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  • Paragon New Hero Revealed

    Akami 0

    Paragon has revealed a new hero which is going to be released on Tuesday, July 18 as announced on their official website. The new hero is called Zinx, the durable ranged attacker. Some players expect it to be OP, but for sure it will get it's patchs to be balanced/nerf later. Also you can watch Zinx's trailer which was released by Paragon Youtube channel. The official webs... Read More »

  • Revelation Online: Safe Haven Expansion Coming Later This Month

    Revelation Online announced the release date of the next expansion Safe Haven will be July 26. The update finally introduce in the apartment system that allow players to claim a new home.  After reaching level 40, players will be able to buy their own private property, where they can invite friends, gain daily experience and decorate as they please. This apartment is located on th... Read More »

  • Kritika Online's Answer to the Hot Summer Is the Sexy Swimwear

    En Masse reveals some sexy swimsuits coming to the item store of Kritika Online as a celebration of the arrival of the summer. There are unique swimsuits specifically for each of the 4 classes. The collection includes 6 wild styles for the Warrior, 6 glorious styles for the Gunmage, 5 rockin' styles for the Rogue and 3 radical styles for the Reaper. Those int... Read More »

  • Riders of Icarus Officially Released with New Class Trickster

    Yeah, Riders of Icarus formally launches but perhaps you've already forgotten the game. Nexon and WeMade's F2P fantasy title started open beta in July 2016 and then releasd several update and revamped the game's UI, crafting, quest for world bosses, rewards and dungeons, etc.  Today the game launched with the Rise of the Trickster, adding new Shaling race and Trickster cla... Read More »

  • Warframe: Gamepaly Details of the Open World Area and Day-night Cycle

    JoeLW 0

    Warframe is a co-op third-person over the shoulder shooter that pits players to fight in procedurally generated maps. In the upcoming large update Plains of Eidolon, the developer Digital Extremes will introduce in the game a huge hand-crafted area called Landscape. It will be an open world environment with full day/night cycle and a NPC town called Cetus where players can interact with each oth... Read More »

  • MU Legend Global Open Beta Set to Begin in September

    Back in March, Webzen announced MU Legend global open beta would start in summer 2017. Today the Korean developer and publisher confirmed the OBT will due in September. Over the past few months, Webzen worked on polishing the game and localizing it in 6 languages: English, German, French, Polish, Spanish and Brazilian-Portuguese. Players will be able to choose between the 4 available cla... Read More »

  • Icarus Russian Open Beta Starts Later This Month

    Icarus is the Russian version of Riders of Icarus and it just has an open beta date. Russian publisher 101XP will kick off the OBT on July 21, 2017. Russian players can purchase Founder Packs starting at $5 to get a head start for OBT. Players who own the $50 Founder Pack gets a 3 days head start and can create characters starting from July 13. In OBT stage, players can progress up to le... Read More »

  • Secret World Legends' Elite Dungeons Will Have 10 Difficulty Levels

    Funcom's shared-world MMORPG Secret World Legends is only one week old but the game has been ready to bring in new contents. Update 2.0.1 will introduce in elite dungeon system that offers 10 difficulty levels for the dungeons. Each difficulty will increase the challenge of the dungeon as well as the loot that can be gained. This week patch also improves the Patron Benefits. This mea... Read More »

  • La Tale Relaunched in the West with Call of the Goddess Expansion

    La Tale is a 2D side scroller developed by Actoz Soft and the game aims at anime MMO gamers and those who like the MapleStory type of experience. The game had been published by OGPlanet in NA since 2008 and it closed down on June 28 2017. The game was immediately picked up by Vertigo Games America via its portal Papaya Play. The game has relaunched now.. OGPlanet's player data won't b... Read More »

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