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  • The New Console MMOs\Multiplayers Announced Since June 2014

    The Crew (Announced for Xbox 360 in August) One of the most awaited racing-game of 2014 is The Crew, a next-gen driving MMO developed by Ivory Tower and Ubisoft Reflections. This game will take you and your friends (the crew) on a reckless ride inside a massive, persistent open-world recreation of the United States, around 5,000 square miles awaits to be explored. According to a Ubisoft ... Read More »

  • Dota 2 Update: Techies and Other Stuff Coming Next Week

    Just when you thought it was safe to walk, well, anywhere. Techies are finally coming to Dota 2, along with a host of new features and Compendium stretch goals, including the new All Random Deathmatch mode and the All-Hero Challenge. Check out the Techies Update page and learn more about everything you’ll be seeing, doing, and fighting when the update goes live next week! Techies Anno... Read More »

  • Auto Combat vs Action Combat

    In many MMORPGs we can see how the character performs attacks automatically, but there's also an active combat system used by a lot of other MMOs. The fighter rockets forward, brings out a wide blow with his sword and then jumps aside as the ax of the enemy thunders beside him in the ground. Back on the feet, the warrior thrusts his sword into the chest of the monster. Presently he pulls up hi... Read More »

  • Faithful Steed: The Role of Mounts in MMO Gaming

    Shojin 0

    League of Angels has recently release a new Mount event that enables players to obtain new mounts and costumes for a limited amount of time. This got my thinking on the nature of mounts in the MMO scene. Even in the loneliest of quests, the avid adventurer can rely on their mount as a companion to accompany them on their adventurers, but how has the role of the mount changed over the course of MMO... Read More »

  • Tom Chilton: World of Warcraft Will Last 20-Year, Many Ideas For Next Expansions

    At Gamescom 2014, Tom Chilton, the chief designer of Blizzard, talked about the past, present and future of World of Warcraft in an interview from Gameplanet. Except the contents of Warlords of Draenor, he also said that he hopes WoW can last as long as it can and there are enough ideas for the future WoW expansions. Now, check the highlights of the interview. The most significant change... Read More »

  • Why Subscription Model Is A Good Idea For The Elder Scrolls Online

    Many players were not happy that Zenimax has chosen the subscription model for The Elder Scrolls Online, but in the end ESO players would agree that it was the right decision.   The MMO has been available for PC for about five months and according to Superdata Reserach, the game has around 700,000 subscribers. This is a very good number for such a young MMO. It suggests that the decision ... Read More »

  • Blizzard CEO Mike Morhaime Accepted ALS 'Ice Bucket Challenge'

    Initiated by ASL foundation, Ice Bucket Challenge aims to let people pay attention to the patients. Now, the challenge has reached E-Sport. Yesterday, Blizzard CEO Mike Morhaime attended StarCraft II GSL Season 3 CodeS in Korea. After watching the games, Mike and Blizzard E-Sport manager Kim Phan accepted the Ice Bucket Challege via the live transmission. Meanwhile, Mike asked Starcraft II E-sport... Read More »

  • Why Black Desert is not Overhyped

    I am sure you've all heard about Black Desert already. The western localisation is confirmed but there's still no word about an English Closed beta Date. Black Desert is one of the first Sandbox MMOs with truly action combat, and of course stunning graphics. The biggest difference between Archeage and Black Desert is the combat system, as Archeage is using a traditional tab target combat s... Read More »

  • 'Running Wolves' - A Vici Gaming Documentary by ImbaTV

    The forth episode of ImbaTV's TI4 documentary series has just come out - this one following perhaps the most surprising Chinese team in 2014, Vici Gaming. During the great Chinese Dota 2 shuffle early in the season, VG kept their young talented players Fy and Fenrir, and welcomed new members Super, Sylar and their experienced captain rOtk. After playing together for a while, VG won their f... Read More »

  • Fnatic Releases Era

    Era at DreamHack (source: joinDOTA) Adrian "Era" Kryeziu has left Fnatic, according to a press release by the team. The 18-year-old hard carry joined the organization's inaugural Dota 2 team in 2012, switching over from Heroes of Newerth, and quickly found success with his consistent performance. His most recent tournament finish was a 13th/14th place tie at The International ... Read More »