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  • Blade & Soul Monster (20 lv+) Screenshots

    Blade & Soul Open Beta started formally yesterday. Players who were not lucky to get a activation key before can finally experience Blade & Soul in open beta. General speaking, leveling up to 20 LV will take one or two weeks for a novice. I think plenty of new players might be interested in what high level monster looks like. So I collected some screenshots of LV 20+ monsters in t... Read More »

  • This Must Be the Dream Wedding for WoWers

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    I heard that a lot of couples generate from WoWers(I don't know how many and what the ratio is. But I really  heard some. XD). They developed relationship when playing  World of Warcraft online and eventually stepped to another stage of life together. Here is another newly married couple comes from World of Warcraft. And they held a grand and happy wedding for their marriage. ... Read More »

  • Featured Gallery: ArcheAge Wallpapers for Your Mobile Phones

    ArcheAge's western publisher Trion Worlds still keeps silent and no further information about ArcheAge's localization was released recently. But you must have heard that ArcheAge Korea won big at Korea Game Awards 2013. While we are waiting for this game's release in west, we might as well collect some ArcheAge wallpapers for your mobile phones. Here they are. Download f... Read More »

  • SWTOR New Expansion Galactic Starfighter Concept Art and Screenshots

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    Galatic Starfighter, the newest expansion for Star Wars: The Old Republic will allow players experience intense 12v12 free flight dogfighting in space. The expansion will be free to play and available for active SWTOR subscribers on December 3, Preferred Status players on January 14 and other players beginning on February 4.  Here are the all the concept art and screenshots ... Read More »

  • Step into BlizzCon 2013 Art Gallery

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    BlizzCon 2013 is a grand banquet for Blizzard fans. It's a great pity that some of us are not able to be on hand. So our reporter took a lot of pictures for those fans who are eager to know and see everything from BlizzCon 2013. Did you miss our feaured Gallery about Blizzcon Cosplay Gallery and BlizzCon 2013: In The Hall And Around The Stages?  ... Read More »

  • World Of Warcraft: Warlords Of Draenor Concept Art

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    Blizzard announced the fifth expansion of World Of Warcraft - Warlords Of Draenor at BlizzCon 2013. Chris Robinson is the art directer of  World of Warcraft: Warlords Of Draenor. In his role as an art director at Blizzard Entertainment, Chris Robinson oversees the World of Warcraft art team and works to maintain a consistent style and a high level of a... Read More »

  • BlizzCon 2013: Heroes of the Storm Heroes and Skins

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    In Heroes of the Storm, each hero offers different strengths and weaknesses depending on their role. Warriors such as Diablo can dive right into a melee, soaking up damage and dealing it back. Assassins like Kerrigan deal tremendous damage and can pick off unsuspecting enemies, but must choose their battles carefully, as they can dish more than they can take. Support heroes li... Read More »

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