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  • CN 44 Legendary Heavy Warrior – Anti Tempo Decks

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    I like to play control style and stick on Warrior for a long time, especially for control Warrior. To play against Token Druids in last season, I pick dual Slam to answer his Chillwind Yeti or any other fatties, while with the rise of zoo decks in this season; I pick dual MCT and hope this guy can steal some solid minions early on. Additionally, Fiery War Axe, Cleave and Armorsmith... Read More »

  • Possible Playing Styles for Zoo Decks After Blizzard Released New Cards

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    Thanks Ammy for sharing her zoo decks in 2P. As Blizzard released five new cards and its Adventure Mode in last week (more cards are still a mystery), the new decks built around these potential cards are hot topics for Hearthstone fans. Will they be strong or weak? Can they refresh current playing styles? All of them are mysteries, but they are all worthy to wait and hope. ... Read More »

  • Hearthstone Comic: Adorable Minions Expressions [Part 2]

    In previous article, 9 adorable hero expressions gave a deep impression for Hearthstone fans. Well, the story will keep going! In this article, threre are 9 adorable Hearthstone minions and a Innkeeper who hide themselves up either. Details are shown below, please enjoy.                   ... Read More »

  • NA Legend Midrange Hunter Deck - No Any Secrets

    It is a midrange Hunter deck created by NA player – Kolento who hit legend with this deck yesterday. Against the back ground of T7 Hunters and Zoo decks in legend, this deck has some amendments – Scavenging Hyena, a good bait to force opponents to trade it first and if they can’t remove it in the beginning, you will benefit from the death of your beasts on the board. Additionally, King ... Read More »

  • Overflow Burst Rogue Deck

    Compared with miracle Rogues, this deck is funny and often makes opponents confused with your strategies until you clog their hand while removing all of their minions on the board. And it often makes both of your and opponents’ hands full even overflow and that is the reason why I call it overflow Rogue deck. How to play I’ve said that this deck is quite... Read More »

  • Kripp Proves Hearthstone Is a skill Game

    Is Hearthstone a F2P or P2P game? Buying packs is a quick way to enrage your card pool, but it doesn’t mean you will have easy wins in ladder. Now, Kripp Proves that Hearthstone is a skill game rather than P2P one. More details are below, please enjoy.         Recent Articles / Hearthstone Hub / More Games Here · Another My... Read More »

  • The Many Miracles of Millhouse Manastorm

            Recent Articles / Hearthstone Hub / More Games Here · Another Mysterious Card Indicates the Adventure Mode – Naxxramas? · Hearthstone Comic: Lovely Valeera Sanguinar, The Rogue · Hearthstone Awkward Moment #11: Don't be Too Excited When Playing Leeroy Read More »

  • Godly Draw Rogue Can Theoretically Do 30 Damage by Turn 2

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    Rogue is able to do 30 damage with a perfect hand turn 2. Can any other class do this (without opponent playing Millhouse Manastorm, allowing free pyros/fireballs or stuff like that) Rogue plays second. Starting hand: young dragonhawk cold blood cold blood abusive sergeant coin Turn1: Draw shadowstep Y... Read More »

  • Midrange Shaman Burst Deck - Hunter is Not a Big Problem

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    It is a midrange Shaman control style and works well against Hunters when compared with other Shaman decks. Inspired by zoo decks, I picked dual Shieldbearer for my early control and defense, especially when vs. rush and murlock decks, dual Shieldbearer + Flametongue Totem allow you to make an effect trade while slowing down opponent’s tempo. Additionally, Earth Shock is always a go... Read More »

  • Landmark’s Future Plan Includes Carves, Craft 2.0, and Water

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    SOE’s Landmark is evolving to a full-fledged MMO form, with more gameplay features being added in the future. At PAX East, SOE’s Dave Georgeson pictured the future look of Landmark, as a game where you can create almost anything in almost any environment.  There will be carves, Georgeson told Massively, that expand the game’s world to the environment beneath the surface. You wi... Read More »