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  • Elo, Predictive Power and Upsets

    Earlier this week someone asked me how good 2P’s Elo scores for ranking teams are at predicting winners. Whilst not immediately able to present evidence to support their validity or accuracy, I’ve taken some time to analyse them. Elo ratings are nice in that, unlike some rating systems that operate on independent objectives like the ATP Tennis ranking algorithm or the IRB Rugby ratin... Read More »

  • [Boom Beach]Oct 21-22, 2014 Dr.Terror Warriors 1-20 Video Guide by CC

    Hello! Dr.Terror is coming,so cc is coming too. I will share my video guide like last week. I try to use least power and population in the videos,because Iwanna make guide more helpful for more. If you get any trouble,you could write down your problems in comments.I will reply as soon as possible. My apple ID is yxwz0612@sina.com,game name is cclol^-^, we can be friends. If you like ... Read More »

  • Weekly Top 5: Skywrath Soars

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    Starting today, I'll be doing a weekly post every Monday evening presenting the 5 most picked heroes in competitive Dota for the previous week (Monday - Sunday). Accordingly, this week I'll look at the top 5 most picked heroes from 13 October to 19 October 2014 in reverse order (5th to 1st).  Data used to determine rankings comes from datdota.    In fifth place this ... Read More »

  • Natit.NWP - 'I Hope To Lead The New Players To Go Up The Stage At TI'.

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    NWP (YamateH) with TI3 Zenith. Image source: segmentnext.com Ng ‘NWP’ Wei Poong, also known as 'YamateH', is a Dota 2 veteran of the highest caliber earning the respect of fans and peers during the Dota 1 era and attending The International 2, 3 and 4 in Dota 2 with Zenith and recently Titan eSports. Now that he has left Titan eSports behind he has fo... Read More »

  • BBC.w33 - 'My biggest strength and weakness at the same time is my age'.

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    Image source: facebook.com Hailed as a future Dota 2 star, Omar 'w33' Aliwi of Balkan Bears Corleone has been getting more and more attention of late for his astounding mechanical skills. Like so many hopefuls who wish to break into the highest level of professional Dota 2, Omar has been carving out his reputation in the solo mid role. His fledgling team lacks results but ... Read More »

  • 6.82: What's working best so far?

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    I've been nervous to do much analysis of the new patch so early into it, believing strongly that understanding the impact big Dota patches will have on metagaming is usually more about playing it out than thinking it through. However, I do think at this point there is enough data to at least spark some interesting discussions. Understand, there isn't a lot of data by anyone's standards... Read More »

  • Perks of Being at <3K MMR

    Of course it sucks when you’re stuck in the lower/est part of the Dota 2 circle. You’re probably trapped with either having a win once lose twice cycle or a losing streak matched with your rank, and the worst part is you probably deserve to be where you are. No matter how many times you try to defend yourself by saying: “I had bad internet connection during my TBD games.”... Read More »

  • Regular Roster Changes: a Necessity for Top Competitors

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    In the history of Dota 2, only five teams have attended two consecutive Internationals with the exact same 5 players and all five have placed dramatically lower the second time around. No teams were identical from TI1 to TI2, while TI2-TI3 saw iG and LGD remain intact, iG achieving only 5th/6th to follow up their 1st and LGD dropping from 3rd to 9th-12th2. Meanwhile, both of TI3's finalists, A... Read More »

  • SlashStrike's Guide to Solo Mid Earthshaker

    Raigor Stonehoof, the Earthshaker     Introduction Hi, I’m SlashStrike (not slahser, a common mistake), and I’m bringing you my guide to solo mid Earthshaker. Normally when writing a guide to a hero I would not pigeonhole them into a certain role, but in the case of ES, playing him mid rather than support changes the hero’s optimal playstyle and impact on the game... Read More »

  • KingJ: "I may Form a new Team at my own Expense Before the TI Next Year"

    “Road to Star” is the first Dota 2 reality TV show made by Gamefy.CN. Similar to the current world famous “The Voice”, four coaches choose their players to build up their teams in an open audition and then fight it out to be the next stars in Chinese Dota 2. Some well known Dota 2 players such as KingJ, SJQ and zExBingo participated in this event so far. In the end, Kin... Read More »