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  • What does Chinese Dota 2 really need?

      The great reshuffle in China is underway and there is a rather blurred scenario to look at when it comes to the roster prediction. While there are only few things that emerge as a clear picture, the rest is nothing but an unclear collage of pictures. The clearest scenario in this case would be only two things, 1) Zhilei ‘BurNing’ Xu making his return to the competitive scen... Read More »

  • ROOT Gaming sign Thundercats for Dota 2 division

    As the road to The International 5 begins for many, ROOT has signed their own squad of hopefuls who aspire to be contenders in the North American qualifiers, or maybe even worthy of a direct invite. In a region that has failed to produce winning teams, with the exception of course being Evil Geniuses, the new ROOT squadron will look to prove doubters wrong in coming months. They will battle ag... Read More »

  • EHOME.Zyf to Vici Gaming?

    The great Chinese resfhuffle is underway where many teams including giants such as Invictus Gaming, LGD, NewBee and Vici Gaming - to name a few are undergoing roster changes. While it's becoming increasingly clear about Xu 'BurNing' Zhilei's impending return to the competitive scene with iG, it is still unknown which way The International 2014 runners-up, Vici Gaming, are going... Read More »

  • BurNing to make his competitive return with iG, Luo confirms

    Invictus Gaming's captain, Luo 'Luo' Yinqi, recently confirmed the impending rumours of Xu 'BurNing' Zhi Lei making his competitive return to the scene. Luo mentioned on his stream at DouyuTV, that the legendary carry player will indeed be making his return to the scene as a part of Invictus Gaming, thus completing the roster. Furthermore, Luo even states that BurNing wi... Read More »

  • Watch Player Exploring Virtual Environment in Oculus Rift Game Loading Human

    At GDC 2015 indie developer Untold Games shows an Oculus Rift based project Loading Human. Loading Human is an Unreal Engine 4 game sets in the future and like many other VR games, it lets you explore the environment, interact with the objects and solve puzzles using VR gear. Watch a video below and see how you can pick up objects and examine the surroundings.     Currently the ... Read More »

  • Which Game will Remind You When You See These Pics?

    How well does this line up with your MMO playing experience? I'm interesting with your reations behind monitors. LOL Tanks DPS Healers When they just wont stay out of the AOE Being a healer and not healing those who stand in the AoE When being yelled at When two players starts to argue about tactics  Getting killed by your own teammate The on... Read More »

  • Team Tinker Undergoes Severe Reforms

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    Preface: Post-fact, we were told that the players are unable to secure the new WoBo name due to sponsor obligations. They will now stay under the title of Team Tinker. The other changes are in effect. Team Tinker hasn't had the best couple of months, as they failed to achieve much of a result, even with their invasive roster changes. Nothing went their way, and no change seemed to f... Read More »

  • ​Funn1k Leaves Na’vi – Time for CIS Re-shuffle?

    Today it was announced by the Na’Vi organization that Gleb ‘Funn1k’ Lipatnikov would be leaving the team after two years of service. Funn1k was regarded as one of the most stable and accomplished offlane players in the world, despite relatively poor performance from the team over the past year. However, in recent months his play appeared to decline, with mistakes coming to a ... Read More »

  • New Bloom Day 4 - Year Beast Brawl Event

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    Finishing the run of New Bloom updates is the info on the upcoming in-game event, the Year Beat Brawl. This time around, it seems to take from both types of events we have had before - as well as changing the gameplay, it is found within normal games under certain conditions. While nobody has to have an Arcana or to pick certain heroes, this time around, games found during a very specific... Read More »

  • New Bloom 2015 Day 3 - 6.83c and Test Client Release

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    Coming out surprisingly soon, Day 3 of the update does the usual - it offers us a look into the actual details of New Bloom, as well as opens access to the new content on Test Client. While cosmetics are mostly unavailable in there, it is possible to test the new hero, Winter Wyvern, out.   Winter Wyvern is, indeed, the star of the update. Being another of the more recent heroes, she ... Read More »