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  • Riders of Icarus – Rift of the Damned Preview

    Riders of Icarus will soon be throwing out its second update, titled Rift of the Damned. The first thing you’ll notice as you enter this zone is that the sky of the Rift looks pretty amazing. Shades of blue and purple, strange phenomena, scattered islands. It is a very dreamlike atmosphere that you will encounter this new area, and I personally find it rather well done, albeit quit... Read More »

  • Skyforge: We Know Now When the Ascension Expansion Will Be Released

    The Ascension update is anticipated by many Skyforge players for some game-changing features such as new character progression and overhauled endgame experience. Some exciting new content like new class and new raid are also coming in the expansion. There is a improved Battle system, new political system called Council of Gods, and better economic system. The publisher My.com has ... Read More »

  • MU Legend Global Closed Beta Test Date Announced; Sign up Now

    Webzen has just revealed the brand-new MU Legend English teaser site and the first global closed beta date, October 25. You can register for the global Closed Beta Test at the official site, or read the information about the game world, classes, main gameplay features and the system requirements. Below is the recommended specs for MU Legend. - OS: Win7 (64-bit), Win8 (64-bit) - CP... Read More »

  • Running with All-Stars in FC Barcelona Ultimate Rush

    JaapL 0

    There are countless endless runners on the market. But, none have allowed fans to connect quite as deeply as FC Barcelona Ultimate Rush. It’s a 3D running game with many layers, all of which are wrapped up in the soccer world. Let’s see what it’s like to join the ranks of Barça’s best superstars. Upon first glance, FC Barcelona Ultimate Rush is reminiscent of ... Read More »

  • ​SMITE: 3.18 Patch Rising Flames hits PTR

    A new build has been released on the SMITE PTR server, with 3 new god skins (Fire Lord Ne Zha, Monster Trainer Erlang Shen, Clockwork Knight Ao Kuang), Ao Kuang Mastery Skins new cards and more.   New God Skins Fire Lord Ne Zha Monster Trainer Erlang Shen Clockwork Knight Ao Kuang New God Cards Ao Kuang Mastery Skins   Achievements Ne Zha &n... Read More »

  • Guild Wars 2 gets a new PVP Map

    In addition to the new chapter of the third season of the Living World in Guild Wars 2, ArenaNet also released a new structured PvP map, called "Eternal Coliseum", located in a closed arena similar to the Coliseum and some branches, containing including crowd in the stands! The new map also came with unique achievements, where the player can get the title of "Eternal Gladiator&... Read More »

  • 7 Amazing Mounts Coming to Riders of Icarus' Rift of the Damned Update

    Though Riders of Icarus may be fairly new on the market still it’s already getting a name for having some of the most unique mounts of any MMO currently available. We’ve been given a taste of just some of the amazing mounts that will be introduced to Riders of Icarus in the upcoming Rift of the Damned update which launches on September 29th.   Abyssal Vylet In the Exarahn B... Read More »

  • Skyforge - New Raid Boss Can Destroy You and the Battlefield Literally

    Tol-Monter, the leader of the Oceanid army is determined to make your life tough. Well, the life in Aelion will become more dangerous and unpredictable as this great god of a water army will descend in the upcoming Ascension expansion. Tol-Monter is a ferocious opponent and, before fighting him personally, junior gods can expect many challenges! If a raid team can get to the final batt... Read More »

  • ​League of Legends: New Champions Ivern, the Green Father, Is Revealed

    Riot Games has been released a large promo page for the upcoming champion Ivern, including a look at his abilities, gameplay, and development! Once, long ago, Ivern Bramblefoot was called Ivern the Cruel—that was before he tangled with a God-Willow. In the centuries since, Ivern has roamed the forests of Runeterra, cultivating life wherever he goes. Wildflowers bloom in his footsteps as h... Read More »

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