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  • The 10 Best Classic Blizzard Characters Still Needed in Heroes of the Storm

    Heroes of the Storm has three major video game properties to draw from when it comes to new characters. Everyone knows and loves Starcraft, Warcraft, and Diablo, but those series aren't the only source from which Blizzard can draw inspiration. With the addition of The Lost Vikings, Blizzard showed a willingness to reach into their archives for long-lost characters, and those three goofball... Read More »

  • Competitive Hero Tier List July 2015

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      Up: Dazzle, Earthshaker, Bounty Hunter, Winter Wyvern, Bloodseeker, Lina Down: Io   Up: Storm Spirit, Naga Siren, Spirit Breaker, Dark Seer Down: Broodmother, Bristleback, Witch Doctor   Up: Ember Spirit, Anti-Mage, Templar Assassin Down: Ancient Apparition, Beastmaster, Drow Ranger, Shadow Demon, Keeper of the Light, Pug... Read More »

  • Hearthstone: Arena Stats Distribution Guide

    If you played arena at some point you probably encountered a situation in your draft when you have to pick between 2 minions when their tribe and card text aren't impactful enough to justify which one you should pick and you have to think which vanilla stats are better(for example if you would have to pick between Bloodfen Raptor and Bloodsail Raider when playing Priest or picking between Dr... Read More »

  • Sony ChinaJoy Press Conference Round-up: Firefall Coming to PS4

    This afternoon, Sony held the ChinaJoy Press Conference in Shanghai. In the conference, they showed a new sport game named Street Basketball 3 on 3 for PS4, while revealing the classical PC MMO shooter FireFall will come to PS4 in China. Next, let’s review the conference in below. FireFall Firefall is a sci-fi MMO shooter set in a future Earth coming soon from Red 5 Studios. A starship... Read More »

  • The 10 Best Starcraft Characters Still Needed in Heroes of the Storm

    The main reason Heroes of the Storm is so great is that it allows you take the biggest names from Blizzard games and pit them against one another in dream battles you never thought possible before. Kerrigan gets to take on Diablo and Nova get to go toe-to-toe with Sylvanas, along with countless more awesome showdowns! The only problem is that a handful of key Starcraft characters are still mis... Read More »

  • The 7 Coolest Things About The Grand Tournament's Reveal

    Who knew a random Tuesday in July would mark one of the biggest Hearthstone announcements to date, and who could have guess how cool The Grand Tournament reveal was going to be? It's hard to narrow down my favorite elements of The Grand Tournament's debut, but I've thought long and hard, selecting seven things that have me more excited about Hearthstone than I've ever been befo... Read More »

  • 7 New Games at ChinaJoy 2015 That You Want to Know

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    ChinaJoy 2015 is starting on July 29 in China. This year's expo is stripping away sexuality advertising and instead, it's returning to games themselves. That gives games more opportunity to be seen by the audiences. Based on what we know so far, we pick 5 new games that we think you will be interested in.   Borderlands Online MMORPG+FPS co-developed by Shanda Games and 2K Games ... Read More »

  • Top Players by Hero in 6.84 - Tier 1

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    Today we are going to have a look at the best player for each Tier 1 hero in 6.84. We will take into account only those players that will participate in TI5 and with at least 10 games played.   Queen of Pain has been played in 430 games during this patch with an average win rate of 53%. Team Secret’s s4 was the best QoP player also during 6.83 with an 80% win rate over 15 ... Read More »

  • Online Mobile Game Chart in Week #27 - New Games Are Bursting

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    The chart aims to present the most popular online mobile games that have been available for everyone (released or in open beta). There is a score for each game on the chart, which is calculated through certain fomula. Top 20 Most Popular MMOs   Game Information This Week Last Week   1   Marvel Contest... Read More »