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  • Top 10 Clash Royale Tips For Beginners

    Clash Royale is a mashup of a collectible card game, an MOBA, and an RPG. It’s the latest game from Supercell, the ones that brought you Clash of Clans, and it uses the same characters that we’ve all come to know and love. It’s the next big thing on mobile, and if you’re not playing already, you will be soon. Here’s our top 10 tips for beginners who are just s... Read More »

  • Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Start Playing Blade & Soul

    Blade & Soul has been officially released on Jan 19, 2016 and if you are not one of the 1 million players, here are the 7 reasons why you should start playing BnS. >>> Visit our Blade & Soul hub for more news and guides! 1. Superb action skill-based combat Instead of just giving you tons of skills and abilities some of them which you may never use, Blade&Soul gives yo... Read More »

  • The 5 Biggest Mistakes to Avoid When the Overwatch Beta Returns

    The Overwatch closed beta is returning on February 9th, and new beta invites should be going out before too long. If you're hoping to get into the beta and start playing the most exciting new game of 2016, you'll want to avoid some simple mistakes that'll reveal you as the brand new beginner in your very first match.  Mistake #1: Not Paying Attention to Team Compositions In ... Read More »

  • Spellweaver Challenges the TCG Throne - PC Review

    With the rise and rampant success of Hearthstone, the digital Trading Card Game genre has started to explode. You may think Hearthstone is the only and only king of the card games, but Spellweaver has arrived, and it's ready to challenge the throne.  Dream Reactor has created a new TCG that manages to take the best parts of both hardcore games like Magic the Gathering and casual games ... Read More »

  • What Defines A MMO For You?

    Note: Everything in the following article will be entirely subjective, with me merely stating my opinion on the matter. What do those three letters represent nowadays? How can you call a game a MMO? This prefix, which lets recall means Massively Multiplayer Online, has been used indiscriminately in the recent years, and recent games that are eligible for its employment have not always helped re... Read More »

  • Kickstarter and MMOs - 14 Successfully Funded Titles and Where They Stand Now

    If the crowdfunding scene has had the wind in its sails for a while now, the same, unfortunately, can not be said of the MMO market. On a constant freefall during the recent years, the majority of large MMO have been mostly considered as failures by gamers. Whether it is the players being too demanding, or genre itself struggling to evolve, the fact is that people are still finding it hard to ... Read More »

  • 2P.com's Best of 2015 Award Winners Announced!

    After 20 days' voting time, our Best of 2015 Award just concluded. We hope this event can be helpful for you if you are looking for good games to play in 2016, no matter in what platforms. In the 17 awards and 266 nominees, we received 223,342 votes in total and here, we want to emphasize again those IPs are all from real players because every IP can only vote for once in each award. Also, we ... Read More »

  • 7 Reasons You Have to Keep an Eye on Bless Online

    As one of the most anticipated MMORPGs in 2016, Bless Online from Neowiz Games, is finally ready for open beta in Korea next week on Jan 27. Before we get to see the open beta, here I listed the 7 reasons why Bless Online is promising and worth your attention. >>> Visit our Bless Online hub to learn more! First of all, check out the Jan 27 open beta promotional trailer after the bre... Read More »

  • 5 Ways Duelyst is Better Than Hearthstone

    If you haven't heard of Duelyst, it's a new take on the card dueling genre, combining games like Hearthstone, Final Fantasy Tactics, and even Chess into a uinified masterpiece. If Hearthstone has you down, you may end up enjoying the stunning visuals and more complex gameplay that Duelyst has to offer. I'm not telling you that Duelyst is strictly better than Hearthstone overall, but... Read More »

  • 10 Most Anticipated New MMOs for 2016

    2P has presented you the 10 most anticipated new MMORPGs in 2016 last November. But I believe that 10 is a small number and there are other MMOs that you can look forward to. Therefore I decide to extend the list and add another 10 titles. So basically this article is the most anticipated new MMOs of 2016 part 2.   Tom Clancy's The Division Release: March 8   Although the ga... Read More »

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