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  • World of Warships Dev Shows Graphics Evolvement and Talks Future Plans

    While WWII fans are battling in World of Warship closed beta, the developer has been looking at what’s coming next. In the latest blog update, Wargaming shows how the game’s graphics has been improved since 2011. Check out the images below and you will give the developer a thumbs-up.   World of Warships graphics evolvement from 2011 to 2015 (click the image for the full size ver... Read More »

  • Here’s the First Halo Online Gameplay Video

    Halo Online is a free-to-play competitive FPS developed by Saber Interactive (developer of Halo: The Master Chief Collection) and exclusive for Russian market. At the reveal event the game’s Russian publisher Innova Systems presented the announcement trailer, giving the world the first look at the actual gameplay of Halo Online.     The game is powered by a modified version of... Read More »

  • ArcheAge Launches on Steam

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    Released in last September, Trion World's sandbox MMORPG ArcheAge is now available on Steam for NA and EU players. Steam users who want to have additional in-game currency, materials, and other convenient items can choose to purchase DLC packs that range from $25 to $150.   ArcheAge features over 100 possible class builds, giving RPG fans a lot of options to customize their characte... Read More »

  • Here Are The 13 Classes You Can Play When Skyforge Launches

    Skyforge today reveals all classes that you are able to play at launch. A total of 13 classes mean pretty lots of choices for players of different tastes. All classes fall into 3 types of roles: damage, tank, and support. Below are the awesome arts for each class and be sure to read the detailed descriptions at the official site to learn what each class is capable of in the game.   The game... Read More »

  • Superhero MOBA Infinite Crisis is Available on Steam

    Turbine's superhero MOBA Infinite Crisis has released on Steam for free. To celebrate the Steam launch the game's DLC packs are available for great discount: the Basic Pack is now 50% off and the Elite Pack is 67% off. If you are new player to the game, you can learn about the basic gameplay from the video below. Read More »

  • Skyforge Reveals New Support Class Lightbinder

    Lightbinder, as you can see in the name, is a class that bears the power of light to support the allies and damage the enemies in Skyforge. It's never a bad choice to have such a supporter in your party. Check out what Lightbinder is capable of in the trailer below.     With a unique aura surrounded, Lightbinder provides sustained buff to itself and its allies by increasing the ... Read More »

  • Tera NA Gets New Level 65 Dreadspire Dungeon

    The NA version of Tera has acquired new content - level 65 Dreadspire dungeon. Assembling a team of 5 players and find your entrance in the western part of Tempest Reach through the dock, you are good to enter and challenge 20 levels of BAMs and baddies. Standard accounts are be able to play this dungeon 1 time every day, while Elites can try twice. Of course you ca... Read More »

  • Planetside 2 PS4 Closed Beta Will Start In Europe On March 25

    SOE will launch Planetside 2 European PS4 beta soon on March 25. To sign up, EU PS4 players simply have to go to the official site and provide their email. Selected North American PS4 players have been able to play closed beta in January.       Like the PC version, Planetside 2 PS4 will be free to play. Besides, the game will be locked at 30fps, 1080p. While the full game on PS4... Read More »

  • Dungeon Fighter Online Global Open Beta Starts

    Dungeon Fighter Online NA version was shut down in 2013. Now the game is back as DFO global version. The developer Neople will start global open beta on March 24 and NA & EU players can download the game prior to the start of OBT.  According to Neople, the first stage of open beta will last three weeks until April 13. The studio has not yet confirmed whether a server wipe... Read More »