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  • MMOFPS Offensive Combat Lands on Facebook

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    According to developer U4iA Games, the browser-based free to play mmo shooter Offensive Combat expands to the Facebook platform as a new playable app. Included in the Action games section of the Facebook App Center, Offensive Combat has attracted an initial 510,000 active players. Developed by a newly founded studio U4iA, Offensive Combat delivers fast-paced action gamep... Read More »

  • Word Game Lexathon Arrives on Android Platform for Free

    Lexathon, a word game that is developed by independent game developer Xandar Mob, arrives on Android platform for free with an in-app pro edition. Lexathon is a 9-letter word puzzle game where you discover as many words as possible that contain the central letter. Test your lexical skills; there is always a 9 letter word to find amongst the scrambled letters! Be quick and ... Read More »

  • Browser MMO Roger & Out Closed Beta to launch on January 16

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    Travian Games has announced that sci-fi browser-based MMORPG Roger & Out will launch closed beta test on 16 January. The free-to-play sci-fi MMORPG Roger & Out lampoons every green-eared, blue-skinned, black-helmeted cliché in the science fiction genre. This gripping space saga also tips its cap to classic films, series and games as the players meet familiar figures such... Read More »

  • Chrono Tales Closed Beta Test 2 Launches

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    3D browser MMO Chrono Tales has already kicked off its 2nd Closed Beta from 21:00 of Jan. 7th EST (GMT-5). It will last approximately two weeks.  There are some adjustments made in 2nd Closed Beta: 1. The official gives away one pet, named Flame Steed to all players. 2. Level cap has been raised to Lv 60, more World Bosses and Daily Instances are available. 3. Tw... Read More »

  • RO2 Opened the 3rd World “Freyja” with Cash Shop Live!

    Shortly after the open beta test on January 3rd, Asiasoft Online announced the third world “Freyja” for Ragnarok Online 2 which is named after a Nordic goddess associated with love, beauty and fertility. To meet the requirement of increasing players and ensure the smoothest gaming experience, Asiasoft Online decided to add “Freyja” on January 6th. In addition, Ragnaro... Read More »

  • Germany-based Developer SilentFuture Reactivated Earthrise

    SilentFuture, a Germany-based game developer, has announced to reactivate the futuristic MMO Earthrise that was canceled last February. Currently, revived Earthrise’s closed alpha is in process. SilentFuture made an overhaul and improvement in Earthrise systems and fundamental factors such as network and server performance. Earthrise will be completely free to pla... Read More »

  • Rule the Universe, Star Conflict First Look Video Showcase

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    Announced by Gaijin Entertainment and StarGem Inc., Star Conflict is a free-to-play dynamic MMO themed with space warfare. Against a futuristic setting, it puts you at the helm of a space ship and leads you into the distant galaxy to fight in the star fleet’s massive battles. Check out the Star Conflict's first gameplay video below. In Star Conflict, players will join ... Read More »

  • FarmVille 2: 40 Million MAU, 8 Million DAU

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    Despite Zynga just shut down its Japanese operations last month, stock is down 75 percent over the course of the year, to kill PetVille and more to cut costs, it still gets a remarkable record of FarmVille 2.  The social farming simulation game FarmVille 2 launched in last September has attracted 40 million monthly active users and 8 million daily users. Zynga post the... Read More »

  • Anonymous Source Says CoH Is Profitable, NCsoft Responses

    We all know that City of Heroes was shut down in November last year because NCsoft, its publisher, claimed that the game was unprofitable, which was one of the driving reasons behind the closure of the game. However, according to the source provided by anonymous former Paragon Studios and NCsoft employees, CoH was actually profitable. The source told MMORPG.com that City of ... Read More »

  • 2 New Mechs are Freely Available in Hawken Test Drive

    According to the official blog of Hawken, two new mechs are freely available for players to test drive from January 2nd to January 16th. They are Berserker, who is good at mid range attack with all purpose, and Brawler, who is good at closed range heavy defense, respectively. You may preview them with the following images and description. “The Berserker... Read More »

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