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  • Tokyo Game Show Booth Babes and Cosplays Never Disappoint You

    Tokyo Game Show 2017 has good video games and it has beautiful booth babes and gorgeous cosplays as well. Take a look at Famitsu's capture of the best booth babes and cosplays at TGS 2017.   Capcom Monster Hunter: World War Thunder Let It Die Yakuza Kiwami 2   Code Vein Hokuto ga Gotoku Monster Energy World of Tanks Chun Li Bulle... Read More »

  • ESL One Frankfurt 2015 Dota2 Team Preview

    ESL One Frankfurt 2015 Preview       After three rounds of qualifiers and a few invitations, the teams for ESL One Frankfurt 2015 are locked and with a prize pool up to $250,000, they’re not playing for peanuts. Team Secret, Evil Geniuses, and ViCi Gaming were invited while Alliance, VP, and Cloud9 advanced from the European qualifier event, MY from SEA, and Invic... Read More »

  • Least harmful Heroes and Abilities 6.84

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                                                                                  Picture by n2c.deviantart.com We are going to take a look at the least damaging abilities and heroes throughout v6.84... Read More »

  • The Target /w SyndereN: A detailed interview with DotaCinema's pride

    The third installment of 2P's own podcast show, The Target, sponsored by Hitbox.tv and Vulcun aired live yesterday with none other than Troels 'SyndereN' Neilsen, former pro-gamer who represented known brands such as Mousesports and mTw. Post retirement, SyndereN was recruited as a broadcaster for DotaCinema, and together with Shannon 'SUNSfan' Scotten spearheaded DotaC... Read More »

  • Dota 2: Metagame of Rage

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    THE CURRENT STATE   The metagame that installed itself within the game during the age of version 6.83 is currently commonly thought to be the worst one to ever have graced Dota 2 - in competitive matches and pubs both. Valve were more and more often demoted to making cars in Sweden, and IceFrog’s name was more and more commonly invoked as IceFraud as people cried out into the vo... Read More »

  • Summary of Virtus.pro's interview with team manager drAmer

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      Photo by Virtus.pro Virtus.pro have released a lengthy interview with Georgiy 'drAmer' Faleev, the manager of their Dota 2 squad. While not a player on the team, he covers many interesting and important questions. This is a summary done in English. TI5 direct invites and predictions   Like many of the CIS players, the majority of Virtus.pro missed the exact... Read More »

  • Pub hero win rate by queue N-Z

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                                                                                                      Picture by heavy-shtopor.deviantart.com This article... Read More »

  • EternaLEnVy on RedBull, The Summit and Majors

    One of the community´s most beloved Dota players Jacky 'EternaLEnVy' Mao has shared his personal insights about the Majors system, The Summit 3 and RedBull Battle Grounds in his blog. He talks about organization, his concerns, and overall positives and negatives of the tournaments. RedBull Battlegrounds In his analysis EE states that RedBull had a very good idea when it came to i... Read More »

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