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  • Cloud Pirate NA/EU Version to Shut Down in September 2017

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    Cloud Pirates, the competitive airship battle MMO game which entered Open Beta a few months ago, has surprisingly announced to shut down on September 29. All the servers will be closed soon which is actually weird to see that the game didn't last for more than one year. And due to the closure of the game, the publisher My.com stated that the Steam downloadable content will be available for ... Read More »

  • The Amazing Eternals: Closed Beta Is Live for Warframe Developer's New Game

    The Amazing Eternals is a new free-to-play team-based shooter from Digital Extremes, the creator of Warframe. The new title, similar to Paladins and Overwatch in certain aspects, has its own unqiue features such as the real-time card drawing and deck building system. You can take a look at this mechanism in the gameplay trailer below. The Amazing Eternal is a 5v5 areana shooter, with strate... Read More »

  • Fairy Tail Hero's Journey - Closed Beta Begins This September

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    Fairy Tail Hero's Journey is an upcoming browser-based online RPG from GameSamba, the developer and publisher of the game. Based on the popular Fairy Tail anime TV series, the game is the only official Fairy Tail online RPG and will introduce in a new telling of the “Fairy Tail” story. In the game, players will be able to create their own wizard, build a team, unlock m... Read More »

  • Survived By: Free-to-Play Pixel Style Bullet-Hell MMO Coming in 2017

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    Survived By is the name of an upcoming free-to-play MMO bullet-hell game where permadeath is just the beginning. The game is developed and published by Human Head and Digital Extremes. The announcement was made by Digital Extremes via a teaser trailer on Youtube today. The teaser trailer shows how the gameplay looks like, the game mechanism and some addition details. Survived By is a ruined wor... Read More »

  • Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire Expansion Stress Test Opens Today for Everyone

    Path of Fire, the second expansion of Guild Wars 2 will be officially launched on September 22nd. As the expansion moves towards the final launch, the developer ArenaNet wants to make sure it will run smoothly. Therefore, starting today at 2:00 PM Pacific time (-7GMT), a brief stress test will be conducted. Anyone with a Guild Wars 2 account can join the stress test, just by creating a new &quo... Read More »

  • MU Legend Open Beta Postponed to November

    Scheduled to start during the summer, MU Legend's global Open Beta was postponed by Webzen to September. Back then, Webzen mentioned that the dev team needs a bit more time to polish the game, in order to add more features than it was previously thought. Today, on game's official Facebook page, it's written "MU Legend Open Beta moved to November". Pierre Vanderbroucke, MU L... Read More »

  • Revelation Online Introducing New Premium Service

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    My.com, the publisher of the new free-to-play MMORPG, Revelation Online is introducing a new Premium Service claiming that it will make the gameplay more comfortable for the players. The best thing about the Premium Service, is the price range of it which starts from 2.2$ only and that's equal to 150 'in-game currency' Aurums which is the price of the lowest package. Reaching l... Read More »

  • Blade & Soul EU/NA: New Gunslinger Class Will Release in September

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    At Gamescom 2017, NCSOFT has revealed the the release date of Blade & Soul's Gunslinger class for North America and Europe. The Gunslinger will be release on September 13, and for more information, visit the official website. In addition to a teaser trailer which was revealed on the game's Official Youtube channel. The trailer is not fully showing how the Gu... Read More »

  • ArcheAge: Version 4.0 Naval Update Is Coming To The West

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    ArcheAge, the famous MMORPG game has got it's version 4.0 massive update announced during Gamescom 2017 by Trion Worlds, the publisher of the game. The update is coming with new features, addition content and a naval system. It will be released in Q4 2017. A naval PVP Arena will be included and it supports cross-server battles. You will be sailing through pounding storms with a crew of 5 pl... Read More »

  • Closers Online Is Truly Coming to the West

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    fast-paced action MORPG Closers Online which was rumored lately to be released in the west, was actually coming! Today, En Masse Entertainment, the publisher of TERA and Kritika Online, announced to publish Closers Online in Europe and North America this Fall. Not just that, the Closed Alpha tests are going to launch in September 2017, followed by Beta phase which you can pa... Read More »

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