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  • Spellbound is TERA's Next Major Update

    Spellbound is the next major update that will land on TERA. This upcoming update will feature a total revamp of the Sorcerer class. Once the update goes live, the Sorcerer class will get new skills, new mechanics, and a lot more spell-power to throw around. Additionally, 2 brand new dungeons are ready to be explored are also part of the Spellbound update. Lilith's Keep is a fo... Read More »

  • ​The Burst Casting Vampire Hero Countess Joins Paragon on October 25

    The new Paragon hero Countess has been revealed. You’ll be able to play Countess starting Tuesday, October 25, 2016.   Countess is a burst caster whose greatest strengths are misdirection and unpredictability. Utilizing her abilities, Countess can quickly single out and assassinate a key target and vanish into the darkness.   Blade Siphon - Countess quickly spins... Read More »

  • Hi-Rez Studios Announces New SMITE Game, SMITE Tactics

    Hi-Rez Studios, developer of SMITE and Paladins, has announced new strategy game SMITE Tactics which sets in the universe of SMITE and features the gods from SMITE.   Players will carefully choose which minions to deploy on the battlefield and which gods will lead them since every unit has unique abilities that could make your strategies unique. Players have to build th... Read More »

  • Skyforge Review - Ascension Is Here!

    History and Info: Skyforge is a free to play third person sci-fi action MMORPG developed by Allods Team, in collaboration with Obsidian Entertainment and published by My.com. In the game you play as an immortal in a land of gods , while you're trying to become a god too by protecting the mortals from hostile gods and different alien races. The game doesn't have a leveling syst... Read More »

  • Lil’ Conquest Officially Released With Various Events

    All players will receive diverse prizes during the first 7 days after their registration in the game. Chengdu, China - Oct. 19, 2016 - LOYGAME is thrilled to announce the release of their newest free to play economic strategy game, Lil' Conquest, at 7 a.m. GMT. on Oct. 19, 2016. Any player who uses a web browser can play the game at LOYGAM... Read More »

  • Blade & Soul: Beluga Lagoon Expansion Introduces in 6v6 Battleground

    While the last update of Blade & Soul was about PvE, the next one is about PvP. NCsoft is preparing for a new 6v6 Battleground called Beluga Lagoon for the next expansion — Beluga Lagoon is exactly the name for the expansion. In addition to the new 6v6 battleground, there will be new Legendary Soul Shield Weapons, along with the ability to preview your w... Read More »

  • Mobius Final Fantasy Is Coming to Steam Next Month in Japan First

    Mobius Final Fantasy is an episodic RPG developed and published by Square Enix for iOS and Android. Featuring gameplay elements from previous Final Fantasy titles, Mobius was initially released in Japan in June 2015, followed by a worldwide release in August 2016. This free-to-play mobile RPG has rapidly gain the hearts of many game enthusiasts and was able to pass the 3 million downloa... Read More »

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