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  • NSFW: A Witcher 3 Sexy Succubus Cosplay Motivated by an Insatiable Lust

    Warning, this is NSFW! In Witcher 3, players fight against the world's many dangers using swords and magic. Among the dangers that may occur you during your adventure through the Northern Kingdoms are succubus.   Unlike other monsters, succubi (there are at least two) feel no desire to kill, do not crave human blood and usually do not, in fact, mean any harm at all. They are motivated... Read More »

  • Overwatch Project Titan Concept Art and Potential New Characters

    Aaron 0

    There's still some time before the official launch of the new heroes and competitive mode in Blizzard team-based shooter Overwatch, so let’s take a look at some potential new characters and concept art from project Titan, which includes some concepts that would eventually evolve into Genji, Hanzo, Reaper, and Tracer. Potential New Characters Sombra: First up is Sombra who appears i... Read More »

  • Here's A New Stunning and Sexy League of Legends Jinx Cosplay by Spiral Cats

    If you love cosplays, I am sure you would be familiar with Spiral Cats, a famous Korean cosplay team leaded by Tasha. They cosplayed many characters oin some of the popular video games, such as Overwatch, World of Warcraft, Civilization Online etc. Today's cosplay is from Tasha cosplaying Jinx from League of Legends and the cosplays are as stunning and sexy as usual. Jinx is surely ... Read More »

  • Conan Exiles Is Delayed but It Gives You Some New Screenshots (Nudity Alert)

    JoeLW 0

    Funcom's open world multiplayer title Conan Exiles has pushed the early access to January 2017 (originally slated for Sept. 2016). When the developer team needs more time improving the early access build, they won't let you just wait. Here is a batch of new screenshots taken from the game's pre-alpha version, which show how the battle, life and ritual look like in the game. ... Read More »

  • See Overwatch's 26 Golden Weapons as Rewards of Competitive Mode

    Baako 0

    Overwatch's upcoming competitive mode has some pretty simple and straightforward rewards, the golden weapon skins. You can see these golden weapons below which are dug out from Korean PTR. Here's a simple survey, do you like the golden weapon skins? For me, they are like some works from lazy Blizzard artists.       ... Read More »

  • The Best World of Warcraft Cosplay ever!

    Before the release of the long-expected film “World of Warcraft”, Blizzard Entertainment Taiwan held a special film festival for Warcraft players to enjoy the movie first. Players who participated in the film festival wore blue or red T-shirt to represent their own identity. Also some big fans dressed up as their favorite characters. Let’s have a look. Demon Hunter &nb... Read More »

  • Blade & Soul (CN): See the New Legendary Weapons

    Annie 0

    The new version of Blade and Soul (CN) due in June will add a whole new set of legendary weapons. According to report, these weapons are different to what the Korean server has in terms of colors and small visual details. Western players can expect these weapon to have a slightly different visuals when they come to the NA/EU server. Besides, the new version also... Read More »

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