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  • Isometric Zombie Shooter Metal Reaper Is Now Playable in English

    The name Metal Reaper should be new to many gamers. The game is a post-apoclyptic isometric shoot 'em up MMO developed by Korean studio N2 Games. The English version of the game that's published by JC Planet has started public beta on April 29. You can visit the official site and apply for beta test now.  Note: The game requires Windows 7 or above to play. Video source: Step... Read More »

  • Try the Music-driven Game Fermi's Path Now – Free Demo on Steam!

    Fermi's Path, the action-packed and music-driven arcade game published recently by GameArt Studio is now available as a free demo version on Steam.   In Fermi's Path players jump into the role of a particle called Fermi and embark on a voyage along a subatomic path. Driven by the rhythm of the electronic soundtrack Fermi hunts down the highscore as he avoids obstacles and def... Read More »

  • TERA Coming to Steam on May 5 with New Gunner Class

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    Today's good news for TERA players and Steam users is TERA is releasing on Steam on May 5, 2015. The all new Gunner class will also be available on the same day. Those who are looking for some serious firepower in the game can finally have it. Check out below the Gunner video or her abilities here.   Read More »

  • The Summoners Newbie Gift Code Giveaway

    Powered by Unity3D engine, The Summoners, a brand new Cards game from Teebik, entered the open beta stage on April 19th, 2015. In order to help newbie to start their adventure easier, Teebik teamed up with 2P.com to distribute Newbie Gift code. The Summoners Newbie Gift Code (Game Media) 100 Diamonds Gold Ore*1 Weak Enchantment*2 Free stage sweep*10 Total Worth: 200Diamonds... Read More »

  • Smite New God Ah Puch Overview

    Hi-Rez Studios' MOBA Smite was just joined by a new god - Ah Puch. Now players can get their hands on the god of death in the game and let the enemies feel the terror of death. Ah Puch can raise up decaying corpses which surge forward and explode upon touching anything. His corpse army can also deal damage (including overtime damage) and slow target down. You can check out Ah ... Read More »

  • Cabal 2 Closed Beta Starting April 30, 2015

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    The wait for Cabal 2’s NA and EU is almost over, as ESTsoft announced the closed beta will start on April 30. The team revealed the beta date in a new spotlight video that features dungeon details. You can watch an overview of dungeons in below. Don’t forget to register at the official site if you are interested.     Cabal 2 was first announced in 2010 and it’s... Read More »

  • Skyforge 3rd Closed Beta Dated

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    Starting on April 22nd and until May 13th, players will be able to continue exploring the world of Aelion in Skyforge's 3rd closed beta.   Those who have already downloaded the CBT2 client will not be required to re-download the game, and can continue the jorney from where they left off, with the characters from the last CBT. If you’ve signed up for the beta, keep y... Read More »

  • The Lord of Rings Online Is About 8 Years Old

    Turbine's fantasy MMORPG The Lord of Rings Online is one of the few MMORPGs that have such a long life. The game will turn 8 on April 24, 2015 but the celebration will start this week. During the Anniversary Festival, which runs from April 15th through April 28th, all players will be eligible to receive gifts based on your account status. From newly registered adventurers to loyal veterans... Read More »

  • World of Warships’ April Fools Spaceships Are Actually Coming to the Game

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    Spaceships and allien technologies are coming to World of Warships! The April Fools Day joke Wargaming made will now come true. Starting today all beta testers of the game can participate in an in-game event, choosing one of the five tier XXX space themed ships (Flyfire, Galaxy, Enterprice, Zaya, and Yamato) to battle in a space themed map. The event ends on April 14. Learn more here.   ... Read More »