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  • Goddess Kiss Hands-On: Where Beautiful Anime Girls And Mechs Meet

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    If you ever wondered how well beautiful anime girls can pilot super mechs, then Goddess Kiss has got you covered! Goddess Kiss is a 3D free-to-play strategy RPG, published by Dbros Corp, available for download on both iOS and Android. The game features strategic gameplay, tons of pretty girls to recruit, customize and date; a hub area, as well as PVE and PVP content.   The Story  ... Read More »

  • SINoALICE Is an Upcoming Japanese Mobile RPG from Nier Automata Director

    Square Enix announced a new mobile RPG SINoALICE, a fantasy title with very unique setting. The game world traps various characters from fair tales and repeatedly plays their tales. These characters are commiteed to bring the authors that create them back to life. The unique fantasy style is created by Taro Yoko, the director of Nier Automata, an action RPG published by Square Enix for PS4 ... Read More »

  • 3D Mobile Sci-Fi Adventure Game InterPlanet Enters Soft Launch

    Today, 4:33 Creative Lab revealed 3D sci-fi strategy simulation game InterPlanet. Written by DC Comics and DC Universe Online editor and author Dana Kurtin, InterPlanet is set to launch globally later this year. The game is now available in "soft launch"to download for mobile gamers in Australia, Canada and Singapore on iOS and Android devices.   InterPlanet is a 3D action-adv... Read More »

  • Gunpie Adventure: The Brand New Mobile Shooter is Now Available

    Nexon Korea announced an immersive first-person shooter (FPS) with role-playing game (RPG) elements in Gunpie Adventure. The game is available in limited release for iOS and Android devices in Australia, Canada, Finland, Indonesia, Macau, and Singapore and will launch globally later this year.   Gunpie Adventure combines a modern FPS experience with RPG elements in a... Read More »

  • The King of The Fighters: World Mobile MMORPG Releases the First Details

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    SNK is adapting its fighting game IP The King of The Fighters to MMORPG for mobile platforms with The King of The Fighters: World. The game will be launched in China first and then in global market. Today SNK revealed the first gameplay details of the MMORPG.   First and foremost, you will be able to explore a 3D open city for the first time in the KOF series. You can call a cab to wher... Read More »

  • Bandai Namco's Mobile MMO God Eater Online Launches in Japan

    Bandai Namco Games' mobile action MMO God Eater Online has released for android platform in Japan. The game's iOS version will be coming soon. Will there will a global launch? Very likely I think. God Eater Online is an action MMO with elements from the acclaimed Monster Hunter series. Player wields weapons and fight in unique style, trying to protect earth from the invasion of... Read More »

  • ​Pokémon GO to Add 80 New Pokémon Later This Week

    After months of waiting, fans of Pokémon GO will finally be able to find and catch more than 80 new Pokémon originally from the Pokémon Gold and Pokémon Silver video game series. The game will also implement new features to enhance your Pokémon GO experience.  - Additional Pokémon - New Evolutions - New Encounter Gamep... Read More »

  • Com2uS Announced Skylanders Mobile RPG Licensed by Activision

    In the 2016 financial report released early this month, South Korean mobile game and online game developer Com2uS announced they were working on a new project using a famous game IP in North America. Today the company confirmed the game would be Skylanders RPG.   The Skylanders RPG features real-time combat and some strategy elements usually found in turn-based RPGs. The game is expected to... Read More »

  • Zombie Survival Mobile Game Infected Zone Launches the Android Version

    Nearly two years after the original’s debut, Locojoy Game has released a follow up to the zombie apocalypse game Buried Town. Like its original game, Infected Zone is also a zombie survival adventure game with RPG elements and incredible post-apocalyptic graphics. An unknown virus turned people into zombies with only a handful resisting the disease. You are one of them and you must survive w... Read More »

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