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  • Felspire Beta 1.1: Check out What's New

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    Since the open beta went live in early August, Felspire has welcomed many new players from across the global while many players have successfully advanced class to Templar, Sniper and Sage. The 28th of August will see the launch of Felspire Beta 1.1 which includes new class advance, new level cap, new PvP map and new equipment set system.   At level 300, the Constellation system will be act... Read More »

  • Action MOBA Gigantic Is Having a Big Show at PAX Prime 2015

      Motiga's action-oriented MOBA Gigantic will start closed beta on August 28, exactly the same date of the start of PAX Prime 2015. This time Gigantic is making the show bigger than before because they finally have their own booth (#3827) at Seattle. Attendees can play the game at Gigantic main booth where 40 PCs are placed, and at the press area where 20 PCs are available. We got o... Read More »

  • Bigpoint's Game of Thrones MMO Still Coming and Aims at 3A Quality

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    Game of Thrones: Seven Kingdoms was announced in February 2012 by Bigpoint and was expected to release in fall 2013. It didn't happen and fans almost forgot the game then. The latest job posts of Bigpoint brings the game back to our radar and it indicates the game is not dead. In fact, Bigpoint wants to "take AAA quality to the browser" with this game.   There was a gamepl... Read More »

  • Vindictus (KR) Episode 4 Update Allows Players to Battle Celtic God Lugh

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    Vindictus (Mabinogi: Heroes) released a new update in Korean server on August 21, introducing in new raid featured a battle against Lugh, the god of sun in Celtic Mythology. Defeating Lugh will reward you a lvl 90 golden armor set. >> Vindictus: New Trailer for Upcoming Character Hagie, the Phantom Blader Check out the screenshots of the new raid below. You can see the new armor s... Read More »

  • MapleStory Updates 18-player Huge Dungeon with Elite Boss URUS

    Recently, MapleStory updated a large-scale team dungeon in Korea which is available for 18 players who have reached level 100 and transferred class for 4 times. URUS is the elite boss monster in this dungeon. It has tremendous body so that there are different part of body could be attacked. In addition, players could only equip 8 skills to enter this dungeon. If someone is on the verge of death... Read More »

  • Dragomon Hunter (CN) Reveals New Class Ninja

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    When Aeria Games announced Dragomon Hunter's western version, they revealed 4 classes that would be available in the game: Scout, Mercenary, Mage, and Cleric. Actually there is the 5th class Ninja which is just available in the Chinese version. The game has started open beta released the first expansion in China.   In Dragomon Hunter, your character's combat style is determined ... Read More »

  • Wind of Luck: Arena: Team-based Pirate PvP Title Launched on Steam

    Playing as pirate ship captain and work with other pirates in your team to sink your opponent's ships, Wind of Luck: Arena is a free-to-play naval battle multiplayer game based on sessions. You can enhance and customize your warship by implementing various types of armament and different improvements. The game has just launched on Steam on August 18 and you can download the game for f... Read More »

  • League of Angels: Fire Raiders Version 2.2 Adds French and German Languages

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    The newest update for League of Angels - Fire Raiders is now available. Version 2.2 adds a number of improvements and new content to the game including the option to choose French and German language. Additionally, localization to other languages is still in the works. GTArcade says they are committed in making Fire Raiders more accessible to players from all corners of the world. The ... Read More »

  • Medieval Sandbox MMO Gloria Victis to Add Twice Bigger New World

    Gloria Victis, if you don't know, is an upcoming Medieval MMORPG emphasizes on realism and player-driven economy. Like most sandbox MMOs, Gloria Victis features non-target combat, free PvP, siege battle and sandbox crafting. Currently the game is in pre-alpha and good news is the game will add a twice bigger world with new locations to conquer and upgrade.   In the new patch 0.3 whi... Read More »