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  • Crusaders Of Light Beginners Guide

      Crusaders of Light is a WoW-Like Mobile MMORPG that boast amazing graphics, open game world, challenging PvE system, Dungeons, PvP system, Guild System and all the essentials of an excellent MMO. CoL currently on its softlaunch in selected countries but that will never stop eager players to get into this game. If you want to jump into the game, be sure to check... Read More »

  • Crusaders Of Light Download, Installation & Emulator Guide

    Crusaders of Light is a new mobile MMORPG and developed by NetEase. CoL recently started its softlaunch on selected countries. This game is popular due to the WoW like Aura that you will immediately feel from its opening trailer to its NPC's, Characters, Combat, Skills etc. I have seen, tested and played a lot of supposed to be WoW-Like MMO's out there but Crusaders of Light is... Read More »

  • Dragon Nest Mobile Beginners' Guide: How to Level Up Fast

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    In the beginning phase the two major ways to level up will be through the main quests and completing the dungeons. There will be tutorials given for the first few dungeons which allow you to familiarize the game. Upon reaching level 6, auto combat feature will be unlocked to minimize the grinding process needed in the game. Do take note that auto combat feature does not dodge nor uses skills for y... Read More »

  • Dragon Nest Mobile Beginner's Guide: Should You Choose 3D or 2.5 View?

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    In Dragon Nest Mobile, it not only retains the 3D non-targeting gameplay like its PC counterpart but also provides an additional 2.5D tab-target control mode as an alternative option for players who are not used to the 3D gameplay. Below, we will be comparing the 2 types of gameplay.   2.5D view is recommended to players who may encounter 3D motion sickness and those fight in large scale ... Read More »

  • Record of Lodoss War Online Guide

      Record of Lodoss War Online is a MMORPG of the beloved fantasy series of same name way back in 1980's. After a short beta, the game launched today. If you wish to dive into a new world, new experience of the old world, please follow this guide and see you in Arecrast! The game is just released and I'm currently building up this guide. I will add more information along the wa... Read More »

  • Dragon Nest Mobile Beginner's Guide: Skill System

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    In Dragon Nest Mobile, there are 4 types of skills: active skills, survival skills, buff skills and special skills. Active skills are generally knowns as damaging skills, buff skills provide buffs to allies, survival skills are mostly evasion or aerial evasion skills, and last but not least special skills are like ultimate skills that deal high AoE damage.   Active skills are the main sou... Read More »

  • Dragon Nest Mobile Guide: Equipment and Enhancement

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    Equipment in Dragon Nest Mobile has 4 different rates: C, B, A, and S. Among the 4, C-rated equipment has the lowest stats but is also the easiest to acquire in the game. It can be acquired simply from normal dungeons. B-rated equipment has higher stats than C-rated but with a higher amount of difficulty to acquire them. Accessories can be obtained directly from abyss difficulty dungeons while wea... Read More »

  • ArcheAge Begins Beginner's Guide, Leveling Up Faster

    ArcheAge Begins is finally in Closed Beta, and while there are a bunch of things for us to see and try out (I've personally been looking forward to how they dealt with the lore), the main focus for now should be on the rewards XL Games is offering for reaching certain milestones in the game (level 20, tier 3 characters, and so on). This guide will you he progress through the games faster to re... Read More »

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