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  • League of Angels II - Eternal War Ignites Sapphire

    The popular 3D browser MMORPG League of Angels II has just released its first free Expansion and a call to arms has been issued to all players! Come experience the epic struggle between the Elemental Lords in the massive battlefield known as the Eternal War! With a mix of PvP and PvE gameplay, this new mode has something for everyone!    Image 1: League of Angels II - The Eternal W... Read More »

  • ​League of Legends: Shyvana Ability Changes Announced

    Riot Games has posted an dev blog on League of Legends site on the upcoming Shyvana ability changes that are headed our way in patch 6.23 on November 22th, 2016. Riot Aether & Riot Wav3break said: "Shyvana’s already a pretty cool champion - we wanted to make her better. As pre-season work wound down, we decided to take on that challenge."   If big changes for Shyva... Read More »

  • Score in Style with Pelé: Soccer Legend

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      It’s time to feel like a true sports superstar. Pelé: Soccer Legend sends you to the streets of Brazil, where you’ll learn to score like the best footballer in history.   Pelé: Soccer Legend is a brand-new sports game, available on the web and mobile devices. It’s an exceptionally well-designed, polished effort that pulls from several popular ... Read More »

  • ELOA Revives in North and South America Today

    ELOA western server was shut down by Webzen in October 2016 but the game was soon picked up by a new publisher Game & Game. And today, the game is relaunched in North and South America, and will be launched in more countries in the future. The current level cap is set at 50 and end-game contents like 'Town Domination War' will be available in December. The producer guara... Read More »

  • Vindictus: The Abyssal Arena Update

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    Vindictus has announced that it's next major update will occur on November 23rd and it will be called The Abyssal Arena. This new challenge will test your raw skills to see who is the mightiest of them all. The new Abyssal Arena battle quest takes you to a small arena, where wave after wave of foes will test your ability to kill in the blink of an eye. Upon entering the Arena, you&... Read More »

  • League of Angels II First Expansion Launches Today

    The epic free to play MMORPG League of Angels II from GTArcade has attracted 30 million players from 45 countries and launched over 1,000 servers since its release. Selected as Facebook’s Featured Game on 3 separate occasions, LoA2 quickly swept across North American, Europe, and Asia. Today marks the release of LoA2’s first Expansion: Angel of Desire! The Eternal War reignites and a n... Read More »

  • MU Legend 2nd Closed Beta Announced!

    MU Legend 1st Closed Beta just ended last week and the question is, When will the next CBT happen? Although there is no "exact" data or time, as per MU Legend news update, the 2nd CBT is scheduled for early 2017! Related: MU Legend First-Look: A Diablo Player's Perspective The Beta Key activation is also currently disabled but players who have Closed Beta 1 access are au... Read More »

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