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  • Apocalypse Alliance Is an Isometric Mobile Shooter with Diablo's Feeling

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    NetEase Games announced a new mobile action shooter Apocalypse Alliance at NetEase Games Festival 2016. After getting our hands on the game for a few minutes we think the game looks like Diablo in art style and dungeon design but the game is fun with lots of abilities for each character.   Apocalypse Alliance is NetEase's first mobile team-play shooting game features a 2.5D overhead p... Read More »

  • 12 Wins Electro Wizard Challenge with the Ultra Defense Deck

    My Deck This deck is super easy to play, and rarely loses. It got me twelve wins in a row without a loss. Those two losses were trying X-bow (BTW, it doesn’t work). How to Play the Deck: This deck is super defensive and designed to simply decimate Elite Barbarians. The entire game, try to have a Furnace out in this position: This should draw building-targeters from both lanes.... Read More »

  • First Look at Twilight Pioneers; It Could Be The Most Anticipated VR ARPG

    At NetEase Games Festival 2016, a playable version for Twilight Pioneers is available. The game is a virtual reality ARPG that exclusive to Google Daydream. Players can experience a magical Eastern fantasy world, assuming the role of the Chosen One and casting spells to power their way through a vividly detailed world with a host of colorful characters. Powered by Unity and developed wit... Read More »

  • Christmas Is Coming in Dragon Chronicles

    The white snow falling all around in the Mainland Shultain. All the castles are covered with snow and the nearby mountains are clothed in snow as well. Shultain is in peace right now, Lilith the goddess holds a Christmas Party inside, are you going to join with us? Don't be afraid of the devil power, all heroes inside Shultain will protect all participators. Merry Christmas and Happy N... Read More »

  • JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond Records Kicks off Pre-registration

    If you’re a fan of Japanese anime, you must be familiar with JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. It is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Hirohiko Araki. Back in May, we knew that the popular mange will get Live-Action Movie in August 2017. It’s said that a Mobile ARPG called JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond Records will come out along with the movie.   Set ... Read More »

  • Transformers: Forged to Fight First Impressions

    AppStoreBeta Out on the Spanish App store, then quickly taken down for a time, The new Transformers game, Forged to Fight has been a blast to play. I've made a video that showcased myself playing it and i wanted to show you what the gameplay and the base building is capable of. As first impressions go,you start out infront of a crashed ship, using the Transformers as guards against you... Read More »

  • Aura Kingdom Developer Is Working on Grand Fantasia Mobile Version

    Aura Kingdom developer X-Legend Entertainment debuts Grand Fantasia Mobile, bringing classic PC MMORPG Grand Fantasia to your pocket. The game is scheduled to release on iOS and Android in 2017. According to the developer, the game features new hero characters and a whole new combat system. No detail is revealed regarding the combat system, but it will be fast-paced and flashy. Be... Read More »

  • Watch the Gameplay of 4 Classses in Dungeon & Fighter: Spirit

    Nexon Korea has just realeased a cinematic trailer and a series of gameplay videos featuring 4 starter classses in Dungeon & Fighter: Spirit, the 3D version of Dungeon Fighter Online for mobile platform. The 4 character classes are: Mage, Fighter, Gunner and Ghost Knight. Different from the PC version, there are just 4 playable characters in Dungeon & Fighter: Spirit. However, the cl... Read More »

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