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  • New features for Swordsman online has been released

    Swordsman online has recived a new update  "Gilded Wasteland", and now it might be the right time to check out the game again. From now you can visit the new regions such as Ping Liang, Tunhuang, and Shadow Mountain Plains. The new expansion includes many other new features: Key new content: - The maximum character level is increased to 94. - Permission for a large number o... Read More »

  • ArcheAge Level 50 Leviathan Raid Preview and Battle Video

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    Please note that the article is based on ArcheAge Chinese version. Leviathan is the most notorious monster in the sea in ArcheAge. It serves as endgame raid boss that can be challenged by players at level 50. Leviathan raid is a little bit different to traditional raids in other games because it involves both PvE and PvP. The PvE part includes 7 phases of intense fight against Leviathan whi... Read More »

  • Preview of the new Images for MU2 online

    Webzen continues to spread images of the Diablo-like action MMORPG MU2. You can see the characters and some of their skills, a couple of NPCs, scenes, etc. MU2 was first announced in 2005 but the development of the project had been suspended until 2009. Although the game is now scheduled for 2014, but it is likely that there will be another postpone as it's not going to meet the public at ... Read More »

  • Relive Those Turbulent Years in WWII Tank Game Ground War: Tanks

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    Ground War: Tanks is a brand new TPS game that’s set in World War II. The game will be officially launched on FB on October 22th. Long gone are the days when you must download a GIGANTIC client! Feel all the drama and cruelness of World War II in this download-free blockbuster game!   The Authentic Battle Heed the sound of rumbling tanks? You can now command your own tank and build y... Read More »

  • ArcheAge Endgame Sea PvE Boss - Ghost Ships Preview and Video

    Please note that the article is based on the content in ArcheAge Chinese version.   Ghost Ship is one of the three endgame boss battles in the sea in ArcheAge (the other two are Leviathan and Kraken). There's the normal Ghost Ship, which is easy to kill. Seasoned sailors of level 50 can take down Ghost Ship with a starting yacht as long as they work with each other closel... Read More »

  • Prepare for The Awakening Rise of Mythos 1.7 is Coming

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    Rise of Mythos 1.7 expansion presents a whole new kind of PvE Challenge. The World Boss will challenge all the players on a server to combine forces and battle in this multi-mode, daily event dungeon. With each victory, teams of heroes gradually reduce Sharia’s health points; but watch out for her stronger forms that manifest over this hour long event. Players will have two chances ea... Read More »

  • Hasla Relics, A Guide To ArcheAge's Best Non-Crafted Weapons

    Whether you are gearing up for end-game PvP or not, there is no denying that having a good weapon will be essential for you post level 50 adventures in ArcheAge. Indeed, PvP aside, if you have been exploring the high level zones on your continent, you should have noticed that killing mobs has been getting much harder, even with up to date skills, and weapon obtained from the quests available in th... Read More »

  • ArcheAge Auroria Continent Opens on November 4, 2014

    Starting November 4 ArcheAge players can step on the land of Auroria continent to start a whole new journey. The Conquest of Auroria update allows you to explore, quest, craft and siege on a new magical continent.     There will be 6 new zones on Auroria, 4 of which can be captured and ruled by guilds. Other guilds can claim these territories through siege war. The 4 claimable zones... Read More »

  • Age of Wushu: Winds of Destiny Destiny Pack Giveaway

    Snail Games announced that Age of Wushu: Winds of Destiny would arrive next Wednesday, October 15th. With Age of Wushu: Winds of Destiny, you will meet new competitions, new battles, and new mysterious challenges. In celebration of new expansion, Snail Games joins hands with 2P.com to distribute Destiny Packs. Do not hesitate to take one and jump into the new challenge. Each Destiny Pack wi... Read More »

  • Knight's Fable Releases Four New Legendary Heroes

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    The 2014 top free to play MMORPG game Knight's Fable released four new heroes last week. These four new guys all have noble descent and a legendary personal biography! Let's unveil them and take a look at their background stories. Let's learn about the four children of Zeus! When we talk about the son of Zeus, there's no doubt that we would think of Apollo. Knight's Fable ha... Read More »