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  • Hearthstone: Knights of the Frozen Throne - Bloodreaver Gul'dan Demonlock Deck

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    Hearthstone new version Knights of the Frozen Throne may not be the most balanced expansion but it's surely one of the most anticipated one. There are lots of new cards, new mechanism, and fun.   Demonlock deck has evolved and changed from time to time but this time with Bloodreaver Gul'dan, it's a truly Demonlock deck. I believe Demonlock deck is the tier 1 deck among all Warlo... Read More »

  • Fortnite: Ninja Guide For Beginners

    Probably my favorite class in Fortnite, I consider the Ninja to be somewhere between the Soldier and the Outlander classes in terms of usability. With a decent mastery of melee weapons (mainly swords) and Dragon SLash that is great to take out large groups of enemies bundled together, it won't be rare to find yourself with the highest damage score on your team. As for exploration, I believe... Read More »

  • Fortnite: Soldier Guide For Beginners

    Being the first class players experience in Fortnite, I should probably have started my series of class guides with the Soldier, but the Outlander and its exploration perks simply got to me (find the Outlander beginner’s guide here). Let’s wait no further get started with the Soldier’s introduction. Fortnite is, just as importantly as its numerous other genre tags, a FPS game.... Read More »

  • 5 Ways to Improve Your Online Gaming

    Now that we have powerful consoles like the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, or even better a PC, online gaming has been taken to new levels. In a world full of skilful players, the question is, how do we make ourselves stand out from the crowd? The answer to that is practice, but also the tools that we use to give ourselves that added edge. Dual Monitors This is one for the PC crowd, but dual mo... Read More »

  • Fortnite: Outlander Guide For Beginners

    After explaining how to unlock all classes in Fortnite, it's time to dwell on the classes themselves, starting with the Outlanders. First of all, this one is a sure bet to start with. Irreproachable during the exploration phase, the Outlander class is a major asset for you and your team. Admittedly, the Outlander does not shine in battle, and will not construct the most robust forts, but he ha... Read More »

  • Durango Soldier Guide

    DURANGO : WILD LANDS is a Pre-historic Open World Survival Sandbox MMORPG where players must gather, craft, battle the wild animals, dinosaurs and the power of the elements to survive.    It's been months, i guess, since I came to this world. No, I was not born here... The mystery of this place and how we got here stays a puzzle. But one thing is for sure, my military tr... Read More »

  • Bless Rebuild Version Opens Test Server - Here's How to Install and Play

    Starting today, South Korean players can login and test the Rebuild version of Bless Online. The Rebuild server, which runs separately from the Bless Online server, allows players to experience a complete overhaul of the game, including revamped character progression, combat, gathering/crafting, pets / mounts, UI and UX, and character customizations. Neowiz plans to add new content to the Rebuild ... Read More »

  • Black Desert Online Guide: The Fastest Way to Level Up Trade Life Skill

    Akami 0

    In this guide i'm going to show you the fastest way to level up trade life skill to reach Master Lv2, which is one of the requirements i have mentioned before in the trading guide. This method is more effective the more you lvl up the trade life skill, and it's faster than the normal trading in terms of gaining trading EXP. First you have to obtain these requirements before applying th... Read More »

  • Fortnite Beginner's Guide - Unlocking and Upgrading Classes

    While players with a Deluxe Edition pack and above start with all the classes already unlocked, others start their Fortnite adventure with only the soldier class available/playable, with the outlander, the constructor and the ninja classes needing to be unlocked. The players can still receive heroes from these three classes from loot, but they will remain unusable until the specific class is unloc... Read More »

  • Black Desert Online Guide: The Fastest Way to Get Contribution Points

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    In this guide i'm going to show you the fastest way to get more than 200 contribution points, which is one of the requirements i have mentioned before in the trading guide. This method is faster than the daily CP quests or even the story/black spirit questline. Before following anything in this guide, there are some requirements: A- Having almost 50~40 CP  [easy to reach via compl... Read More »

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