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  • Dauntless Beginner Guide: A Pointy, Long and Sharp Thing. Do I Stick it?

    Hey guys! Part 3 already! Who would have thought? Anyway, let's position ourselves: We have arrived at Ramsgate, and they have explained to us where to craft. Then we went hunting and we learned how and what to gather. But we still haven't learned something really basic. How to handle a sword? The sword is actually the easiest weapon to master. It has good mobility but overall i... Read More »

  • Here's a Small Trick That May Improve the FPS in Black Desert Online

    Black Desert is a MMORPG that has over 7.5 million registered players worldwide. Like other popular MMOs, Black Desert has its own issues that players complain about, and the FPS issue is one of them. Reddit user Wake_up_shoryu recently claimed in his post that he found a way to greatly improve the FPS in the game. The solution is simple and involves making the following steps: go ... Read More »

  • Clash Royale: The Best Arena 9 Decks

    Ultimate Arena 9 Decks That Will Smash Any Opponent The Jungle Arena is where all the fun lies at the moment in Clash Royale. You will find many experienced clashers struggling through this arena to get to Arena 10. If you are one of those, then you have come to the right place. Here, we aim to aid those players who possess remarkable skills and a noteworthy game sense to build a... Read More »

  • ​Dauntless Beginner Guide Part 1: I'm a Hunter, but Just Discovered It

    Hi everyone, Dezart (Or Masterseek) here with you again. Dauntless has been a real mix of feelings. From frustration to awe. I really hope the game does well in the future, that they fix all the issues before adding new content... and to follow that wish I decided to write a "little" guide to help all those people who have not played a Monster Hunter DNA game in their lives. It m... Read More »

  • MapleStory 2 (CN) Open Beta Registration and Download Guide

    Wei 0

    Update: We have opened MapleStory 2 forum! Please join us and other players to play and discuss the game. MapleStory 2 will start open beta in China on September 21 and the game is published by Tencent Games. Since the western version is still not announced, playing the Chinese version first is not a bad choice for MapleStory fans. Thanks to Tencent's QQ account system, international play... Read More »

  • Best Decks to use with the Mega Knight!

    Hey guys! This Super-OP looking troop named "Mega Knight" has come in Clash Royale! Along with the new card release, a new challenge called the "Mega Knight 2v2 Challenge" has come out as well. You need to get 9 wins to have a chance at unlocking the Mega Knight. With the three days given to do this challenge and the card now officially released, I have compiled ... Read More »

  • Destiny 2 Guide: The Best Guns to Use in PvP According to Top Streamer

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    Based on the Destiny 2 open beta, renowned streamer of Destiny series Mtashed (expert of PvP) has recommended a list of guns to use in PvP. Take a look and see what they are.   Note: 1. The recommendations are based on Destiny 2 beta 2. The images the gun are just to show you how the weapons look like and the perks in the images are not relevant   Better Devils - Hand cannon  ... Read More »

  • Destiny 2 PvE Guides and Tips: How to Level up and Increase Power

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    PC players can finally play Destiny as Bungie's new multiplayer FPS Destiny 2 will be released in October, while console players will be able to play the game on September 6. If you didn't play the first Destiny, here are some tips and guides for PvE.   What is level and power One of the first things to notice when you start in the main story during your progression, is 2 stats: ... Read More »

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