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  • Blade & Soul Has Gone F2P in Japan

    Ever since March 1st, 2015, NCsoft has started to change its business model for its titles in Japan gradually. First of all, Blade & Soul has officially gone Free-to-Play in Japan on March 1st. And, it is said that a new VIP membership system will work in Blade & Soul, but the details are still unannounced. The rest of NCsoft's titles in Janpan including Lineage 2 and Aion will go F... Read More »

  • TERA Released Winter Update! New Battlefield Unveiled!

    Developed by Bluehole Studio, MMORPG TERA unveils a new update including new battlefield "Large-scale Melee". As the finale to TERA's winter update "The 10th Wings", this update add core contents like new battlefield and new dungeon. The new battlefield "Large-scale Melee" provides players with unique team death match that is without any tactic. According t... Read More »

  • Bellona, Goddess of War Joins SMITE

    Treya 0

    In a week's time in SMITE we will have a chance to meet Bellona - an Ancient Roman Goddess of War (her name comes from Latin bellum - war).    As suggested in the name, she's going to be a total empress on the battlefield, not afraid to jump into the middle of the fight to turn the tide. Have a look at her skills:   Master of War - Passive Upon giving or rec... Read More »

  • Age of Wulin to Release New Expansion Chapter 4: Betrayal & Forgiveness Soon

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    Age of Wulin published by WEBZEN will release its third expansion on 10th March 2015. "Chapter 4: Betrayal & Forgiveness" introduces new playable factions, a weather system, dynamic events and many other features. From 10th March, players will be able to abandon their Sects to either join one of the 6 playable Factions, one of the 7 remaining Great Sects, or go on their own path, fre... Read More »

  • Fast-paced PvP Game Cronix Online Available on Steam

    Cronix Online is a multiplayer online focuses on realistic PvP combat. The game sets in post-apocalyptic battlefields and it allows you to change your champion during a game. You can expect in the game a wide range of weapons  After choose skill card and cosmetics for your champion you will enter the arena where you can actually break, tear, thresh your opponents into pi... Read More »

  • Skyforge Explains Stats System And How It Affects Combat

    Like many MMORPGs, Skyforge's classes and their power are defined by various stats. In the latest dev blog, the developer Allods Team goes deep into the game's stats system as well as the mechanic that affects your DPS and health regeneration.   There are dozens of stats in the game, some of which are common stats for each class and some are class-specific stats. You can see all sta... Read More »

  • Skyforge Gameplay Video Shows Customizations and Combat

    Skyforge Russian version hosted a free beta weekend in the past weekend and it seemed that enthusiastic gamers around the world played the Russian version even there was a language barrier. For those who are still waiting for the NA version, the pioneers in the Russian server have brought you a character creation video and the first few minutes of the gameplay, from where you can see the many opti... Read More »

  • Survarium's Freeplay PvE Mode Only Gives You One-life Opportunity Each Turn

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    Stalker-inspired MMO shooter Survarium is preparing the Freeplay mode. Freeplay is the PvE mode in the game that allows you to explore the world and complete tasks for your faction. There are random events and deadly monster in addition to various environmental hazards. What's more, you'll have one-life only each turn, which means if you die, you drop what you have found in the wild and re... Read More »

  • ArcheAge Gets Adorable Plushie Pet for Valentine's Day

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    If you are planning to add something new to your collections in ArcheAge recently, the Narayana Plushie Pet is a good option. The adorable pet that can do cute emotes as it levels up. It certainly won't be too much helpful in the combat but Narayana Plushie Pet won't disappoint you and your friends as a Valentine’s Day gift in ArcheAge.   Check out the Narayana Plushi... Read More »

  • Siegelord Adds New End-game Features and Wizards

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    37Games has added new gameplay features to Siegelord in Version 2.0. Now players can get access to new content such as Philosopher's Stone, Wizard recruitment, and new faction quests, etc.   The Philosopher's Stone: After players reach the level cap, the new experience players obtain will be accumulated in a Philosopher’s Stone. When the Philosopher’s Stone is filled... Read More »