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  • The 10 Most Wanted Heroes of the Storm Action Figures

    Fans of Blizzard games and action figures have lived unsatisfying lives thus far, because when it comes to Blizzard properties, there just aren't enough true action figures based on them. There have been World of Warcraft figures (none of which were that great), and the occasional vinyl figure or "cute" toy. Yet fans like me have been impatiently waiting for a unifying line that ... Read More »

  • Least harmful Heroes and Abilities 6.84

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                                                                                  Picture by n2c.deviantart.com We are going to take a look at the least damaging abilities and heroes throughout v6.84... Read More »

  • The 10 Best Diablo Characters Still Needed in Heroes of the Storm

    Heroes of the Storm lets you take control of your favorite heroes and villains from Blizzard's library of characters, reliving some of the greatest battles of past games or facing off in dream battles you never thought possible. Unfortunately Blizzard is a little slow when it comes to releasing new heroes, and the Diablo universe is still sorely lacking when it comes to representation. ... Read More »

  • Best Cosplay of This Week (Season 12) - Witcher 3, Sword Net 3, LoL, etc

    This week, we'll taking a look a set of Witcher 3 cosplay by Galina Zhukovskaia. She dresses up as Ciri, the powerful ashen-haired mutant who was trained by Geralt of Rivia, the main protagonist. Galina definitely has the look down, including the scar on the face. Check out the photos below. Btw, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is now available for the PS4, Xbox One and PC.&nbs... Read More »

  • Complete Guide to the Best Cards in Hearthstone Arena

    The Arena draft format can be overwhelming for new players and veterans alike. It's so hard to figure out which card is the best when you're selecting between three cards that all seem awesome. This guide will help you narrow down the very best cards to pick in Arena based on their consistency, impact on the board, and mana curve considerations.  The Best Neutral Cards Even ve... Read More »

  • The Target /w SyndereN: A detailed interview with DotaCinema's pride

    The third installment of 2P's own podcast show, The Target, sponsored by Hitbox.tv and Vulcun aired live yesterday with none other than Troels 'SyndereN' Neilsen, former pro-gamer who represented known brands such as Mousesports and mTw. Post retirement, SyndereN was recruited as a broadcaster for DotaCinema, and together with Shannon 'SUNSfan' Scotten spearheaded DotaC... Read More »

  • Hearthstone: Top 10 Neutral Cards in Arena

    Good Arena decks require you to draft an assortment of strong class cards, but you can't get by on class cards alone. You'll also need a handful of powerful neutral cards if you want to get to 12 wins. Figuring out which neutral cards to pick can be a real challenge. This list will make it a little easier.  The next time you're drafting in Arena, keep an eye out of these 10... Read More »

  • Dota 2: Metagame of Rage

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    THE CURRENT STATE   The metagame that installed itself within the game during the age of version 6.83 is currently commonly thought to be the worst one to ever have graced Dota 2 - in competitive matches and pubs both. Valve were more and more often demoted to making cars in Sweden, and IceFrog’s name was more and more commonly invoked as IceFraud as people cried out into the vo... Read More »

  • Exclusive: Greg Street Talks About Working as Lead Designer of League of Legends

    Known as Ghostcrawler in World of Warcraft team, Greg Street is now lead designer of League of Legends in Riot Games. He joined the most successful video game company in January 2014 and he rarely stepped into the public in the past year. How does he do in Riot Games and how's the work in Riot like? We just had the opportunity to partner with Chinese media 17173 to interview Greg Street. &... Read More »