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  • 5 Most Visually Appealing MMO Games You Should Have on Your Computer

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    What's the reason for you to play a game? Operating System, gameplay and so on could be the ansers. But whether a game is attractive or not, the graphic is the first impression. Today, we’re talking about 5 video games with best graphics in the present market. If you also focus more on game graphic, you should miss them out. PlanetSide 2 Official site: http://www.planetside2.c... Read More »

  • Blackrock Mountain Interview: Only Interesting WoW Bosses Will Be Added

    At this year's EU VS CN Championship (see final's deck here), Hearthstone lead artist Ben Thompson, Senior Designer Mike Donais and Software Engineer Rachelle Davis were being interviewed by Chinese Hearthstone medias where they answered some questions regarding the upcoming Blackrock Mountain adverture mode and card design issues. Q: In Naxxramas, the first adventure mode for Hearths... Read More »

  • Major All Stars Stats: A Dire Meta

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    We've come up with a variety of interesting stats for Major All Stars including most drafted heroes and win-rate, records, top player stats, team stats, Europe and America qualifier drafts. Dire/Radiant Win Rate   Total Records   Empire   Invictus Gaming   Ninjas in Pyjamas   Natus Vincere   Most Drafted Heroes   ... Read More »

  • How TI5 could trick people into fixing the scene

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    The International   Every year since 2011, 16 of the world’s best teams assemble to decide who shall bear the title of the International Champion for the next 12 months. It is an unprecedented event for all who are invested in competitive Dota 2 - barring that, even the more casual players find themselves drawn by the unique allure of the massive event. Each International is a m... Read More »

  • To Player the Best Cosplay of This Week (Season 4) - Diablo, Aion, FF7, etc

    Each week, we will select the best cosplay shows from tons of works by the western and eastern players. These excellent cosplays will cover the popular characters of hottest Anime and Games. This week, we will see the Cosplays inspired by Diablo, Aion, FF7, etc. Check them out! Btw, if you are also a cosplay player, welcome to e-mail us your works. We will show your works in our site:) >&... Read More »

  • Top damage from heroes/abilities

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    Image by u/frnky What kind of skills have greater impact on the game in terms of hero damage? It’s an intriguing topic, though some might argue that stats don’t take into account the damage inflicted during actual ganks and fights, but that dealt throughout all the game - so heroes with global skills can easily reach the top. At the same time, however, with this data we can get ... Read More »

  • [Boom Beach]Mar 13-14, 2015 Dr.Terror Warriors 1-20 Video Guide by CC

    My apple ID is yxwz0612@sina.com,game name is cclol^-^, we can be friends. If you like my guides,don't forget to tell your friends about 2p.com and my videos. Thanks for your support.See you next week,oh no, C U every week! so hard today.... Here is my setup: Team:Predator(50) Game ID:cclol^_^(my frieds list is full) Headquarters: lv20 Gunboat Energy: 100(boosted by an en... Read More »

  • 7 Things We Can Look Forward to BlizzCon 2015 on November 6 and 7

    Early Today, Blizzard officially announced that BlizzCon 2015 will be held in the Anaheim Convention Center on Friday, November 6 and Saturday, November 7, 2015. And BlizzCon 2015 tickets will go on sale in two batches on Wednesday, April 15 at 7 p.m. PT and Saturday, April 18 at 10 a.m. PT through the online event ticketing service Eventbrite, priced at $199 each (plus applicable taxes and fe... Read More »