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  • Gemini Rue (iOS) Review: The Matrix-ish Adventure Game

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    Independent adventure game publisher Wadjet Eye Games has brought their best seller Gemini Rue to iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Inspired by the point-and-click classics of Sierra, LucasArts, and Revolution, this award-winning game combines ‘old school’ adventure gameplay with gritty, low-res graphics and a gripping neo-noir narrative. Gemini Rue is currently on sale on the App Store for... Read More »

  • Will The Elder Scrolls: Arena be Remade for Mobile Devices?

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    Some of you must have noticed that on April 9th, the Australian Classification Board had posted informaiton about a M-rated multi-platform game called The Elder Scrolls: Arena. What's Arena? It's the first game of Elder Scrolls series released in 1994. It seems that Bethesda plans to bring us a HD remake of Arena for multi-platforms, PC, WiiU, XBOX360 or Mobile? Who knows.... Read More »

  • Roguelike Pixel-Art Game C-Wars Hits Kickstarter

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    C-Wars, a game developed by China Independent Game Studio Onipunks, has kicked off a campaign on Kickstarter since April the 11st. Onipunks is not the first Chinese development team utilizing the Kickstarter for funding, but it is the most highlighted one till now. Their goal is to raise $32,000 to fill approximately 15% development costs. They have already launched this game on Steam G... Read More »

  • Rag Doll Kung-Fu for iOS is Expected to Launch This Summer

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    As one of the popular PC/PS games, Rag Doll Kung-Fu is designed by Mark Healey, an art designer of Fable: The Lost Chapters in his spare time. Difference from the other fighting games, what you control is not a flexible martial arts master, but a boneless pull line dolls. It is not easy for you to manipulate this small and little guy to do some superb fighting action. However, this also... Read More »

  • Neoteria (iOS) Review

    Neoteria follows in the hallowed footstep of many side scrolling shooter classics of yesteryear. The game puts the player in a space fighter as the they fly through progressively more difficult levels where everything wants to blow you up. The game graphics capture the classic 8 bit feel and are well created. The levels themselves made me think of swimming levels in Mario that so ... Read More »

  • Gunslugs (iOS) Review

    My experience with mobile gaming has been limited to the multiple iterations of Angry Birds, Minecraft:Pocket Edition and a handful of free games I've tried randomly. Gunslugs immediately charmed be by its use of classic 8 bit graphics. The game brought me back to a time when I first got my hands on a title called Sunset Riders in my local pizzeria's arcade area. This game definitely ha... Read More »

  • Zynga to Increase Focus on Mobile Games

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    Zynga has just launched a new game on the App Store and updated one this April. Eden to GREEN, which is an addictive blend of casual-strategy and fast-paced battles with iconic plants versus comic machines, was released for free on April 8th. It's a tower-defense game which players should create an army from a wide variety of plants to fight back against the alien machines and res... Read More »

  • Dungeon Hunter 4 (iOS): Something You May Purchase in Game

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    When Gameloft announced that Dungeon Hunter 4 would be a F2P game with in-App purchases in the early days, some of the gamers showed that they were dissatisfied with the in-App purchases. However, as an action-RPG fan, I kept silent about this setting and waited for the game’s release. Currently, this hack ‘n’ slash Diablo-like game has already launched on the App Store, I could not wai... Read More »

  • Prince of Persia 2 is Heading to Mobile Platforms Soon

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    Today, Ubisoft revealed that a remake of classic PC Prince of Persia 2: The Shadow and the Flame should be heading to mobile platforms soon, but without an exact release date. Ubisoft also announced that this remake would keep the same storyline as the 1993 version but they would plus the option of two control methods: virtual buttons and a gesture-based interface. Although ... Read More »

  • Big Fish is About to Release Dark Quest in April

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    Big Fish is about to release a new hidden object mobile game in April titled Dark Quest. If you have played some of Big Fish's games, you can easily find that this upcoming game maintains the visual style of the former works. But Big Fish also reinvent the gameplay of the genre, for example, Dark Quest puts a classic hidden object into a social setting that alows you to customize ... Read More »

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