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  • A Warcraft Arthas Statue Like You've Never Seen Before!

    A huge statue representing Arthas is crafted in Taiwan. Arthas is known as one of the most powerful and evil beings from Azeroth. The Taiwanese version of Arthas impresses with its high (4 meters) and with weight (around 2 tons). This Warcraft statue will definitelly attract many WoW fans as well as tourists in the near future. This year, Blizzard Entertainment celebrated 25 years s... Read More »

  • This Is How Pokemon Go Trainer Looks Like in Real World

    Pokemon Go has been insanely popular all around the world and as such a hit IP, Pokemon undoubtedly have many cosplays, such as the "top 10 sexiest Pokemon cosplays" we posted earlier. Today's cosplay show is from Ginny Di. She used the whole weekend to make the costume, "The hat, shoes, and leggings are all modified from existing garments, but the rest is all from scratch."... Read More »

  • ChinaJoy 2016 Will Have Even Better and More Overwatch Cosplays

    ChinaJoy 2016, the biggest game convention in China, will soon welcome players starting from July 28. As usual, Blizzard will host cosplay contest in the Blizzard booth at ChinaJoy. Today they announced the 12 finalists for the contest and all cosplays are from Overwatch, due to the huge success of Overwatch's release.    SYMMETRA D.VA REINHARDT WINSTON ... Read More »

  • Warcraft — Unboxing the Official Replica of 1:1 Scale King Llane's Sword

    Wei 0

    Weta Workshop is the partner of Warcraft movie maker Legendary Pictures and they are responsible for forging the props of the movie. Now the movie is no longer available in theaters (and many people are waiting for the DVD and Blu-Ray versions) but its prop replica produced by can be Weta Workshop purchased. We just got our hands on the sword of King Llane, a 1:1 scale replica of what Dominic Coop... Read More »

  • Top 10 Sexiest Pokémon Cosplays

    1.  The Pokemon GO phenomenon is growing day by day as the game continues its expansion around the world. Normally, when you think of Pokemon, you imagine animals with a special  shape, but quite cute, especially species like Pikachu, Bulbasaur or Charmander. However, we moved our attention from cute animals to the sexiest Pokemon cosplays. You can watch bellow our suggesti... Read More »

  • See Some Beautiful Overwatch Heroes Painted by ASK

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    ASK (Twitter @asukaziye1) is a Chinese painter who's good at drawing anime style female characters with thick colors. She impressed us recently with some Overwatch heroes she painted. Do you love the style? Reaper Widowmaker Mei Pharah D.Va   McCree Tracer Mercy Hanzo Genji Read More »

  • Overwatch: Chief Mistress’s Genderbend Cosplay Turns Roadhog to a Seductive Girl

    Aaron 0

    Last time we presented you a series amazing gender-bend Mccree Cosplay, and some of our readers appealed for more this kind of cosplays, so today we bring you another impressive genderbend cosplay by well-known cosplayer Chief Mistress. In Overwatch Roadhog is a big fat guy who looks like an extra from the newest Mad Max movie, but Chief Mistress strips off his fat and presents you a slim sedu... Read More »

  • Overwatch, The Worst, Funniest and Sexiest Cosplays

    The Overwatch sensation has been going strong for months now, and most likely wont be dying down anytime soon with the way things are going. The number of fan-made creations is growing by the day, with new fan art, fanfics, videos and so on. And cosplayers are not about to be left out of the trend. Here are some of the worst, funniest and sexiest Overwatch cosplays. Note that the cosplays tagge... Read More »

  • The Chinese Version of WoW: Legion Gets Some Hilarious Censorships

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    For those who aren't familiar with the Chinese censorship system for video games, the Chinese government requires game developers to modify or remove porn, gory, political and other contents considered to be inappropriate. World of Warcraft is one of the most popular online games in China and it gets lots of modifications each time a new expansion is going to come out.   Now WoW's L... Read More »

  • Some of the Best Overwatch Fanart Ever!

    No matter you play Overwatch or not, you must have known some enthusiast Overwatch fans. You can see their love for Overwatch’s roster of heroes in the amount of awesome fanart. Below, we've compiled 24 pieces of our favorite Overwatch fan art.           ​ Read More »

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