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  • A Wonderful 2016 Together - League of Angels II Year End Summary

    League of Angels II launched in April 2016 and has undergone tremendous change in the past 8 months. Both the game and the playerbase has expanded exponentially thanks to weekly updates and the support of amazing players like yourself. Now let’s take a look back at 2016 and all the major accomplishments we achieved together in LoA2!   April | Start of the Epic Fantasy Adventure K... Read More »

  • New Customizable Relics Hits League of Angels II

    Mythic Relics have been the top dog of Relics on Sapphire for over half a year, but now that is about to change! A more powerful Relic, called Artifact Relics, will be released this week!   There are 2 Artifact Relics, one is an ATK Relic called Wheel of Fate and the other is a DEF Relic called Mystic Hourglass. Being the next step above Mystic, the attributes of Artifact Relics will be m... Read More »

  • League of Angels II Honored as Facebook’s 2016 Best Web Game

    -League of Angels II (LoA2), already endorsed four times by Facebook, continued its legendary story and was named as one of Facebook’s 2016 Best Web Games on December 21, 2016.   League of Angels II Honored as Facebook’s 2016 Best Web Game Facebook’s appreciation of LoA2 As the world’s largest game platform, Facebook operates several thousand games and pr... Read More »

  • LoA2’s Exclusive Christmas Pet: Candy Prince! Augment with Only Bloodstones!

    The prince of gingerbread men has escaped from the royal oven! Fully decorated for the holidays, this Candy Prince has run off to participate in the Angels’ Christmas Party! But he won’t stay for long, as he will leave Sapphire once December ends. Will you be able to catch this gingerbread prince before then?   Candy Prince is a Mythic Battle Pet with a deliciously adorable ... Read More »

  • Vindictus - The Blight of the Unseen Comes as the Latest Update for 2016

    Vindictus will end this year with an update called The Blight of the Unseen. Scheduled to be deployed later this week, this update brings along a new episode in Season 3, Chapter 2. Berbhe, a small town hidden deep beneath the battlefield of Lochlann is the main scenario of this new update. This new town from Vindictus is packed with 8 new battle quests, each featuring a new boss, th... Read More »

  • Protect Christmas in League of Angels II with the Power of the Cursed Scythe!

    While the Angels are busy preparing for the upcoming Grand Christmas Party, the forces of darkness have been watching for their chance to terrorize the holidays! But fear not! Introducing the new Soul Arm, Cursed Scythe! With this ancient weapon of great power, you will be able to thwart their diabolical plans and ensure a peaceful holiday for all of Sapphire! Cursed Scythe Skill: [Curse... Read More »

  • HeroWarz gets a new Hero

    Published by KOG Games, anime action MMORPG HeroWarz is getting a new character Christian Ramirez. Ramirez is an honest character with a few skeletons in his cupboard, including the guilt he feels over his twin brother’s death but despite this he is a hot tempered brawler that caters for those who love the interceptor melee combat style.  Veterans of the game will admire his&n... Read More »

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