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  • You Can Fly as Freely as a Bird in MMOs?

    Qing Gong in MMOs Most people thought that human beings would never fly many years ago, but the Wright brothers made it possible by inventing a working airplane. Have you ever imagined the feeling of flying in the sky like a bird in your childhood? In Chinese wuxia fiction, the authors did imagine the ability to move swiftly and lightly at superhuman speed, perform gravity-defyin... Read More »

  • Recommended MMOs In December 2013

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    Recommended MMOs to play this month   Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft (official site)  Card Game/F2P/Open Beta The game starts open beta on PC this month. As the first free-to-play game from Blizzard, Hearthstone doesn’t disappoint its fans, with identical cards and card effects based on Warcraft universe, stunning graphics in this genre, and add... Read More »

  • 4 Most Common NPCs You Must Know for Blade and Soul [CN] Open Beta

    The open beta of Blade and Soul China just started several days ago. Some of you must have hurried to create an account since it is not region-locked. Language could be one problem for many of the English speaking players. If you can't read some important NPCs' names in game, you can try this way to recognize them. NPC: Business and Logistics Administrator This may be the m... Read More »

  • Tips You Must Know for Blade and Soul [CN] Open Beta Part One

    Open beta of the Chinese version of Blade and Soul just started hours ago. Would you like to create an account and give the Chinese version a try before this game come to west? If so, you may need the following 17 tips and more tips will be shared later. 1. 2P guides and folks at 2P will help you out a lot. Join in 2P's Blade and Soul International QQ group created especially for ... Read More »

  • Happy Thanksgiving Day! Here Are the Black Friday Sales for MMOs

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    Thanksgiving holiday is almost here, so what's your holiday plan? Go out in a mad rush to shop on Black Friday? Stay home and play games as much as you desired? How about both of them? Check out the Black Friday Sale for MMOs that I collect for you here. Blizzard Blizzard Entertainment's U.S. store is now offering up to 75 percent off World of Warcraft and 50 percen... Read More »

  • Marvel vs. DC: 8 Superhero Games Based on Marvel or DC Comics

    You probably have watched Thor: The Dark World weeks ago. Is Thor a superhero? What does it mean to be a superhero? Everyone has different understanding. You are probably an ordinary person who doesn't have Peter Parker's spider-webs, Tony Stark's powered suit of armor or Logan's retractable claws, but you could still be a very special superhero to some people. Besides, if you do have t... Read More »

  • A Collection of G-Star 2013 Game Videos Shows You Upcoming New Games

    This year's four-day game exhibition G-Star in Korea has ended. Fans who didn't attend G-Star in person now can give a look at the gameplay videos and trailers of various games showcased at G-Star this year. Many of them will give you a preview of the game features or new contents. If you missed anything cool things at G-Star, you can visit our G-Star page here. Heroes of the Sto... Read More »

  • Big Games at G-Star 2013

    This year's G-Star will take place from November 14 – 17 at the Bexco Exhibition Center in Busan, South Korea. The exhibitor list as well as some exhibited games was confirmed. We made and will update the list. It will go to its game hub at 2P or its wiki directly by clicking the game name. Though NCsoft and Wemade won't participate in this year's G-Star, we can still see a l... Read More »

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