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  • Interview with Ar1sE: "If Envy comes at me with a Monster can, I'm ready."

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    Having played for a great number of teams as a stand-in, and recognized particularly well for his Magnus, Turtoi 'ArisE' Ionut is not necessarily famous in terms of Dota popularity, but he is definitely known. Never having been on a team for long, he nevertheless continues to pop up in pro games all over the place, and occasionally serves as a source of Reddit drama ignition. In this... Read More »

  • Reasoning Behind Vengeful Spirit's Popularity

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    Vengeful Spirit has recently become a very frequent pick in the competitive scene. As you can see from the statistics, she was a hero virtually ignored before version 6.82 - after that update, she began her sudden climb, first to Tier 3, and then, finally, reaching the Tier 1 of hero picks. Is the reason for this rise is due an extreme buff in the last patch, or is there more behind it? To ans... Read More »

  • Interview with PR.j4: "It's not really that hard with big teams."

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    The man himself. Source: Power Rangers. Having kept their giant slayer legacy alive through years of competitive play, Power Rangers have most recently attended StarLadder Season XI as one of the backup teams, and nearly qualified for the Dota 2 Asian Championshops, now aiming to take the spot through the wildcards. The captain of the recently reinvigorated squad, Alexei 'j4' Lipa... Read More »

  • Dota 2: Na'Vi's Dilemma

    Before I begin, I should make it clear that the purpose of this article is not to discuss any rumours regarding what may or may not happen to Na`Vi’s roster. I regard it highly likely that the team will change, but what should interestus all is the predicament Na`Vi find themselves in at this time. With that said, let’s get to it. Does Na`Vi have to make a change? Prior to ... Read More »

  • All You Need to Know about Smite World Championship

    As time inches, we will soon meet Smite World Championship (SWC) which so far already has more than $2.4 million prize pool, making it the 3rd largest prize pool event in esport history. SWC will take place from Jan 9 - 11 at Atlanta's Cobb Energy Performing Arts Center where 8 elite teams from five regions (North America, Europe, China, Latin America & Brazil) will get together to fight... Read More »

  • Take a Look at Some Fun & Amazing Gifts Gamers Received in Christmas!

    Though Christmas has gone, the joy is still spreading. Family, love, delicious food are all typical words for Christmas and of course, gifts and surprises are also a must. So how is your Christmas? What gift you received? As a gamer, needless to say, the most exciting thing is to get something related with games. In reddit, many gamers showed to others what they received during Xmas. Among the... Read More »

  • 2P's Top 10 Best Browser Games Of 2014

    2014 saw the release of many high quality browser games as the browser game market continued to grow. While people talk about next-gen in recent years, they apparently won't refer to browser games. As a small genre in the video game market, browser game has a steady fan base due to the easy-to-pick-up nature which makes it accessible to non-hardcore gamers. There are many browser-based MMO... Read More »

  • Intentional Feeders: What goes through their minds?

    They appear when you least expect it. You might think that it’s just a normal game with the usual banter and naysayers, but then one player starts to get killed too many times - far too many times. What’s worse is that once the feeding starts, you and your team won’t be able to do anything to stop it. As your opponents get lots of farm, you are struggling to get your items, all t... Read More »

  • Warlords Of Draenor: Heroics Iron Docks Guide

    Fleshrender Nok'Gar Fleshrender Nok'gar is the first boss in Iron Docks.  He and his wolf, Dreadfang, are a pretty simple fight.  The beginning of the fight Nok'gar is mounted on Dreadfang and cannot be directly targeted, but can be damaged by AoE.  Dealing damage to Dreafang will cause Nok'gar to leave his mount, where you can then target and kill him. &n... Read More »