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  • Twin Saga Opens to Everyone for Free This Weekend

    Aeria Games has announced a free beta weekend for anime MMORPG Twin Saga for the weekend. Starting on Saturday 27th at 3:00 am PDT you can bring your friends to the colorful world of Twin Saga. There will be multiple events hosted this Sunday. Read on to learn more.   On Saturday, the dev team will be in the game and play with you. On Sunday at 6:00 am PDT, there will be an event where yo... Read More »

  • Action MMORPG Otherland Announces Open Beta and Launch Time

    Otherland is not new MMO anymore but it's still in Steam Early Access. But soon the game will move to the next phase, the free to play Open Beta, which will start on August 30. The OBT will last one week and then the game will be officially launched in September.  The game started Steam Early Access last September and it had been under development and polishment for the next ... Read More »

  • Tree of Savior Teases 24 New Classes in Gamescom Gameplay Trailer

    IMC Games, the developer of Tree of Savior, has released a new gameplay trailer for the game, teasing 24 new classes including 8 entirely new ones. Additionally, the trailer shows new class abilities, new adventure areas and more.   Since the video doesn't specify the new classes, we don't know what the new classes can do. But if you are interested, you may read Redditor archefa... Read More »

  • League of Angels II At Gamescom and Celebrity Guild War

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    GTArcade and Youzu Interactive is excited to announce that League of Angels II will be appearing at Gamescom, Europe’s largest gaming convention, starting August 17th. This is also the debut Bigpoint and Youzu for a public event to jointly promote the game. As GTArcade’s premier title of 2016, League of Angels II is a free to play MMORPG that combines stunning visuals, innovative gamep... Read More »

  • Riders of Icarus Has Banned Over 5,000 Botters, Spammers, Hackers Recently

    The latest Producer's Letter of Riders of Icarus addresses the community concern of bots and spam. Han Sol Junger, the Producer of the game, reveals that the team has begun a new banning initiative which has eliminated more than five thousand spammers, farmers, botters and hackers, in a very short window of time.    I want you to know that our team is aware and cares deeply abo... Read More »

  • SRPG Fruit Warriors is Officially Live Now

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    International mobile and browser game publisher 37Games will officially launch its latest game “Fruit Warriors”, a fruit themed SRPG on August 11th, 2016 at 08:00 (EST) . The game allows numerous ways to build the character or “Hero” into becoming the savior of the universe from the forces of evil. Now let’s take a deeper look. Fruit Warriors is a browser-based f... Read More »

  • Regarding Combat Styles Comparison Issue in Riders of Icarus

    One of the most important features for you to get is the ability to pick your own combat style in the Riders of Icarus playing. There are two options for you, when in combat both are very different which includes how efficient they are and how they work. Learning both is definitely beneficial, as you can adapt to whichever works the best for you, but understanding the fundamental differe... Read More »

  • Vindictus' Next Update is The Ein Lacher Challenge

    The Ein Lacher Challenge is Vindictus' next update that will indulge its player with some great activities. Ein Lacher is a one-on-one battle with one of the bosses of Vindictus that will test your combat skills. Each day, you'll have a choice of 10 Ein Lacher battles to complete, selectable from the Exploration Departure map. Defeating the boss gets you EXP, AP, Gold and Hon... Read More »

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