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  • Slide2P Picks for Android: Rovio Relased Rio 2 Based Stages for Angry Bird Rio

    I don't know if any of you watched Rio 2. I just watched it recently. It is really a funny animated movie, especially one of the plots that two Brazilian sliders successfully drive several people who plan to disafforest, and then one slider said to the other "Give me five". The plot makes me laugh until my stomach hurt. So, if you haven't watched the movie, go and see! Or, you can also play Ang... Read More »

  • Recommended Big MMOs and New Online Games in April 2014

    Big MMOs you should play this month  WildStar RPG/P2P/Closed Beta  We got 500 beta keys and we are hosting a giveaway event. Grab your key here.  Carbine’s MMO extravaganza will hold multiple beta weekend events before it officially launches in June and this month, you can play two beta weekends. Your opportunity to check out how th... Read More »

  • Recommended MMO Information You Should Not Miss at PAX EAST 2014

    It is PAX East, the wonderful three-day convention for everyone, where a lot of new information comes out and make sure you didn't miss the following information. Star Citizen "Players will load into the DFM through their pre-existing hangar module where they'll choose between five alpha game modes. The upcoming module will also feature co-op capabilities along with PvE AI." Sou... Read More »

  • PAX East 2014: The MMO Wish List

    This year’s PAX East just kicked off in Boston today and you may have noticed that several major MMOs shown in last year’s PAX East will remain in the center of the spolight this year. Hearthstone, debuted in PAX East 2013, will provide hands-on for its iPad version, and so will Wildstar, Carbine Studios’ upcoming MMORPG. Star Citizen is surely one of the most anticipated one, and this y... Read More »

  • 10 Reasons Why You Should Play SOE's Zombie Survivor Game H1Z1

    Zombie survivor game always has a huge fan base but the market lacks a high quality zombie MMORPG. Now SOE is trying to give the MMORPG market which has been ruled by fantasy for many years a little shock, with their nex-gen zombie apocalypse MMO H1Z1. If you look at SOE's previous titles (EQ series, Planetside series, Vanguard, Free Realms), it's hard to not look forward to H1Z1. And if y... Read More »

  • Patch 5170 Notes: Bug Fixes, New Quests for iPad

    tracy 0

    Patch 5170 now is available for download, there are some bugs have been fixed. Check out the details below. Originally Posted by Blizzard EntertainmentSource Bug Fixes Hearthstone will no longer remain on screen when Alt + Tab are pressed in Full Screen mode. The client will no longer pester you repeatedly about the Season ending over a... Read More »

  • Can You Still Distinguish Between Original Game and Clone?

    As we know, 2048 shot to fame in last two week. And its developer Gabriele Cirulli almost becomes the celebrity like Dong Nyugen. But you can never tell how thing will go. A mobile game, completely same with browser edition 2048, was suddenly launch on App Store, and swept across all free rankings in the world. However, the game's developer is not Cabriele Cittulli. With the 100% similar... Read More »

  • Slide2P Picks for Android: Many JRPG Relased Recently

    Japanese developers have a good imagination. They always can develop a lot of interesting RPG, such as Final Fantasy series, Puzzle and Dragon, etc. And these games have different gameplay. For example, Slingshot Braves, the game I picked today, utilize pinball game mode and Magician X Monster use slot machine to attack enemies. How fashionable! So, today, I had chosen same ... Read More »

  • To Be the Last Survivor? – 3 Post-apocalyptic Survival MMOs You Can't Miss

    At the 2014 Game Developers Choice Awards, the survival horror video game The Last of Us won top honors including Game of the Year, Best Design and Best Narrative. Post-apocalyptic survival games are getting popular in the market and games of this genre comes forth with different qualities. Different from zombie survival FPS MMOs, post-apocalyptic survival MMOs are more inclined to actual survi... Read More »

  • Headlines Today: FTL: Faster Than Light is Coming

    The long-awaited FTL: Faster Than Light will be launched on App Store on April 3rd. The price will be $9.99 without in-App purchase. Besides, the iPad version of the game will have some unique content. In the game, you need to lead your team to know exactly each location in the spacecraft, manage the spacecraft and the staffs in it by various systems. During the adventure, each strategy you chose... Read More »