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  • Clash Royale: The Best Arena 9 Decks

    Ultimate Arena 9 Decks That Will Smash Any Opponent The Jungle Arena is where all the fun lies at the moment in Clash Royale. You will find many experienced clashers struggling through this arena to get to Arena 10. If you are one of those, then you have come to the right place. Here, we aim to aid those players who possess remarkable skills and a noteworthy game sense to build a... Read More »

  • Lineage 2 Revolution: You Can Pre-Register for the Global Version Now

    Netmarble's open-world action MMORPG Lineage 2 Revolution is already a popular game in Asian market. Following the December 2016 release in South Korea, the game was then brought to 11 Asian countries and recently to Japan. The game's global expansion is imminent after it's fully released in Asia. The wait for western players will come to an end, as the pre-registration fo... Read More »

  • Buried Town 2 Is Released on iOS and Android

    During long time waiting, Buried Town 2, the No.1 survival game in China presented by Locojoy is released on iOS and Android now. Buried Town global cumulative downloads has been breaked over 30 million times, but this quality mobile game just earned 100 thousand dollars. The black doomed gothic style has been continued, “Buried town 2” has been made with mainstream zombie surv... Read More »

  • PaniPani is a Side-Scrolling Mobile RPG From White Cat Project’s Developer

    Aaron 0

    COLOPL, the creator of White Cat Project, has recently held a beta test event for its upcoming mobile game PaniPani. As a Side-Scrolling Mobile RPG, PaniPani requires only 1 finger to play, which is similar to other games developed by Colopl. The story of PaniPani is set in a fantasy world where thirteen middle and high school students were encircled by light and suddenly disappeared, and wha... Read More »

  • Legacy of Discord update - Metamorph System Unleashes the Mysterious Force

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    14th September, 2017 – Legacy of Discord – Furious Wings, the most popular ARPG mobile game published by YOOZOO Games, releases the Metamorph System, which allows players to transform into mysterious creatures and unleash their ultimate powers in battles. This is the latest innovative gameplay followed the previously released air combat system. Players can transform into various c... Read More »

  • Ragnarok: Idle Poring is a New Idle Game for Mobile Devices

    Ragnarok: Idle Poring is an officially licensed mobile game based on the world and characters from the highly successful PC online game Ragnarok Online.  Ragnarok: Idle Poring not only preserves Ragnarok Online's original music, graphic style, jobs, and clothing attire, but adds new features including "Pets Exploration" and "Arena"... Read More »

  • Freezing Extension - a New Anime Based Mobile RPG With Hot Characters

    Akami 0

    According to MMOSITE, Freezing Extension, a new mobile role-playing game developed by Trinity Games and based on the Anime TV series 'Freezing' has started it's CBT since September 12, and it will last till September 15. The game storyline is developed by the help of the original author. It has sexy characters with tactical gameplay. Players will be able to have conversations wi... Read More »

  • TERA M Counts 500,000 Pre-Registration Numbers in Just 4 Days

    TERA M, the next-gen mobile MMORPG developed by Bluehole Squall and published by Netmarble will be released this November in South Korea. Today, Netmarble Games announced that TERA M pre-reservation number has exceeded 500,000, in only 4 days. "It is a remarkble thing that the number of participants exceeds 500,000 in just four days [for a mobile game], and it is quite encouraging&quo... Read More »

  • F.O.X Is an Adult Steampunk Mobile RPG Allowing You to Control Drones to Fight

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    South Korean company Entermate has just announced its 18+ adult mobile action game F.O.X (Flame of Xenocide) will enter first closed beta in Korea on September 26. You can take a look at the official site here. Intro trailer In F.O.X you can control 3 distinctive drones and explore the dungeons. There are 3 classes, each of which has 4 active skills and 8 passive skills. There are lot... Read More »

  • Dark Avenger 3 Gets a New Female Character Trish

    Nexon and Boolean Games' mobile action game Dark Avenger 3 is currently available in South Korean market and will be released worldwide in the future. When the game was launched in July there were 3 character classes including Swordmen, Witch and Warrior. In the latest update, the game introduces in Trish, the 4th character who wields double swords and carries out sharp attac... Read More »

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