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  • ArcheAge Merges Its Western Servers in the Name of Server Evolution

    ArcheAge NA and EU publisher Trion Worlds has announced to take down both European and North American servers for two days in order to execute a server evolution, which is mainly about merging some underpopulated servers. After the merge, 4 servers (excluding Legacy servers) will remain. The servers affected by the evolution are: North America Ollo, Tahyang, and Salphira will be e... Read More »

  • Free-to-Play MMOs to You Should Play in September 2017

    JoeLW 0

    Most F2P MMOs today are from Korea and that's fine. Many of them don't have innovative gameplay, that's OK. Each F2P MMO has its small charms that attract players to take a look, and that's why many old MMOs shut down today, but other F2P MMOs still come out. What are the MMOs that are worth playing in September 2017? Take a look.   Record of Lodoss War Online The global ve... Read More »

  • Twin Saga Is Now Available on Steam for NA and EU Gamers

    To celebrate the first anniversary of Twin Saga in the west, Aeria Games released the anime MMORPG on Steam. Players can download the game for free here. Be noted that the game is locked to NA and EU only. Twin Saga tells the story of Marisa and Amaris, twin goddesses who could not be more different from each other. Without the common agreement as to whether the human world should exist beyond ... Read More »

  • ​Dauntless: Closed Beta First Impressions. A Rough Diamond

    So far, I'm loving it. Dauntless is a rough diamond. In closed beta you can see since minute one that the game has lots of polishing to do. But the jewel is there, you can see it so clearly you could put it on bread and eat it. I'll write a more detailed review later but for now I'll tell you what I've done. The first thing I saw in the game was a short video of the develop... Read More »

  • League of Angels – Paradise Land Brings New Mysterious Hero Light Envoy

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    League of Angels – Paradise Land’s latest update introduces a new mysterious hero Light Envoy. Meanwhile, all current Relics and related features have been renamed to Heirlooms and an all-new Relic system has launched at the same time. Furthermore the update will introduce several changes to the existing game modes. New Relic system and Heirloom system: Resources for the new reli... Read More »

  • Pokemon Blaze Online Is an Indie MMO for Pokemon and Old School Game Fans

    Pokemon Blaze Online is another PokeMMO from indie developers and it features the retro graphics that’s chosen by a lot of fanmade games. PBO is free to play and you can play it now by downloading it at the official site.   PBO has an interesting Custom Stats System, which allows players to explore and grow their Pokemon in a new way. Details can be found below. Custom Game Re... Read More »

  • Dauntless: Ex-LoL Developers' New Game Begins Closed Beta

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    Dauntless, the upcoming free-to-play action role-playing game has got it's Closed Beta launched today beside a new trailer revealed by Phoenix Labs, the developer and publisher of the game, introducing the Closed Beta via the official Youtube Channel of the game. In addition to the Closed Beta launch, there is new content available right now through the Beta test. You can purchase a Found... Read More »

  • Cloud Pirate NA/EU Version to Shut Down in September 2017

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    Cloud Pirates, the competitive airship battle MMO game which entered Open Beta a few months ago, has surprisingly announced to shut down on September 29. All the servers will be closed soon which is actually weird to see that the game didn't last for more than one year. And due to the closure of the game, the publisher My.com stated that the Steam downloadable content will be available for ... Read More »

  • The Amazing Eternals: Closed Beta Is Live for Warframe Developer's New Game

    The Amazing Eternals is a new free-to-play team-based shooter from Digital Extremes, the creator of Warframe. The new title, similar to Paladins and Overwatch in certain aspects, has its own unqiue features such as the real-time card drawing and deck building system. You can take a look at this mechanism in the gameplay trailer below. The Amazing Eternal is a 5v5 areana shooter, with strate... Read More »

  • Fairy Tail Hero's Journey - Closed Beta Begins This September

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    Fairy Tail Hero's Journey is an upcoming browser-based online RPG from GameSamba, the developer and publisher of the game. Based on the popular Fairy Tail anime TV series, the game is the only official Fairy Tail online RPG and will introduce in a new telling of the “Fairy Tail” story. In the game, players will be able to create their own wizard, build a team, unlock m... Read More »

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