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  • Swordsman to Launch on July 29th

    After less than a month of open beta, Swordsman is scheduled to launch on July 29th formally, Perfect World Entrainment announced today. The launch will bring in the new Demon Pit event, encouraging players against evil foes underground to obtain the end-game gear in game.   Swordsman is a free-to-play martial arts and wuxia-inspired MMORPG, set in the rich universe based on the immense... Read More »

  • Cascade Seems to Take the Place of Candy Crush Saga

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    Recently, a new spin on match-3 puzzle game, Cascade, is quietly landed on App Store. But the puzzle from Big Fish Games rapidly attracts players’ attention. Its rank rushed to the top of Puzzle genre in US app store within just 4 days and is very near the rank of its biggest rival, Candy Crush Saga. Click to Enlarge In fact, the official said the new smartphone and tablet free-to ... Read More »

  • H1Z1 dev explains how realistic the zombie AI can be

    SOE's Associate Game Designer James Chin recently posted a blog article, talking about zombie behaviors and AI in sandbox zombie survival MMO H1Z1. With the tools the team has, the developers can specify NPC spawning mechanisms and with the behavior system, they can make zombies respond to the stimuli accordingly. "But, we don't strictly control what those stimuli might be at any ... Read More »

  • ​Take a first look at Skyforge's Pegasus

    Yesterday, My.com released a new screenshot for their upcoming sci-fi action MMORPG Skyforge, showing "The Pegasus, one of the many mechanical units you’ll find in Skyforge. It’s heavily armed and very sturdy. " Skyforge's Fackbook also showed off this screenshot and added "Are you prepared to face the Pegasus in battle?" If so, this steampunk styled creatur... Read More »

  • ​Age of Wushu Launches Warrior's Ascension Update on July 31

    Snail Games has recently announced that Warriors Ascension, the next major expansion of Age of Wushu, will goes live on July 31st, 2014. The new expansion will bring in a lot of new features, including the Beta test of the Sky Ladder as well as the brand new Level 6 gear and equipment.  During the Sky Ladder Beta Test, players will be able to fight randomly-selected opponents from any ... Read More »

  • Lineage 2's Ertheia expansion launches on July 30

    The Lineage 2 saga will be extended with the release of Ertheia expansion on July 30. The new content includes new lores, hunting zones, new instance for level 99 players, two new stats: Charisma and Luck, and the whole new Ertheia race.   The Ertheia were created when Sahya, youngest son of Einhasad, imbued their forms with the essence of the wind. The Ertheia were free souls, full... Read More »

  • Knights Fable: You Are the One to Save the World

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    Knights Fable, the masterpiece of western magical epic, is online on Gamebox for players to experience. It will bring players back to the era of clash of all Gods. You will have to imprint 7 original sins to become the real Savior!  Knights Fable makes a breakthrough on the traditional magical painting style. Mainly focuses on Magical elements, it adds the elements of Gothic style,... Read More »

  • New World of Speed Trailer Teases "Dream Drive"

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    Slightly Mad Studios recently released a new trailer for their upcoming racing MMO World of Speed, showcasing the "Dream Drive" where "the Mazda RX-7 and Mercedes Benz 190E 2.5-16 Evolution battle it out on a couple different tracks and in some particularly nasty weather conditions". Without any further ado, enjoy the trailer below. World of Speed will be available l... Read More »

  • League of Angels Launches on AMZGame on July 21

    AMZGame, a new online game publisher, has recently announced that League of Angels, an anticipated browser game of 2014, is slated for release on July 21st at 10:00 am EDT.   League of Angels is a free-to-play fantasy MMORPG focusing on fast turn-based combat. Set in a fantasy world under threat from powerful forces of evil, League of Angels gives players the sacred mission to recov... Read More »

  • F2P Defiance Delays Launching on Consoles

    Trion today announced that the launch of Defiance Free-to-Play on consoles will be delayed, due to making sure a stable launch. The F2P Defiance was originally available on July 15. Trion has yet to reveal when they push F2P Difance on consoles in the future.  "As you've seen or possibly experienced this week, we've been having stability issues with our console platforms,&... Read More »