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  • Hellgate Global Now On Steam Greenlight

    Redbana Corporation's free-to-play online title Hellgate Global is now on Steam Greenlight! The game originally developed by Flagship Studios gave players a lot of good old memories and now Redbana is trying to make it popular again.     After Redbana's owner Hanbitsoft acquired the game, they redesigned it and brought it back to the international market in 2011 in the name ... Read More »

  • Warthunder: Update 1.43

    >> More New MMOs, Console MMOs and Mobile Games at Gamescom 2014 Feature << Millions of Players enjoy the Warthunder Game and there’s been exciting news at Gamescom for them. We met with Gaijin Entertainment, the company behind this successful game, and were given the chance to get informed on what plans they have for their flagship title. With the upcoming update 1.43 ... Read More »

  • Hazard Ops: Survive the Apocalypse

    There’s been many games, that have made use of a zombie and monster apocalypse, but there’s a new kid on the block which goes under the name “Hazard Ops” and it brings a twist to the genre shaking its very foundations. It is a third person shooter which revolves around a group of mercenaries fighting their way through endless hordes of zombies and/or various monsters... Read More »

  • Prepare for The Wrath of The Abyss: Rise of Mythos 1.6 is Coming

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    Get ready for one of the biggest Mythos updates in August 14th, complete with new packs, a new race of Demons, Hell's Realm event boss, and lots more exciting events to be unveiled weekly. If you haven’t played in a while, now is the perfect chance to get back in the game and see what’s new! Below are just some of the features players can expect in the update. Some content will be ... Read More »

  • Skyforge: Of Gods And Their Powers

    We’re seeing a ton of great content out of Gamescom in Champaigne this year. Now it looks like the guys behind Skyforge have released some juicy info about their end game system in which the player ascends to godhood. We’re not sure how accurate the picture above is, but if this is what godhood means in Skyforge, sign me up! The announcement delves deeper into multiclassing, ... Read More »

  • Champions Online Launches New Update "Steel Crusade" on September 4

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      Champions Online, a free-to-play superhero-themd MMORPG, is set to launch new update "Steel Crusade" on September 4th, according to the press release from Perfect World Entertainment.   This new update will bring players a new storyline where they will find Millennium City under attack by Mechanon, a robot supervillain determined to eradicate all organic life. It's u... Read More »

  • Mega update of Quantum Rush takes new tracks online!

    Just after the single player Quantum Rush: Champions developed by GameArt Studio got greenlit on Steam we have further great news today: The Quantum Rush team would like to announce that a great update went online successfully on Quantum Rush. Next to two new racetracks the update contains many bug fixes and wide optimizations. In addition to the tunnel track "Selenit Tunnels" availab... Read More »

  • Youzu COO Talks League of Angels' Western Operation, Marketing, & More

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    League of Angels is a turn-based browser MMO developed by China-based game company Youzu. This game revolves around a group of angels fighting darkness. Players will guide a party of heroes with an angel at its core, and engage in turn-based combat in single-player and multi-player dungeons, as well as cross-server battles. We are glad that we had an interview with Chen Libiao, the Chief Op... Read More »

  • League of Angels Announces New Mount Evolution System

    League of Angels today announced a brand new mount evolution system that makes your mount evolve to completely change its name and appearance and have more powerful skills. Evolving mounts can boost heroes' attributes effectively. It is worth mentioning that the mount evolution is irreversible. For more info about mount evolution system, you can check out the official database.   ... Read More »

  • ArcheAge Guide: ArcheAge Mount for Combat

    Caption Mounts can fight against monsters in ArcheAge. How use mounts for fighting around the game world? This guide will show you in detail.  To equip your mount with armors Archeage mounts has Health. It means that mounts can be hurt and dead. Therefore, in order to give your mounts better stats and defense, you have to equip your mount with armors to before the mount start t... Read More »