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  • Journey to Hell Challenges You to Hunt Demons on iOS Devices

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    Mobile game publisher Bulkypix announced that their upcoming 3rd person shooter game Journey to Hell will be added to iOS on March 7th. In this game, players act as one of two members of Holy Shield, which is a secret organization that protects the human race from demons wandering the Earth. Let's check out the trailer below. Features: 1. Players can explore... Read More »

  • Androiders Will Soon Experience Zen Training This Week

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    Zen Training, which isn't just a casual game that requires gamers to catch the falling similarly colored stones, it's also a highly addictive puzzle game that's coming to launch on Android later this week. There are already versions of Zen Training for iPhone and iPad, here's the information about this game picked from Apple App Store, why not check it out if you're a ne... Read More »

  • It's all about Funghi ! (Emotions & Videos)

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    Sprout, sprout, sprout, I just can't get enough of little mushrooms! Maybe I am poisoned by those mushrooms! The poison is called cuteness. And I don't want any antidotes. Today I get more stuff about Funghi to share with you guys. Be careful! Maybe you would get poisoned like me~ Firstly, I'd like to share with you the Funghi Emotions! About 70 of them! Use them when ... Read More »

  • Year Walk: A Simple but Bizarre Adventure Puzzle Game

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    As a small developer Simogo is, the products of Simogo are incredibly good. Such as Bumpy Road, Beat Sneak Bandit etc, they are games from Simogo. Recently, they released another simple but bizarre adventure puzzle game -- Year Walk. The game is beginning with black and white, and the blurred vision makes the night and day undistinguishable, just like the birth of the... Read More »

  • The Full Version of Red Rusher to Be Released Very Soon

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    RED RUSHER, which you can now find its lite version on Apple App store is a timing action game based on the touch and slide control. And its full version will be soon released by ARASO PANDAN on Apple App store on Feb. 25th. Overview (1) The title and genre of the game Noir timing action game, "RED RUSHER" (2) Synopsis Duke is in the organization called 'Family'... Read More »

  • Be A Hero To Save The World in Artroid

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    Artroid is a Dark Fantasy Action Shooting iOS game made by Yu Hyun Back. Though a little Korean may appear in this game, the settings and user interface are in English, so it's not a problem for you to understand how the game rolls. JUMP and RELOAD are the most frequently used buttons. Character jumps to eat purple diamond for gold and red heart to recover HP immediately. ... Read More »

  • Why Not Have A Try of IZANAGU, A Sumurai Ninja Online Game

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    Recently, ASOBIMO released the Alpha-test of IZANAGI Online, a MMORPG running on smartphone iPhone. This Online RPG is set in a barren old civilization world, in which players have to complete a variety of missions assigned by the game developer and finally can have an opportunity to master the most powerful weapon in the fifth mainland - Ninjutsu. In the game, develop... Read More »

  • It's all about Funghi ! (Library Part 2)

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    Funghi is coming back! With more library of logs! And of course, more cute stuff about funghi! Colorful Log for Mushroom Garden DX: Halloween Log: Mushroom Garden: Seasons Snow Log: Valentine's Log: Cherry Blossom Log: Rain Log: Four Seasons Lo... Read More »

  • It's All about Funghi ! (Library Part 1)

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    “Nnf…Nnf…”the slimy mushroom says, happily jumping into some miso soup. It’s Funghi, the always cute and cunning Funghi! As newbie detective Mackenzie’s assistant, his loveable expressions and unpredictable behavior make him super popular! Now Funghi and his friends are not cracking cases, they are waiting to be harvested in Mushroom Garden! Let's take a close examination of ... Read More »

  • Stratego Launches On iPhone, iPod This Spring

    Following the recent launches on iPad and Facebook, Stratego for iPhone and iPod would be released this spring. It'll be available for players to master their tactical skills in single player mode anytime, anywhere by iPhone. Moreover, fans of Stratego on Facebook, iPad and Web will soon be allowed to have a try of the new features called Battle Powers that allow players taking tacticia... Read More »

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