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  • World of Warships Is Getting Weather Effects; They Won't Affect Gameplay Though

    JoeLW 0

    World of Warships players will be able to battle in most maps that have weather effects, with the coming of Update 0.5.5. These weather effects are pure visual enhancement for gameplay experience and have no effect on actual gameplay except a little bit of player visibility.     Another important new feature is Dynamic Divisions, which allows players to create a Division once the ba... Read More »

  • Revelation: You Can Dye Your Wings and Mounts and Change Their Skins

    Wei 0

    Revelation is about to start open beta in China, opening all content to players, including wing and mount customization. Players can dye different parts of their mounts and wings while are able to change the skins.   What's more, the game allows players to customize their wing's light effects, textures, and more. You can also choose from different presets for your wings (see... Read More »

  • Tasha's Overwatch Tracer Cosplay Features the New Butt Pose

    Aaron 0

    You may still remember the controversy around Overwatch’s Tracer but pose. After receiving fans’ complaints that her victory butt pose is too sexy and reduces her to a sexual object, Blizzard changed it to another classic pin-up pose. Fortunately, the new pose still looks fine and I think it’s perhaps sexier.  Tasha, the leader of famous Korean cosplay team Spiral Cat... Read More »

  • Tencent Games Has an Open World Shooting MMORPG to Announce Soon

    Wei 0

    Chinese leading MMO developer and publisher Tencent Games has some new MMOs in store. One of them is likely an open world shooting MMORPG sets in the post-apocalyptic world. The game will be formally announced at Tencent UP 2016 expo and now it has some concept arts for the public.   There's a leaked trailer that shows vehicle play, some character moves like rolling, TPS shooting, and g... Read More »

  • GDC 2016: Sony Announces PlayStation VR Price and Release Time

    At GDC 2016, Sony has  formally announced the price of PlayStation VR: $399 USD, along with the release time, October 2016.  That price isn't expensive in the eyes of Sony, and actually it's cheaper than PSVR's competitors. The Oculus Rift starts at $599 and Valve's HTC Vive will be sold at $799. Both headsets require powerful PC that cost more than a PS4. ... Read More »

  • Nude Mod Is Making Black Desert into Another Skyrim?

    Nude mod isn't a new thing in Black Desert Online, especially in the KR server. With the game launching in the west, players start to look for mods and some of them look for nude mods in particular. 2P forum user Barretta just found some images that showed characters patched with nude mod.  All images below are censored and if you want to see the original content, head to the foru... Read More »

  • Unravel Yarny Cosplay By Raychull Fierce

    Gijinka cosplay of Yarny from Coldwood Interactive's Game Unravel by Raychull Fierce. Cosplayer Raychull Fierce's popularity has been rapidly growing this year. Showing her creativty off with many sleeper cosplays many including myself haven't seen before, such as her adaption here of Yarny. Raychull features all seasons of the game in her cosplay fea... Read More »

  • Black Desert Destructible Costumes Will Make Your Character Look More Sexy

    Black Desert Online just launched officially yesterday, with some issues at headstart, though. Still, the game is blowing some players mind away with the top notch graphics, detailed character creation, the huge opened sandbox world and...destructible costumes and it is allowed in both genders, making your character showing more skins as you take damage. Dualshockers has a compilation video fea... Read More »

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