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  • 5 NPCs that May Be More Famous than the Game Itself

    New MMOs of different qualities emerge in large numbers nowadays. Some of them die within less than one month, while some immediately become popular and some become classic. Today we are going to talk about the NPCs that impress you in some classic MMOs which stand out from the rest. Some well-know NPCs are even more famous than the game itself. They may be a main protagonist ... Read More »

  • 5 Most Popular Champions in S3 of League of Legends

    The Season 3 League of Legends World Championship concluded a few days ago. Some champions are very popular among top players, especially 5 of them: 1. Shen, Eye of Twilight –the top lane champion with 100% BP rate Shen performed very well in the Finals of Season 2. This time in Season 3, Shen’s ban/pick rate is close to 100%. During the lane phase, the Fe... Read More »

  • The Trend of Japanese Mobile Game: Non-App Play

    The prevalence of mobile game in the market made it one of the most attractive aspects in the entire TGS 2013. After played several good quality mobile games at the expo, we saw the new trend of Japanese Mobile gaming: play games on the browser of mobile devices instead of on Apps. 1. Mobile game developers begin to give up apps and use browser instead A lot of mob... Read More »

  • 14 Things Many MMO Players Do Not Want To Admit

    Namaste or chicken soup cannot save me in the world of MMOG. 1. I add all people who have killed me to my enemy list, but I failed to kill even one of them. 2. I planned to log out of the game to study at 7 o'clock.What?! It's already 12?! 3. There are new costumes and skins! As usual, I cannot afford it... ... Read More »

  • 11 Game Cinematics that Keep You Involved in the Stories

    Being a loyal fan to a certain game, you probably know every detail of its game cinematics. Today we may remind you of the emotions when you first watched the game cinematics. We have prepared some game cinematics which are as good as Hollywood movies for you. Storyline is said to be just decoration in MMOs nowadays. But it turns out to be untrue when we talk about the following g... Read More »

  • The 7 Most Special Bosses In World Of Warcraft

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    It is the 8th year of World of Warcraft. The level cap of WoW has been increased from 60 to 90 (and probably 100 in the near future). The epic storyline of it has always impressed us, moved us. So do the stories of different dungeons. Undoubtedly, bosses of different dungeons play an important role in this. Some of them are cute, some are talkative, and some are provocative. Now let's t... Read More »

  • 15 Facts You Have To Admit When Playing MMOs

    Since the first Massive Multiplayer Online game Ultima Online (someone thinks the first MMO is Meridian59) released in 1997, 16 years have passed. Time flies like the wind; MMO evolves like a banana. Some facts (or opinions) of MMO are gradually formed. 1. Breast of female avatars grows "better" than that of a decade ago. 2. MMO players are younge... Read More »

  • [Slide2P]5 Upcoming Japanese RPGs for Your Mobile Devices

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    'Recommended Mobile Games 2P This Week' is a weekly column article that aims to recommend you the latest and high quality mobile games worth having a try. This article will introduce you different genres of new mobile games ranging from MMOs of shining graphics to the most popular casual games, and there will always be one that you're interested. This week I'm about to recommend ... Read More »

  • Recommended MMOs 2P In September 2013

    Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn MMORPG with beautiful graphics and intriguing story has been released Despite of the disastrous launch, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is still a game for RPG fans, especially those who love FF series. The game reported a 187,000 concurrent players number last month and you may have to queue for entering the servers occasionally. ... Read More »

  • 6 Korean MMOs Worth Anticipating in the Second Half of 2013

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    Last week, we reviewed 5 Korean MMOs that died in the first half of the year and conveyed our condolence to them. Now it's time to stop grieving and look ahead. So this week, we are looking at 6 Korean MMOs that will start testing in the second half of the year. 1. Black Desert As one of the next-generation MMOs, Black Desert is highly anticipated. ... Read More »

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