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  • Gamescom 2016: the Amazing Cosplays at the Biggest European Game Show

    Aaron 0

    Unlike E3 game expo, the industry-only event, Gamescom is a video-game fair open to the public. There are more than 30 thousands game lovers swarming into Cologne Convention Center every day, including those best cosplayers in the world. Today we round up some best cosplay show from Internet. Let's check it out. Pictures courtesy of Gnn        ... Read More »

  • Revelation House System Preview: You Can Bath with 4 Other Players

    Revelation Online Chinese version will soon receive an expansion on August 18th. I've introduced the Kabe Don social interaction gesture to you and today I am going to bring you the biggest highlight in this expansion - the house system! Live and play together with other players The mysterious inn in Revelation Online has been renovated and is open to all players. There's a lobby... Read More »

  • Lost Ark: 7 Playable Classes Details and New Artwork

    Still 2 weeks for Lost Ark to kick off first closed beta in South Korea but we know that there are 4 main class types, namely Warrior, Fighter, Gunner, and Magician with each having 2 classes. For curious players eagerly to learn more, Steparu has done the job for us. Below you'll see the 7 playable classes, detailed info, screenshot and artwork. Warrior Berserker - Berserker ... Read More »

  • Get a Better Taste on What to Expect in Lost Ark's 1st CBT with Those Gifs

    Anticipated action MMORPG Lost Ark will finally kick off its 1st closed beta in South Korea on August 24 but before that, a media test will go on in advance on August 18th so we might expect more details on that day. While we are waiting, Redditor user DeePrixel kindly listed out several gifs to give us a better taste on what to expect in 1st CBT, for now. Tripod System According to MMOCul... Read More »

  • Chinese Players Can Soon Play Kabe Don with Others in Revelation

    Western players may still need to wait a while for Revelation Online's first closed beta in NA/EU but a new expansion is going to roll out in the Chinese version on August 18th where a new in-game social interaction gesture is going to be added - Kabe Don! If you love manga or anime, you'll probably know what Kabe Don means; but if you don't, it is the best possible romantic situation ... Read More »

  • See the World's Best Cosplays at World Cosplay Summit 2016

    The World Cosplay Summit, also known as WCS, is an annual international cosplay event that promotes friendly international exchange through Japanese pop culture. WCS 2016 just dropped its curtain in Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture where 18 teams were competing for the championship. It turned out that Indonesian team got the 1st place and Danmark won the 2nd place with French cosplay team being the second... Read More »

  • Tired of D.Va’s Default Skin? Here’s D.Va Stinger Skin Cosplay

    Wei 0

    You may have seen many Overwatch’s D.Va cosplays that feature the default hero skin. If you haven’t, you can see them here and here. Recently renowned cosplayer Miyuko tried D.Va’s Stinger skin, making it as awesome as usual.   If you like Overwatch cosplays, you can see other epic cosplays of the game by clicking the links below. Widowmaker and Mercy Cosplays&n... Read More »

  • Lost Ark Releases PC Requirements and New Wallpapers

    Highly anticipated action MMORPG Lost Ark will start closed beta in South Korea later this month. The KR official site has updated with new information regarding the first closed beta. Today we have the PC requirements as well as a batch of new wallpapers.   >> Lost Ark CBT1 Features 4 Major Class Types, Several Dungeons, PvP and More To run the CBT version, you just have to... Read More »

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