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  • Mobile MMORPG Dark and Light: Tales of Gaia Kicks Off First Test Today

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    Snail Games has just announced its mobile MMORPG Dark and Light: Tales of Gaia kicks off the first test via Apple’s TestFlight. The first test will last for 3 days, and if you are interested in this game, you can sign up for testers here.  As a mobile MMORPG, Dark and Light: Tales of Gaia features an astonishing 14,950,000 square meters' seamless open world, sandbox gameplay as... Read More »

  • Lineage 2 Revolution Guide: Skill Details for All Playable Classes

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    In Lineage 2 Revolution, there are a total of 24 classes across the four races in-game. The Warrior, Rogue and Mystic are the three base classes available to all races are. When you reach Lvl. 31, the Class Transfer becomes available. Players must complete all 7 quests to transfer into a subclass. Each race has their own unique set of 6 sub-classes, each with unique skills and play style in th... Read More »

  • I Just Realized That Mobile Game Cosplay Can Also Be Super Hot

    Baako 0

    If you didn't hear of SINoALICE, the game is a Japanese mobile game developed by Pokelabo and Square Enix and created by Yokoo Taro, director of NieR:Automata. SINoALICE is released in Japan in June 2016 and remains a popular JRPG. The main protagonist Alice becomes a well-known character in Asian game community. Recently Chinese cosplayer "贤儿sherry" has released a batch of cosplay p... Read More »

  • Dead Trigger Developer’s New Mobile FPS Allow 100 Players to Battle Together

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    Madfinger Games, the creator behind well-known title Dead Trigger, has recently showcased a new hands-on video for its highly-anticipated mobile MMOFPS Shadowgun Legends at Gamescom 2017. There is no doubt that Madfinger Games is an expert for making FPS game, and its famous Dead Trigger series has been downloaded over 23 million times. However, in the upcoming Shadowgun Legends, players ar... Read More »

  • Thine Is an Order & Chaos-like MMORPG Set to Release for Global Market

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    Korean company NextMove has just announced it mobile MMORPG Thine will be launched in Korea in the second half of 2017. In addition, the studio also confirms that the global version is also under development and it will be released soon after the Korean release. Similar to most MMORPGs, Thine is set in a world where two opposing forces Order and Chaos in an endless conflict. There are 4 dif... Read More »

  • The Soul of Hunter: English Version Confirmed for New Monster Hunting Game

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    In development for the past 3 years, NetEase’s new 3D team hunting mobile game The Soul of Hunter will be released in China first in the 4th quarter of 2017. The English version is currently also under development and will be launched in the near future to bring the fantastic mobile monster hunting experience to gamers throughout the US and Europe. Featuring 3D free angle of vi... Read More »

  • Here are some mobile games you may want to try! Part 1

    MvPGEO 0

    Here is a list of new and 'old' games for Android/IOS you may want to check out! I will post more articles about this in the next days. This is my first article on this wonderful website where you can find awesome games to play solo or with your friends. The next games are some you should try out and play in my opinion. If you enjoyed the videos please be sure to like the ... Read More »

  • Square Enix's Mixed Media Fantasy RPG Dia Horizon Hits Japanese Market

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    Square Enix has just released a new multimedia project called Dia Horizon on the Japanese market.  Dia Horizon is a new anime mobile RPG featuring a beautiful fantasy world, various distinctive characters as well as strategic combat gameplay. According to the introduction, Dia Horizon is a story of "death, hope, and freedom". The description speaks of a girl who is ... Read More »

  • Assassins Creed Rebellion - The Best AC Mobile Game Is Here

    rajath 0

    Assassins Creed; a game that reverberates throughout the world because of its magnificence and excellent gameplay. The franchise has been around for decades and has definitely been a successful one. Assassin’s creed is one of those games every single one of us would have played at least once. They have expanded and conquered almost all the gaming platforms with their success. Be it Playsta... Read More »

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