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  • 7 Amazing Mounts Coming to Riders of Icarus' Rift of the Damned Update

    Though Riders of Icarus may be fairly new on the market still it’s already getting a name for having some of the most unique mounts of any MMO currently available. We’ve been given a taste of just some of the amazing mounts that will be introduced to Riders of Icarus in the upcoming Rift of the Damned update which launches on September 29th.   Abyssal Vylet In the Exarahn B... Read More »

  • League of Legends: 4 New Star Guardian Skins Revealed

    Riot Games has been released a large promo page for the upcoming Star Guardian skins, includes: Star Guardian Jinx, Star Guardian Janna, Star Guardian Lulu and Star Guardian Poppy. "In the beginning of all things, the First Star gave its light to create the universe. New worlds were born—and with them, warriors imbued with the light of the First Star. These protectors are supernovas... Read More »

  • League of Legends: 6 New Chroma Packs Ready for Realease

    In the League of Legends 6.19 patch, we have 6 new chroma packs with 31 chroma in total, 8 for Battle Bunny Riven, 8 for Debonair Ezreal, 8 for Mecha Malphite and 7 for Lunar Goddess Diana. These are screenshots and video i've capture in PBE, League of Legends test server, before they will realease in this week. Battle Bunny Riven   ... Read More »

  • TGS 2016 - Best Booth Babes and Cosplays

    Tokyo Game Show 2016 started yesterday on September 15th, at the Makuhari Messe exhibition center in Japan. This year's TGS was attended by a record-breaking number of 614 companies and organizations from 37 countries and regions. TGS celebrates its 20th anniversary and opens a particular Virtual Reality gaming area. TGS has the best booth babes and cosplays in Asia. We carefully s... Read More »

  • We Just Had the Sexiest Hearthstone Cosplay

    An epic Hearthstone cosplay needs not only great costumes and makeup but also a great card board. Natasha and Aliza just did one hell of awesome Hearthstone cosplay and got retweeted by Blizzard. It features 2 female heroes in Blizzard's card game, Valeera (by Aliza) and Jaina Proudmoore (by Natasha). Check it out.   Don't miss the behind the scene video below,... Read More »

  • League of Legends - Hot and Sexy Miss Fortune Cosplay

    Miss Fortune aka The Bounty Hunter is a beautiful and dangerous pirate-themed champion from League of Legends. There are few who can match Miss Fortune in either beauty and danger. You  can trust us or you can do your own investigation in the gallery bellow. The last picture of this gallery illustrates the original Miss Fortune. Entertain yourself! Source: gamek     ... Read More »

  • See This Impressive Warhammer 40,000 Cosplay

    Warhammer 40K is a vintage miniature wargame set in a dystopian (anti-utopia) science fantasy universe. Narga, a Russian cosplay, decided to bring to live the Eldar Howling Banshee. The love for this swift and athletic hero can be seen in every detail of the character's costume, made and modeled by her (Narga) and Aoki, her husband. While Narga took care of the whole outfit, KIRA... Read More »

  • Feast Your Eyes on The Best Overwatch Fanart

    There are an astounding amount of Overwatch fanart that available on DevianArt. I spent hours collecting some of the quality fanart. Hope you will like them. Page 1 D.VA Page 2 Tracer Page 3 Mercy  Page 4 Reaper Page 5 Mei Page 6 Widowmaker Page 7 Symmetra ▲by muju   ▲by MonoriRogue ▲by letrongdao ▲by squidsmith     ▲by 肖吉... Read More »

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