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  • Regional Drafts February 2015

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    Players online the last Sunday, Night in Europe-Afternoon in Americas These tables show the Tier 1 and 2 picks for each region. Statistics inside include insanity such as the winrate of Broodmother in Europe, Chen being T1/T2 in each region, Io being Tier 1 in Europe and China but not even making Tier 2 in the Americas and more.  Tier 1 Americas   Tier 2 Americas &... Read More »

  • A look at the winrates of hero pairings 6.83

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    Hey guys, I have collected some stats on the win rate of certain hero pairings during v6.83. I have focused not only on the most used ones but also on those that appeared only a few times in competitive games, but are still useful to understand how well some heroes can work together. In some cases these experiments have been a total failure and no one tried them again, but some other times t... Read More »

  • D2AC Player Profiles

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    Photomash by GosuGamers. Hey guys, Skulz here. After the Group Stage, I have collected tons of stuff on heroes, drafts, records and all that. This time around, I've preferred to focus on the players. These stats include both the Group Stage and the Playoffs. Most of the players here belong to the top GPM chart of the tournament. Some of them don’t have a hero in the respective ... Read More »

  • D2AC - New Bloom Event Trailer

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    Aside from the battle of the giants (EG and VG), and the clash of ancient legends (EHOME vs LGD), the final day of the competition brought us something more substantial: what seems to be an official trailer of this year's New Bloom Event. Featuring a Crystal Maiden that is actually capable of moving her legs (and spotting an unidentified Arcana, just barely visible, at around 0:53 into ... Read More »

  • Coffee w/ Toffees 2/8/15 - The D2AC Salt - Guests: Nahaz and WhatisHip

    Twitch VOD This time on Coffee w/ Toffees, a prolonged, constructive, critical, and not very discussion on the state of things in the behind-the-scenes tournament meta. Includes copious amounts of the viscous Gerg Salt. Timestamps: 1:35 - Team Fire     3:26 - "I think that it was only a matter of time before they ended up parting ways with Mike" - Nahaz 4:30 - Black^... Read More »

  • D2AC - Cloud9 vs Big God Ending Crowd Reaction Shot

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    C9 vs BG will most likely be remembered as the closest series of the tournament, at least so far - C9's ability to gain a lead was as impressive as their propensity to give it all away. Coming up against the ultra late-game lineup of BG, they certainly did give the fans at the venue something to make some noise.   Check out the 2P DAC Hub for more. Read More »

  • Shadow Fiend: A D2AC Ascendant

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    Shadow Fiend is the "surprise" that has been given to us by the clash of titans that is ongoing at the D2AC. The hero has long remained in the shadows, his win rate in the different versions prior to 6.83 was decent but it was always a really situational pick. In the January Tier List, that I wrote a few days in advance so as not to have the D2AC influence it, he was a last tier h... Read More »

  • Here's A Collection of the Celebrities Created in Black Desert

    Developed by Korea-based Pearl Abyss and published by Daum, Black Desert already started its open beta in Korea on Dec 17, 2014 and the more exciting thing is that Black Desert will also head to NA and EU this year. If you happen to be a big fan of character customization, then you are going to love Black Desert! This game has a truely powerful and deepth character creation system in which you c... Read More »