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  • Blade & Soul(CN) Valentine's Day Costumes Have No Pants

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    With Lunar New year approaching, Blade & Soul Chinese service is going to roll out the new patch on January 26, adding hybrid class Soul Fighter and numbers of festive costumes. Today, Tencent and NCsoft released another new themed costume for the upcoming Valentine's Day. This costume is very special and only available for female characters. It looks like long dress shirt and no pants... Read More »

  • This Monster Hunter Themed Wedding Is a Dream for All MH Fans

    There are a large amount of Monster Hunter fans all over the world and it would be awesome if you find out that your life partner is also a Monster Hunter fan! Recently, there was a Monster Hunter themed wedding going on in Tokyo with the theme - "Monster Hunter × Wedding Festival ESCRIT Premium Wedding Festival in Tokyo". All the attendees are all Monster Hunter fans who ar... Read More »

  • Blade & Soul: Character Presets Download - Updating in Progress

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    With Blade & Soul's official launch coming, players are starting to look for presets. Fortunately, B&S Chinese community has got a lot of stuff we can use in the western version. You can download the presets here if you happen to be interested in any of them below. Check out Blade & Soul hub for more guides    Source: 17173 Jin presets can be downloaded here&nbs... Read More »

  • Moonlight Blade: The Cosmetic Accessories You Won't See in Other MMOs

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    It's not a new thing that MMOs sell cosmetics: costumes, accessories, weapon skins, etc. However, Chinese martial arts MMORPG Moonlight Blade's cosmetics are quite fresh and amazing. See what the game has to offer.   Yes the little panda is part of the back  accessory And so do these butterflies   Moonlight Blade is developed by Tencent Games, and like Monster... Read More »

  • Those Clay Made Hearthstone Card Backs Are So Real!

    "风神" (Twitter @Maitreyaaaaa, Instagram here) is an art designer of the famous Chinese Hearthstone pro team Celestial. He made a series of Hearthstone card backs using clay, which I got to say those are just awesome! Some look like delicious cupcakes! They are not just arts but those card backs are actually fridge magnets! Soooo cute!     Read More »

  • See Some Shining Armors in This Vindictus Cosplay

    On December 17, 2015, Nexon unveiled a new female character Delia for its popular action RPG Vindictus (KR). Delia weilds two-handed sword which can land some devastating attacks. Recently, Korean professional cosplay team RZ COS tried Delia cosplay. Enjoy. MODEL : REVE PHOTO : ZPHOTO ASIST : TEAM RZ COS Related Article: >> Vindictus(CN)'s New Year Cale... Read More »

  • See Black Desert's Stunning Details in New Screenshots Shared by Player

    While Black Desert players are waiting for the announcement of closed beta 2 date, some are sharing what get in CBT1. A player has posted a big batch of screenshots he took in CBT1, which represent the maxed graphics the game has. And unlike most screenshots you have seen, these images capture a lot of small details in the world of Black Desert. You can click the images for their original size ... Read More »

  • Monster Hunter Online: New Year Event Rewards You Cool Head Accessories

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    To celebrate the coming of 2016, Monster Hunter Online will host a Chinese character collection event and participants can expect to get some cool head accessories from the event. It's not difficult for foreigners to join, so see what you need to do after the image gallery.   (If you haven't register the MHO account, read here to learn how)   Event tim... Read More »

  • Top 5 Sexiest Female Gaming Characters of 2015

    There are lots of good games in this year and and we have had a bunch of new and exciting games released. Besides for the gameplay and game experience, those charming and sexy female characters has a lot of to do with a successful game. So the question then becomes: what are the hottest video game babes for this year? We list the top 5 sexiest female gaming characters of 2015 below. Ch... Read More »

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