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  • Is MMO Dying Fast in 2015? List of MMOs Got Shut Down in Korea and West

    JoeLW 0

    People are not talking about this topic in this year, and I won't bring this topic up again if it's not because of the number of MMOs got shut around the world is significantly increasing in 2015. You may haven't noticed that South Korea, the biggest MMO factory in the world, has far less new MMOs in this year while at the same time, they have closed down pretty lot of MMOs. In the wes... Read More »

  • 6 Promising Western New MMORPGs in 2016 You Should Keep an Eye on

    Two months are left for 2015 and I've already begun to look at 2016. There are a lot of awesome new MMOs that are worth waiting for in 2016 and there are many that don't get a lot of hype at the moment but are promising. In this article I want to talk about those promising MMORPG titles that the internet hasn't talked a lot about. So you won't see Star Citizen, The Division, and Ev... Read More »

  • The 5 Most Underrated Cards from The Grand Tournament

    Now that The League of Explorers adventure has arrived, it's time to look back at The Grand Tournament and consider the good cards that never quite made it into the meta, despite having loads of heretofore unexplored potential. These cards have all seen play to some extent, but still remain undervalued by the community in my eyes. You should keep an eye on them now as new synergies are ... Read More »

  • Complete Guide to League of Explorers Cards

    The League of Explorers was just announced at BlizzCon, and the new adventure is going to arrive in less than a week! You'll need to familiarize yourself with 45 newly-revealed cards in short order if you want to keep up with the meta and learn how to maximize all these cool additions to your collection.  Keep reading for a quick review of every single card in the new expansion, in... Read More »

  • Recommended MMORPGs to Play in November 2015

    October is a busy but happy month for MMO players and November is going to be busier and happier, simply because more anticipated new MMOs will start beta tests while some others will formally release. But you know, we don't just recommend hyped and famed MMORPGs but also recommend potential sleeper hits. Vote for your choice of November MMO after finish reading the article.  &nb... Read More »

  • Top 6 Most Anticipated MMORPGs at G-Star 2015

    The annual G-star is approaching again. G-star 2015 will be hosted as usual in Busan, Korea on November 12th and end on November 15th. Although the number of booth dramatically reduced by 1/4 and the focus of G-star 2015 moved to mobile games, there are still some much-anticipated MMORPG masterpieces that we are crazy for. Undoubtedly, NEXON and NCsoft are two of the most dazzling star game com... Read More »

  • Black Desert Online NA/EU Alpha: Wizard Class Introduction

    Black Desert Online NA/EU Alpha just ended on 2nd Nov 2015. Among the classes available are Warrior, Ranger, Sorceress, Berserker and Wizard. Among these classes, Wizard is the latest class, merely introduced in Black Desert Korea early this year. I am actually quite surprised that Wizard is released in the alpha.  I have played Warrior and Ranger in the Korean CBT last year. Therefore... Read More »

  • Is Black Desert Online Worth Buying? - Based on Alpha Impressions

    It's that time of the year again where we discuss about whether a game is worth buying? But this topic often only comes out when the buying model for a game is turning out to be B2P ( Buy 2 Play ). This is based on my whole self opinion after having tried the very 1st Alpha Stage of Black Desert that was launched about nearly a week ago, everyone is entitled to their own opinion so with th... Read More »

  • Daum: Black Desert Won't Have Open Beta, 2 More Tests This Year

    The highly anticipated MMORPG Black Desert Online finally came to meet western players, though in a very small scale now. As Daum announced earlier that unlike how Black Desert was operated in South Korea and Russia, it will be a buy to play title for western players and release time will be somewhere in Q1 2016. wccftech.com managed to conduct an interview with Daniel Loehr, Project Manager ... Read More »

  • Top 8 New Player Tips in Overwatch

    The Overwatch closed beta has finally begun, and lucky players have dived into its wonderful world with reckless abandon. Watching streams so far has been a chaotic and harrowing experience, as it seems very few players are focused on improving their skills and learning the intricacies of the game. Thankfully Overwatch includes active in-game tips while you're playing, and players with an ... Read More »