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  • Tree of Savior Excites PvP Fans with Team Battle League and Guild Battles

    PvP fans will soon find an exciting new feature in Tree of Savior, namely the Big Brawl Update which will be implemented on July 26th. Team battle league and the long-awaited guild battles as well as four new events will be added in this patch. In team battle league, you can combat players that are in the same regional server with you. You can choose from 2v2 or 5v5 matches but only 5v5 matches... Read More »

  • [Gallery] Blade & Soul (KR): New Sexy Summer Costumes

    Lately, Blade & Soul(KR) unveiled a new series of summer fashion as well as 2 new fashion promotion trailer. According to insider, this series of summer fashion will also grant users new slot space for new weapon and headwear. In addition, new swimming suit will grant each player one extra emot. Let's take a look at this cool summer fashion.     &... Read More »

  • League of Angels II Gets Cross-Server Mode: Team Domination

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    Just as the launch of the Multi-Language Edition of League of Angels II eliminated language barriers between players around the world, the server boundaries are also being torn down as more and more cross-server game modes are introduced to the game.   In LoA2’s newest game mode, Team Domination, players must team up with their friends and fight in the name of camaraderie (and loot). ... Read More »

  • Riders of Icarus Has Increased the Level Cap in the First Major Update

      Riders Of Icarus is available in North America from the beginning of this month. Nexon, the publisher responsible for bringing this graphically impressive MMORPG in North America, announced that the first major update for Riders of Icarus will be deployed next week. Blight of Frost Keep is the name of the next week's update which will introduce a level cap increase to 35 and a... Read More »

  • Explosive Anime Action RPG, HeroWarz, Officially Launches Today

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    KOG Games, a developer and publisher of F2P action MMORPG Elsword, announced today its fast-paced action RPG, HeroWarz has officially launched. Players can now dive into unadulterated, fluid ARPG combat set within a unique expansive world where a full cast of unordinary characters provide a comprehensive standalone game experience. With the official launch comes an all-new charact... Read More »

  • Neverwinter Launches on PS4; No PlayStation Plus Subscription Required

    Perfect World Entertainment has launched Cryptic Studios' free-to-play MMORPG Neverwinter on PlayStation 4. PS4 players will have access to the base game and nine expansions of content including the latest, The Maze Engine, allowing players to experience the latest Dungeons & Dragons adventures with their friends. PS4 adventurers can download all of this content for free wit... Read More »

  • Neverwinter PlayStation 4 Gift Code Giveaway

    Winner: consustes Viktor Ryzkov lexogrimstone Constantin C DemonAtticus guille23mx Miralore This week is a big week for Neverwinter, as Perfect World Entertainment released the game on PlayStation 4 for the very first time. Perfect World Entertainment partners with 2P.com to celebrate this launch with a special giveaway, offering 50 codes, each redeemable for a Gelatinous Cube Companion ... Read More »

  • C9: The 2nd update for the 6th Continent of Raebin will arrive in July

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    WEBZEN, a global developer and publisher of free-to-play games, today announced that the dungeon-based action MORPG CONTINENT OF THE NINTH SEAL (C9) will receive its latest content update in July.   Starting July 26th, 2016 (UTC), C9 enthusiasts can avail of an increased level cap of 70 and will be able to discover new places in the 6th continent.   The latest content update will a... Read More »

  • SMITE: 10 Free Skadi/Frostbound Unlock Codes Giveaway

    Winners: parodia Edgar Carricondo kingwrecker98 dark-ryuk Taras Fostiak Viktor Ryzkov Gratek Nila oscarlama NewFantasy SMITE launched the Mid Season Patch recently. In the patch, there is a new god Skadi and skin: Frostbound. 2P.com and Hi-Rez give you the opportunity to win one of the 10 codes to play as Skadi and skin Frostbound in SMITE. Please check out how to participate in the g... Read More »

  • Uncover Ancient Treasures in League of Angels II

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    It’s mid-July and LoA2 players are burning with passion! The Angels have once again brought a great new event to the warriors of Sapphire. The brand new Treasure Seeker event is about to go live, so pick up your pickaxes and uncover the buried mysteries of LoA2!     Event Duration: July 15th - July 17th Requirements: Available to all players level 40 and above (server must ... Read More »

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