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  • [Exclusive] Rift's Starfall Prophecy Expansion with the Devs

    The Starfall Prophecies have come to pass, the Comet of Ahnket is heading straight for Telara and it is up to us to stop it from consuming our world. This is no ordinary comet, it is the harbinger of doom and with it comes threats from the planes of life and fire that it has picked up along the way. For those who still aren’t quite sure what I’m talking about this is the basis for R... Read More »

  • 5 Must-Play Mobile Games of November

    It was rather easy to fill 5 slots in last month’s must-play mobile games list. This month was a little trickier. Not because I had too many options, but because I struggled to find that many decent titles. Because of this, some of these titles may not be November releases, but rest assured they’re still new...ish. Mr Jump The aptly named Mr Jump, developed by 1Button and porte... Read More »

  • Oh My God I was in Heaven: What I Saw at Comic Con

    Anyone knows if you go to Comic Con you’re bound to see some cool crap, or some weird crap, sometimes both! You’ll see all the cool costumes and merch and games. Some that are in development, some that are in beta, some that had just come out the day before and allowing fans to preview it, or games that have been out and allow you to earn a cool prize! Luckily I was able to play all di... Read More »

  • Recommended MMOs to Play in November 2016

    This month we have prepared a mixed list of upcoming and already released MMOs for both PC and Mobile from well-known publishers like My.com, Kakao Games, CCP, etc. Revelation (Closed Beta starts November 3rd) We already covered Revelation on our previous list, but as you probably know, the first Closed Beta phase was delayed until November 3rd, 2016. If you have already secured a cbt key,... Read More »

  • The Issues Of An Ever Evolving MMO Universe (Part 2/3) - How It Affects Players

    You can read the first part here: The Issues Of An Ever Evolving MMO Universe (Part 1/3) - The History of MMORPGs A MMORPG is usually set in a persistent universe, which means that it evolves even when you're offline. More than that, the MMO offers a world that must evolve over time to simply be coherent as a universe. And to evolve, developers frequently add new content to their game,... Read More »

  • Face-off: MU Legend VS Revelation Online!

    MU Legend and Revelation Online almost came face to face with each other after their publisher announcing that their closed beta test would both start on October 25th. However, this match was cancelled when Revelation Online backed down, moving its CBT on November 3 and giving player’s time to test/play MU Legend instead. Some players think that the reason why R... Read More »

  • The Issues Of An Ever Evolving MMO Universe (Part 1/3) - The History of MMORPGs

    While the definition is still up to debate (that's for another article), MMORPGs offer players the ability to evolve through open worlds with thousands (or hundreds?) of other participants, in a universe created from scratch where they more or less have an impact. And like with the real world, the univers of MMOs is evolving with the times, offering subscribers (or not), new content and new ch... Read More »

  • Hack 'n' Slash MMO MU Legend Closed Beta Review

    History and Information MU Legend is a hack 'n' slash MMORPG developed and published by Webzen and the game's first close beta starts on October 25, 2016. It is the sequel to MU Online - one of the earliest 3D MMORPGs in South Korea. Originally named MU2, the game was announced in 2004, but its development actually began in 2009. MU Legend features 4 classes (wit... Read More »

  • 5 Old Titles Worthy of an HD Remaster

    Recently I`ve participated in a Reddit discussion about the possibility for HD remaster of the first Guild Wars game. Now people want different things from HD remasters, some want just updated graphics, some don’t mind graphics, but want new content for the game and then there are people that want everything redone in a new engine, but with a same feel and story. To be honest, it is really... Read More »

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