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  • 5 Best Multiplayer VR Games for PC You Can Play Now

    Oculus Rift will no longer block HTC Vive from Oculus exclusive games, which is good news for Vive owners as their choices are broadened. For those who like multiplayer experience, here are 5 VR games that I think is the best in the first half of 2016.   Pool Nation VR Price: $20 Support: HTC Vive/Oculus Rift Official site: http://www.poolnationvrgame.com/   Boasting physically re... Read More »

  • Clash Royale Best Arena 8 Decks (Road from 2300 Trophies to 3000 Trophies)

    With the new July update, we've received a new Arena 8 called Frozen Peak. Players can unlock it when they reach 2300+ trophies. It's going to be a hard road to hit Arena 9 (legendary Arena with 3000+ trophies) so today I am gonna share a few various Arena 8 decks with you, each page with a typical key card. Hope they can help you climb to Legendary Arena! The rising Goblin Barrel dec... Read More »

  • 6 Most Powerful Female Characters in the Mobile Games

    Aaron 0

    The virtual game world is dominated largely by male gamers, and this is why female characters are always popular and attractive. There are lots of female game characters in the mobile games with enough charisma, strength, bravery and talent. Today we will show you 6 most powerful female characters of the mobile games and I hope those strong female characters will break your view. If your favourite... Read More »

  • Traditional MOBA vs. New Generation MOBA — Which One Has a Brighter Future?

    MOBA genre has dominated gaming industry for the last five years. There are many different MOBAs on today's market and some of them are more successful than others, but they all have same core mechanics. With MOBA market getting crowded developers are forced to innovate do distinguish themselves from the competition. Let's take a look what are those innovations and what is the future of ... Read More »

  • Guild Wars 2 WvW Vs. Black Desert Online Siege, Which Is Better?

    Guild Wars 2 WvW Vs Black Desert Online Siege: Which Game Deserves Your Free Time to PvP? Don't forget to complete the poll after finish reading the article to let us know your choice   This is an important question. Being a PvP player, casual or not, requires of us a certain amount of dedication, which in most cases means that we can't play more than one game to seethe that ... Read More »

  • Funny Player Made Videos: When NPC Gets Emotions and Feeling

    I believe many of you here are RPG game fans so you must be familiar with how it works: pick a class and customize your character and then adventure with your friends in the vitual world, challenging all kinds of bosses and dungeons. That's the normal perspective when you are being a player but have you ever wondered how would that feel if you are playing as a NPC in the game? Viva La Dir... Read More »

  • Steam Summer Sale: 5 Recommended MMOs to Purchase and Play

    Steam has kicks off annual Summer Sale today. It's an opportunity must be taken if you are looking for something new to try. MMO players have some sweet deals to check out, too. Below are 5 games that you should pay attention to. Keep in mind that the Summer Sale 2016 ends on July 5.   Ark: Survival Evolved Available for $16.5, which is 45% off   Being one of the best indie game... Read More »

  • Riders of Icarus Closed Beta 3 First Impressions

    Developed by WeMade Entertainment and published by Nexon, Riders of Icarus is an upcoming MMORPG that has managed to generate a growing expectation over the months. In the ever changing MMORPG market, Riders of Icarus decides to go against the current “innovation” approach that has been trending recently. While the extremely well developed familiar taming system does bring some novelty... Read More »

  • Overwatch Hero Guide: Hanzo

    Hanzo - "With every death comes honor. With honor, redemption." Name: Hanzo Shimada Age: 38 Occupation: Mercenary/Assassin Base of Operations: Hanamura, Japan (formerly) Role: Defense Class: Medium-range Sniper Hanzo is the only other hero of Overwatch in the sniper class alongside Widowmaker, and with that fact comes a similar playstyle with several distinct ... Read More »

  • A Storm Is Coming - NetEase Games Announced About 40 New MMOs

    NetEase Games announced about 40 new MMO titles for PC and mobile devices at NetEase 5·20 Press Conference, bringing a storm to the market. I pick up 8 games that I think are the most interesting to talk in this article. War Rage - the most immersive siege MMO western players can wait for War Rage didn't raise enough attention when it was first announced, but the game i... Read More »

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