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  • Terra Battle 2 - The Japanese and North American Release Date and a New Trailer

    Akami 0

    Terra Battle 2, the new upcoming Japanese style tactical role-playing game, got a new teaser trailer from few hours ago. The game has also announced the release date for the Japanese and NA version will be September 21. The game will be available to download on the release day for iOS and Android devices, beside PC as well, while the pre-registration phase will be closed on September 20.... Read More »

  • Gamevil's Anticipated MMORPG Royal Blood to Start Closed Beta Test in Korea

    Aaron 0

    We know that Gamevil is currently working on a new mobile MMORPG Royal Blood, and at Gamescom and Unite Europe the company showcased the ambitious mobile game. Today, they announced that Royal Blood will have a Closed Beta Test in Korea from September 25 to September 29. The pre-registration page is here. As the main project for Gamevil, Royal Blood has a large developer team of more than... Read More »

  • BLEACH: Paradise Lost - New Mobile RPG Allows You to Fight Hollows in Your City

    Akami 0

    Based on the well-known anime TV-series Bleach, a new mobile role-playing game which is called BLEACH: Paradise Lost, was recently announced to be released in Japan by LINE GAME, as a free-to-play title with in-app purchases in 2017.   Similar to Pokémon GO, the game uses GPS to help you to find nearby Hollows (the enemy creatures) in your real world city to kill as a Shi... Read More »

  • Taichi Panda 3: Dragon Hunter Is One of the Best Mobile MMOs of 2017

    rajath 0

    Taichi Panda 3: Dragon Hunt is going to be the third instalment in the series of games launched by Snail Games.  Perhaps one of the most anticipated mobile MMOs of 2017, the game comes loaded with a lot of features. Featuring an all new graphic engine to excellent gameplay and characters, Taichi Panda has got it all. Let’s quickly have a look at all the features that are there in this... Read More »

  • Pokemon Go: Mewtwo Raids, Legendary Eggs and New Major Update Details

    Aaron 0

    Pokemon Go Mewtwo Raids have begun, providing a new challenge for players around the globe. As Mewtwo Raids are currently in the beta phase, they are only available at certains Gyms, with more locations expected to pop up in the coming days. In addition, the return of the "Raid Eggs" will be seen as a small tweak. Eggs once again appear on top of gyms that are preparing for Raid B... Read More »

  • Hands-on With Mobile MMORPG Dark and Light: Tales of Gaia

    Aaron 0

    Developed by Snail Games, Dark and Light: Tales of Gaia is a highly-anticipated MMORPG for mobile. Recently the company has held a 3-day beta test event in China and we finally had a chance to put our hands on this game. Character Customization In Dark and Light: Tales of Gaia, players are able to choose from four distinctive races namely Human, Dwarf, Elf and Barbarian, however each race do... Read More »

  • Best Decks to use with the Mega Knight!

    Hey guys! This Super-OP looking troop named "Mega Knight" has come in Clash Royale! Along with the new card release, a new challenge called the "Mega Knight 2v2 Challenge" has come out as well. You need to get 9 wins to have a chance at unlocking the Mega Knight. With the three days given to do this challenge and the card now officially released, I have compiled ... Read More »

  • NTales: Child of Destiny - New Mobile MMO to Soft Launch the English Version

    Akami 0

    NTales: Child of Destiny is an upcoming new mobile MMO role-playing game developed by Rulemakr. The game will enter it's soft-launch later this month and published by OnPlay in Southeast Asia and Oceanian regions, and the game will be available globally for everyone later. The game has 9 classes to play as, which are Warrior, Knight, Berserker, Cleric, Demon Hunter, Saint, Magician, Sorcere... Read More »

  • Vindictus Eternal Has Open World PvE and PvP, But Do We Want It in the West?

    Licensed by Nexon, Vindictus Eternal is a mobile action MMO developed by Chinese company TianCity and it's currently available in Chinese market only. The mobile version is built by Unity 3D engine and brings drastic change to the series by offering an open world along with several major twists in the combat system.   If you play Vindictus on PC, you would just travel between town a... Read More »

  • Crusaders of Light Announced New Class Paladin

    WoW style mobile MMORPG Crusaders of Light will finally add a new class. The game that's released in July 2017 currently has 3 classes: Warrior, Ranger, and Mystic. The 4th class Paladin will be coming in the near future, announced by the developer Netease Games.   Similar to WoW, Paladin in CoL can deal damage and heal allies, so it can take the tank as well as the healer role. It... Read More »

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