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  • BTS.GoDz: "I don't foresee Dota 2 dying in the next 5 years"

    Hello David. Thank you for agreeing to this interview. Can you introduce yourself to the people who are not so familiar with you? Hey, I'm David Parker, known to many online as 'GoDz', professional DotA and Dota 2 commentator. It's been almost 2 years since BTS was established via help from the community and has since achieved a lot of success in casting as well as ho... Read More »

  • Major All Stars Stats: A Dire Meta

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    We've come up with a variety of interesting stats for Major All Stars including most drafted heroes and win-rate, records, top player stats, team stats, Europe and America qualifier drafts. Dire/Radiant Win Rate   Total Records   Empire   Invictus Gaming   Ninjas in Pyjamas   Natus Vincere   Most Drafted Heroes   ... Read More »

  • How TI5 could trick people into fixing the scene

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    The International   Every year since 2011, 16 of the world’s best teams assemble to decide who shall bear the title of the International Champion for the next 12 months. It is an unprecedented event for all who are invested in competitive Dota 2 - barring that, even the more casual players find themselves drawn by the unique allure of the massive event. Each International is a m... Read More »

  • Top damage from heroes/abilities

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    Image by u/frnky What kind of skills have greater impact on the game in terms of hero damage? It’s an intriguing topic, though some might argue that stats don’t take into account the damage inflicted during actual ganks and fights, but that dealt throughout all the game - so heroes with global skills can easily reach the top. At the same time, however, with this data we can get ... Read More »

  • Interview with HR.Dread: "Organizations are like a monkey with a hand grenade."

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      Dread and StarLadder's ineska at the D2AC venue. Photo by HellRaisers HellRaisers are one of the most inspirationally successful teams from recent memory. Originating in a pro-amateur squad, they fought to be picked up first by a small organization (Kompas Gaming), and then made a name for themselves in many a league. Eventually, their success had them cross paths with HellRaise... Read More »

  • Mid lane player profiles

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    I have selected some of the most active mid players in Dota 2 during the timeline ‘February 1st - March 5th’ to give a look at their individual stats, records and most played hero. Every info related to them is referred to this specific period of time.     Roman "Resolut1on" Fominok Team: Team Empire Country: Ukraine Most Played Hero: Sha... Read More »

  • Improve your offlane play - learn from the professionals

    The offlane is perhaps the most misunderstood position in Dota 2. As a carry, you farm creeps and get items until your hero hits a peak and you start to fight with your team. Supports help the carry get farm, gank around the map, buy wards and courier, and generally make sure the game doesn’t fall apart before it has really begun. Mid lane players have a variety of responsibilities, but ... Read More »

  • Interview with Mali: "Being a bridge between China and West was my dream job."

    Greetings Dimitri. Thank you for accepting this interview. Kindly introduce yourself to the community. I used to be a Warcraft 3, Starcraft 2 and DotA player. I never really liked playing the same game actively for more than a few months, so I knew that I would never become a professional player. After a while, I wanted to be useful in eSports so I decided to volunteer in some organizations... Read More »

  • Interview with myI.MiLAN: "We were really happy to be going to a LAN together."

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    The European scene is always tightly populated with a variety of teams - at least one or two are always attributed to the top tier, and a whole lot more make up the broad region of what we call Tier 2. Part of that layer are myInsanity, a Balkan team that had recently been getting some attention from the common spectator. Milan 'MiLAN' Kozomara from the up and coming team has found s... Read More »