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  • It's All about Funghi ! (Library Part 1)

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    “Nnf…Nnf…”the slimy mushroom says, happily jumping into some miso soup. It’s Funghi, the always cute and cunning Funghi! As newbie detective Mackenzie’s assistant, his loveable expressions and unpredictable behavior make him super popular! Now Funghi and his friends are not cracking cases, they are waiting to be harvested in Mushroom Garden! Let's take a close examination of ... Read More »

  • Stratego Launches On iPhone, iPod This Spring

    Following the recent launches on iPad and Facebook, Stratego for iPhone and iPod would be released this spring. It'll be available for players to master their tactical skills in single player mode anytime, anywhere by iPhone. Moreover, fans of Stratego on Facebook, iPad and Web will soon be allowed to have a try of the new features called Battle Powers that allow players taking tacticia... Read More »

  • Mobile MMO Ultima Forever Slated for a Spring Release on iOS

    I know there must be quite a lot of Ultima saga fans all over the world. Now here's a piece of good news for the fans, especially those with an iOS device. EA announced that Ultima Forever: Quest for the Avatar will be released this spring and it will be free-to-play. Ultima Forever (official site: http://ultimaforever.com/) will be a co-op action RPG. Long-time Ultima fans and new gam... Read More »

  • New Features are added in Clash of Clans 3.25

    As well as an improved leaderboard system, you can now bring six new units into the field of play, take advantage of brand-new defense systems, and also make use of some helpful new improvements to Hero behaviour. Here's the complete low-down on what to expect from Version 3.25: Cool New Leaderboards - Climb to the top of your Clan; see who's on the rise and who's falling.... Read More »

  • Further Details about Once Upon a Runner Unveiled

    SaltyPepper Studios' upcoming Once Upon a Runner was initially a fun side project for the development team, but now it evolved to a publishable title in the end. A blog unveiling more details about this game was updated on its official site today. Once Upon a Runner is not simply about achieving the highest score, instead we have opted to hide elements from SaltyPepper thr... Read More »

  • High-end Graphics Epic Citadel Landed on Android Device

    Powered by Unreal Engine 3, free-to-play Epic Citadel developed by Epic Games, Inc. is available for Android users. With the high-end graphics, players navigate the dynamic fantasy setting of Infinity Blade in Epic Citadel boasting cool technologies, including benchmarking mode, realistic reflections and animations, global illumination and dynamic specular lighting with ... Read More »

  • Classic Board Game Stratego Coming to iPad, Facebook and Web

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    Love playing Stratego, the classic board game, but feel regretful there are no digital versions for you to play anytime and anywhere? Obviously, Keesing Games, the developer and also the publisher of Stratego, heard your voice since the company has launched Stratego today as a free-to-play online game and paid mobile app for iPad. Stratego is a battle of tactics where calculating g... Read More »

  • World War II Themed 3D Heroes & Generals Sign-up Live!

    Heroes & Generals, developed by the independent studio Reto-Moto and published by Square Enix, has started it closed beta sign-up on the official site: http://www.heroesandgenerals.com. The game plans to enable tablet and smart-phone users to influence the ongoing war. Set background in World War II, Heroes & Generals is a new F2P 3D MMOFPS with a Strategic Mu... Read More »

  • Side-scrolling ARPG Once Upon a Runner Comes to An and iOS

    SaltyPepper Studios's same-named third-person ARPG SaltyPepper bridges single player and co-operative dungeon crawling, an intuitive PvP Arena, and layered character development with groundbreaking spectator tools. Recently, the studio announced it would release SaltyPepper's prequel - Once Upon a Runner, a side scrolling runner featuring beautiful graphics, intense audio tracks, an eng... Read More »

  • Temple Run 2 Now Available for Free on Google Play & Amazon

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    After a 20 million-strong debut weekend on the App Store, Temple Run 2 races onto Android and Kindle devices. Imangi Studios, the independent studio behind the mega-hit endless runner Temple Run, today announced thatTemple Run 2 is now available for select Android and Kindle devices. Featuring high-res graphics, new obstacles, abilities, player powers, and achievements, T... Read More »

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