using the HoloLens development kit to show what Pokemon Go could look like. David Robustelli, the head of digital for Capitola VR, posted this video on Twitter. Using o... Read More »

  • Pokémon Go, a Lead-in of AR Games

    Since last week, Pokémon Go, a mobile game developed by Niantic Labs, flooded many players' lives. Normally, players are used to sitting in front of their computer, enjoying PC games, or keep still with their mobile games. This game absolutely break the original ways of playing games.   According to John Hanke, the Niantic founder, there are three creative design goals of... Read More »

  • Pokemon Go Fans Aren't Happy That Most Pokemon Spawn in Crowded Cities

    Pokemon Go has a mysterious Pokemon spawning mechanism that many players are trying to crack. No matter what type of algorithm Niantic uses in this game, it has apparently disappointed some players, especially those who aren't living in big cities. A player complained on Reddit that he was just able to capture a few Pokemon a day in his town while he could see Pokemon spawn every 100 meters in... Read More »

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