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  • App Thursday: Final Fantasy VI Released on Google Play

    Square Enix released Final Fantasy VI yesterday. This is the 6th title of Final Fantasy series released for mobile devices. All of these series are just simple transplant versions. We can’t experience any new content. Why did SE do so, for money? for players? or they are running out of tricks? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------... Read More »

  • Top 5 Most Anticipated Mobile Game of 2014

    2013 has already gone. Many game companies have begun to formulate their new mobile game release plans in 2014. As a player, my happiest thing is to see my favorite games come. The following is my most anticipated mobile games of 2014. Maybe you can also find your favorite game in the list. Top 1: Hearthstone Hearthstone was the most popular PC strategy card game in 2013. Whether or not... Read More »

  • Are You Looking Forward to the Game Adaptation Movies?

    As a gamer, I hope to see a game is turned into a movie. But it is quite difficult. Next year's World of Warcraft is a rare case in the field. Fortunately, 20th Century Fox may be able to change the status. As we know, 20th Century Fox has produced a lot of magic movies, like X-Men Origins and Star Wars. On the studio side, they hired Simon Kinberg as a producer. So that they have the ... Read More »

  • 13 Film-Based Games for Your Mobile Devices

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    Every year in each season many good films come to us and bring us so much fun. When in movies, I enjoy the story and can't get enough. I think that's where my love for film-based games came from. So what have we got in the past two years and what we're going to have in 2014? Check this list of film-based mobile games. I bet you hear them a lot. Iron Man 2 - $6.99 Updated: May 30, 201... Read More »

  • Recommended MMOs In January 2014

    What MMOs do you play in the first month of 2014: games that released before or those that just came out this month? We picked up for you several MMOs you can try this month as well as several others you can keep an eye on. Check out what those games are. Recommended MMOs to play this month War Thunder Action & Shooter/F2P/Open Beta War Thunder is a combat M... Read More »

  • 5 Most Influential Female Characters in World of Warcraft

    It is said that World of Warcraft is a men's world. The male characters in World of Warcraft are heroic and brave, and some of them are extremely evil and notorious. Then what about female characters? What personalities do the well-know and influential female characters in World of Warcraft have? Let's check them out. Rank 5: Alexstrasza She was one of five great dragons chosen by... Read More »

  • That's Awesome, One-year-old Baby is in the Video Games

    Generally, Father would give their children toys, what if he is a game developer? BenStirling, a developer of the Guru studio, create a special gift for his children. Guess what, he put his son in all the games that he has played. Let's take a look at these funny and warm pictures. See, he sets his son into the Mario Kart. Yes, of course, little cute is the champion Left 4 Dead? Oh no, t... Read More »

  • 8 MMORPGs (& MORPGs) for Smartphone of 2013

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    Japan is the heaven for gamers, well, not for PC MMORPG players. Except Final Fantasy XIV, I barely name the second game that can be called popular and successful of this genre. It's not because they don't fancy MMORPG on PC, but the fact that Japanese loves playing video games anywhere at anytime. Playing through portable consoles like PSV/3DS or smartphone perfectly help Japanese peop... Read More »

  • Do Celebrity Endorsements Help in Promoting Games?

    Celebrity endorsement is a form of brand or advertising campaign that involves a well known person using their fame to help promote a product or service. The most common celebrity endorsed products are perfumes, clothing, cosmetics etc. But we seldom saw a game publisher using celebrity endorsement techniques for many reasons. If your favorite celebrity endorsed a game, would you play it or buy... Read More »

  • Five Expectations for Warlords of Draenor

    Since Blizzard announced the upcoming fifth expansion of World of Warcraft, Warlords of Draenor at BlizzCon 2013, players have enjoyed talking about the new expansion. Apart from speculating what new stuff and changes we will have, we also have some expectations for Warlords of Draenor. More PvP battles, more fun We hope there will be more interesting quests so... Read More »

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