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  • Interview with Empire.Twitter Guy: "Expect an intergalactic team."

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    Hard at work. The man, the legend, the hero himself - Empire's "Twitter Guy" is known to many, but as little else than the Twitter Guy. Who stands behind the horseback image, and what fuels the thoughts that keep Dota fans on Twitter happy? We find out in our exclusive interview. This interview was originally conducted in Russian on January 28th, 2015. Greetings. ... Read More »

  • D2AC WildCard Team Records

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    KDA - 24 Ember Spirit Air HyperGloryTeam  Last Hits - 486 Naga Siren xixi Wings Gaming  Denies - 47 Sniper Dendi Natus Vincere  GPM - 813 Tiny Ditya Ra Power Rangers  XPM - 742 Juggernaut XBOCT Natus Vincere  Kills - 24 Tiny Ditya Ra Power Rangers  Deaths - 16 Vengeful Spirit j4 Power Rangers    Assists - 29 Clockwerk 西南战神&... Read More »

  • Pre-D2AC Competitive Hero Tier List - January 2015

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    For this month, posting a tier list at the end, like it is normally done, would be pointless, since the D2AC would distort the picture. The meta probably will change fundamentally in the next days, owing to the inter-tournament metagame phenomenon (think TI4's Razors and Skywrath Mages). This is an overview of where we stand before those games begin. Following your tips, starting from this ... Read More »

  • Coffee w/ jD.Durka - "Conversational is my casting style."

    This episode centers around one of the newer additions to the casting corporation of joinDota - Gareth 'Durka' Bateson. 2:00 - Durka's origin story. 4:10 - We discuss his biography and gaming history.   6:20 - Durka got his start in the SEA LAN cafe scene  7:55 - "It was right around TI1" when he became interested in the casting scene. 8:55 -... Read More »

  • Interview with JerAx: "You can do pretty much anything as a support."

    JerAx during his time with Q-Pad. Source: Q-PAD Youtube In light of the recent changes within Team Tinker,  we sat down across the link with their recent addition, the new drafter and support player for TT, formerly of 4ASC, Finnstack, and Q-Pad fame, Jesse 'JerAx' Vainikka, also affectionally known as "the sloth". The interview was originally conducted in Fi... Read More »

  • Ward Сost: Making Pubs Better

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    Image by Valve Any changes made to the game should be guided by the spirit of balance in competitive matches. A hero is not nerfed because they dominate pubs, but because they have become a dangerous popular pick in the tournament. If they are not part of the CM pool, then they should be changed to strive closer to that. The same should normally apply to non-hero chanes as well. That sai... Read More »

  • Interview with Ar1sE: "If Envy comes at me with a Monster can, I'm ready."

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    Having played for a great number of teams as a stand-in, and recognized particularly well for his Magnus, Turtoi 'ArisE' Ionut is not necessarily famous in terms of Dota popularity, but he is definitely known. Never having been on a team for long, he nevertheless continues to pop up in pro games all over the place, and occasionally serves as a source of Reddit drama ignition. In this... Read More »

  • Reasoning Behind Vengeful Spirit's Popularity

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    Vengeful Spirit has recently become a very frequent pick in the competitive scene. As you can see from the statistics, she was a hero virtually ignored before version 6.82 - after that update, she began her sudden climb, first to Tier 3, and then, finally, reaching the Tier 1 of hero picks. Is the reason for this rise is due an extreme buff in the last patch, or is there more behind it? To ans... Read More »

  • Interview with PR.j4: "It's not really that hard with big teams."

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    The man himself. Source: Power Rangers. Having kept their giant slayer legacy alive through years of competitive play, Power Rangers have most recently attended StarLadder Season XI as one of the backup teams, and nearly qualified for the Dota 2 Asian Championshops, now aiming to take the spot through the wildcards. The captain of the recently reinvigorated squad, Alexei 'j4' Lipa... Read More »