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  • Medieval MMORPG Kingdome Online Launches December 19

    Kingdome Online is a medieval fantasy title that allows you to progress your characters and command your legions to expand your territory. The game will be released on December 19, 2014 while the in-game cash shop won't be available until December 23.  Game Feature : Hone your skills individually by managing your personal territory. Upgrade buildings, train your minions and b... Read More »

  • Echo of Soul Dev Diary: The Core Features You Need To Know About The Game

    Aeria Games will launch South Korean MMORPG Echo of Soul in NA and EU in spring 2015 and today they gave those who aren't very familiar with the game an overview of the core features and the unique stuff that set the game apart from other MMOs. Check out the dev diary below.   Echo of Soul provides thousands of hours' worth of PvP and PvE content, including 1,600 quests, lots of... Read More »

  • Transformers Universe Shutting Down In January 2015

    With over 850,000 beta registrants, Hasbro and Jagex’s team-based MMO Transformers Universe have to face a premature death 5 months after the start of open beta. The developer announced today the game will be fully closed down on January 31, 2015.     Starting today, players won’t be able to create new account. There will be a compensation for those who have purchase... Read More »

  • H1Z1 Preview: Observations of Mechanics

    The survival genre, in the last few years, has simply exploded in size, with game after game coming out, varying in quality from each title dropped. With big name studios and small independent developers alike wanting in on a piece of the action, its hard to stay afloat in an ocean made up of look-alikes.   DayZ – The big bad behemoth that started it all, when DayZ surfaced, developer... Read More »

  • [Exclusive] F2P Strategy MMO Siegelord Closed Beta Starts on December 16

    Browser game publisher 37Games announces that the close beta test of Siegelord will start on 16th December. Visit the official site at http://siegelord.37.com/ Siegelord is a medieval based strategy game based in the fictional world of Thieden. The continent is in utter turmoil as three factions vie for complete control of the land. Be a barbarian and pick the Nord’s Allianc... Read More »

  • Build, Attack and Destroy - Block N Load Closed Beta Started

    On December 11, 2014 the first-person shooter Block N Load moved to closed beta testing stage. The closed testing is live and it isn't difficult to get a closed beta key. Just go to the official website and fill a form, and you have a pretty good chance to receive a key. Here are the main features of Block N Load: Beautiful and original arena. The fact that the game ca... Read More »

  • League of Angels 10th Cross-Sever Tournament

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    Playing League of Angels every day is not enough, well it is if you like to stay unknown and forgotten. To make a true impression in the game and to win your friends’ and enemies’ appreciation, you will have to be the strongest, fastest and the brightest. League of Angels opens this week with three great events that will help you to become the invincible and frightening figure you have... Read More »

  • Hero Commander: Become A Rich Man in Silver Tycoon

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    Compete to be the one who earns the most silver! As the main currency in Hero Commander- one of the free to play strategy games, silver means almost everything. Players can use silver to recruit troops, enhance gear, upgrade gem level, train armies and much more. How to get as much silver as possible? Whoever finds the answer to this question surely deserves plenty of rewards. Thus, here comes ou... Read More »

  • Star Wars:The Old Republic Latest Expansion Shadow of Revan Launches

    The second digital expansion of SWTOR Shadow of Revan officially goes live today and it raises the level cap to 60, bringing in 5 new levels of missions as well as new Flashpoints and Operations. This is a digital expansion and you can purchase it at the official site for $19.99.   If you purchase Shadow of Revan you automatically get the first digital expansion Rise of the Hutt Car... Read More »

  • Tree of Savior - Ten New Job Classes in G-Star 2014

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    Tree of Savior is an upcoming MMORPG developed by the “Father of Korean Online Games”, Kim Hakkyu under his company, imcGAMES in Korea. Tree of Savior features 80 job classes and an open world that allows players to roam freely. Tree of Savior is a 2.5D quarter view game that uses hand drawn backgrounds to allow players to experience a kind of fairy tale feeling in the game. Tree o... Read More »