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  • Is Trove Online a Minecraft Rival or Not?

    Trove online was presented as a Minecraft style MMO, and the question is it good enough to compete Minecraft? At first look it definitely looks like Minecraft with new textures, but if you look closely you will see a huge difference. The game was developed by Trion Worlds, who created some quality F2P MMOs on the market (Rift and Defiance). Trove is now in CB. The game might look like an i... Read More »

  • Watch Us Streaming Black Desert Each Day At 5 - 9 PM PST

    Update: we were notified the official that livestream is not allowed for closed beta, thus we decided to cancel the streaming. However, we are still going to have a lot of articles about the final closed beta coming on the way. Be sure to check out the Black Desert hub. Thank you for your understanding. We are teaming up with DVS Gaming to livestream Black Desert's final closed be... Read More »

  • WEC Interview with iceiceice: "Cloud 9 is a Very Annoying Team."

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    At the end of WEC, 2P's Jamin "Noob" Wan caught up with VG.iceiceice and talked about his role in the team, his thoughts on the upcoming patch, VG's performance at WEC and more . . . Hey iceiceice! Thanks for the interview. What are your thoughts on these Western Teams? Western teams performed well at WEC, and moreover they are on good form too. So they won. Now all tea... Read More »

  • World of Warcraft Themed Wedding Cosplay

    Taiwanese couple EK (EvilKing) and KiKi (KiKikoko) got married recently, and their wedding celebrations turned into a World of Worcraft Cosplay Extravaganza. The vows were exchanged in traditional suits and dresses, but when the real party begun the couple and several special guests, including a bunch of Taiwan’s best cosplayers, turned into WoW characters. The groom was Lor’th... Read More »

  • 4 Recommended Browser-Based Games To Play In September

    League of Angels   You can choose from US East, US West, Europe and Oceanic servers.   League of Angels is a western fantasy MMORPG developed by Youzu. The game has three character classes (Warrior, Archer and Mage) and no gender lock. As a typical f2p browser game, you can meet NPCs who give you quests and other players in the world. When you enter battle, you will be taken into a... Read More »

  • The New Console MMOs\Multiplayers Announced Since June 2014

    The Crew (Announced for Xbox 360 in August) One of the most awaited racing-game of 2014 is The Crew, a next-gen driving MMO developed by Ivory Tower and Ubisoft Reflections. This game will take you and your friends (the crew) on a reckless ride inside a massive, persistent open-world recreation of the United States, around 5,000 square miles awaits to be explored. According to a Ubisoft ... Read More »

  • Dota 2 Update: Techies and Other Stuff Coming Next Week

    Just when you thought it was safe to walk, well, anywhere. Techies are finally coming to Dota 2, along with a host of new features and Compendium stretch goals, including the new All Random Deathmatch mode and the All-Hero Challenge. Check out the Techies Update page and learn more about everything you’ll be seeing, doing, and fighting when the update goes live next week! Techies Anno... Read More »

  • Auto Combat vs Action Combat

    In many MMORPGs we can see how the character performs attacks automatically, but there's also an active combat system used by a lot of other MMOs. The fighter rockets forward, brings out a wide blow with his sword and then jumps aside as the ax of the enemy thunders beside him in the ground. Back on the feet, the warrior thrusts his sword into the chest of the monster. Presently he pulls up hi... Read More »

  • Faithful Steed: The Role of Mounts in MMO Gaming

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    League of Angels has recently release a new Mount event that enables players to obtain new mounts and costumes for a limited amount of time. This got my thinking on the nature of mounts in the MMO scene. Even in the loneliest of quests, the avid adventurer can rely on their mount as a companion to accompany them on their adventurers, but how has the role of the mount changed over the course of MMO... Read More »