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  • SlashStrike's Guide to Solo Mid Earthshaker

    Raigor Stonehoof, the Earthshaker     Introduction Hi, I’m SlashStrike (not slahser, a common mistake), and I’m bringing you my guide to solo mid Earthshaker. Normally when writing a guide to a hero I would not pigeonhole them into a certain role, but in the case of ES, playing him mid rather than support changes the hero’s optimal playstyle and impact on the game... Read More »

  • KingJ: "I may Form a new Team at my own Expense Before the TI Next Year"

    “Road to Star” is the first Dota 2 reality TV show made by Gamefy.CN. Similar to the current world famous “The Voice”, four coaches choose their players to build up their teams in an open audition and then fight it out to be the next stars in Chinese Dota 2. Some well known Dota 2 players such as KingJ, SJQ and zExBingo participated in this event so far. In the end, Kin... Read More »

  • WEC Interview with iceiceice: "Cloud 9 is a Very Annoying Team."

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    At the end of WEC, 2P's Jamin "Noob" Wan caught up with VG.iceiceice and talked about his role in the team, his thoughts on the upcoming patch, VG's performance at WEC and more . . . Hey iceiceice! Thanks for the interview. What are your thoughts on these Western Teams? Western teams performed well at WEC, and moreover they are on good form too. So they won. Now all tea... Read More »

  • Who are the Winners and Losers of This Summer Transfer Window in China?

    The Association of Chinese eSports, more commonly known as ACE, have recently revealed the rosters of all their Chinese teams with the exception of Team DK — who now have to completely rebuild their squad after the departure of their star players.   Other than Newbee and TongFu, all the Chinese teams have changed at least two players. Which teams negotiated best this summer? Conversel... Read More »

  • Whiplash: "English casters are currently not viewed as an important asset"

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    Yesterday I had the pleasure of speaking to Justin 'Whiplash' Wilson, ex-SC2 player, Proleague Caster and KDL Caster about eSports in Korea and his future. Hello Whiplash. Thanks for agreeing to do this interview! Recently you've had some pretty bad luck, getting dismissed from your casting position at Spotv for KDL due to circumstances beyond your own control. A few weeks ago y... Read More »

  • [Opinion] eSports Regulation on Its Way?

    eSports took a huge leap forward this year, with this year's International boasting an $11 million dollar prize pool. The only thing that’s missing from the current competitive Dota 2 scene is a unified set of rules that can push eSports towards being a more organized and formal industry. It’s a natural part of the development of eSports to have its own regulating body that can ope... Read More »

  • Five Levels of Metagaming

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    Metagame discussion has been popular in the Dota 2 community for some time now and yet, curiously, discussion of metagaming is somewhat rare. If 'the metagame' refers to 'the game outside of the game' then 'metagaming' might similarly refer to 'playing the game outside of the game'. So how does one play a metagame? At a glance, one might think this no... Read More »