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  • Fantasy Westward Journey Mobile: Revamping Classic IP & Building Social Features

    At GDC 2017 NetEase Games hold a developer conference where lead developers of 5 of its flagship titles shared their experience and insights of making games. Released in 2015, Fantasy Westward Journey Mobile is one of the most successful games ever released in China. The game's Producer Chen Junxiong has been working in the Fantasy Westward Journey team since 2005, and he shared with the weste... Read More »

  • God Eater Online Hands-On: Amazing Japanese Action Mobile RPG [Download Link]

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    Hey Guys, the latest and most entertaining game in the MMORPG category is God Eater Online. The game was released 21st February 2017 and is set to meet the rising standards in the competitive gaming industry and it also has the potential to be amongst the top in the particular genre. This article will provide an in-depth review of the game along with all the pros and cons. In addition to this, a... Read More »

  • Fire Emblem Heroes Review: Conflicted Opinions for Nintendo's F2P Title

    After Pokémon and Super Mario, it is a somewhat less popular license that Nintendo launched into the mobile market this month. Indeed, Fire Emblem is aimed at a niche audience, a license that is certainly growing since the 3DS episodes, but much less popular than the mustache'd plumber or the electric mouse. Does Fire Emblem Heroes succeed in convincing in a genre where competition prev... Read More »

  • Watch Dragon Nest 2's First Gameplay Videos

    Take a look at the first gameplay videos of Dragon Nest 2: Legend, the brand-new Dragon Nest mobile game that features mature character and visual style. The game just started closed beta in South Korea. Other than the visual style and a control system that's designed for mobile device, the game mechanism, monsters and combat system remain similar to the original Dragon Nest game on PC pl... Read More »

  • SINoALICE New Trailer Highlights Alice, Snow White, Hansel Gretel, and More

    Square Enix recently announced new mobile title SINoALICE, a stylish JRPG created by Yoko Taro, producer of Nier Automata. The game has remained mysterious from the beginning and a newly released trailer introduces several characters inspired by fairy tales. You won't be able to identify your beloved characters in the childhood for they have been adapted to Japanese style anime characte... Read More »

  • GDC 2017: NetEase Games to Hold a Developer Conference and Show 4 Mobile Games

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    Recently, NetEase announced its expectation - beating fiscal 2016 annual results. Boosted by the great performance of mobile games such as Fantasy Westward Journey, Westward Journey, Ghost and Onmyoji, gaming revenues reached RMB28.0 billion (US$4.0 billion), up 61.6% year-over-year. Total value and growth continued to lead the industry.   With unrelenting pursuit for great gaming, NetEase ... Read More »

  • Real-time Strategy Game Majestia's Global Version Starts Pre-registration

    Com2uS announces that their strategy mobile game Majestia has started the global pre-registeration. Previously named Soulz: Majesty, Majetia is the first real-time strategy title mixes with card elements, and it features 5 factions, each of which has multiple heroes with unique skills and combat styles.  This game will run a final beta from March 2-6 and then will be officially ... Read More »

  • Locojoy Launches HTML5 Version of Heroes & Titans for Mobile Browsers

    Nearly two years after the original’s debut,Locojoy has released a follow up HTML5 version of Heroes & Titans, the game was featured on App store, Google Play in over 160 countries back in 2015, and recommended in Steam shop later on. Heroes & Titans is a 3D graphics battle card game, it combines the battle card game with MOBA elements, players will need to build the ultimate de... Read More »

  • Blades & Rings' Return of the Mage

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    37Games is excited to announce the upcoming expansion, Return of the Mage, for Blades & Rings. A new update that will allow players to become the Mage, who has now returned from exile.  The update will also include customization options for characters and many new events. Get ready for the power of the Mage to be unleashed on February 21st to players on both iOS and Android!   ... Read More »

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