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  • Console Racer GRID Is Coming to iOS and Android!

    Console racing games have always been known for their tight controls and fancy graphics. As the systems we own get more and more powerful, racing games get better and better. Grid Autosport has been out since 2014 and it hit all the machines it was on in it's generation, the pc, xbox 360, PS3, Linux and OSX. Being announced just today, GRID which is being released on iOS first, then Android ... Read More »

  • Dreams Become Reality in Dream City Idols!

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    37Games is excited to announce its newest game, Dream City Idols. Players can live out their dreams of becoming Pop Stars! Enjoy the life of a star as you build up your career and compete to be number 1! Dream City Idols will be available from March 9th to players on both iOS and Android.   Become part of Dream City, homeland of the social elite. Here you will find celebrities, mo... Read More »

  • Rogue Life Review - A Beautiful Bullet Hell-Like Game!

    Info Rogue Life: Squad Goals is an energy based squad themed free-to-play bullet hell game. It's developed by Hidea. The game gives you control of a squad of three different characters. Your squad’s main task is to keep on going through these stages in which you'll have to shoot and avoid the bullet hell that's send at you from the enemy monsters or players. Gameplay and ... Read More »

  • Snail Games USA to Launch New Mobile RPG Sword of Shadows in Mid-March.

    Snail Games USA has announced a new Age of Wushu mobile game Sword of Shadows which will be launed for Android and iOS in middle March. The pre-registration has started at the official site. Set in the Age of Wushu universe and powered by the second generation Flexi Engine, Sword of Shadows delivers a PC-quality 3D gaming experience to the mobile platform. Sword of Shadows has all t... Read More »

  • Kung Fu Panda 3: A Mobile Action Game Closely Connects to the Film

    Kung Fu Panda 3 mobile game released in January 2016 in China and then in South Korea. The game will be released in more Asian markets in 2017 and hopefully someday it will be released in the west as well. At NetEase Games Insight of Fun conference during GDC 2017, the game's Producer Liu Xi shared the experience of making a game that's appeal to both mobile gamers and fans of the film. &... Read More »

  • Lineage 2 Revolution Will Be Launching in the West Soon

    Netmarble Games confirmed at GDC 2017 that Unreal Engine 4 mobile MMORPG Lineage 2 Revolution is heading westward. In case you don't know, the game has been the biggest cash cow since it launched in South Korean market in December 2016. It's reported to earn about $3 million USD each day in the first few weeks. Do you think the game will suceed in the western market? Ne... Read More »

  • Onmyoji: Creating Connection Between Players and Arts, Culture and Emotion

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    Onmyoji is a phenomenal mobile game in Chinese market in 2016 with over 10 million daily active players. The game's Producer Jin Tao shared his opinions of how to win the market at Insight of Fun Talkshop at GDC 2017.   Jin thinks that the advancement of mobile games is bringing people closer to arts, culture and emotion. "What we have seen in recent years is that on the one hand... Read More »

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