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  • Legend of Silkroad Newbie Item Packs Giveaway

    To celebrate grand opening of Legend of Silkorad, JC planet prepared various events and it is the first and the most powerful event for you. The best part about Legend of Silkroad, it's free to play! Get a head start in-game by taking newbie item packs at 2P.com which include unique pet, wheel mount, and exclusive benefits! Each code will automatically grant into your account. The begin... Read More »

  • Black Gold Online Yellow Cruiser Pack Giveaway

    Black Gold Online Open Beta is now available. To thank our loyal players, Snail Games has teamed up with 2P to offer a great opportunity for a Yellow Cruiser Pack. Each Yellow Cruiser Pack will grant you: O.B. Yellow Cruiser (14 days) Thunder Knight (14 days) Gold Coin Carrier Card Gem Box (Level 3) Low Tier Double Experience Medicine HP Guard Potion Primary Power Potion Primary Critic... Read More »

  • New Browser Moba Tome: Immortal Arena Preview

    Yes, I know many of you have not read about it, it seems that moba is a new comerical trick, because this genre filled up the gaming market to the eyeballs. But regardless of the quality and genre of games, my task is to inform readers about the new multiplayer games, and so to pretend that MOBA project Tome: Immortal Arena is not, we can not. Lets begin with the fact that the Tome - browser-ba... Read More »

  • 5 SMITE Cabrakan Unlock Codes Giveaway

    Hello everybody! Thank you for participating in our Cabrakan Unlock Codes Giveaway. All your comments about the reason why you love Cabrakan are good and show us how much you love this god. Now, the lucky players will be announced here. They are: Treya, Mart, keficar, tugak13 and valynstyx. Congratulations! Please contact our staff via skype: giveaway_2p to get your codes. Thank you once more.... Read More »

  • Black Gold Online: Campaign of Ashes Inferno Pack Giveaway

    Black Gold Online has released its first free content update Campaign of Ashes on September 3, 2014. To thank our loyal players, Snail Games has teamed up with 2P to offer a great opportunity for a Inferno Pack. Each Inferno Pack will grant you: Duke of Darkness(30 Days)*1 Surge Potions(30 min)*3 Lv1 Gem Boxes*5 Purple Crystals*10 Copper Medals*10 Gold Coins*20 Black Gold ... Read More »

  • Sharing some gameplay tips of League of Angels

    I believe you guys already know lots of the heroes in the League of Angels. I have played it for a long time and will now talk about the gameplay. In browser games, battle is the way to upgrade your level and your attributes.   League of Angels uses turn-based battle mode. The turns keep going on till all members of one side die and the battle ends. The higher the agility is, the quicke... Read More »

  • Tree of Savior Official(KR) CBT Preview

    It's sad that I am not able to test this wonderful man, anyway I found this CBT review on the fan page and decided to share it with you guys. I really can't wait to try this game, every new information makes the hype higher. So Let's take a look on the Official Review ! The CBT is not to rush the team that conducted the current news about what this development to some extent t... Read More »

  • Gigantic new Characters and Alpha Gameplay Preview

    The company continues to develop its Motiga Free-to-Play MOBA Gigantic. And most recently at PAX Prime 2014 exhibition were shown two new characters. The first character - a four arms Vadasi. She is a  character support ( heal and maim). second - a dark-skinned snipers Imani. As a weapon, it uses a rather unusual crossbow. If you want to explore the gameplay of these two new characters,I advi... Read More »

  • The Lord of The Rings-Upcoming Music System Preview

    Turbine announced that the upcoming update of The Lord of the Rings Online will bring innovations and adaptations of the music system itself. Changes include:  Volume adjustments Balance adjustments changes on Tuning Maybe it will also create the following new features in the update, but here the developers want to make any promises: New Instrument: String Bass - with sustained... Read More »

  • PAX Prime 2014: Rift: Nightmare Tide Preview

    Trion Worlds announced the release date of their new expansion for Rift: Nightmare Tide is October 8th. This new chapter in Rift takes place in the Plain of Water, a huge plane that deals with the aquatic and nightmarish in all it’s forms. The expansion touts three new zones, 6 dungeons, a sliver, a chronicle, and a new raid in a lovecraftian glacial zone that just gets weirder ... Read More »