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  • This Is Not Military Camp, It's War Thunder Developer's Office

    JoeLW 0

    Gaijin Entertainment is the developer of War Thunder and upcoming vehicle combat game Crossout. As a military game developer, Gaijin's office has a lot of military elements. See our gallery below and find out what we saw in our tour in Gaijin's office. See that Soviet Union flag? The dressing room. If the employees prefer, they can work in military uniform&... Read More »

  • Overwatch: Take a Look at Those Best Cosplays

    We posted some best Overwatch fan arts yesterday and today we are going to present you with some of the best cosplays around the internet. (Thanks Kotaku) Cosplay by Vera-Chimera | Photo by Beethy Cosplay by Tomatron5 | Photo by Phantom Photography Cosplay by Amaberius | Photo by Pugoffka Cosplay by OshleyCosplay | Photo by The Will Box Cosplay by Unknown | Photo by Beeth... Read More »

  • These Exquisite Overwatch Fan Arts Totally Made My Day!

    Blizzard's hyped team-based shooter Overwatch has just released after a long time closed beta, open beta tests. Obviously, some best artists in the world are also Overwatch fans. While we were waiting for the official release, they used their talent making those high quality and exquisite arts for popular characters in Overwatch. By Kevin Lumoindong By Paul Kwon By Drake (Winson... Read More »

  • [NSFW] It's a Brilliant Idea to Make a Witcher 3 Sex Cosplay

    Aaron 0

    When I firstly saw this set of images below, I felt so authentic that I can't even tell whether they are in-game shots or cosplay shows. Recently famous cosplayer MilliganVick (Deviantart Page) and her husband Andrew did a serious awesome cosplay featuring naked Yennefer and Geralt in very sex poses. Warning it's NSFW. if you're near co-workers, you might want to think twice b... Read More »

  • Overwatch: Mei Cosplay Tells You the Eastern Hero Is Truly a Sexy Girl

    Wei 0

    If you are not familiar with Mei, the female hero in Overwatch, she's from China, wears many clothes, and looks a little bit nerdy with the glasses. But a girl named Eclair on Twitter revisited Mei and presented you the sexy side of Mei in her latest cosplay work. >> Overwatch Tracer Cosplay Features the New Butt Pose     She did some fine Tifa cosplays... Read More »

  • See How Tree of Savior Looks Like in Full HD Resolution in Max Settings

    After today's maintenance, the free to play version of Tree of Savior has just launched on Steam today, and players finally have a chance to get their hands on this game and enjoy the beauty of the 2D anime graphics, cute characters and also the fantastic background music. Developed by Hakkyu Kim, the father of Ragnarok, Tree of Savior also reminds me of the old days when playing Ragn... Read More »

  • Paragon: GPU Test and Graphic Comparisons of Unreal Engine 4 MOBA

    Epic Games' action MOBA Paragon is the most visually stunning MOBA in the market. As a fast-paced competitive game, players may not care the graphics very much, but they wouldn't mind the game having great visuals, especially in max setting. Russian GPU test site gamegpu.com ran a test for the major GPUs on this game and shared some comparison screenshots in different quality levels. &nbs... Read More »

  • Black Desert Online Cash Shop Updated with New Pirate-themed Costumes

    Black Desert Online today received Mediah Part 2 update where the game goes a bit piratical with 3 new areas open, several class fixes and cash shop receiving a bunch of new pirate-themed outfits and underwears. Warrior: Ranger: Tamer: Musa Valkyrie Maehwa Wizard Witch Berserker Sorceress Underwear: The price for the whole weapon & outfit set is at $2... Read More »

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