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  • Cross Fire Announced Vast Contents Update with Hero Mode X

    On January 17th, G4BOX Inc., the publisher of Cross Fire in North America, announced vast contents update. With this update, fan-favorite Hero Mode X will be added and two new vacation-themed battlegrounds can be challenged as well as two new unique player skins: the female Ranger and the demonic Havoc to be competed. The new battlegrounds offer a little something for ev... Read More »

  • Vanguard: Saga of Heroes Removes Free-to-play Restrictions

    Almost every subscription-based MMORPG that converted into free-to-play model has more or less some restrictions, which may keep players from giving the game a try. Vanguard: Saga of Heroes was originally such a game but with the release of today’s update, all changed as publisher Sony Online Entertainment is relaxing restrictions on the game's free-to-play offerings. ... Read More »

  • Sega Partners with Gogogic to Spawn MMORTS Godsrule

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    Sega of America announced it’s partnering with Icelandic social mobile studio Gogogic to develop free-to-play MMORTS Godsrule: War of Mortals. Gogogic has previously developed titles such as Tiny Places and Viking of Thule. Godsrule is a new fantasy-themed game that seeks to mix social mechanics with core strategy elements. Players are tasked with managing a kingdom, harv... Read More »

  • MechWarrior Online Unveils Spider Mech And Double XP Event

    MechWarrior Online has got a new Spider Mech that will creep you out, especially when you have arachnophobia. As one of the fiercest and quickest Mechs in the game, Spider Mech is an agile new light mech with eight jumpjets and an unmatched turning radius to make life difficult and traumatizing for heavy mech pilots. Along with the reveal of Spider Mech, MechWarrior Online... Read More »

  • Chinese Tanks Fire in World of Tanks

    Wargaming claimed that, in the World of Tanks battlefields, Chinese Tanks appear with update 8.3. Europe and Southeast Asia have a first glance at this fresh kind of Chinese Tanks, and later on January the 17th, Chinese Tanks will fight “in the battlefields” in North America. What is new in this update? Seventeen magnificent tanks, once operated by the Chinese People’s Liberation ... Read More »

  • Broken Realm: A Crystal Saga Chronicle Open Beta Begins

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    Reality Squared Games (R2Games) announced that Broken Realm: A Crystal Saga Chronicle, the next chapter in the Crystal Saga narrative, has entered into open beta 1:00 PM EST on January 15th. The open beta server Frost Highland is open to all players. Broken Realm features elements from many of your favorite browser and client games in addition to several unique new gam... Read More »

  • EnMasse's TERA Free to Everyone for Seven Days

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    EnMasse's TERA will turn free-to-play next month, and for those players who can't wait for the F2P changeover, the Unreal Engine 3 MMO gives them the chance to play the game for free for seven days. According to the publisher, the seven-day free gaming time was originally meant to give to former subscribers, however, because of some technical issues, some players didn't get the in... Read More »

  • Highly Anticipated New Browser MMOs for 2013

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    At the beginning of a new year, let's check out some new free-to-play browser-based MMOs. Here I sort out a list for you. Some of them has entered closed beta, while others still under development. However, browser games development cycle is not so long as PC client MMOs. So we are likely to have a try these games soon. City of Steam City of Steam is a free-to-play unity3D b... Read More »

  • Wizardry Online Postponed Official Launch Date to Jan. 30th

    On January 14th, SOE announced that Wizardry Online would come to official launch on January 16th. However, they renewed the announcement and pushed back the official launch date to January 30th. This schedule adjustment not only spares some time for players to do preparation such as downloading a new client, but also gives the development team a bit more time to... Read More »

  • SWTOR Highlights Update 1.7 New Features in New Teaser Site

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    Gray Secant, the huge Gree starship Star Wars: The Old Republic just launched a new teaser site for Update 1.7: Return of the Gree. This upcoming patch brings level 50 players onto the adventure to assist the Gree, a tentacled species that lives on planet Gree. Two major new features are highlighted in Update 1.7: relics of the Gree event and galactic... Read More »

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