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  • ​SMITE Unveils New God Nike; Will Be Available on December 6

    Hi-Rez Studios has unveiled new SMITE trailer featuring Nike, the last god that's coming later this month. Nike will be available in the 3.23 Wings of Victory patch, on December 6, 2016.   Lore It is often said that history is written by the victor. If that is true, then history is shaped by a single Goddess: Nike, the winged warrior. When the fastest runner bears ... Read More »

  • Black Desert Will Launch in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao Soon

    Black Desert is about to land in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao, and PearlAbyss is now busy preparing for the first Closed Beta Test. Players from the region who are interested in taking part in the CBT can register on the Black Desert website until December 11th. On December 13th, the gaming studio will publish the list with the players qualified to take part in the first CBT. December 15t... Read More »

  • ​Nexon and Respawn's Titanfall Online Is Coming out in South Korea

    Nexon Korea has launched Titanfall Online official site and announced the first Closed Beta, or Frontier Test, will be starting in South Korea on December 15. It will last one week and allow players to check  out the basic gameplay content and help the publisher test server stability. If you can read Korean and have a Korean cellphone number, you can try to apply for beta here befo... Read More »

  • Skyforge - War Eternal Is Live, Prepare to Fight with Your Pantheon

    War Eternal, the latest update for Skyforge is now live. The Pantheon Wars will return along with the War Eternal update on December 3rd. The Pantheon War Seasons are the main competitive event for any Pantheon, during which the owners of the magnificent Celestial Temples are decided. Skyforge is lowering the dificukty of Squad Adventures, one of the most common activity for players ... Read More »

  • Lineage Eternal: 2014 VS 2016 UI Comparison Indicates the Game Has Changed a Lot

    Wei 0

    Lineage Eternal first closed beta finally starts today in South Korea, and it's been 5 years since the debut in 2011. The gameplay has been overhauled, with the role-playing experience being changed from Diablo style to Granado Espada style.   If you take a look at the UI in 2014, you can see the game was about controlling one character to explore and fight.  Now take a look at ... Read More »

  • Riders of Icarus: Ranger's Fury Update Is Arriving on December 15th

    Nexon America has announced the next Riders of Icarus update Ranger's Fury will arrive on December 15, 2016. This update will includesa new level cap of fifty, a big new desert biome and the new Ranger class that combines long range and melee combat styles.      Below are key features of the Ranger's Fury Update: The Fury of the Ranger Leveraging their skills... Read More »

  • ​Gigantic Open Beta for Windows 10 and Xbox One Dated

    Perfect World Entertainment has announced the Open Beta for Gigantic will launch on Xbox One and Windows 10 on December 8, in North America and Europe. Cross-play for the free-to-play competitive action MOBA will be available between the 2 platforms. Gigantic will launch on PWE's Arc platform (Windows 7, 8) in the future.   Gigantic Open Beta features a rotation of 16 heroe... Read More »

  • Flyff Online NA and EU Server Merge Postponed to Early 2017

    While Gala Lab is working on the Flyff Legacy mobile MMO based on Flyff IP, Webzen is preparing something new for Flyff Online, the PC MMORPG launched in the west in 2005. That includes a new EU server "Meteonyker", and the new schedule of the NA and EU server merge. Back in September, Webzen announced that 2 NA servers will merge with the EU server l... Read More »

  • League of Angels II Winter Festival Items Debut!

    Has it already snowed where you live? The first snow of the winter is about to fall on Sapphire! League of Angels II, the epic free to play browser MMORPG, will hold it’s first Winter Festival from Nov. 28th to Dec. 2nd! This wintry event will be bringing a new Winter-themed Suit, Battle Pet, and Mount to keep you cozy for the holidays! Take a look at the preview below.   New Suit... Read More »

  • It's a Shopping Frenzy! League of Angels II Black Friday Rush Sale!

    The annual shopping frenzy known a Black Friday is almost here! From Nov. 25 to Nov. 27, League of Angels II will be offering a ton of amazing items at insane discounts for all players in the new Black Friday event. The more you buy, the greater your discount! Plus, there’s a chance to win a 100% rebate on what you paid, making your entire purchase essentially FREE! Check for more informatio... Read More »

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