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  • ​Lineage Red Knights Officially Launches

    Developed by NCsoft based on the company’s most popular franchise, Lineage: Red Knights has officially released on App Store and Google Play. The game supports three languages English, Korean, Traditional Chinese.   Lineage Red Knights features Intriguing Stories and Cutscenes - The Death Knight is now on your side! Enemy monsters of Lineage are now recruitable allies -... Read More »

  • Devilian Mobile Launches Worldwide

    Gamevil has released Devilian Mobile worldwide on Android and iOS today. The game is basically the same to the PC version in gameplay. There are 3 playable characters for the mobile version: Kylar, Ayla and Elin. Combat has been optimized for mobile control but it still requires your attention on position and timing in order to effectively use special skills. ... Read More »

  • ​Dragon Nest 2: Legend New Cinematic Teaser Trailer Released

    Nexon Korea has been released a new cinematic teaser trailer for the upcoming action mobile RPG Dragon Nest 2: Legend. This game is scheduled to be released in South Korea next year on Android and iOS systems. More information regarding the gameplay and upcoming beta test should be announced later this week at G-STAR 2016.     Nexon has 35 games including both PC and mobile titles... Read More »

  • Star Ocean: Anamnesis Gets the First Gameplay Video

    Square Enix's mobile RPG Star Ocean: Anamnesis will be released later this year for iOS and Android in Japan. Today the game gets the first ever gameplay trailer. Star Ocean: Anamnesis features the main protagonists and combat system in the Star Ocean series. Anamnesis has faster combat pace to fit the mobile gaming experience. Read More »

  • Legacy of Discord – Furious Wings Unleashes Its Legacy

    The next generation 3D fantasy action RPG Legacy of Discord - Furious Wings launched globally earlier this week. After earning a recommendation during Apple Worldwide Developers Conference 2016 for its stunning visuals and smooth performance, the game now featured globally on Google Play Store. The game engine was specifically designed to push the limits of mobile graphics while maintain... Read More »

  • NetEase Games' ARPG Twilight Pioneers Is a Daydream View Launch Title

    NetEase Games, a leading game company in China, unveiled its virtual reality mobile game Twilight Pioneers at Google I/O 2016. Now along with the official launch of Daydream View headset on November 10, the game is available in North America and Europe.   According to NetEase, Twilight Pioneers sets in the same universe of Twilight Spirits, an upcoming action-packed PC... Read More »

  • Flyff Legacy to Be Released Globally in December 2016

    Gala Lab is going to rejuvenate the Flyff franchise on mobile platform with Flyff Legacy. The classic anime MMORPG that originally released on PC in 2005 will return and launch worldwide in December. The game will be also coming to G-Star 2016 in mid-November.  The game features the same classes that are available in the PC version: Magician, Assist, Mercenary and Acrobat. But... Read More »

  • The Magic Knight Update will Soon be Deployed in MU Origin

    Webzen is preparing a Magic Knight update for its real-time mobile MMORPG - MU Origin. As the name suggest, this forthcoming update will add a new class along with many other small features. This new class is a genius in both swordsmanship and magic. It’s good to know that as a Magic Knight you can choose your path between Dark Knight and Dark Wizard weapons. Both paths posses their own ... Read More »

  • ​Vainglory adds new features Rewatch, Record and Stream

    Super Evil Megacorp has announced new features Rewatch, Record and Stream will add to Vainglory in the next major update. Update 1.24 introduces a suite of new features for broadcasting, sharing and rewatching your Vainglory play. Stream your matches. Watch replays with slow motion. Create game highlights from different angles and with different zooms. The power to shape your Vainglory experience ... Read More »

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