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  • Stronghold Kingdoms' New Expansion Island Warfare Launch Promotion Code Giveaway

    Firefly Studios has just released a new expansion pack — Stronghold Kingdoms: Island Warfare(Official Website: http://www.strongholdkingdoms.com/). In celebration of this new expansion pack, 2P.com teams up with Firefly Studio to distribute Island Warfare Launch Promotion Code to our audience. Hope you will like ti. This game also has a redesigned mobile version set for release in the coming month... Read More »

  • TERA(KR) Added a New High-level Dungeon

    After NEXON took over TERA, NEXON kept TERA updated with a lot of new contents. Today, NEXON will introduce a new high-level dungeon to TERA fans. First of all, this highest level new dungeon "Durion's Lounge" will be available for 5-player team to challenge. Durion, the ultimate boss monster who is full of iniquities, will debut in luxuriously decorated "Durion's Lounge". P... Read More »

  • Battleborn Introduced Another 2 New Playable Heroes at Launch

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    With the approaching of Battleborn's Open Beta, Battleborn updated an blog to introduce 2 new heroes, in addition to the current 18 heroes. Previously, Battleborn promised to unveil 25 playable heroes at launch on May 3rd, 2016. Now, we meet 20 of the 25 playable heroes. The two new heroes are Attikus and Galilea. ATTIKUS Slave. Laborer. Greatest warrior among the Jennerit underclass — the Thra... Read More »

  • Dragomon Hunter Added a New Honorable Fighter Samurai

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    Today, Aeria Games announced that an all-new new class Samurai has just joined the roster of the monster-hunting MMORPG Dragomon Hunter. This honorable fighter can equip either a tremendous Katana or a set of ferocious Twin Halberds, and harnesses the power of the wind in battle to whip hapless enemies around. In addition to the new class, the free-to-play title has just opened two thrillin... Read More »

  • Blade & Soul: Guide for Wheel of Fate Locations and Loot

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    Wheel of Fate is a spinning wheel in Blade & Soul that can be found throughout the world of Blade & Soul. It gives you extra loot. Getting access to Wheel of Fate is not difficult as long as you kill the open world boss near the Wheel to obtain the necessary item called essence. But where are these Wheel of Fate and what can we get from them? B&S fansite bns-fashion.com is working on a... Read More »

  • WildStar Incoming Update Destination Arcterra Features Faction Dungeon

    WildStar will soon take you to the frozen wasteland of Arcterra for a series of new adventures, with the Destination Arcterra update.   The recently discovered frozen wasteland of Arcterra is full of mysterious ruins, dangerous creatures, and ancient technology. This brand new max-level zone offers dynamic content and events for solo players or groups of roving adventurers, presenting new... Read More »

  • Cabal 2: The Biggest Content Update Yet Chapter 2: Calamity of War Went Live

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    Lately, ESTsoft, Inc. revealed details for the biggest content update yet to Cabal 2. As the biggest content update, "Chapter 2: Calamity of War"(Teaser Site:  http://cabal2.estgames.com/microsite/calamity)  consists of a level cap increase to 50, new dungeons, equipment, skills and the introduction of the new zone Great Wall and open world PvP Nation War. As Nation War ... Read More »

  • Moonlight Blade's Whole New Qinggong Is Like Superhero Flying in the Air

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    Tencent Games' martial arts MMORPG Moonlight Blade is going to release a major update that introduces in faction specific Qinggong, 2-man mount, underwater gathering, and more. Chinese media 17173.com is offering a first look at the brand-new Qinggong of the 7 factions. It looks like the kungfu masters are doing X-sports, or superheroes flying in the sky.   These actions are somethi... Read More »

  • Vehicle Combat MMO Crossout Starts New Test Round and Gets Faction System

    The developer of War Thunder Gaijin has kicked off a new round of beta test for Crossout, a vehicle combat MMO features realistic damage physics and rich customization options. At the new round of beta test, players can test the new faction system.    There are 4 factions currently available in the beta build: Engineers, Lunatics, Traders, and Scavengers. Joining a faction will gra... Read More »

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