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  • Aura Kingdom Acclaimed Hot NPC Miya Wallpaper

    emma 0

    Recently, Aura Kingdom's publisher in Taiwan hosted an event voting for your favorite NPC. The sexy and adorable NPC Miya took the first place. Today, we will provide all Aura Kingdom fans with Miya themed Wallpapers to beautify your mobile phone or PC screen. 800×600 │ 960x720 │ 960x768 │ 960x539 │ 960x600 │ 960x540 │ 540x960 Read More »

  • Wolf Knights(KR) Unveild Monster Combat Screenshots

    After the battle screenshot, I will continue to share with you more monster combat scene screenshots in Wolf Knight. From the screenshots below, I think of Kingdom Under Fire? What's your opinion? They share the same epic huge battle and style. Although it is produced by father of RO, I do not think it has the same style as RO. It is so different. ... Read More »

  • Wolf Knights(KR) Produced by Father of RO Unveiled New Battle Screenshots

    Debuting in late May this year in Korea, Wolf Knight attracted so many attention from players. Developed by Kim Hakkyu, the father of RO, Wolf Knights set background in medieval Europe. Recently,Wolf Knight Facebook released a series of screenshots to showcase the progress of development. This batch of screenshots features in battle scene. From the screenshot, we could preview main char... Read More »

  • Preview Archlord II(KR) 12 Dungeons with New Screenshots

    WEBZEN unveiled 4 new screenshots, showcasing dungeons for 2 different factions, for its latest title Archlord 2. In the open beta starting from October 17th, Archlord 2 will unveil 12 dungeons in all, 6 for each faction. Players are able to enter dungeons that are available for less than 5 players. Before entering the dungeon, you need to choose the difficult level. Accor... Read More »

  • Featured Gallery: HD Black Desert Screenshots

    We got a lot of fans here waiting for Black Desert's release in western market. Black Desert's developer PearlAbyss has been looking for a western partner for some time but no further details were revealed. The first closed beta of Black Desert in Korea will be from Oct. 17 to Oct. 23. Before any good news for western market comes, we'd like to share some high resolution scr... Read More »

  • EOS Unveiled Elegent Screenshots - Hold Your Breath

    flord 0

    Date back to its development started in 2009; it has been a long journey for Echo of Soul. Now NHN Entertainment released many elegant screenshots, including battlefields, NPCs, pets and bosses. Long waiting Fans and curious are all amazed at its elegant designs and gorgeous scenes. Here are some official screenshots, please enjoy. ... Read More »

  • FFXIV: ARR TGS 2013 Screenshots Highlight Player Housing

    Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn will add new content in the upcoming 2.1 patch to keep players engaged. One of the most anticipated features in the new patch is player housing. The developer today released several new screenshots at TGS 2013, giving you a glimpse at both the external and internal structure of the houses. Player houses will be available at all three c... Read More »

  • Deep Down's New Screenshots Show Terrifying Monsters

    JoeLW 0

    Capcom just updated Deep Down's Japanese official site with several new screenshots. The medieval RPG features randomly generated content including monsters. The newly added screenshots give you a sneak peek at what the monsters look like in the game. Deep Down will be playable at TGS 2013 starting from September 19. The official site also updated a belief introduction to ... Read More »

  • New Launch Trailer and Screenshots of Rage Warriors

    yuko 0

    There's a fresh new mobile game just released for iOS devices today entitled Rage Warriors, which fighting game fans may be interested. Rage Warriors boasts a gameplay as the classic side-scrolling game Street fighter, and boatloads of blood. Apocalyptic catastrophes have practically destroyed modern civilization, and humanity hangs on the brink of extinction. The surviving humans have be... Read More »

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