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  • ArcheAge Auroria Continent Opens on November 4, 2014

    Starting November 4 ArcheAge players can step on the land of Auroria continent to start a whole new journey. The Conquest of Auroria update allows you to explore, quest, craft and siege on a new magical continent.     There will be 6 new zones on Auroria, 4 of which can be captured and ruled by guilds. Other guilds can claim these territories through siege war. The 4 claimable zones... Read More »

  • Age of Wushu: Winds of Destiny Destiny Pack Giveaway

    Snail Games announced that Age of Wushu: Winds of Destiny would arrive next Wednesday, October 15th. With Age of Wushu: Winds of Destiny, you will meet new competitions, new battles, and new mysterious challenges. In celebration of new expansion, Snail Games joins hands with 2P.com to distribute Destiny Packs. Do not hesitate to take one and jump into the new challenge. Each Destiny Pack wi... Read More »

  • Knight's Fable Releases Four New Legendary Heroes

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    The 2014 top free to play MMORPG game Knight's Fable released four new heroes last week. These four new guys all have noble descent and a legendary personal biography! Let's unveil them and take a look at their background stories. Let's learn about the four children of Zeus! When we talk about the son of Zeus, there's no doubt that we would think of Apollo. Knight's Fable ha... Read More »

  • Open Beta Date Confirmed for Browser MMORPG Hero Commander

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    Hero Commander is a cute fantasy strategy game by GTArcade set for a 2014 release, perfectly combining tactical and MMORPG elements into a heroic adventure of epic proportions. Players can play as the lord of the Grand City as well as take command of the army's leader when going out to battle. The Open Beta will start at Oct.13th. With the new players codes, players can get free resources at t... Read More »

  • League of Angels this week's events reward you new Angel Sunniva

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    League of Angels is one of the most famous browser games out of 2014. One of LoA's strongest parts is the variety of in-game events that happen on a weekly basis specifically designed to keep players interested and active within the game. Usually League of Angels announces 2 or 3 events per week, always upping the ante in terms of great rewards and gameplays available to all players for free. ... Read More »

  • ArcheAge Level 50 Spellsinger Class Guide

    You should know it by now, one of the best selling points of Archeage, is that it is possible to create over a hundred of classes through different combinations of skillsets. In this guide, we will present one of the archetypal Mage classes, combining the Sorcery, Songcraft and Shadowplay skillsets, the Spellsinger. While this class build is optimal for group fights where you are assisted by a ... Read More »

  • Some Changes and Weapon Types Preview for Black Desert Online

    Today we will check the upcoming changes in the high Anticipated Sandbox mmorpg Black Desert Online. You will learn which classes can be put on one or the other armor, which has the characteristics of the equipment, where to get the armor, there is a binding arms in the class, what to wear jewelry, what types of tools will be available to you, etc.. To check the classes equipment please scroll dow... Read More »

  • Overview of the New Medieval MMORPG Gloria Victis

    Gloria Victis is a pretty different MMO at the market. Let's start with some details about the game: Gloria Victis is expected by many players, but only those who are lucky are able to test the game, which is at the Pre-Alpha stage. The game will be free, but only after the release, and it brings a paralled universe aroudn X and XV centuries in Europe and the Middle East. We are dealing with l... Read More »

  • WWII MMO War Thunder Released a Brand New Commemorative Live Action Trailer

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    WWII MMO mega-hit War Thunder from Gaijin Entertainment has released a brand new commemorative live action trailer which is titled as "Victory is Ours". The trailer commemorates the heroism of all the participants of the Great Patriotic War and got its worldwide debut at the Russian Comic Con event on Oct 4th. The video emphasizes how important the combined actions of each individ... Read More »

  • More About the New Mastery system in RIFT

    Trion Worlds decided to tell us more about the Mastery system in RIFT recently. In addition to the standard soul points, which you receive from level up, you will gain access to new bonuses and abilities, known as Masteries. At each new level it will open access to a tier "skill." In a tier you can spend only 1 point of mastery (each calling its own set of additional skills). The ... Read More »