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  • 20 Metroid Samus Aran Cosplays That Will Leave You Speechless

    Metroid. A series as old as Super Mario and almost as iconic and memorable as the former. And of course when you speak of Metroid, you speak of Samus Aran. One of Nintendo's fans' favorite characters and one of the most cosplayed characters in the history of cosplay. Today, we gathered for you, 20 Samus cosplays that will take your breath away with their pixel-perfect details. Enjoy! ... Read More »

  • ​Overwatch: Watch Beautiful Sombra Cosplay by Pion from CSL

    Stealth and debilitating attacks make Sombra a powerful infiltrator in Overwatch. Her hacking can disrupt her enemies, ensuring they're easier to take out, while her EMP provides the upper hand against multiple foes at once. Sombra’s ability to Translocate and camouflage herself makes her a hard target to pin down.   Rencently, the South Korean cosplay team CSL h... Read More »

  • NSFW: Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Cosplay Calendar for the Year to Come

    In case you haven't bought a calendar for next year, perhaps you could consider the official Witcher 3: Wild Hunt calender from Maul Cosplay. It's a series of cosplay photos, co-created by CD Projekt RED and Maul Cosplay (aka Ben). If you are intersted, you can purchase it for $29. But a warning to you: some of the photos are NSFW.  The calendar... Read More »

  • World of Warcraft Fans, Meet Yrel, the Draenei Paladin in Real Life

    Spiral Cats, one of the top cosplay teams in Asia, delivered a Christmas greeting to the World of Warcraft fans, with a gorgeous Yrel cosplay by Tarsha. Yrel is a Draenei Paladin and she's one of the main Alliance protagonists in the Warlords of Draenor expansion. Kim Tae-sik "SINME", Spiral Cats' team photographer said that the Yrel cosplay is done for fans who missed the l... Read More »

  • ​Watch the Sexy Destiny Child Cosplay by RZ Cos

    The South Korean cosplay team RZ Cos has released a new Destiny Child cosplay, featuring Sasha as Dana, one of sexiest godnesses in the game. Destiny Child is the first mobile project from former Blade & Soul Art Director Kim Hyung Tae. Players are able to experience juicy contents including Devil Battle, Under Cloud, 6 stages which narrate various scenarios, and over vivid gameplay v... Read More »

  • Top 10 Sexiest Video Game Girls of 2016

    Female video game characters have always been a controversial topic of discussion, especially  after the expotential improvements in graphics in games.Cute, clumsy, cool, beatiful, badass,crazy, there are all sorts of different types of girls in video games that give us a reason to stand in front of a screen with a keyboard or controller in our hands. In this article we will be presenting y... Read More »

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