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  • World of Warships Open Beta Starts

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    Wargaming's ship battle MMO World of Warships is sailing to open beta and allowing everybody on board to start the engine. You can download the game at the official site.     World of Warships provides 12v12 PvP and PvE battles in the high seas. You can battle other players or AI enemies in 10 original maps with over 90 warships including massive battleships, swift destroyer... Read More »

  • Dynamic Combat MMO Skyforge to Enter Open Beta on July 16th

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    Featuring dynamic combat set in a universe where gods and heroes use futuristic technologies to protect their planet from vicious creatures and space invasions, free-to-play AAA Sci-Fi MMORPG Skyforge will begin its open beta on July 16th, 2015. Skyforge Open Beta gameplay trailer The Skyforge Open Beta is the culmination of four extended closed beta tests. Undergoing the previous four clo... Read More »

  • Intricate Combo System CABAL 2 Officially Launched with Launch Promotion Trailer

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    Featuring a unique combat fighting system, the highly-anticipated open-world MMORPG CABAL 2 has officially launched and is free to download and play. CABAL 2 Launch Trailer CABAL 2 features combat that is fluid and skill-based, but also offers all the depth and strategy players would expect from a genuine MMO experience. Designed by passionate MMO gamers for fans of the genre, the game's f... Read More »

  • TERA(KR) Unveiled New Sexy Female Class with Mechanical Arms

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    Bluehole unveiled a promotion video for TERA's new class which will be added on July 15th. As an important part of the Summer Update Exception, this new class is the 11th class in TERA. This new class has the greatest feature of TERA's offensive tank at the early stage who is both good at attack and defense. In addition, the update provides players with fresh feeling via adding two ... Read More »

  • SMITE Released New God Ravana with the "Combo Breaker" Patch

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    Action MOBA game SMITE today released a new god Ravana, the Demon King of Lanka, with its latest "Combo Breaker" PC patch. This content update introduces Ravana to the pantheon of playable characters within SMITE, and includes a major upgrade to the SMITE 2015 Season Ticket. 2P.com teamed up with Hi-rez Studio to distribute Ravana and Tyrant Skin Unlock Code. SMITE - God Reveal - Ra... Read More »

  • SMITE: Ravana and Tyrant Skin Unlock Code Giveaway

    Yesterday, SMITE updated a new patch with the latest god Ravana(Teaser Page: http://www.hirezstudios.com/smite/promo/god-reveal/ravana). 2P.com is teaming up with Hi-rez Studio to give our readers 8 unlock codes to unlock Ravana as well as his alternate color skin Tyrant for its MOBA title SMITE. How to get a Unlock code: Step1: Register an account in www.2p.com. Step2: &qu... Read More »

  • Skyforge Dungeon Guide for Beginners

    In Skyforge, you'll have access to instanced dungeons in the form of solo adventures, playable with "squads" of 1-3 players, or group adventures that require parties of 5 players. Accessible from the Divine Observatory, you can enter these with a predefined group, or through the group finder functionality. As with all the content in Skyforge, you will unlock new adventures as you... Read More »

  • Skyforge Beginner's Guide, How To Level Faster

    Skyforge is an MMO that offers an experience involving players in a vast and fully 3D world. Players will control immortal warriors that can switch between the different available classes at will (assuming that they have been unlocked), guiding them as they transcend the status of immortal to reach that of deities that hold the fate of the world in their hands. For those of you that didn't... Read More »

  • Blade and Soul(CN) Released Mega Expansion with New Fashions

    On June 30th, Blade & Soul released an update - Animism which is the most mega-scale update in history. With this update goes online, player will meet new classes, dungeons, fashion, PvP system, element skills and weapon transformation system. Two hard dungeons debut Forgotten graveyard and Black Dragon Faction Prison are two hard gungeons for players who reach level 50 in this... Read More »

  • Ar:piel 2nd Stage of the PTA Test has Started

    Nexon Korea reported that the second stage of closed beta test for the isometric Action-MMORPG Ar:piel has started . And of course, the testers have already started to spread various videos. Today you will have the opportunity to explore the gameplay for the magician-rabbit, witch, snake and leopard-fighter. In Ar:piel you will explore various dungeons, kill a large number of enemies, to find the ... Read More »