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  • Newbee Become Top eSports Earners Overnight

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    TI4 has single-handedly revamped the hierarchy of wealth in eSports. By winning the tournament, Newbee's Hao, Banana, Sansheng, xiao8 and Mu have leapfrogged all the world's professional gaming talent to the top spots - and now sit at effectively double the 3-time TI-finalist Na'Vi trio who are next on the list of highest earning players in the history of eSports.  Th... Read More »

  • TI4 Main Event - China Strong, Europe Lackluster

    TI4 Main Event - China Strong, Europe Lackluster With the bubble races finishing just 3 days ago the Main Event of TI4 is looming on the horizon. Out of the 19 teams travelling only 8 made it to the Main Event which will be played in KeyArena, Seattle. Out of these 8 teams, 5 are Chinese, which leaves one international, North American and European team each. This article will feature a short summ... Read More »

  • Compendium Predictions: Part Two (pages 3 and 4)

    This is part two of a two-part article on compendium predictions. Myself (@NoxvilleZA) and scant (@scantzor) worked alongside datdota (@datdota) to work out the best we could. Pages 1 and 2 are on datdota.com and can be found here.  Page 3: Player Predictions in a Single Game Player with the Highest GPM scant: Of the players left in the tournament, only BurNIng, Sylar, Ferrar... Read More »

  • ddz: "My family and friends fully support me"

    2P got in touch with Arrow Gaming's ddz shortly after the team were granted their Visas for TI4. Arrow are hard at work preparing for the event, with SEA being the only region seeing TI teams still competing in tournament matches post-ESL. The following is a short interview with Malaysian star ddz from earlier this week. Hello and thank you for doing this interview - your time is very much ... Read More »

  • Basskip interview - "I never expected to cast the qualifiers".

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    Basskip casting with GoDz. Image souce: southerncrossdota.com Last week I had the pleasure of catching up with Basskip in Brisbane, Australia where we both live. I found him to be as articulate in person as he is during a cast and as easy to talk to as I had hoped. The following is a question and answer summary of what was originally an over two hour long conversation over lunch. What str... Read More »

  • DK.BurNIng: "Iceiceice’s item decisions are flexible and free."

    2P caught up with DK.BurNIng after DK triumphed at the 2nd V Games Tournament and discussed recent strategies used by DK, scrims, the upcoming TI4 and more... Congratulations to DK who came back from 1-0 down against Newbee in the grand finals to win the series 2-1 and be crowned champions of the V Games Tournament. What follows is an exclusive interview with team DK (with questions answere... Read More »

  • Climbing the Ladder – Chapter 2: Ganking

    (Chapter 1: Farming can be found here) Introduction   This post is the second of a relatively long series that will hopefully cover as many of DotA's large strategic elements as possible. Before starting with anything, I just want to remind you that DotA is a game of reactions, and no advice should ever be followed blindly. What I describe may work in most situations, but could... Read More »

  • Vanskor: "I Still Don't Like Curse of the Silent"

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    Yesterday, our CIS correspondent, Aleksey 'Firefly' Dmitrijev, managed to catch up with Empire's Vanskor for a quick interview about the year so far and the upcoming TI. Hello Ivan. I would like to congratulate on your recent 3rd place finish at Dreamhack! What emotions did you feel after taking the 3rd place in this league? Vanskor: Hello. Emotions were more negative than... Read More »

  • Let’s Talk About Team Ratings

    The Smartest Hero! (Sourced via 'IR' from JoyReactor) So a few months ago, scant (Dota Editor here at 2P) tasked me with coming up with a ranking system for the relaunch of the website, as well as doing general statistics work for other articles here at 2P. The rankings were supposed to be at least slightly close with what people understood to be ‘right’. Fo... Read More »

  • Heroes of the Storm Guide for Playing Demon Hunter

    Demon Hunter is an accessible assassin with powerful AoE skills in Heroes of the Storm. Her Vault can help her escape from/ hunt down the enemies and Rain of Vengeance can control enemies. Overall, the hero is a generalist but lack of outstanding feature. In general, Demon Hunter mainly depends on Hatred to do damage. Let’s see the effect of Hatred first: Hatred: Basic Attacks incr... Read More »