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  • Monster Hunter Online 4th CBT Preview: Everything You Need to Know

    At UP2015, Tencent announced Monster Hunter Online's 4th Closed Beta Test, also known as "Awakening CBT" will begin on April 21st. As the time approaches, we collected all the info you need to know about the beta test, including 8 new monsters and several new game modes that will pop up as well as the weapon system and much more. >>> Monster Hunter Online Closed Beta Ke... Read More »

  • Redemption: How to earn votes and get into the Summit 3

    Source: BTS The qualifiers are over, the dust has settled, the players are putting their training gloves back on. All is as it should be before another big event — well, almost. In one of the more brilliant moves this side of Dota 2, The Summit 3 has been offering an extra spot for one lucky team: failed to qualify? You can still, quite literally, redeem yourself so long as you win th... Read More »

  • TOP 5 Old School MMOS for This Month

    Today I want to recommend some nice classic MMORPGs that you can try if you are looking for something nostagic. I believe that the classic MMO games are still quite popular. When I say old school games I mean: Everquest  2, Lineage 2, DOMO (Dream of Mirror Online), Mabinogi and the other of the type. The game that brings me the idea to write this article is DOMO Online, whose server is floode... Read More »

  • Warlords of Draenor 6.2: Tier 18 Gears of All Classes With All Races

    Today, Blizzard revealed a lot of new content of Warlords of Draenor patch 6.2, included new raid Hellfire Citader, new garrison features, etc. It seems that new round of farming is coming soon. Of course, the most important thing of Patch 6.2 should be new tier 18 gears. Currently Blizzard hasn't revealed how to get new tier sets. But you can take a sneak peek at their models here right n... Read More »

  • Skyforge Closed Beta First Impressions - A Break From Uniformity

    In a high tech world where fantasy mixes with science fiction and ancient mysteries, Skyforge transports players into a world where extraordinary mortals and immortals are fighting for survival. In Skyforge, a MMORPG that is jointly developed by the Allods Team (Russian development team behind Allods Online) and the Sperasoft studio, players take the role of an immortal, fighting to protect the wo... Read More »

  • Path of Exiles: The Awakening Expansion First Look

    Grinding Gear Games has finally announced the long anticipated Act 4 content for Path of Exile to be released in the coming months! The Awakening expansion is the largest update to the game since its launch in 2013, and has been in development from the time PoE launched until now. We recently had the opportunity to speak directly with Chris Wilson, managing director of Grinding Gear G... Read More »

  • Best Cosplay of This Week - Japanese Cosplay Competition Prize-wining Works

    Hi guys, it's time to review the best cosplay of this week. This time, we will take a look at the prize-wining works of Japanese first Cosplay competition. In addition, there are also many awesome cosplay from all over the world If you like these cosplay, don't stingy your compliments. Btw, if you are also a costume player, welcome to show your works on our forum, or send them to... Read More »

  • Dota 2: The new Alliance

    Skulz 0

    Perseverance is the hard work you do after you get tired of doing the hard work you already did. Newt Gingrich It is easy to be affected by motivational problems after winning a large sum of money - the recent dismal performance of Newbee, former TI4 champions, at D2AC and other tournaments proves that not even the Chinese are immune. The hard work and the amount of stress needed to reach ... Read More »