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  • Featured Gallery: Blizzard's MOBA Hero of the Storm Screenshots

    Heroes of The Storm, formerly known as Blizzard All Stars (and Blizzard DOTA before that), is the Blizzard's newest free-to-play MOBA title. The game will combine Blizzard's Starcraft, World of Warcraft, and Diablo heroes into a single crossover game. Players are able to control each hero with unique skill, team up with friends and make an attempt to destroy opponent's base.... Read More »

  • Eyeful Posters for Blade & Soul Beta Test and Updates

    Blade & Soul will kick off new closed beta in China on October 29. However, on the other hand, no news about the western localization has arrived since last December. Blade & Soul, which launched in South Korea in June 2012, brings the world of Asian martial arts fantasy to life. Armed with a distinctly unique style, including artistic action, high-quality grap... Read More »

  • Black Desert Closed Beta Ended, Share The Selected Screenshots

    Black Desert's first closed beta test came to a close yesterday. 5000 selected players are included in this totally 63-hour test. Players who luckily participated in this test have good comment to Black Desert's a lot of features including action, beat feeling, diverse contents and adventure. Today, I will share you with a great wave of selected screenshots in the first closed beta... Read More »

  • Aura Kingdom Acclaimed Hot NPC Miya Wallpaper

    emma 0

    Recently, Aura Kingdom's publisher in Taiwan hosted an event voting for your favorite NPC. The sexy and adorable NPC Miya took the first place. Today, we will provide all Aura Kingdom fans with Miya themed Wallpapers to beautify your mobile phone or PC screen. 800×600 │ 960x720 │ 960x768 │ 960x539 │ 960x600 │ 960x540 │ 540x960 Read More »

  • Wolf Knights(KR) Unveild Monster Combat Screenshots

    After the battle screenshot, I will continue to share with you more monster combat scene screenshots in Wolf Knight. From the screenshots below, I think of Kingdom Under Fire? What's your opinion? They share the same epic huge battle and style. Although it is produced by father of RO, I do not think it has the same style as RO. It is so different. ... Read More »

  • Wolf Knights(KR) Produced by Father of RO Unveiled New Battle Screenshots

    Debuting in late May this year in Korea, Wolf Knight attracted so many attention from players. Developed by Kim Hakkyu, the father of RO, Wolf Knights set background in medieval Europe. Recently,Wolf Knight Facebook released a series of screenshots to showcase the progress of development. This batch of screenshots features in battle scene. From the screenshot, we could preview main char... Read More »

  • Preview Archlord II(KR) 12 Dungeons with New Screenshots

    WEBZEN unveiled 4 new screenshots, showcasing dungeons for 2 different factions, for its latest title Archlord 2. In the open beta starting from October 17th, Archlord 2 will unveil 12 dungeons in all, 6 for each faction. Players are able to enter dungeons that are available for less than 5 players. Before entering the dungeon, you need to choose the difficult level. Accor... Read More »

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