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  • Featured Gallery: Moonlight Blade Screenshots – Hangzhou

    Moonlight Blade is a 3D martial art action MMORPG developed by Tencent Games. The third closed beta of this game's Chinese version ended last month. Tencent has collected hundreds of screenshots from testers. Here is one part of the screenshots which shows the beautiful scenery in Hangzhou, a city of China. Moonlight Blade has very nice graphics and art design. Tencent plans to release t... Read More »

  • Take a Break from Hunting and Visit the Beautiful Bearte River in Black Desert

    The creepy Witches in Black Desert  lies in the west Region. The most important thing is not to turn away from the path which is dotted with plants and skeletons. The Landscape has a gradually thick fog ideal for the lifeless land of the witches, the sun breaks through the fog decorating the blush pale with fear faces of the travelers. Over the Bridge you can see the creatures of flesh a... Read More »

  • New Concept Arts of League of Legends Heroes

    Yesterday, a new patch was deployed on League of Legends PBE. Except the changes of contents, the patch also brought us a lot of new concept arts of heroes. Check them out! Ahri, the Nine-Tailed Fox Click to Enlarge Blitzcrank, the Great Steam Golem Ezreal, the Prodigal Explorer Janna, the Storm's Fury Wukong, the Monkey King Kayle, the Jud... Read More »

  • Moonlight Blade Sexy Screenshots of Tian Xiang Class by the Sea

    Moonlight Blade is a 3D martial art action MMORPG developed by Tencent Games and the third closed beta just ended last month. Tian Xiang is a new class, which uses an umbrella as a weapon. Here are some screenshots of Tian Xiang Class taken by the sea. Check them out. Related Readings: Moonlight Blade Expands Its Game World to the Sea Moonlight Blade: TianXiang Class Intro... Read More »

  • Korean New HardcoWar MMORPG Azera Screenshots Released

    Azera is a new MMORPG title developed by Korean game company SmileGate who is also the developer of Cross Fire. The second closed beta of this game will start on October 29 and a lot of new screenshots have been released. Check them out below.   Azera is powered by the famous Havok Vision Engine which was also used on Elder Scroll V: Skyrim and Assassub's Creed III: Liberation. This gam... Read More »

  • Tokyo Game Show 2014 in Pictures: Booth Tour And Showgirls Part 2

    On Sept. 18, Tokyo Game Show 2014 (TGS) kicked off. Our reporter passed through the crowd at the event and brought us the latest live pictures, which include the awesome booths of developers and pretty showgirls. Here are pictures from Phantasy Star Online 2 and God Eater 2 booths. If you like them, don't forget we got more awesome pictures in next few pages.   &... Read More »