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  • PlanetSide 2 Revealed Roadmap for the First Half of 2013

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    SOE revealed a roadmap for its open world MMOFPS PlanetSide 2, showing the whole community what they are going to do in the first half of 2013. What's more important, the developer asks players to join the discussion. At the official site, you will not only be able to take a look at what SOE has planned for the following six months, but can also write down your opinions. The roadm... Read More »

  • Lineage 2(NA) Announced a Large-scale China IPs Ban

    Per an announcement on Lineage 2's North American official site, NCsoft has started blocking IP addresses from China due to high RMT traffic. This large-scale block prohibition happened from connecting to the game, to the website, and to the account creation pages. Because the account creation page is shared with Aion, it is unfortunately not possible for China IPs to create accounts fo... Read More »

  • World War II Themed 3D Heroes & Generals Sign-up Live!

    Heroes & Generals, developed by the independent studio Reto-Moto and published by Square Enix, has started it closed beta sign-up on the official site: http://www.heroesandgenerals.com. The game plans to enable tablet and smart-phone users to influence the ongoing war. Set background in World War II, Heroes & Generals is a new F2P 3D MMOFPS with a Strategic Mu... Read More »

  • Side-scrolling ARPG Once Upon a Runner Comes to An and iOS

    SaltyPepper Studios's same-named third-person ARPG SaltyPepper bridges single player and co-operative dungeon crawling, an intuitive PvP Arena, and layered character development with groundbreaking spectator tools. Recently, the studio announced it would release SaltyPepper's prequel - Once Upon a Runner, a side scrolling runner featuring beautiful graphics, intense audio tracks, an eng... Read More »

  • SOE Teams up with MLG for PlanetSide 2 e-Sport

    Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) announced earlier that they’ve partnered with Major League Gaming (MLG) to bring PlanetSide 2 to the competitive eSports. The year-long collaboration will span all of MLG's properties including original broadcast programming, online competition and presence at MLG events. SOE and MLG will team up to develop ideal competitive gameplay features and se... Read More »

  • PlanetSide 2 just Banned "a Whole Bunch of Idiots"

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    "Find a new hobby or get good at the game,” John Smedley said to hackers SOE and its boss John Smedley are fairly serious on the issue of cheating and hacking. In the latest tweet, Smedley told that PlanetSide 2's customer service team had banned another group of hackers, including some guys that had spent 300 hours in the game. our CS guys are banning the crap out of a whole bunc... Read More »

  • Chrono Tales Open Beta Time Revealed

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    With the end of second Closed Beta, Ray Media announces the scheduled launch time for Chrono Tales Open Beta is Jan. 29th EST. During the second Closed Beta, Treasure Plant, which is an in game event, has been optimized as one of big featured gameplays. As an ancient Chroland legend goes, there was an almost dry, narrow oasis located in the center of the mysterious desert, wh... Read More »

  • Riot Issued Two League of Legends Players with Lifetime Ban

    It seems Riot is taking serious actions to clean up some of the toxic members of the League of Legends community. After banning two players (envision and aAa Linak) earlier this week, today Riot continues to handed out lifetime bans for two EU League of Legends pro players who are scheduled to participate in this weekend’s EU League Championship series qualifiers and a third one is also... Read More »

  • Core Online Featuring Cross Servers RvR Kicks off Final Test

    Entwell's Core Online kicked off the final test at 3pm on January 25th. There is no other limitation in this final test for 3 days. Having gone through three years of development, Core Online is able to start the core content - RvR among three servers. In the final test, various mounts with different appearance and character will be added. Players are able to experien... Read More »

  • Temple Run 2 Now Available for Free on Google Play & Amazon

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    After a 20 million-strong debut weekend on the App Store, Temple Run 2 races onto Android and Kindle devices. Imangi Studios, the independent studio behind the mega-hit endless runner Temple Run, today announced thatTemple Run 2 is now available for select Android and Kindle devices. Featuring high-res graphics, new obstacles, abilities, player powers, and achievements, T... Read More »

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