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  • Azera Iron Heart Will Melt on Mobile Devices Tomorrow

    Webzen's Azera Iron Heart will be officially launched in Korea tomorrow on May 25, on Google Play and App Store. Unlike the PC version which is published by Smilegate, the mobile MMO is powered by Unreal Engine 4 and it allows players to combine over 80 different skills for unique combos. The iconic "mech armor" system is still in the mobile version though. Read More »

  • NieR Creator’s New Mobile Game SINoALICE to Launch on June 6

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    Pokelabo and Square Enix have just announced that SINoALICE, NieR creator Taro Yoko’s new RPG, will launch on June 6th in Japan for iOS and Android devices. It is worth mentioning that the release date is also Yoko’s birthday.   As a story-driven RPG, SINoALICE is set in the world of library where beautiful princess and strong hero are looking to revive their “crea... Read More »

  • Lineage II Revolution Guide: 8 Tips for Beginners

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    Since its release, the mobile MMO Lineage II Revolution has already achieved huge success in Korea by pulling in an impressive five million players.  Lineage II Revolution is going to hit the global market soon. To give western players a smooth start, we’ve gathered up some of Lineage II Revolution tips for you. 1.    Gold in game is very rare in this game since... Read More »

  • Destiny 6: First Combat Gameplay Released for Cartoon Action RPG

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    Destiny 6 is a cartoon action RPG developed by Netmarble Games and it stresses on simple controls and flashy combat. There over 360 different characters with unique combat abilities you can use, and the game features 7 different types of dungeons for you to challenge.   The trailer below shows how combat looks like in the game. Skills are used through tapping and sliding. There is a short c... Read More »

  • Alliance X Empire is a New Action MMOPRG Featuring Massive RvR Battle

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    Developed by Nexon Red (formerly known as Well Games), Alliance X Empire (AXE) is a new mobile action MMORPG which is likely to reach the high-standard of Lineage 2: Revolution. The game not only features high-quality graphics but also dynamic RvR combat system. Under the dispute between the two camps, AxE introduces an RvR concept which encourages players to cooperate with their allies and fight ... Read More »

  • A Certain Magical Index is an Open World Action Game Developed by NetEase

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    As Japanese art and animation continues to go global, we have more chance to see our favorite animation  in movie and game adaptions. Recently, Chinese gaming gaint NetEase has announced its officially licensed mobile game A Certain Magical Index is set to kick off first beta in China.   A Certain Magical Index is a open world anime action game in which players can dive into the ... Read More »

  • Pokemon Go Developer Releases a New Mobile Game Named Magikarp Jump

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    Pokemon GO and developers Niantic have just launched a new game called Pokemon: Magikarp Jump in Japan app store, and it will soon roll out to other countries in the upcoming future.   Magikarp Jump is a free-to-play game in which you can capture a Magikarp and complete mission by pitting your Magikarp against other Magikarp to see which can jump higher.  Read More »

  • Nexon Partners With New Developer Carbon Eyed for Three Upcoming Mobile Games

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    In order to expand global projects, Korean gaming giant Nexon has announced that they will cooperate with Carbon Eyed to publish three mobile games in global market. Founded in 2014 by the former CEO of Eyedentity Games, Carbon Eyed is a new games development studio which is famous for its three flagship titles namely Knights Fall, Tiny Fall and Gigant Shock.   Gigant Shock   ... Read More »

  • Royal Blood Shows Stunning Graphics, Coming Worldwide in 2017

    Royal Blood is an upcoming mobile action MMORPG from Gamevil that will be released in global market in the second half of 2017. The game has just revealed the first gameplay trailer and allowed players to see the actual combat. Royal Blood was also nominated for "Best Graphics" award in Unite Seoul 2017. Unlike many new Korean mobile games that use Unreal Engine 4, Royal Blood is ... Read More »

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