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  • See Blade & Soul's New Maestro Class in Actual Combat

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    Blade & Soul Maestro class will be available in the Korean server first later this month, and for those who are curious of how the gunner class fights in the game, there's a Maestro gameplay video recorded in the KR test server.   The video confirms that Maestro can use a chain hook to grapple the enemy and can put some kind of device on the ground. Watch the video below. &am... Read More »

  • Rumor: Aeria Games Will Cancel Bless Online

    Anonymous tipster told MMORPG.com that Aeria Games will cancel Bless Online after their visit to the developer studio Neowiz Games in South Korea last week. Due to "quality concerns", claimed by the tipster, Aeria Games decided to cancel the agreement with Neowiz.  2P's own source also points out that an important announcement is going to be made by A... Read More »

  • AION 2 Is in Concept, Not in Development Yet

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    AION Chinese publisher Shanda Games has revealed some details of the upcoming 5.6 patch for the MMO and they confirmed that AION 2 was considered and it remained in concept at the moment. “The sequel is not in development yet as NCsoft’s dev team is still focusing on new content for AION,” Shanda Games said.   Related: NCsoft Is Reportedly Working on Project A2, ... Read More »

  • Secret World Legends Shows Revamped Combat Gameplay

    Funcom's shared-world action MMORPG Secret World Legends will be launched soon on June 26. The developer today released a combat trailer, explaining that the combat was revamped to be more shooter-like and action-oriented. Does the new combat look more intriguing? Take a look.     There are 2 goals when revamping the combat system, according to the developer: one is to make cont... Read More »

  • Eleder Scrolls Legends Launches on Steam and Android Platforms

    Bethesda's free-to-play card game Elder Scrolls Legends today officially launched on Steam and Android platforms, and just a few days earlier the game was released on iOS system. The latest content update The Fall of the Dark Brotherhood is included in the Steam and Android version. The update introduces in brand-new new PvE story in which you take on the role of agent and need ... Read More »

  • Crossout Starts Open Beta with 7 New Game Modes

    Gaijin Entertainment's post-apocalyptic vehicle combat MMO Crossout is now in open beta and the game gets a lot of new contents including 9 new locations, 7 game modes, new components and weapons to customize your vehicles and more. Watch the launch trailer below.     Crossout sets in 2021 and the world 'Crossout' is a kind of viral epidemic that destroyed the modern civ... Read More »

  • Ryzom Goes Free-to-Play Today

    Nevrax announced today the 2004 MMORPG Ryzom will be free to play without subscription fee. However, like many F2P MMOs the game features optional subscription model and places restrictions to free accounts. For instance, free players can progress up to level 125 and will face cap on item quality. Premium account won't have those restrictions while it will also get doubled XP gain, and ... Read More »

  • Master X Master Western Release Date Announced

    NCsoft's first MOBA Master X Master is set to launch in North America and Europe on June 21, 2017. In addition to the competitive mode, the game features PvE missions which is a pretty unique experience in the MOBA genre. In fact the game itself is quite different to most MOBAs with the third-person shooter nature and the ability to swap between 2 selected heroes in the battle. Fo... Read More »

  • Twilight Spirits Chinese Open Beta Starts on June 29

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    Netease Games' upcoming action MORPG Twilight Spirits will start open beta in China on June 29. Unlike most multiplayer games stress on team work, this game wants you to be the hero that can save the day.   With solid play skill, a player can face tough boss alone, by trigger "time freeze" through successfully evading boss attacks. When the boss monster is frozen, you and your... Read More »

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